Trainee Wizard

by JAX

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Magic, Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, Cousins, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: I don't know if you know anything about wizards or not, Harry Potter has a lot to answer for, tales of his broomsticks and wands and all the other misinformation

I don't know if you know anything about wizards or not, Harry Potter has a lot to answer for, tales of his broomsticks and wands and all the other misinformation. Let's start at the beginning with things I have learned over the last few months, how do wizards come about? Well its all down to the genes, long ago we used more of our brains than we do now, but over the thousands of years these genes have been diluted. It appears that non magic genes are more dominate than magic genes are. It the same in other things too, you know, brown eyes over blue and such. If both parents have the magic gene then the resulting wizard child should be as good as either of his parents, and possibly better. But on the other hand if the wizard has children with a Norm, the resulting child would normally be a norm, but just occasionally we have a throw back. In my case, the last full blood marriage in my family was generations ago. Family legend told me that my great grand father was a Norm from a mixed marriage and then he married another Norm and so on down to me. If any of my near relations showed any magical traits they have kept them well hidden. I found out that these magical traits would not show up in any child until they have reached puberty, the resulting hormone imbalance would often kick-start things.

Enough of all that, back to me; my puberty had been particularly hard, wet dreams most nights and an almost constant hardon during the day. At last my voice broke and I was over the worst of it. Then one morning, it was during the Summer break, I answered a knock at the door to a beautiful woman.

"Hi cousin," she smiled at me.

"Hi," I spluttered, she almost floated in and sat down in the lounge.

"I'm your cousin Hazel," she said breathlessly.

"Oh," I looked her up and down, the tight dress she was wearing, left nothing to the imagination, and my almost permanent hardon became even harder.

"I'm here to test you, to see if you can be certified," she smiled.

"Certified, w-what do you mean?" I stuttered, this sounded very bad.

"Well, we have been monitoring your development young Terry," she said, "you know about your wizard heritage of course?"

"Wizard heritage," I gulped, "I thought that was just a family legend."

"No, your great, great grand father was one of the most powerful of wizards" she said, "in fact he's still talked about with awe, even now."

"Oh," I was gobsmacked.

"I know that most of your forefathers have been Norms," she sneered, "but you, young Terry are showing some small amount of talent."

"What," I said somewhat surprised.

"Oh yes, young man, surely you've noticed something," she said.

"No," I said, thinking back over the past few months, "no, nothing that comes to mind."

"Tell me about your dreams?" she asked, with a sexy smile.

"W-what," I stuttered again, my nights are filled with the most erotic of images, "I never remember any of my dreams," I lied.

"Of course you do," she smiled, "do you want me to tell you about them."

"No," I shouted, then I looked down at the floor, totally embarrassed.

"So young Terry, what else have you been experiencing other than erotic dreams and a permanent erection?" she asked.

"Nothing," I said honestly.

"Well don't worry about it," she said, "now that you know, I'll expect you'll notice something else soon."

"About my dreams and such," I looked up into her smiling eyes.

"Always a good sign," she laughed a lovely laugh, "all wizards have a tough time at your age, and a good hard cock is good symptom." The rude words didn't seem to worry her at all.

"Let's go out, shall we?" she invited.

"What, sure," I said.

The room dissolved around me and then became solid again; I was in a different room.

"Oh," I looked around surprised, "where are we?"

"This is my place," she said, getting up and walking over to me; her hand moved over my hardness.

"Oh my," she cooed, "differently a good sign, lets see what you can do with it, shall we." She stood up and unzipped her dress, it fell to her feet leaving her totally naked.

"You can close your mouth now," she chuckled.

"Sorry," I stuttered, "it's just that you're so, so beautiful," she came into my arms, her body felt silky and smooth.

"Lets see what your magic wand can do for me," again she chuckled.

She unzipped me and pulled my cock out.

"Very nice," she cooed, pulling me on top of her.

"Stick it in me," she urged.

I didn't need much urging, her ankles locked behind my back. I thrust into her hard, her hips moving back at me with equal ferocity, until I came with a flood of sperm. My cock softened slightly and then became hard again.

"Yes, that's good, fuck me hard," she shouted, so I did.

After I came for the second time my cock finally became soft and I flopped out of her.

"Very good for your first time young Terry," she said, "always a good sign if your cock remains hard like that," she remained spread-eagled on the sofa. She was the first live, naked woman I have every seen, so I let my eyes wondered over her exposed body, when my gaze reached her face, she was smiling back at me, totally at ease with my scrutiny.

"Whenever your ready Terry," she smiled at me, "you can start again."

My rapidly hardening cock pushed back into her pussy.

I lay awake that night thinking about the day's events, I must have been dreaming; me a wizard, no way, but it was sure nice being tested. Hazel had brought me home after a couple more hours of frenzied sex, and for once I had lost my erection. She left me with a 'see you soon' and she blew me a kiss before she faded out. My dreams that night were for a change, peaceful and I awoke without a hardon. I showered and dressed not knowing what to do now, then when I turned around she was there.

"Morning cousin," she said.

"Morning," I said with a huge smile on my face, "I still half expected yesterday to be a dream."

"Let's go," she said, and the room faded again. When it became solid, we were somewhere completely different.

"Were are we?" I asked.

"We here to see the Grand Duke," she said.

"Who?" I asked.

"Shoosh," she said, putting her finger up to her mouth, "you'll see."

Behind me I heard a voice.

"Is this him?" the voice said.

"Yes, Uncle," Hazel said.

I turned towards the voice and I saw an old man, casually dressed, not looking like any wizard I had ever seen before.

