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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, NonConsensual, Reluctant, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Humiliation, .

Desc: Sex Story: What happens when an online D/s game escapes from the net and becomes real? Jack and Lana, on instructions from Adrianna's online Master, Eddie, arrive unexpectedly early one morning at her home. The day develops into one of real-life humiliations, torture and forced sex.

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Lana and Jack arrived shortly after 7.30am. My heart was racing faster than it ever had; my mouth so dry my tongue kept sticking to the roof of it. Lana said nothing at first. She just stood there smirking at me, eying me up and down. A bearded giant of a man dressed from head to toe in black stood behind Lana. I couldn't see his eyes; they were hidden behind dark glasses, but I could feel his gaze roaming over me. I had no idea what to say but mumbled a greeting and some ingenuous words about being pleased to see Lana after such a long period of time.

"We're not coming in until you undress."

I immediately felt foolish for thinking I should have welcomed them inside any other way. They said nothing as I undressed.

The day was bleak and miserable outside. Overcast; a light mist of rain falling; the bite of winter still in the early spring air. There was nowhere to hang my clothes so I simply dropped them to the floor just inside the front door. All of them. A neat little pile stacked on top of my shoes. I couldn't look Lana or Jack in the eye once I was completely naked; my hands instinctively searching for the best ways to modestly cover my nudity.

"Turn around and put your hands behind your back."

Lana's voice lilted in a sing-song fashion. It was a familiar tone; authoritative and condescending but not overtly so. I reluctantly obeyed. The first touch of her hands on my wrists caused the knot in my stomach to tighten. Her grip was warm and firm, holding my wrists together while Jack bound them with a length of rope. It was a soft rope but once knotted it locked my wrists securely together. I twisted and wriggled my hands a little, testing the bond. It was strong and clearly inescapable. Lana's hands slipped up my arms to a point just below my elbows. I gasped quietly as she pressed them together. She was strong considering her elfin size. I tried to relax as best I could while Jack bound another length of rope around my upper arms; Lana's firm hold eventually being replaced by the ever tightening pull of the rope. The position of my elbows touching behind my back forced me to stand with my breasts thrust forward in what must have looked provocative, provocative and unprotected. I might have had complete freedom in every other way, but I had absolutely no chance of using my hands for any kind of defense.

My immediate feeling was one of panic when Lana dragged me backwards to stand on the front porch. I knew the lushness of the garden in the front yard screened much of the porch and offered a relatively high level of privacy from the street, but there was still the sensation of being outside, naked and bound. There was also a heavy feeling now of dread that Lana and Jack intended to drag me out where they could humiliate me in front of all my neighbors. I didn't put it past her to do something like that to me but it quickly became apparent she had other ideas.

"Now, you've made us stand out here long enough waiting for you; it's your turn to be made to wait!"

With that, Lana and Jack stepped past me and inside my house. The door was closed in my face and I heard it lock. I felt confused at first and then more alarmed when my whispered calls to them went unanswered. I pressed my ear to the door and could hear them moving about inside. They were saying something to each other but I couldn't make out exactly what. After a minute or two I gave up trying to attract their attention. As I resigned myself to being left outside until they were ready to let me back in I became acutely aware of how cold it was outside. My naked body shivered; my hands bound behind my back offered no protection from the biting early morning damp, misty air. The porch was open to the elements. There was no place to shelter on it and I began wondering whether they expected me to try and find a place outside. There wasn't anywhere else I could think of to go so it became a waiting game.

After a while I had become oblivious to the slick sounds of cars passing by on the wet road out front. The front door suddenly opened and Lana asked where my house keys were. I wanted to question why she ask but thought better of it. The door closed again leaving me to ponder alone. Again I waited; again the door opened. Lana grinned as she dangled the keys out of reach in front of my face and then started looking around the porch.

"Turn around and face the door."

I knew Lana was playing some kind of game and sensed she was searching for a place to hide the keys. I tilted my head slightly to listen as she moved around on the porch behind me. There's about a dozen hanging baskets of ferns dangling around the eaves of the porch. One by one I heard them being lifted down from their hooks and then returned high to their original positions. When Lana told me to turn back she casually said she'd hidden the keys in one of the baskets. My task, she said, was to guess which one and to retrieve it. As an added incentive to be quick about it Lana then told me Jack was inside on the phone ordering pizza to be delivered. She then complained about having to skip breakfast to get to my house so early; I merely felt dizzy with the rush of mixed feelings. I knew I didn't have a chance of retrieving the keys myself and had twenty minutes maximum to consider how embarrassed I was going to be when the pizza delivery man arrived. Lana made it clear she and Jack were going to hide inside and leave me to explain myself when the time came.

