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Desc: Sex Story: A website editor for a popular sex story site finds himself at the mercy of a beautiful yet mysterious teenage girl, when his computer nearly explodes in sparks. As his encounter progresses, he's faced with the eerie reality, and the truth about the young girl.

Allow me to introduce myself to those of you who only know me by name. I am Intrafe, the story editor of almost a month, now, and regular reader of around 6 months. When I first came to this site, I had one thought in mind. The same as any of you. Getting off was my only agenda. I had no idea that I would be sitting here, today, editing stories, or telling you of my own personal experiences.

What is to follow is an experience I have recently endured, since my placement into the position of story editor. Whether what you're about to read is true or not, is your decision to make. I won't say one way or the other. Partially because I refuse to have my sanity called into question. What I will say is that the events described below aren't easy ones to live through. Not that I know, of course. ;-)

The small digital display on the lower-right corner of my monitor read 1:13 a.m., and once again, I sat in front of my computer on a mission. I live in a rural part of NorthEast Texas, and it is my job to edit the stories submitted to a popular sex story website. Of course, living in the Central time zone, and having the server sitting somewhere in the Eastern time zone, this gave me approximately 2 hours after Midnight to have the stories posted for the next day.

"When are you coming to bed?" Her voice came from behind me, scaring the shit out of me. I jumped and turned, instinctively preparing to hit whoever had been stupid enough to sneak up on me in the middle of the night. It was my wife.

"Holy shit, babe. Don't do that shit! I almost hit you!" I said, before attempting to catch my breath.

My eyes darted across the room my computer was housed in. This was my office, but was also the bedroom of my 20-month-old son, who was sleeping soundly in his crib. I was amazed that he was able to sleep through the noise that had just occured, but I let it go and urged myself to be quieter.

"At least by getting hit, I'd get a little attention from you." Heather, my wife, said. Her long blonde hair rested across her shoulders, as she hovered over me with arms crossed. She was pissed again. Beautiful.

"Listen, babe, it's almost 1:30, and I've got 5 more stories to get posted before 2. I'll be to bed as soon as I can, but I told you that I volunteered for this responsibility." I said in a quiet tone, attempting to plead with her.

"I know you volunteered for it. I also know you tried to keep it a secret from me for about two weeks. You need to stop trying to shut me out, Cody. You have responsibilities here, too."

I sighed. I didn't have the time or the will to put up with this. My best bet was to just ignore her and get the job done as soon as I could. Without a word, I went back to work, scrolling through the backlog of story submissions, and determining which ones would go up in less than an hour.

"Ignore me, Cody. Real mature." She finally said, before stomping out of the room. I sighed again. My eyes were burning, and I'd been up since about 4 a.m. the day before, with no sleep. I was determined, though. If I accepted the responsibility, I'd be man enough to handle my business.

Trying to calm my nerves, I lit a cigarette amidst the darkness. The first drag was heaven to me, as the smoke penetrated my lungs and my eyes closed, momentarily. After a moment, I opened them and exhaled the smoked into the air. My hand rested on the mouse, and scrolled to the bottom of the backlog. There, I saw a story submission that I had not seen, moments before. I looked at the date. It read "08-20-03."

This made no sense. The bottom of the backlog housed the oldest story submissions, the oldest of which were dated from July. How could a posting from July be dated with today's date?

I read the subject line/story title.

"IP72496" I said aloud, to myself. Was the writer referring to an IP address? I clicked it.

My Netscape browser opened the new page, and upon doing so, revealed the would-be story. The text that came up was NOT readable. What was contained was blocks of unrecognizable characters, and squigglies that could only be pasted from MS's Character Map program. I stared in amazement. What was this?

Was Tiger playing a joke on me? Was this their way of testing the new editors? Before I could finish examining the would-be story, I could hear the CPU fan in my tower increase in speed.

Startled, I listened to it, whirring faster and faster inside my computer. The gentle hum it usually produced had now been replaced by a buzzing that was at least 3 times as loud. I hit the 'delete' button on the page, hoping to destroy whatever virus I'd just infected myself with, but instead, the screen began to flicker.

My optical mouse, which normally would emit a small red light from the laser, was now glowing unbelievably. Carefully, I reached to turn my computer off. My finger rested on the power switch, and in doing so, I received a large shock of electricity. That was it. I blacked out.

The darkness was blinding and my head felt as though it was about to split open. I kept expecting to hear my son awake, crying, from the noise that had just blacked out the house, but he never did.

"Intrafe... is it not?" A ghostly woman's voice could be heard from all around me, followed by numerous overlapping whispers. I still couldn't see a thing.

"Who are you? Who's there?" I replied.

"He's a curious one, he questions the questioner." A child-like voice whispered from behind me.

"Who are any of us?" The woman's echoing voice asked, from the darkness. The whispers continued.

"Don't play head games with me, lady. What is this? What happened?"

"You are safe within this realm. Safer than most, anyway." She replied.

"Safety is relative to the level of physical danger present." Another childish voice whispered, from the opposite direction of the last.

"Okay, I've had about enough of this. Show yourself if you want to talk to me." I said into the darkness, now getting angry.

