Lab Rat

by maryjane

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Incest, Mother, Son, Father, Daughter, Swinging, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Super-stud Ron suddenly runs into a string of cold shoulders. His Mom helps him out.<br>Remember, you spell 'nicest' with the same letters you use for 'incest.'


Clean the damn cages, mop the floors, carry boxes of mice from one place to another, all the other "What, give up show business?" crap that goes with this stupid job. Some day I want to kill those mice. No, not to be cruel, but as a real live lab researcher, helping to find the cure for some disease or another. Right now, though, it's just a summer internship from school, paying virtually nothing.

Me, I'm just going into my senior year at State. My mother has enough money to give me a decent allowance, plus taking care of my plastic charges, so I don't want for cash. I'm not bad looking, play on the football team, but not pro material, and am just looking for a fun set of memories, mostly wet memories, of my college days. So what keeps me in that lousy job, the equivalent of the guy who sweeps up after the elephants?


The people who draw the blood from the rats, inject them with experimental stuff, keep the notebooks that will someday support an FDA application, these people are ninety percent female, young and edible. When I first took the job, I hoped to learn something, but when I got there the first day, I thought I had died and gone to the Mustang Ranch with a free lifetime pass. Well, not really that place, because the girls here in the lab are less jaded; they've got scrubbed faces and are more the bobby sox types.

My eyes bugged out that first morning, but my boss, an old curmudgeon, didn't introduce me to anyone except my mop. My travels around the lab, however, really turned me on, and I was hard all morning. Too soon to ask anyone how any particular experiment worked, or if they would like to experiment with me, my libido did the next best thing; it sent an extra supply of blood to my cock. By lunchtime, it was up to me to make my own introductions. With a full tray from the cafeteria, I scanned the lunchroom, deciding my best bet was to find the largest table of females with a single empty chair.

"Room for one more, ladies?"

"Sure, have a seat."

"Hi, I'm Ron."

"Flo, Trish, Meg, Toni, and I'm Nan. Say hello, girls."

They did, of course. "Am I going to be quizzed on your names, or can I ask you again as we go?"

"Why shouldn't you remember them? I myself just met them, and I remember the names. We all work in different areas. In this place, it's almost a ritual to sit down with people you've never met. Sit down and make a bunch of strangers like you."

They laughed; it was going to be a fun lunch. I especially liked the idea of them being strangers to each other. I had a better chance to screw each of them without the others knowing. Yes, I liked this job. As it turned out, only three were researchers, fresh out of college; the other two were secretaries, just out of high school. Mr. Tubesteak was in heaven. The first day we just shot the breeze. They oohed and ahhed when they heard I was a football player. To them, every player was a star quarterback or running back; they never stopped to think about us bench warmers.

I decided not to make a move on any of them the first day, and so I spent the afternoon doing my regular chores, as well as keeping my eyes open for new fluff. When I got home that evening, my mother was sautéing onions to go on top of steak. She welcomed me with a hug, her body soft as ever. "Hello, Stud, how was the new job today? Did you meet any nice girls?"

"I met a bunch of them, but I hope they're not too too nice."

"OK. mister," she said, squeezing my crotch, "have a ball, but save some of that for me."

"Don't worry, Mom; you'll always be my best girl."

Ever since the night of the day the old man took off with his secretary, I've been fucking Mom. That first time, she was so broken up and angry at the same time that she came on to me. I swear, I made no move on her, even though I'd been hot for her since I first learned what a pecker was for. I actually resisted, would you believe, but not too much. I couldn't believe the idiot would leave a piece of ass like Mom for a plain Jane like his secretary Helen. Mom knew she had that bitch beat hands down, and told me once that she suspected the reason he left was that they used to fight whenever the old man tried to stick it up her ass and maybe the new bitch liked it there. As a result, whatever we did in bed, I never tried that with her. I was able to get it in the back door of about half the girls I fucked; the rest were like Mom, they absolutely were turned off by it. Everything else Mom was game for. I wondered what we would try that night. I wondered if she would even be home, or if she had a date with Nick from her office. They were an item, but still live apart, which was good for me.

