Faeophobia Quickies: Threshold

by XXXecil

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Orgy, Squirting, Lactation, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: It's just a quickie. Those that wish to download this lurid tale will learn of the true nature of Madison University's all-time favorite professor. No man has ever seen the full powers of her growing, lactating tits. Few indeed understand her wanton lusts; As her boobs and ripely pregnant belly grow larger yet, she will cross a boundary into impossible fertility.

He was naked, and her graceful hands slid suggestively down this slim, firm figure. Down... down to his cock. Depressingly limp. He moaned contentedly, but could do nothing more. She held his limp member, merely 5 inches now, and squeezed gently; sensing for an aura, an essence that no mere human could detect. No... no, he was completely exhausted; there would be no more sex... no more erections... his body rejected her magic, perhaps four or five times last night she had enchanted him with subtle stamina spells. Even without them, Carter had pounded her like a machine; the Sophomore had thrust his manmeat into her womanly slit from 7pm last evening... oh my... all through midnight... past... past... hours had passed in darkness; the two of them had drifted into sleep at brief intervals, until she felt his manly hands grabbing her boobs, his agile frame pressed against her soft flesh, wiry muscles throbbing with virile heat against her bronzed skin in the dim moonlight. Those hands... fondling her ass, signaling to her that the penetration would begun again, and continue, and that wasn't counting the reaming he'd given her pussy while still in her office!

But no longer. Lily shrugged; it would take him perhaps most of the day to recover, but Carter had given her what she wanted; what she needed. She smoothed his sandy blond hair affectionately, as her naked pussy quivered a bit in memory of the previous evening's delight. She sighed sadly, her mood somewhat deflated at the unfair strictures of this human world. Last week, she had attended a compulsory faculty ethics seminar; where they had drilled into her again and again the importance of professionalism; in a campus full of Fae, it was even more important for professors to guard themselves against temptation, that their judgment would not be compromised. The humans could not, perhaps would never understand. Ever since the Celestial Conjunction, when magic returned to the Earth, and the legendary creatures of Faerie with it, humans had complained bitterly about the wanton sexuality of the Fae, at least in public they complained.

They couldn't know, the feeling of seeing your people fading away, for the Fae bloodlines were too thin; they needed humanity to strengthen their gene pool. Now, on Earth, there were men everywhere: Of course she was screwing her students! It was a dire need, as well as her nature. But they would scoff, react angrily, try to keep her from getting tenure, if the faculty Senate knew she'd been using her male students as breeding stock. Well, no need to think about them now; Carter had seeded her womb with many, many loads of rich sperm: and she allowed a proud grin to cross her full, ripe lips, as she sensed the faint, but promising aura of the twin sons that her young lover had planted inside her. After centuries of inbreeding, and declining magic, Fae males, (rare that they were) could rarely impregnate Fae females, and when they did, almost every time the young were female. And so their situation on Faerie had become even more dire. But not now, no longer. Human sperm was the spark to her kindling, the high-octane fuel of Fae survival; when a human male emptied his seed into her, it sparked a biological chain-reaction the likes of which no one could have predicted. Her race, the forest nymphs, and all fae would most certainly survive! Of course, she'd sensed that he'd impregnated her minutes after their first coupling in her office, but she'd taken the boy home with her anyway; why waste good cock?

Her supernaturally fertile body had time to nurture the offspring, and they were growing, maturing at an impossible, magical rate. As a forest nymph, she was the living embodiment of fertility, and no silly notions of 'ethical conduct' could disuade her biological imperative. She was about to... no... she'd have to put on something. That was an annoying barb concerning life on Earth; she would be forced to wear clothing almost constantly! Stupid human laws. At least she could get by without one of those... damn what were they... weird lacy cups... human women did something with them... oh well. She shrugged, slipping on her green bathrobe, she mixed up some coffee and checked out her living room window. Yup, there they were.

Three cars were parked, (almost surreptitiously) on the street in front of her house. They were older, nondesript vehicles, but Lily knew who it was; part of her entourage. While many human males scorned her, there were far more that she had spoiled; and she felt a bit guilty; a few nights with her, and these men (one a former student) had lost almost all interest in human women. Or at least, their former girlfriends. She chuckled, a human woman would be shocked and alarmed with former lovers parked outside her house trying to spy on her; but she loved so many men.

