Dear John

by GentleButFirm

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: It's a letter. To a lover. Normal? No, I don't think so. Read.

Dear John

I hope you are following the instructions outside the envelope. I'll tell you again, just in case.

First, read this by yourself, not hanging out with the other guys. If you can't be alone, just put the whole thing in your pack, and leave it until later.

Second, don't open the other envelope until you finish reading this. Promise?

I guess a week or two will have passed by the time you read this, but all this just happened, as I write it, understand?

Last night, I got home from the office, and the apartment felt really cold and lonely. It's funny, when we moved in here, we kept on saying how small and crowded the place was, but now it seems huge. I need you back here to make a proper mess so I can tell you to clean it up.

It was really cold last night too - there are icicles still hanging from the apple tree. It's hard to comprehend how hot it must be there. I know you'll get home safely one day, but that seems an awfully long way off just now.

I cooked myself a little meal, and sat quietly at the table to eat it. I didn't feel like watching television. I kept thinking about you, and the way you laugh when you watch funny programmes, and that time you spilt the butter from the popcorn down your front. You were laughing so hard you fell off the couch. Remember how you made me lick that butter off you? Well alright, not 'made me'. I enjoyed it. It got a little rude after that though, didn't it?

Anyway, after I finished eating, it was still fairly early, and I decided I'd have a hot bath, and read a book for a while. I ran the tub really full, disconnected the phone, and sank into the hot water, book ready beside me. You know, I've lost a little weight since you left, and I'm really looking quite good. I don't know if I've ever told you, but I really (no, really) like that feeling when I'm getting into the bath, and the water seems to reach out and cover my thighs, and the heat digs right into me. And if the water isn't too hot, I move my knees apart, and the heat drifts up inside, filling me with warmth. It's very comforting. And sexy too, I'll have you know.

I did that last night. Held my butt out of the water for a start, balancing there, my feet on the bottom of the bath, my arms holding the rest of my body up. Slowly bending my arms, I could feel the edge of the water caressing my skin. As I sank, my knees parted, and I felt full, hot, horny actually. It was kind of like you were inside me, but not really. Anyway, I just thought you needed to know that.

I lowered the rest of myself in then, and settled back for a good read. I didn't realise at the time John, but the book I was reading was quite racy. You know how I like those romances, well this one was really borderline smut. Generally, I just can't get into that stuff. I can't make myself believe they could happen. But this one was different. I just sort of drifted into it, and didn't realise quite how borderline it was until I was hooked by the characters, and wanted to find out what happened to them.

The book described the couple in the book, and what they were doing in the comfort of their bed in great detail. Instead of being put off by the graphic descriptions, I started thinking about how the two them could be us, and how nice it would be if we could be doing that they were doing. I suppose I should tell you what that was? The part the really got to me involved the girl sitting on the kitchen bench, dressed only in her panties. Her boyfriend (who was naked), reached over and slowly slid the panties down over her butt, and they dropped to the floor. Then, slowly and gently, her took the girl's knees, and lifted them from the table, one either side of himself. Still holding her by the knees, he pulled her toward him, her butt sliding across the table, her knees apart, and her vagina on display, for want of a better term.

Then, as he continued to hold her, he bent his legs a little, until his erection was positioned correctly, and then pulled himself inside her, his cock slowly disappearing until he was in as far as he could get.

As the girl wrapped her legs around his back, he reached out and took hold of her butt, pulling her even more tightly over his erection. As they stood there, kissing one another, tongues exploring deep inside mouths, he stared to move out of her again, and then thrust deeply inside her again. He gradually picked up the speed, and eventually they both came to a sweaty, simultaneous, earth shattering orgasm.

You see what I mean? That's usually way too graphic for my liking. But listen, I need to tell you this bit. As I reached the end of the passage, I put the book down to wipe the sweat from my hot face, and I realised my other hand was down between my hot wet legs, and stroking my clitoris under the water, and I hadn't even noticed.

A little stunned at myself, I stopped for a moment, and then I put my head back, closed my eyes, and continued! My finger was going flat out down there, and I was thinking of how I'd like that guy to have been you! As I imagined you and I in the kitchen, and you sliding my panties off (the red ones, they are your favourite), and slowly pulling yourself deep inside me, I flicked myself frantically for real, and came really fast, really hard, my legs clamped tight on my hand, my whole body shaking violently in the hot water.

I know you've told me I should masturbate while you are away, and I have done a couple of times, but normally I'm just not in the mood without you here to help! But this was really good honey. Really. Just not as good as having you here.

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