As it turned out, Mom stayed home, and we watched some pro football. Lousy game, but what the hell. She still dreams of me getting a pro contract, but I know better. So does she. Out here in the Mountain Time zone, the game was over at about half past ten, a good bedtime if you're planning to get laid.

"Let's use your bed tonight, Stud. Nick and I are taking the day off tomorrow, and he'll be here in the morning. No sense in letting him smell your cologne in my bed."

"As you wish, Madame."

I was washed up and sitting up in my bed when Mom came into the room. She was naked, her perfect 34C's leading the way. That's how she always came to bed. I was hard just expecting her, but my cock jumped when I saw her, just as it always did. Her body was perfect; tits a perfect hand size, a light bush to bury Mr. Tubesteak, round hips for delivering babies (though her tubes were tied) and a beautiful ass. She didn't know how right she was about Helen being willing to take it up the poop chute; I had been fucking her that way for months before she even started working for my father. But she didn't look half as delicious as Mom. Helen was good to fuck; Mom was good to make love to.

Mom didn't say a word; she never did after that first time, except when I tried to back door her before she told me about her hang-up. She just pulled the sheet off me, pushed my knees down flat and sat herself down on my pecker. She was so wet that I slid right in, as always. When she had thrust herself down on me for three or four strokes, pushing the bush, if you will, she finally leaned forward to kiss me. The muscles of her cunt squeezed my cock. My hands kneaded two of the loveliest tits they had ever felt, and I continued to press up into her snatch. She diddled her own clit until one of my hands pushed hers out of the way and took over. As she humped me, her eyes glazed; I had no idea who she was thinking about as we fucked. I know most guys, probably all of us, think of someone else while we fuck. I didn't know about what women think of, but Mom's brain was off somewhere; maybe with my father, maybe Nick, maybe someone for her past.

Her breathing changed to panting and her teeth dug into my shoulder, the signal that she had cum. Her juice leaked down my leg. She hopped off me and gobbled me into her mouth, ignoring my balls, not bothering to lick, just sucking like it would be the last blowjob she ever gave. After a full day of celibacy, I couldn't hold back for long, and quickly shot a load of cum, spurt after spurt, into that beautiful face. Her brain was finally back with me, for she smiled as she drank it all down.

"I've had a tiring day, Ron. Why don't you wait until morning to eat me?"

"Isn't Nick coming over?"

"Not that early, silly."

She is after all my mother. How could I refuse her request? At six in the morning, my tongue was inside her pussy, my mouth was wrapped around her clit, and I was humming it like my mouth was a harmonica. That's her favorite was to wake up, but when she cums that way, she pulls my hair until it hurts. But it's such a nice hurt. She didn't mind my licking at the back door so long as I didn't try to force a finger or cock inside.


When I got to work that morning, the taste of her pussy still in my mouth despite the toothpaste, I was feeling mellow. At the first break, I wandered the building, looking for one of the girls from yesterday's lunch. The first one I spotted was Nan. She was the one who looked virginal; brown hair, sweet face, tight ass, nice tits, a good place to bury my head.

"Hi, Nan."

"Oh, you do remember my name."

We bantered a little bit, looking at the clock so as not to be caught goofing off when the break ended. Most astute girls and women know what we want, some of them want it too, and I got a nice, firm yes when I asked her if she would join me for dinner. I showered and changed after work, then picked her up at her apartment. She was ready at the door, greeted me with a friendly kiss, but didn't invite me in. As I said, the old man made a decent settlement with Mom and gives her enough alimony that I could afford a nice restaurant. Here in town it's the Colony Grill, "where the elite meet to eat", and I was known to bring in a nice piece of ass from time to time. Although I'm not yet twenty one, they bend the rules for regular customers, and we had some nice wine with dinner. I had just the right amount of buzz on when we got back to her apartment.