That was something else she resented; the claim by human women that she didn't care about her men, or herself because she was so promiscuous. They didn't get it! She loved many men! She wasn't some embittered whore! it was love; lots of love. She loved a great many men, over and over, and over again. And again. She felt far more love than a human woman would! So what to do with them? Each of the men parked out front had begged her to marry them; but how could she choose only one? Many fae had similar dilemmas.

So now, they spent their free time learning about her, watching her, trying to discover some way... some secret that would enable them to win her heart. Silly humans! Most of them had already won her heart! And her boobs! And her pussy! And more. There were too many men to choose just one. But she wasn't rude to any of them; a Fae never knew when she might wake up one night in a cold sweat, her cunt burning for the cum of some lover from years back. And so it was; she would most likely be filled with an urge to mate with each of these men again. As she was... oh... ooooh...

There... yes... a hand flew to her belly beneath the robe; her latest batch of young was growing rapidly! She felt the briefest swell below her navel. It would be time soon. But first... what to do with these lovestruck men? She padded on bare feet through the grass casually, on her way to the cars across the street. The dawn sunlight glistened with spectacular radiance upon her lustrous mane of leaf-green hair. The tiny pink flower, that grew naturally from her scalp, poked through her hair above her ear, opened wide and tilted to receive the sunlight. The men's eyes widened as she approached, and they pretended to be reading books, but she knew better. She approached the first car, sipping her morning coffee.

James Fynimore could no longer drive the big rig; few things in life had meant much after he'd met Lily, after he'd first stared into her luminous eyes, greener than a Sargasso sea; and after she'd sucked his cock that night... and the next... he HAD to marry her! There had to be... KNOCK KNOCK She was knocking on the window! Was she angry? Ready to issue a restraining order? He heard the bursty forest nymph set her cup of coffee on top of his car. KNOCK KNOCK she rapped on his side window yet again. Gingerly, he rolled it down.

"I... I just-" but the moment the glass partition was removed, Lily threw open the cottony bathrobe, revealing the jutting beauty of naked boobs hanging off her voluptuous frame like rose-capped coconuts of enchanted grandeur. "G-uh... I..." A female hand went to squeeze each teat, the skin softer than polished silk, yet engorged with the ripe promise of fertile renewal.

It was good her men had come along; with her latest pregnancy, Lily's tits... well, honestly she felt them producing even more milk than was usual. Naturally, her boobs gorged with her creamy elixir to feed her young, but she felt noticeably tighter than usual; thus the streams of ivory white lactation that jetted from her rosy nipples fired with a force and accuracy to rival the water-pistols of the neighborhood children.

"Y-HAAAH!" wailed James in gleeful shock, as the supernatural milk spattered into his bright-red beard. He quivered; stunned in blissful, hesitant delight. Lily opened the car door, grasped his pants, and with a deft yank, exposed the thrusting might of a 6-inch cock, reddened with blood flow and veins. Just as quickly, her plump lips were around the shaft, slurping and sucking until... yes... she got a good sense of his aura... how aroused he was.

Gurgling with delight, his coarse hands gently stroked her leaf-green burst of verdant hair. Oooh! Too quick... he was almost there...

"I'm... I'm..." he murmured...

"Not yet, love..." said Lily, disengaging and reaching outside the car... there... with her right hand, she firmly gripped James Fynimore's hard member, stroking gently, with her right, she brought in her coffee, and released.

To Lily, the semen of a human male had a delightful, creamy taste with multiple levels of flavorful richness, what better additive to put in her coffee? With moans of relief, James ejaculated into the ceramic mug, Lily swirled it to stir around his spurting treat. Ooooh... yes... several ounces... as she suspected, an encounter with her often left men more fertile, more potent after they had fully recovered from her demanding lusts. He spurted 3 times the cum of a normal human his age... mmm... tasty...

Drinking down the delightful beverage, she looked past the seats to the car behind her, and waved to Marcus, the rather surprised boyfriend in the next car on her list, as James collapsed into sleepy relief.

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