"Well what's he got then?" he asked, looking me up and down.

"Classic post pubescent symptoms, with powerful emanations, I should think even some Norms could read him, but nothing else," she said.

"Well lad, I'm your great Uncle on your great grand fathers side," he said smiling at me.

"Hi," I raised my hand in greeting.

"Let's talk, young man. Please sit," he said.

"Hazel has indicated that you have some talent," he said, I just nodded, "don't sweat it young man, there's still time for something more to develop, ok."

At that moment the door opened and a young girl entered with a tray of tea things.

"Oh good, thank you Claire," my uncle said, "Oh, will you stay awhile, please, just stand there. Ok lad, our family was always strong in the emanation field, that's mind reading and control, so please look at Claire here, a pretty girl yes," again I just nodded, "please concentrate, look at her between her eyes." I stared at the young girl, not knowing what I was doing. "Now think of her doing something," He said.

"What," I said, totally confused.

"Just instruct her, in your mind, to do something," said Hazel, trying to be helpful. I stared at her again thinking about her to scratching her nose. Oh wow, her right hand moved and she scratched her nose.

"I did it," I shouted, "I told her scratch her nose and she did."

"That's wonderful Terry," cooed Hazel.

"Well done lad," my uncle was smiling too.

"Thank you Claire, you can go now," he said, then turned to me.

"Well lad, looks like you may have some of the old family's talent after all."

"What happens now?" I asked.

"Well with the Dukes permission," said Hazel, I looked towards him and he nodded, "I'll instruct you and hopefully we'll can get you certified."

"What's this certified?" I asked.

"Well you will go before a panel to demonstrate that you are competent, and then your name will be added to the list of living wizards; after which your actions will be subject to the laws of the guild."

"Oh, suppose I fail or breach any of these laws, what then?" I asked.

"Ok, firstly you won't fail, you will only be asked to perform things you can do, it's just an verification, not a test, ok; second, our laws are just like all laws, written for the protection of the people. These laws are only against other wizards of course ok, not against Norms, you can do what you like to a Norm, no wizard will try to stop you or think badly of you," she added with a laugh. "Thank you Uncle for your time," she said, "we'll be off now, ok." I turned and nodded at my new Uncle.

"Thank you too Uncle," I said, the room disolved around me again and we were back in Hazel's room.

"Right cousin," she laughed, "time to practice." Her dress dropped at her feet and my cock became hard in my pants.

According to my cousin Hazel, my talents, although still feeble, are real and should get stronger with practice.

"Emanating people like you are always in demand," she said, "I can't do it, very few women can for some reason, I'm a physical person myself, you know move things and people through space, that sort of thing."

"Oh," I said a bit confused.

"Yes you'll make a good living, the council will find work for you to do, you know, getting Norms to change their mind, that sort of thing," she said.

"The council, who are they?" I asked.

"Well there're the ruling body, elected every ten years, to run the wizard world, anyway, there's more than enough work for a talent like yours."

"Who elects them?" things are getting more and more complicated.

"Once your certified, you will," she said.

"Anyway enough of that," she said, "have you been practising."

"Oh yes, there's this friend of my sister," I said, "I made hers flash her knickers at me last night."

"Ok, sound good," she smiled at me, "but you need to push it as far it will go, in her case, you've got to fuck her."

"But she's much older than me," I said, "there's no way she'll let me fuck her."

"That's the whole point, silly boy," she smiled at me, "you must control her mind, make her do something she wouldn't normally do."

"Oh yes," I said feeling silly, "I keep forgetting I'm a wizard."

"Well a trainee wizard anyway," she said.

"How did it go last night?" Hazel asked.

"I made my sister take her bra off," I said with a laugh, "nice tits on my sister, even if she is a pig.

"You can change her," said Hazel, "use you skills on her."

"Yeah, but she's my sister," I said.

"She may share your blood, but she's a Norm," she said.

"It doesn't feel right, ok," I said.

"Well you've got to used to it, ok," she touched my arms and smiled, "she's a Norm, you can do anything you like to her, fuck her if you want."

I stood there thinking about the hot body on my elder sister, fuck her, well perhaps.

"Well start on her friend, ok, next time she comes over, make sure you come over her," Haze smiled at her own pun.

Every time I do it, control Norms minds that is, it seems easier than the last time. On my sister's bed was the very naked Emma, one of my sisters prettiest friends, my hard cock was pumping in and out of her sopping pussy; while my sister, Kathy was sat watching opened mouthed.

"Oh yes harder," Emma said, I watched her large tits move under my attack.

"Do you want some?" I asked my sister.

"Oh no, we mustn't," her eyes locked on the action.

"Ok sis, just get your tits out," I said, reinforcing the command with my mind. Her hands crossed and pulled her thin jumper over her head to expose her firm tits, her bra having been removed earlier; Emma hips were signalling the approach of her orgasm.

"Oh yes please harder," she cried, she froze and came hard, I pumped my sperm into her hot pussy; I pulled out of her and zip up.

"Thanks girls, that was nice," I said, reaching out to cup my sister beautiful tits.

"You're next sis," I said.

"No please, Terry," she begged, "please don't make me."

"Well maybe not this time, sis," I smiled at her, still giving her tits a good grope, she pulled her shoulders back and pushed her tits into my hands more. "But next time I may want to fuck you, ok," both girls started to get dressed now; this wizard thing definitely has its good points.

I was very nervous; today was my day in front of the wizard Panel; Hazel was there to comfort me.

"Now they're only going to ask you to do something simple ok," she said.

"Yeah I know," I said.

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