Preparatory Meeting

by Cyan

Tags: Fa/Fa, Consensual, DomSub,

Desc: : Woman interviews somewhat shy escort whom she's arranging to give her younger brother his first experience.

© Copyright 2003 by Cyan

There was a knock on the door. "That must be her," said Vicky, rising to get it. I sat there, hardly believing the way Vicky was carrying this off after the crazy story she'd just dropped on me. I knew it was a matter of record that I'm gullible, but I wasn't going to let Vicky talk me into something this crazy. It simply could not be true.

Vicky opened the door. "Renee?" she said and a female voice answered in the affirmative. "Come in," Vicky said.

The woman, Renee entered, and when I saw her, I immediately had slight misgivings as to my earlier conclusion even though I could hardly say this woman looked the part. She was slender, not at all busty like I'd imagine such a woman to be, and quite pretty. And her dress was definitely attractive, something I'd love to wear. "This is Janet," said Vicky, introducing me.

Renee looked as if she didn't know what to make of me, but said "Hi." If anything, she sounded a little shy. Totally out of character.

"I've explained it all to Janet," said Vicky, "though she's having trouble believing me." Renee said nothing, still looking a little shy. She simply couldn't be what Vicky claimed, not with the personality she was displaying. "You look a bit young," said Vicky. "How old are you?"

"Nineteen," said Renee. It was a little strange that Vicky hadn't asked her to be seated and it was obvious Renee would have been more comfortable had Vicky convinced her to do so. As it was, I was the only one sitting and I found myself standing up too, simply to make the woman less uncomfortable.

Vicky looked unconvinced at Renee's claim. "Do you have ID?" she asked.

"Uh," said Renee, looking like she really didn't want to go there. I realized that aside from her shyness the woman was certainly acting the part and I found myself nearly ready to accept Vicky's wild story! "I'd rather not," said Renee, finally.

"It's OK," said Vicky, "I just need to verify your age. It's important."

Renee stood there looking unsure of herself for a minute, then produced what looked to be a driver's license which Vicky took and studied. Vicky's close attention seemed to make Renee even more nervous. Vicky finally looked up at her. "You haven't been doing this long, have you?" When Renee again looked reluctant to answer, Vicky added, "I think you'll do fine, but you do have to answer me. How long have you been doing this?"

"A couple of months," Renee admitted.

"Hmm, how many times?"


For a while Vicky stood there, as if digesting that bit of information. Obviously Renee wasn't used to this sort of thing and I wondered whether she'd last in the "business," though I certainly couldn't claim any first hand knowledge of what she faced. "Are you a student?" asked Vicky.

Renee seemed to find strength. "I don't think that's relevant."

"Are you a student," Vicky repeated.

After a pause, Renee said, "Yes."


Renee looked like she really didn't want to say, but she said, "Columbia Junior College."

"Why do you do this?"

"The money," Renee said.

"Do you need it to pay for school?"

Renee paused, then said, "No."

"Then?" said Vicky.

It seemed almost every question made Renee worry. "For clothes, I guess." I considered her dress, which did look to be nice quality and briefly wondered again whether it was reasonable as her "work" clothes.

"Ah," said Vicky, as if satisfied with the answer. Then, she said, "Let's see what you look like." Renee was lovely and I supposed that would be nice for Mike's first experience. She had long dark hair, a long face but with soft features and as I've said, she was slender. "Take off your clothes," said Vicky.

Renee looked positively stricken. Given her profession, that seemed a bit odd, but then so did this interview. "Remember, I'm paying you triple," said Vicky, "full up front, then double afterward. But I will see what I'm getting for my money. Are you with me?"

Renee mumbled something, then still appearing nervous, seemed to steel herself, and began undressing. Soon she was down to her bra and panties and paused. "You won't be wearing those when you come over," said Vicky. And after another moment, she added, "take them off."

Again, reluctantly, Renee obeyed. In a moment, she stood in front of us, naked. "Not bad," said Vicky, "now turn around." Renee was quite pretty naked too, almost like a model. When she'd turned all the way back toward us again, I could see her hands were itching to cover herself, even if just a little. "Turn back away from us," said Vicky.

Renee turned again, then remained facing away from us. For a moment, Vicky simply looked at her and I wondered what she saw the need to consider. "OK, lean forward over that table," said Vicky. Instead, Renee half turned, looking sharply at Vicky. "Now," added Vicky in a firm voice.

Still looking reticent, Renee did as ordered. Her body was very smooth, her skin lovely. I was sure it would be soft. "This is how you are to present yourself to Michael," said Vicky, "do you understand?" When Renee said nothing, Vicky said it again, "Do you understand me?"

"Yes," said Renee.

"He's to take you from behind," added Vicky. Then she walked up to Renee. "Remain right there," she said, then approached Renee from behind, putting her hands on each side of Renee's hips!

"Uh," I heard Renee said, obviously considering whether to protest.

"I just need to see what Michael will be facing," said Vicky. "Remember, you are to take this position and not to look at him. Use a lubricant before you come in the room so he can take you quickly. Come here, Janet."

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