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Desc: Sex Story: Wife tells me of her adventure of being a slut

We were lying in bed naked I was teasing May's nipples. I ask her without thinking, "Darling, how did you like our evenings at the porno movies?

"I liked them."

"Are you sure darling?"

"Yes baby it was fun."

Somehow I thought she was keeping something from me so I said, "We don't have to go back again."

"Honey, I'd love to go back ", she said snuggling up against me.

"You seem to be keeping something from me, what is it darling?" I asked.

"No honey nothing, if you promise not to be mad, I will tell you something, OK!" she said.

"I can never be mad at you, you are my fantasy come true."

"Oh baby thanks. I really do love this and want to do it again and again. At first yes, it was what you wanted. I hope you won't get mad at me darling but now I want it too."

"Why baby?' I asked.

"The first night I was so scared I was shaking. I went only because you wanted me to. As the guys started looking at me I started to get turned on. When you let them touch me I climaxed for the first time. That really surprised me. When the guy started kissing me I only thought was no I shouldn't. Looking at you, I knew you wanted this too. I let myself go and kissed him back. Don't be mad darling but I wanted him. I wanted him to fuck me. I needed his huge penis inside me."

"Honey", I said, "This is not the time to be coy. I wanted that too. I took you there with the idea you would get fucked. I encourage you to let go. Seeing you fuck him was so hot I climaxed in my pants without even touching myself. So please don't worry about me getting mad. I want you to do it again and again. That is why we went again and I hope you will go tomorrow night with me."

"I was so worried." And with that she snuggled against me. "Do you still love your little slut?"

"God, yes. I have dreamed about this for years and only hoped you would love this too. You like to get fucked don't you?"

"Yes darling, it was the most exciting thing that has happened to me. I climaxed harder than I have ever had. I want to do it again and again. Does that bother you?" I nodded no. "Well darling I have to tell you something. I went back to the bookstore today. I went to buy a dildo. I found one and as I was checking out, when the clerk, you remember the black guy, his name is Bruce, told me if I wanted, I could go into the theater free to watch the movie. He said the last time you were here you seemed to really enjoy yourself. I told him that the movies were so exciting and that playing there was such a turn on. He told me he would put my package behind the counter until later or I could use it in theater as I watched the movie. Wow, that got me wet so I decided to go in. I was the only woman in theater. Right there in front of me was a guy kneeling on the floor was sucking off another man. I had never see that and the guy looked like he loved doing it. I just stood there getting excited. I sensed someone was standing behind me. It was the clerk. He was very close and I could smell his after share lotion. He whispered in my ear was I excited watching those two guys. As I turned to answer, his hands moved up and started playing with my tits. God, he felt good all I could do was t lean back and let him kiss my check and lips and he played with my nipples."

"Honey please tell me more", my cock was hard as a rock and dripping.

"Lord help me, I am not sure why but I unbuttoned my dress so he could have my bare breasts. He fingered my nipples until they were hard", she continued.

"Honey, did my naughty little slut go there without wearing bra and panties?"

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