Pecking Order

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Heterosexual, DomSub, MaleDom, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: In human life as in the animal kingdom as a whole there's a pecking order, you obey people above you and order those about below. Now I'm not particularly a dominant person, I say 'yes sir' to my boss whenever he asks me things, but like most men, I would like to have a nice young sex slave to order about.

In human life as in the animal kingdom as a whole there's a pecking order, you obey people above you and order those about below. Now I'm not particularly a dominant person, I say 'yes sir' to my boss whenever he asks me things, but like most men, I would like to have a nice young sex slave to order about.

Her name was Janice, a new girl in the pool; I noticed straight away that she always looked down shyly whenever anybody talked to her. She was quite pretty, with an innocent looking face, which always attracted me, she had a goodish body if a little over weight around her waist and hips. I have been seeing her for a couple of weeks now and she is defiantly below me in the pecking order. We went out a few times until she seemed comfortable enough in my company for me to take her back to my flat, where I stripped and fucked her for the first time.

This was not an act of love, but a deliberate move, on my part, to dominate her. It was me on top and later doggy style, but always me in a dominant position. One Saturday, when her parents were out, I went through her whole wardrobe of clothes, talk about boring. The sexiest clothes she owned were T-shirts and Jeans. I selected all those clothes that I thought could be salvaged and we took them back to my flat. There under my direction, and using my mum's old sewing machine, she started to modify them by making the skirts shorter and tops lower. Two months into our relationship and things were working out fine; my next assignment was to get her to lose those few extra pounds.

One evening, we were lying naked on the floor and I look critically at her figure. Her tits were great, a good handful, about a 'C' cup, full and firm, but her hips were a bit on the big size.

"What size are you?" I asked.

"Size 12," she replied, which means nothing to me.

"Fine, how about measurements?" I asked.

"Oh," she said looking thoughtful, "I don't really know."

I got up and find a tape measure in my mum's old sewing bag.

"Use this," I said.

"36 bust, 28 waist and 38 hips," she called out.

"Right," I said, "time for a diet, you need to lose a few inches off your bum."

She just nodded her head and looked down. To make up for my harsh words, I took her in my arms and fucked her again until she screamed out in orgasm.

Dutiful she stuck to her diet and ritually every Friday night I would strip her and get the tape out and I would measure her. If I could detect any improvement, I would tell her how good she was and get between her legs as a reward. Six weeks into her diet, I'm happy to say she has lost those two inches. As a treat we went out dancing, with a chicken salad later, then back to my place for a long slow fuck. Things are working out great, she is now looking very good, especially in her new tight Jeans, and she was getting used to doing everything I asked. It time, I think to start pushing her a bit more.

I have this regular monthly card game with four or five of my mates, the next one was set for the following weekend. I volunteered Jan to my mates as our hostess for the evening. When I told her, she was at first very shy about it, but despite this I set about finding something for her to wear for the evening. I want her dressed up nice and sexily, but I don't want to scare her too much at the first hurdle. In the end she modifies an old dress by shortening the skirt to half way up her thighs and enlarging the armholes a little, so the sides so her braless tits could be seen.

She modelled the outfit for me and I still thought that the skirt was still too long, but any suggestion on my part to shorten it further was greeted with a wide-eyed stare and a shake of her head. In the end I got her to add a six-inch side split that will show off her shapely thigh as she moves. Come Friday night she was dressed and a little bit nervous, I gave her the once over, she will do very nicely. Her duties were to make sure my four mates and I had all the drinks and snacks we need throughout the evening; it was going to be a long night. The other advantage for having her there was I hoped that she would distracted the other players from their natural game and therefore allow me to win lots of their money. Despite her natural shyness, I think she quite enjoyed being ogled at in that safe environment. I noticed that she stopped trying to rearrange her skirt and gave us all a good look at her legs. Later, when she sat on my lap, she doesn't complain even when I put my hand inside her dress. We didn't get home until the early hours but I made sure she got her reward for her long evening's work. Not only did she have a loud orgasm as a result of my thrusting between her spread legs, I let her have all my winnings so she could buy herself some new and sexier clothes.

We didn't get up until the middle of the afternoon, we had a quick coffee then off the shopping mall. Not my most popular activity shopping with a woman, but this time, we're here after some new clothes for her. She needed something to show off her nice tits so we bought a low cut, push up bra in one shop and a very low cut T-shirt, in another. To complete the afternoon activities, she bought a couple of short skirts. She was very nervous about wearing these new clothes at a party a couple of nights later but she smiled at me, downed a couple of G&T's, then puts her coat on and off we went. She caused quite a stir with the guys with her exposed cleavage, but the guy's girlfriend's were less than happy about it. While we dance I told her how sexy she looked and how I was going to fuck her brains out later. The thought of all those guys lusting after her must have got to her, for in the end she couldn't wait until we got home so I took her outside for a quickie up against the garage wall.

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