The sound of each passing car on the street now had my stomach swirling apprehensively. There were moments when there was nothing but silence. I'd listen as the sound a motor in the distance grow louder before passing loudly and fading again. Eventually I heard one approaching fast at first then slow and brake at the front curb. It would have been less than a minute as the delivery guy organized himself out in his car but it seemed like an eternity. Once I heard the sound of a door opening and closing I knew the moment had arrived. My naked, bound body shook uncontrollably.

The sight of me huddled naked, hands tied behind my back, shivering in the cold, stopped the pizza delivery guy dead in his tracks at the top of the steps to the porch. There was a long moment of silence where neither of us obviously knew what to say. He asked if I was okay; I blushed and nodded before a flow of words came stammering out of my mouth. I told him I'd locked myself out of my house. It might have almost been plausible if I hadn't had my hands tied behind my back. It took a moment for my fantastical explanation to sink in but he slowly appeared to accept it. He started to look around, clearly becoming suspicious.

'Am I on Candid Camera or something?' he asked.

I shook my head and repeated my unlikely story. He then started grinning; holding back laughter. His cautious acceptance of things helped ease my inhibitions about enjoying the thrill I'd been holding in check since he first saw me. I slowly stood up and faced him, shuffling from foot to foot as if sheepishly trying to hide my nakedness from him. He was now openly staring at me. The bound position I was in made me look like I was deliberately thrusting my breasts at him. He looked like he wanted to touch them but he wasn't bold enough to ask and I wasn't brazen enough to invite him. Instead, he paused to think and then asked if I had a spare key.

The delivery guy couldn't contain his laughter when I told him 'yes, there's a spare' but 'no, I don't know what basket it's hidden in.' I blushed like the fool he obviously thought I was. He just stood there shaking his head in disbelief and laughing to himself. By now I knew the question he was thinking and I would have made up an answer except the front door suddenly opened and Lana appeared, he face contorted with a wicked smirk of smug satisfaction.

"I see you've met my slave?"

The pizza delivery guy visibly went back on the defensive as he accepted payment in exchange for the pizza boxes he'd been holding this whole time.

"There's already a tip included but you've been such a good sport about this little game we've played at your expense you're welcome to a bonus from my little sex toy here, if you like?"

I immediately look at the delivery guy and he back at me. Both of us were unsure of what exactly was being suggested but he was the only one who had a chance to decline the offer Lana was making. I didn't want to look but watched his face for signs as he carefully considered his options. He wasn't any older than eighteen or nineteen; half my age but right at the moment he had as much power over me as a man of any age. Lana told me to kneel at his feet and I did, hesitating not for my sake but in case it wasn't what the young delivery guy wanted. Kneeling eye level with the bulge in the crotch of his jeans convinced me my concerns for him were unfounded.

"Don't be shy. Go ahead!"

Lana was laughing but clearly being insistent as well. I doubt the boy realized it but Lana was dominating both of us as he released his erect penis from his jeans. It sprang upright out of his loins, hanging in the air just in front of my face. It wasn't very large or very thick but it was solid as a rock; the excited penis of youthful enthusiasm towards anything involving sexual gratification.

"That's a fine cock you have there!"

Coming from anybody other than Lana the comment could have sounded patronizing but it didn't. The young delivery driver was obviously proud of his penis even though at four inches or so it was probably the smallest penis I'd ever seen and I'm no expert on the subject by any stretch of the imagination. Lana's admiration of it enthused him and he immediately clasped it around its base and aimed it towards my lips. What followed was a lesson designed by Lana to educate the teenager away from premature ejaculation and to prolong my degrading experience. She spoke to him, talking soothingly to him encouraging him not to cum all the while referring to me as being 'good to practice on'. To this end I even heard her inviting him to 'drop around anytime you want to practice face fucking' and 'bring your friends as well!' Lana's words were still ringing ominously in my ears when the pizza guy's penis erupted with a torrent of hot, slimy jism filling my mouth to overflowing and dribbling down my chin. Lana, as if possessed of ESP, had just told him to hold my head and ensure I swallowed every drop. She'd been back in my life for less than an hour and already I'd been deeply humiliated and disgraced by her. And the day was just beginning!

Once back inside the house I was directed to a wooden stool sitting in the middle of my lounge room. A medium sized black rubbery dildo was strapped standing boldly upright on the seat. Jack stood beside the stool, watching impassively as I approached and warning me not to resist when Lana guided my hips to position my pussy over the dildo. I had to stand on tip toe but eventually I felt the hard smoothness of the dildo tip slip easily into my pussy. I gasped under my breath as Jack gently pushed down on my shoulders forcing me to deeply penetrated. I bent my knees but the awkward height of the seat made me realize I'd not be able to relax my leg muscles until I'd rested my full weight on the rubber shaft. The cool comfort of the wooden seat seemed just out of reach and I struggled briefly and unsuccessfully to try and reseat myself more comfortably.

