At Last

by juanwildone

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, First, .

Desc: Sex Story: On a vacation filled with firsts, our girl gets her first - at last.

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Well this was a first.

This had started with one of those conversations that couples have - well some couples. My wife and I were talking about first sexual experiences. Not the typical "when did you first have sex" type of firsts, we'd exhausted that vein long ago. This was more along the lines of what had we done with others that we would like to do with each other - those kinds of firsts.

That one conversation had continued into discussions that finally resulted in plans. Specifically, vacation plans to enjoy with each another what had previously been enjoyed with only others. So here we are in the middle of what had become a vacation filled with firsts: our first visit to a nude beach, our first walking around nude at a nude beach. These were all part of the plan. What was unplanned was our first experience of seeing people having sex in public, and our first time having sex in a public place. An event we found incredibly arousing.

This particular first, tonight's first, was sort of a spur-of-the-moment-we-really-were-just-walking-by-and-it's-our-first-visit-to-a-strip club first. We were barely inside when they were announcing an amateurs' only strip contest.

I guess that made it an 'open pole night.'

I mentioned to my wife the potential for more firsts. She thought I was just teasing; I managed to convince her otherwise. I persuaded her that we were on vacation, nobody we knew was here and it would definitely be a first, a first for us both, but especially a first for her.

My wife gripped my arm. I thought for a moment that she was going to pull me right out of there. Instead she pulled us to a table and we sat down. Our drinks came with us and were soon replaced by fresh ones.

The decibel level in the club increased and the contest began.

We watched as one girl after the other took her turn and her chances on stage. Neither of us was impressed with the first girl. She appeared to be rather drunk and seemed to think that flashing her large naked breasts was good enough.

My wife actually liked the way the second girl danced remarking that this one was at least aware that dance involved rhythm. I was aware that the second girl stripped down to nothing; I didn't tell my wife that.

The third and fourth contestants were rated by us as somewhere between the first and second girls. I told my wife she had a better body and better moves then any of the girls so far.

The fifth girl didn't even get down to her bra and panties before she lost her nerve and left the stage.

That left a long pause in the program while they prepared for the next dancer. The club girls working the tables and the bars didn't seem to mind as they took up the slack. My fourth Scotch had just been delivered when the music stopped. Which was kind of a relief, as the endlessly pounding dance music had gotten more then a little tiresome.

I looked around the room and noticed that some guys were getting lap dances and similar stuff. I would've loved to get my 'first' but with my wife off to the ladies room I didn't think she'd appreciate returning to find some naked woman grinding her naked butt into my lap.

The lights in the room dimmed suddenly and loud catcalls filled the room as a hundred pairs of eyes re-focused on the stage curtain. The MC thanked the crowd for their patience and then announced the next girl - my wife had yet to return and my stomach tightened.

"Our next entry in tonight's amateur hour is a hot little housewife looking to play while hubby's away. Let's hear it for Sultry Sexy Sonia..."

Sultry Sexy Sonia? None of the other dancers had fancy names, another first.

Lush strings filled the speakers. I recognized the song immediately, At Last by Etta James. The curiosity level in the room trebled, clearly this was something new.

A bare right leg slowly emerged through the curtains until it was revealed right up to the hip. A bare right arm followed. They both slowly disappeared and then a bare left leg and a bare left arm were revealed and then removed. At the exact moment that Etta sung the words "At last..." the curtains were thrown aside and Sonia stepped out onto the stage. The place went wild.

Sonia was wearing an electric blue Lycra dress that looked like she had been dipped in it. The front of the dress went from mid-thigh all the way to her neck. The back of the dress, such as it was, stopped just below the dimples of her lower back. The material clung to her curves intimately. You could see every bump and hollow of her body clearly. The knowledge that she was wearing bra and panties underneath the dress merely enhanced the effect. I was stunned.

Sonia moved in a way that was completely different then any of the previous girls. They had all danced frenetically about - seemingly all too self-conscious of the venue and the audience. Sonia danced as if she was alone in her room and we were all voyeurs looking in through a bedroom window. She moved... no, she oozed around the stage.

She preened as if before a mirror, grabbing the hem of her dress and alternately holding one side down while lifting the opposite side up as high as the material would permit. The guys near the edge of the stage were craning their heads trying to look up her dress. Up and down the dress went until the stage side crowd seemed to be frothing at the mouth.

Unfortunately, at least as far as I was concerned, "At Last" is a fairly short song and as it ended, so did Sultry Sexy Sonia's dance. With the final note still hanging in the room she was standing straight legged and bent over at her waist sticking her butt out towards the crowd. She looked over her shoulder and winked.