"I'm sorry, Ron, but I'm not ready to invite you in on the first date. Let's see what happens next week." With that, I got a chaste kiss goodnight. I have enough patience and self confidence not to be overtly pissed off, even though inside I was, so I smiled and mumbled some inanity.

Back home, I was all alone and horny. Mom and Nick were doing an all-nighter at his place, the lucky bastard. I popped a porn movie into the DVD player and opened a beer. I also opened my zipper, but that wasn't too comfortable so I just took off my slacks and underwear. I yawned from the wine as I sipped the beer and watched the two broads eat each other. That's so much better than watching a hetero couple fuck. I was slowly spanking my monkey when I realized how ludicrous it would be to fall asleep while jerking off. I sat up with a start and began to work on my cock in earnest, finally cumming in a burst, shooting off down my leg. The white cream spotted the inside of my thigh. As I stared at it, I fell asleep, with the movie still on.

About seven, I was awakened by a tongue cleaning the dried cum from my leg, but the body attached to that tongue was shaking with laughter.

"Hi, Mom, is Nick with you?"

"No, he dropped me off to change before work, and it's a good thing he didn't come in; you would have been embarrassed as hell."

I caressed her head on my leg. "Want to make me cum again?"

"No thanks, Stud. You obviously can handle it without me, but you should have turned off the movie before you fell asleep. I'm going to kid you about this for a long time. I'm off to work; see you later. I love you."


Work was work; the same old crap. The old geezer had me dragging so many boxes of mice, plus all the paperwork that went with them, that I got a late start of lunch. The cafeteria was just about deserted when I got there, so I scarfed down a quick bite and went wandering for the rest of my allotted meal time.

I found Meg in one of the labs, taking a cute little mouse out of one of the cages. Tallest of the five, all legs, short-cut hair, small breasted but still sexy. She smiled at the mouse (as well as at me), wrote some numbers from the tag on its leg onto a form in a notebook, then said, softly, "Sorry, buddy." With that, she quickly killed it and began an autopsy, stopping often to make notes.

"Sorry, Ron, I can't shoot the breeze. Once we sacrifice these little guys, we've got to work fast or his life was wasted."

"Can you explain as you work?"

"Sure." And so she did, describing each step as she worked, stopping a few times to let me get closer and see what she was doing. Some of that 'getting closer' involved me right up against her back, my head over her shoulder, my hand on her other shoulder. She could feel my hard-on pressing against one butt cheek.

"That's enough, Ron; I can't concentrate. Go back to work before you get caught." She was laughing as she said it.

"How about a drink after work?"

After a little hesitation, "Why not?"

We went to a bar that served all the students without proofing any of us. After a few drinks, we decided to grab a burger right there for dinner. We lingered, it was getting late. She was teaching me a lot about how her experiments worked as well as the overall concept of that particular research project. This was why I had taken the job. But then it was time to turn the conversation to the other job benefit.

"Would you like to come back to my place? My mother won't mind."

It took her a long time to reply. "I'm sorry, but I've got my period."

"That's no problem; I've fucked a lot of girls who had the rag on."

To this day, I don't know which word it was. It could have been 'fucked', or maybe 'a lot', or possibly 'rag.' Whichever it was, she stood up. "Goodnight, Ron."

She never spoke to me again, never nodded when I passed her.

Shit! Why couldn't I have watched my mouth? It's the old story; alcohol is the greatest truth serum. All I had to say was something like 'there are lots of ways to give you pleasure, ' Then I would have gotten a blowjob, maybe fucked her ass, probably could have coaxed her into letting my eat her pussy anyway, maybe even have been able to convince her to let me fuck her despite the period. Shit!

"Hi, Mom, I'm home."

"Well, hello, Stud. When you didn't come home for dinner, I figured you had scored someplace, and I figured you'd be out all night getting your rocks off."