The dildo hadn't looked all that much bigger than the delivery driver's penis but it felt infinitely thicker and longer to sit on. I grimaced at the flashes of acute pain that occurred when Lana and Jack, each gripping one of my ankles, spread my feet widely apart. It was an awkward, ungainly position and I was told in no uncertain terms that I was not allowed to balance myself with anything more than my big toes. I pointed my toes and reluctantly did as I was told, holding my breath until the painful dull pressure deep inside me grew numb. I watched as Jack removed a large black silk scarf from his pocket and handed it to Lana. She proceeded to wrap it around my head, blindfolding me and shutting out all light. It took a moment to adjust and the darkness momentarily affected my balance. Jack sternly warned me about resting my feet on the floor and I reacted with immediate obedience. I found that if I remained perfectly still, I could balance in the position they demanded.

There was a long period of complete silence and I began to think they might have even left the room. I was in the middle of thinking it was another bizarre game until I heard the pizza boxes being opened. Not a word was spoken and I almost felt like I was being ignored completely as I listened to the sounds of them eating except I also felt intuitively I was being silently studied; every part of my impaled nakedness open to them and me obediently holding the lewd position for their amusement. Eventually my leg muscles began to tire and it became an effort to maintain the unnatural position balances on the points of my toes. I have no idea how much time had passed; half an hour maybe. Finally I heard movement and the sounds of a satisfying meal complete. The phone suddenly rang loudly.

I immediately knew who was calling; I'd made the 'safe call' arrangement earlier in the morning. Lana answered the phone in a nonchalant, happy voice. There was a brief silence and then Lana called me to speak with the caller. Jack helped me off the stool and walk still blindfolded to the phone. I told her I was okay and there was no need for her to worry using the code words we'd prearranged. Lana's cordial greeting to my friend also must have made her think nothing at all was happening and she continued to chat about things I had no interest in at that time.

All the while I stood there, somebody holding the phone to my ear so I could listen and speak, hands were groping my breasts. Fingers, possibly Lana's, pinched and twisted my nipples manipulating them until they were tense and erect. The longer I was kept on the phone the more severe the twisting and stretching of them until I was forced to turn my head from the mouthpiece and gasp at the pain. I was able to keep control right up until the caller finally bid farewell and the line went dead. A loud yelp then squealed from my mouth; a release valve for the pain my nipples had endured during the call.

I was returned to the stool and my painful statuesque position. Lana began speaking, calling my attention until I focused and gave it to her. I didn't understand at first what she was talking about but it slowly became clear. She had obtained a copy of a "BDSM Limits Negotiation" list I'd once made and she had told me she was going to pick some things from it to do to me. I don't even remember writing it but the first thing from the list which caught her attention was this:

"Interrogation scene. Experience, yes... willingness four."

The realization dawned on me that I'd originally compiled the list based on fantasies I was having at the time and that I had no real life experience of this type of scene and, under the circumstances, was no where near as willing to be interrogated as the list suggested. I doubt it would have mattered what I had on my list. Lana intended playing this game and I had no choice but to play along. Lana's rules, which she carefully outlined before asking her first question, deemed that for every "wrong" answer I gave I would have some cream applied to either my nipples or my clitoris depending on the question being asked. I wasn't sure what she was talking about until she demonstrated what I could expect.

At first the cream felt cold and actually quite tingly and refreshing massaged into my swollen nipples. However, the odor was strong and familiar and within seconds my nipples were beginning to warm. The heat continued to increase in biting intensity, especially after the massaging of it stopped and it was left to work its own painful magic. Within a minute it had taken my breath away and I began writhing and begging Lana to make it stop. But instead of being offered any sympathy, I felt a sharp, stinging blow between my legs; the strike catching me right on my pussy and causing excruciating agony. I immediately buckled over in pain and clamped my knees together. It was a mistake.

"Assume the position!"

Jack's deep voice barked harshly at me, the command reinforced with a few more savage strikes of the small cat-o-nine to my thighs until I was forced to obey. Lana waited a minute or so and the burning pain faded to a bearable warmth. Then the mentholated cream was reapplied; this ritual of cream, burning pain, writhing agony, pussy whipping continuing until I was forced to endure the cream on my nipples without moving an inch. It was a torture which seemed to last hours.

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