She hadn't removed a stitch of clothing and yet the state of arousal in the room was palpable. I figured she was done as she stood facing the crowd and bowed deeply.

Then the music started again, only it wasn't lush strings this time. A heart stopping bass line caused the noise level in the room to ratchet upwards.

I think Sultry Sexy Sonia thought she was done too, because she looked confused for just a moment. She seemed to be thinking about what she should do next. Whether it was the music, the cheers (I had yelled, 'Take it off!' as loudly as anyone else), the alcohol or who knows what Sultry Sexy Sonia began to respond.

Her eyes brightened, her hips began to sway.

Whoa - Sultry Sexy Sonia had decided to strip.

She strutted to the edge of the stage and squatted down with her back to most of the audience. She looked over her shoulder and lifted her hair off her neck revealing where the straps were tied together. Willing hands reached up to untie the bow. As the man behind her was untying the bow she slowly spread her knees apart and a small group of men at the far end of the stage cheered loudly as they obviously got a clear look up her dress. With the top released she stood and began to peel the material down her body.

It was clear from the moment she began to strip that she was as aroused as the crowd. Her nipples looked like they were trying to escape from their confinement. She peeled her dress down to her nipples - then she paused and seemed to tug harder and harder.

Sonia was wearing a strapless bra that was nearly transparent. Her areolas were clearly visible and yet her dress was apparently caught on her erect nipples. She kept tugging on the dress and then seemed to give up. She walked to two guys and knelt before them; whispering into their ears. They nodded vigorously with each one taking hold of a strap of her dress. Sonia placed a hand on each of their shoulders and counted off "one... two... three... pull!" The front of the dress was peeled down to her hips. She moved her hands to the back of their heads and pulled their faces into her breasts. Her eyes flew open in amazement and her head bobbled back and forth.

Sonia rapidly stood and stepped back. Her bra was wet with saliva and her nipples looked even bigger. There was a brilliant blush across her chest.

There was a loud clamor from a part of the stage that she hadn't spent much time with. She walked right to the edge of the stage and planted her feet with her hands on her hips. A blind man could have read her lips, "Well?"

A hand reached out and took hold of the hanging material of her dress and began to pull downward. It unpeeled with an excruciating slowness. A cheer rang out when the top of her thong appeared. Howls erupted as the crack of her ass came into view. The dress cleared the width of her hips and moved more quickly down until it pooled at her feet. The group in front of her went berserk; she smiled and nodded her head at them. She stepped out of the dress and kicked it off the stage.

Sonia turned and walked slowly along the edge of the stage from one side to the other. The rest of the room went berserk as they soon saw what the first group had seen. The front of her thong was as transparent as her bra (visualize something similar to Saran Wrap).

She might not yet be naked but she was already bare. Not only could you see the cleft of her swollen cunt lips and a very prominent clitoral hood; you could see her glistening inner thighs too. Sultry Sexy Sonia was very very aroused.

Sonia reached her arms overhead and did an exaggerated stretch as she arched her chest forward. The effect was instantaneous as the bra rode up with her and the bottom half of her breasts slipped out - almost. Those damn nipples of hers!

When she completed her stretch she looked down and readjusted her bra into place, only she pulled it down a little too far and her breasts slipped out of the top - almost. Those damn nipples again!

This tug of war went back and forth until the room was worked up into a near frenzy. Walking to the edge again she sat down. Sonia beckoned a man from the tables behind the front row and motioned for him to properly adjust her bra for her. He reached into the top of the bra and was clearly in contact with her nipples. She looked at him with an expression of exasperation. He tugged at the bra and managed to pull it up - and over her nipples. His hands were slapped away.

Sonia crawled on her hands and knees to a different part of the stage with her breasts hanging free. She swung her legs into a seated position and beckoned another man forward. Motioning in a number of different ways that she wanted him to get her breasts back into her bra where they belong. He must have pushed and tucked and tried for a good minute with no apparent success. Her expression went from hopeful to frustration to downright suspicious. Sonia sent him back to his seat and moved to another part of the stage.

Three more men valiantly attempted and yet failed miserably in getting her breasts back in her bra. Sonia moved and beckoned again - only this time two women stepped up to her. She pointed out the locations of all the men and shook her head dismissively. Sonia bent forward and the women immediately began to kiss and suck her breasts and nipples until her eyes went wide in shock then rolling upwards in delight.

Sonia's mouth opened wide and her brow wrinkled. The guys near her started screaming as they looked down - past her breasts and past the two women suckling her. Her face was a mask of pleasured intensity - damn, the women had to be feeling her up. She started gasping for breath and then she cried out above the tumult. The place exploded in noise.

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