Dark Desires

by little miss blair

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Reluctant, Lesbian, Humiliation, .

Desc: Sex Story: An adventerous young midwestern girl goes to New York to work. She fails to gain employment but finds herself at the mercy of two city wise females who use her for their own sick pleasures.

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Another job interview. It was my fifth in three days, and like the other four, not going well. I was either short on experience or lacked the proper education. I was beginning to think my dream of living and working in the "Big Apple" was not going to materialize.

I certainly didn't want to move back to Indiana and listen to my parents tell me "We told you so"... That my fantasy to make it in New York was just that, pure fantasy.

I barely listened as the Personnel Manager droned on and on about how sorry he was... The weather outside of his twenty second floor office was much more interesting. Rain pounding the large plate glass window... wind gusting, swirling, the large raindrops appearing like whirlpools just before slamming into the building.

It was the lightening, though, holding my attention... beautiful streaks of fire, glowing for an instant, exposing the ominous clouds as nothing more that big puff's of gray smoke.

After leaving the blowhard's office, I had to ask directions twice... I couldn't find the elevator I had used only thirty minutes before!

I was an incurable people watcher so it was only natural I size up the two women who boarded the elevator with me. The blonde, young like me, very sexily dressed, short skirt and tight sweater, undoubtably a bit of an exhibitionist. I guessed her to be a secretary in the building.

The other one, thirty five or so, wearing an expensive tailor made business suit, apparently in an attempt to camouflage her voluptuous body. My guess, a middle manager... someone with a little authority.

Just as the elevator car passed the seventeenth floor the electrical power went out. The car came to a a soft stop, the lights flickering for several seconds before dying out, leaving the three of us in total darkness.

"We stood in silence for several minutes. The sudden, loud voice of the "Manager" woman startled me.

"This is just great... this goddamn city. I can't believe this, stuck in a goddamn elevator in the middle of the day. This really sucks!"

"I'm sure it won't be long," the secretary piped in. "When this has happened before they have been pretty good about getting everything running again... Usually within fifteen or twenty minutes."

"Yeah, like you're some kind of goddamn expert on power outages," the Manager retorted.

More silence... long, long silence. I couldn't judge the time. It felt like forever... ten thousand heart beats... twelve thousand... I couldn't stand it any longer!

"How long do you think we've been in here?" I asked. Hearing my own, trembling voice in the pitch black was eerie.

I saw a small, faint glow in the dark. The Manager woman lighting up her wristwatch to check.

"It's been a little over an hour," she said disgustedly. "You sound like you're scared... are you scared country girl? You know, fear can be exciting. Are you scared, or excited country girl?"

"A little scared I guess," I said. I think I'm kinda claustrophobic."

"You sound like a country girl. Where are you from?" she said teasingly.

"Indiana, and I wish I were there now. What happened to that fifteen or twenty minutes you told us about?" The question was directed at the secretary.

I suddenly felt all alone... here in the city, very little money, no job, and a snotty city woman acting like she was better than me.

I tried to hold them back... the tears. And I did for awhile... but eventually they came, and not just sniffling tears... real tears, sobbing tears. I couldn't help it. I was really, really scared...

"Who's crying... is that you Indiana. For gods sakes girl, that won't help anything It could drive me crazy though. so stop it."

"I'm sorry, it's just that... I can't help it. Derrick, my boyfriend back in Indiana, he says I'm a cry baby... well, not really my boyfriend any more. He broke up with me when I moved to New York."

"So you had a boyfriend back in Indiana," the Manager said. "Derrick Billy Bob broke up with you... well he knew if you came to New York it wouldn't be long before you turned into a woman of the world. Are you a woman of the world yet Indiana?"

I continued to sniffle... I knew she was making fun of me.

Someone touched me. It was the "Manager."

"Christ, girl... you have to stop crying. We might be in here a long time. Maybe... maybe we can take your mind off of things for awhile."

She pulled me to her, her arms wrapping around me, comforting me. I buried my face in her shoulder, wishing I was strong, like her. I could smell her perfume... the aroma so faint, it enticed you closer to gather its lovely bouquet. I was momentarily embarrassed by my own cheap perfume.

We stood together for a long time... I felt safe in her arms... her body so firm, not soft, like mine. Her lips brushed my forehead, my eyes, the tip of my nose, my lips. It felt so natural, returning her kiss, even though I never kissed a female before. I couldn't see her in the dark, but I knew she was beautiful... and under these circumstances, it surely must be okay to let her kiss me...

My body stiffened when her tongue probed my lips... in an instant comforting became sexual! But... since no one could see us... I relaxed, allowing my lips to part slightly to please her... sucking the long, probing organ further into my mouth to please... to... uh... to please her... or me?

"What are you two doing?" the secretary interrupting the silence. "It sounds like... are you two kissing?"

The Manager withdrew her (god, it was so thick) tongue... totally against my will.

"Why?" the Manager asked. "Is it turning you on? Would you like to join us? By the way, what's your name?"

"Jesse, the secretary responded.

"Well Jesse, do you want to join us? Indiana has one hell of a body... want to explore it with me?"

"Uh... I'm not sure," Jesse, the secretary whispered. I've never... you know... messed around with another girl before."

"Well, maybe we can get her to lick your cunt. You wouldn't have to do anything... you do like your cunt licked don't you? Fuck, what I'm I saying... all girls like their cunt licked."

I suddenly felt dirty... sick. She was referring to me like a... a whore... a lesbian whore! I had this sudden simultaneous flash of shame and pleasure shoot thru me... God help me, my panties were wet!

But even more prevalent was my midwestern, moral indignation... I pulled away from her grasp, stepping back against the wall.

"There's no where to run Indiana... I know a cunt licking tongue when I suck on it... come here Jesse, help me... we're going to have to hold her down for a minute. She'll settle down... I know a pussy licker when I see one... or in this case, feel one... she just needs a minute to wrap her mind around it."

With my back against the wall, I slid to my left... into a corner. I could hear the secretary, Jesse, moving towards me. I stepped forward... oh no... right into the Manager's arms... again!

She held me till Jesse, groping, found us. Both were holding me now. I didn't struggle very hard... why would I, two strong women wanting me to do things to them... things weak girls like me had thought about many times. Like Sue Ellen Sims... head cheerleader in high school... after practice... in the locker room. I ran away then.

This was like that time... but this time I couldn't run... and maybe... just maybe, I would never have to masturbate to Sue Ellen's image again.

Strong fingers, entangled in my hair, forced my head side ways. An odorless, warm breath exhaling on my cheeks. I knew it was Jesse, the secretary, her body odor wasn't familiar. Our lips touched, she pulled away. The large, firm breast of the Manager pressed against my arm.

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