I flopped into the easy chair. "Shit!"

"What's the matter, Ron. Tell Mommy all about it."

So I did, first about Nan and then about Meg. She had the good grace not to laugh.

"Ronald, listen to me. Don't worry about Nan; if Meg doesn't shoot off her mouth about you, you'll nail her one of these days. As for Meg, forget about her. Women want gentility, not crudeness. In a round about way, that's one of the reasons they have laws against serving alcohol to kids your age; because they do stupid things when they drink, or in your case, they say stupid things. If you spoke to me like that, I would clamp my knees together too. As it is, though, as your mother, it's my job to kiss it and make it all better. Let's use my room tonight."

My Mom really knows how to make a kid feel better.

She was one step ahead of me as we walked up the stairs. Halfway up, I grabbed her belt to stop her, knelt down and started nibbling her ass through her robe. She sighed and reached back to press my face into her butt.

"Anything you want tonight is ok, honey."

I let her go and we continued up the stairs to her room. Neither of us stopped at the bathroom to wash up. She dropped her robe to show her naked back, wiggled her ass at me and dropped onto the bed, pussy open and ready. I stripped quickly and lay down next to her. We began by necking like teenagers; our lips parted for each other's tongue, my hands were all over her tits, hers around my ass. I moved one down to rub her snatch, then rolled her over.

"Anything, Mom?"

"Anything, baby."

My fingers were inside her, simulating my cock, teasing her clit, as my mouth kissed all over her backside. With my other hand, I spread her cheeks, to open up her tunnel for my lips and tongue. This was not a new experience for either of us with each other, but this time, my heart pounding with anticipation, my fingers and then my cock would be in new territory. She directed me to her night table drawer for the KY jelly, me never once stopping to think why she needed it if her back door was so sacrosanct. I greased her asshole, then my one finger, which I slid in only to the first knuckle. Her sphincter fought me, as I could feel her fighting her own body to let me in. She was breathing in short gasps, but helping me to bugger her. I continued to kiss all over her butt and the small of her back. Soon I had the finger all the way in.

"Are you ready for Mr. Tubesteak?"

She burst out laughing. "Is that what you call him?"

"Don't make fun of me, Mom."

"I'm not, dear; it's just that I never heard you say that before. Its cute, I like it." Then she stopped laughing and continued, so softly that I could barely hear her.

"Anything you want, baby."

I greased up my cock with my free hand, and then started to slide it into her as I withdrew the one exploring finger. I could tell by her groans that it wasn't easy on her, but her motions bade me to continue. A cold sweat all over her back signaled her discomfort, while another sigh signaled her acceptance of the fully seated unwelcome guest. With her ass firmly up against my crotch, I didn't move; I just massaged her back gently, while I diddled her clit, making her squirm.

"Are you okay, Mom?"

"Yes, baby; just take it slow."

I started to move out of her an inch or so, then back in. In the middle of each stroke, I used more KY on myself and on her asshole, keeping it as lubricated as possible. Reaching around and under her to caress her breasts, I lightly feathered her nipples, feeling them grow and harden under my touch. The lack of speed inhibited my balls, which were thus in no hurry to send spurts of cum up my cock. The continuous application of KY finally made for a slick and somewhat easier passage. I savored the grip of her sphincter on my cock and sped up my motions. I felt her hand reach under both of us to knead my balls.

"It's okay now, baby; let me have it hard."

It didn't take long after that; the pounding I gave her, coupled with the fondling of my balls, brought me over the top quickly. My cum raced out of my slit and poured up her chute. I pulled out of her with an audible pop, then collapsed alongside her.

"You didn't cum, Mom."

"No problem, Stud. You can take care of that later."

"How come you finally changed your mind tonight, Mom?"

She thought for a while. "Do you promise not to be offended, dear?"

"Wow! Offended? That's a funny word. Okay, shoot."

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