Long Weekend

by Lily May

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Humor, Incest, Brother, Sister, Swinging, Group Sex, Orgy, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: A lighthearted tale about 2 yuppy couples' sexual experiences. Some parts improbable, but none impossible

Liz and Trevor Wilkins were a happily married DINKS couple in their late twenties who had married 3 years previously after waiting for her career to stabilise. Liz worked for a multinational company as a department 2IC.

Trevor had his own Bobcat and truck and was mainly contracted by a local council with rarely a break between jobs.

Bob and Carla Pierce were also a happily married DINKS couple who had been married 4 years and were also in their late twenties.

Bob worked for the same company as Liz also as a department 2IC.

Carla had her own hairdressing salon in a large hotel.

There were several similarities in the two couples, one of them being that each husband had had a vasectomy within a year of marrying, both wives had glorious figures and were very pretty. They both ate carefully and did sufficient exercise to maintain their very sexy bodies. Each of the women dressed to please their husbands, neither couple had any money worries and were all in jobs that paid well and they enjoyed.

Trevor and Carla had only met at Liz and Bob's companies social functions and whilst being friendly, had not associated with each other enough to have become friends.

The Australian division of the company was about to absorb their main local competitor and were to hold meetings and a think tank at an interstate city 2,000 kilometres away from head office.

As department 2IC's Liz and Bob had to attend and they found that at the end of the weeks conference starting in a months time, it was a nationally observed long weekend, with the Monday being the holiday

The state branch was given the job of arranging accommodation and a suitable meeting venue at an at least 4 star venue.

While standing at the coffee machine one morning Liz and Bob discussed the fact that it would be an ideal time to have their spouses join them on the Friday night when the conference would be over and utilise the companies corporate rates for the 3 day/night stay.

They discussed it with their respective spouses and it was agreed that Carla and Trevor would knock off early on the Friday afternoon and fly north to meet up with their spouses for a well earned break. They shared a cab to the airport as they lived within 2 kilometres from each other.

They sat together on the flight and both were aware of the pressure on each others thigh due to the narrow airline seats and when Trevor reached over to take his drinks from the flight attendant he could not help brushing his bare arm across the thin material of her top covering her delightful breasts. Neither of them minded the touching but did not think of it as covertly sexual.

They were met at the airport at close to 6.00pm by their spouses and shared a cab into the city and their hotel. They had upgraded their company provided rooms to a 2 bedroom suite with a sitting room in between each bedroom and each bedroom having its own ensuite complete with king sized shower.

Each night during the week Liz and Bob had had dinner and a couple of drinks together before returning to their respective rooms to tap on their laptops and summarise the days business and prepare for the next day.

After they had checked in and the girls had oohed and aahed over the sumptuous suite for which the companies corporate rate had reduced the cost considerably, Liz rang and booked a table in the hotel's restaurant for four for 8.30pm for dinner and dancing.

They went down and in between courses danced, some times changing partners and after the meal continued some drinking and dancing until around midnight when the lights were turned down low. This meaning it was the last dance. As it happened, Liz was with Bob and Carla was with Trevor. The alcohol, the dim lights, occasional rubbing of mound on stiff cock, and the slow sexy music got to them and as well as feeling no pain they all were feeling very randy.

They went back upstairs in the lift and met in the sitting room which had 2 beautiful big couches as well as of course other furniture. The 2 couples each commandeered a couch and one thing led to another and they were getting hot and bothered smooching with their spouses. Very excited too! The lights had been dimmed as soon as they had entered the suite.

Neither of the girls was happy with them perhaps potentially having sex in front of another couple and after some serious touchy feely, Carla called out to Liz, who was on the couch nearest the door and light switch, "the light switch."

Unfortunately Liz only caught the last word "switch" and was so hyped up that she went across the room and started to suck on Bob's face. Carla took the hint and went over to Trevor. Probably the women thought that the men had planned the switch and conversely the men thought the women had planned it. It is a well known fact that a standing cock has no common sense. Nor has a weeping pussy.

Shortly after, Liz got off the couch and knelt giving Bob the mother and father of all blowjobs and Trevor sat Carla on the edge of their couch and tried to poke his tongue up to her navel through her pussy. The puffing, whining and grunting went on for nearly a quarter of an hour.

Bob shot his load into Liz's mouth to be swallowed with gusto and Trevor received a facial from the hairdresser. A squirted cum facial. They broke up for a drink and returning to the couches and in each case the suckee became the sucker.

After another drink break, the swapped couples went to the bedrooms and after shagging each others spouse they dropped off to sleep.

Each of the guys woke in the morning with a stiffy, and independently and without any comparing of notes each of the girls impaled themselves on the others husbands cock and they fucked the bejesus out of them, with their lovely big boobs jerking round and round and up and down to the absolute delight of the guys.

Each couple showered together in their ensuites and whilst there was no penetration, everything that could be done in a shower without penetration, was done. After they had donned their bathing suits and wraps they went down and spent half an hour in one of the hotel's hire Jacuzzis with the guys having their cocks caressed until they nearly shot off and the girls were finger fucked to orgasm. The reason the guys were not allowed to cum was that cum floats on water and is yucky, it does not sink to the bottom and also they wanted the guys to be able to fuck them before going to breakfast. This time they tried the old tried and true missionary position with swapped partners again.

It was around 9.00am when they returned and the girls swapped back to their husbands.

The connecting doors were closed and each couple talked separately about the nights adventures and agreed that whilst definitely unplanned, was a wonderful experience and there was no apparent problem at that moment because although it was a hearing aberration which led to the switching, everything that happened was consensual and not done covertly. And, as well it was bloody nice. Each couple pledged their love and realised that there definitely was a huge difference between love and sex. They also talked about the different techniques they had experienced, especially with oral and whilst each was happy with their spouses lovemaking they felt that variety is a bonus.

They all met in the sitting room and then went off down the street for breakfast. Being "Double Income No Kids" couples they were not pikers but they objected to paying $28.00 each for breakfast at the hotel so went into a little Greek café down the street for eggs, bacon, fried tomato, toast, juice and coffee for $5.50each.

They split up, with the girls going shopping and the guys going to a motor show at an exhibition building on the city perimeter, agreeing to all meet back at the hotel coffee shop at 1.00pm for lunch.

When they got back to the suite, they found a pamphlet under the door advertising "a fun night for liberal thinking couples." They worked out that it could only possibly mean one of two things, a live sex show or a swingers party.

Little did they know that it was both. Bob rang the number and after giving the hotel and room numbers, hung up and was rang straight back with details of when, where, what and the cost. It was at 8.00pm tonight at a private function centre in the suburbs, a live sex show, swap rooms and an orgy room, and the cost was $250.00 per couple with a limit of 30 couples, drinks extra. None of them had ever strayed since their marriages and also had never been to such an event. They also realised that their swap partners from last night could not now be unfucked so the mold had been cast.

After a short discussion Bob rang back with his Visa details and they were told that they were the 28th couple to register for tonight and were told how to get there and how long to expect the cab to get there from the city.

They rested up during the afternoon watching a football game on the TV and had an early dinner before booking a cab for the required time.

Because they were not sure that group swinging was their thing, they decided to swap partners when entering the place and if the ambience suited them they could then swap back to husband and wife if the situation arose. They had a couple of reasonably priced drinks and then were guided into a locker/changing room and each of the men given their locker key on a gold chain to hang around their neck.

Because they had no secrets from each other now, they stripped with no qualms, put their towels and clothes in their lockers and went to check the place out.

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