Just as I requested, she obliged. Almost as if walking through a sheet of black, she appeared before me, a thing of beauty. Her skin had but one color to it. A faded blue tint surrounded her. It was like watching an old black-and-white movie.

Her hair was dark and chin-length. She wore military-style boots, with fishnet stocking spanning the length of her legs, before disappearing up the leg of her cut-off denim shorts. Her t-shirt bore a Misfits logo on it, and was short and torn in spots that made it seem almost intentional. She didn't look to be any older than 17. Her eyes, though. They glowed white. I was frozen. Whether it was from her beauty, or the fact that she appeared at all, was beyond me.

"Intrafe. I need you to calm down. I'm nothing more than a lost traveller, much like yourself."

"Lost? Wait, what do you mean?" I asked, much calmer now. I felt as though I was incapable of getting angry of the beauty that lied before me.

"I am Styne. I cannot tell you how happy... and sad, I am to meet you." She said, before approaching me. I wanted to reply but found myself unable to speak. "You're a lost soul, just like me. Just like all of us. You're welcome here, in our sanctuary. They cannot harm you, here."

"Styne, right?" I asked, taking one step back. "Listen, I'm confused. The last thing I was doing was sitting there working on the computer. Now I'm here. At least explain to me where here is, and what I did to get here."

She gave a soft smile, before taking another step towards me. Her hand raised to my cheek, and I could feel a tingle of static electricity coarse through my face. Once again, I was paralyzed. She leaned towards me and pursed her lips to mine.

I could feel the softness of her lips as she kissed me, along with a flow of static electricity all through my mouth. I felt my inhibitions strip away. My arms wrapped around her, and I couldn't help but return the kiss she was giving me.

Her name echoed through my mind, as did hundreds of questions about her. Styne? What kind of name was this for a girl? Who was she, and where were we? I couldn't bring myself to ask these questions aloud, as my mind kept returning to the excitement I felt at her touch. Nothing about my situation was normal. This place. Her. What I felt when I touched her.

The longer we kissed, the more the darkness began to fade away. Shadows faded out of existence, and were replaced with a strange blue glow, from all around.

Her hands rested on my chest, sending an amazing electric current through my entire body. It felt so insatiable that I didn't want to stop. As I continued kissing her, I felt myself growing in excitement, and heard her breath a deep sigh of enjoyment.

The light illuminated our surroundings, which were now what appeared to be solid white walls, with the same-colored floor and ceiling. It reflected off of every surface, making it impossible to see anything but the two of us, in the center of the room.

The more I kissed the beautiful teenager, the lighter I felt on my feet, almost as if I were floating. Finally, she broke the kiss, before looking deep into my eyes. It felt almost as if she were peering into my soul, as she stared at me, with a mixture of hunger and mourning in her eyes.

Her monotone coloring had not changed, and her skin and eyes still had the same color as before, something that didn't make her look quite dead, just not of this world.

Slowly, she turned her head to the farthest end of the room, and began walking. Almost entranced by her beauty, and my growing desire, I followed her.

I watched her beautiful, tight young rear move slowly, side to side, as she strolled forward. Her long dark hair hung, bouncing occasionally during her step. Who was this girl? Where were we, and why did I want her so bad?

I knew I was married to a beautiful wife, but I couldn't help it. Whomever this intoxicating young teenager was, I didn't want to leave her side. Come to think of it, I probably would've followed her into Hell, had she desired it.

We continued walking, until we'd long-past the area where the wall should've been, suggesting that the "room" I'd believed we were in, was apparently much larger than I could've anticipated. Neither of us spoke, until we reached that one fateful spot.

She came to a stop, and turned to me. Her eyes seemed to be scanning over me, as if she wasn't sure what to think. She started to speak, but stopped.

"If whatever you're about to say is painful in any way, I don't want to hear it." I told her. "I don't know who you are, but the more I look at you, the more I must be with you. I'll stay here, forever, if I have to, just to stay with you."

She stared into my eyes with an almost pained expression on her face. It was as though my words had hurt her, though I couldn't understand why.

"Do you know what you're saying? After only a short time with me, you're willing to give up everything to stay here?" She asked, before going silent for a long moment. I didn't know how to reply to that. After a few seconds, she looked into my eyes once again. "I ask you one time, and one time only. Are you sure?"

Although I was dumbfounded by what she'd said to me, I knew that I'd already made my decision.

"Yes, I'm sure." I said. Her eyes softened, and a tear streamed down her cheek. She walked to me, almost in a glide, and kissed me in such a passion that I found it hard to breath.

After the initial shock subsided, I returned that kiss, before our hands began to explore each other. I could feel her touching me, groping me, and in kind, I did the same to her. Every time we touched, I could literally feel the electricity between us. It only served to heighten my excitement.

Her hand brushed the crotch of my pants, briefly, before returning to cup it. She could feel my now-erect manhood pressing against it's bindings. I can't stress enough how much I wanted her.

Slowly, she pulled her lips from mine and stared deeply into my eyes, never breaking that contact as she dropped to her knees. She'd freed my dick from my jeans, and held it tightly in her hand, as she looked up at me. The tingling chills her hand gave me, almost made me lose control. Slowly, her mouth opened and enveloped everything I had to offer her, without hesitation.

My breath had become ragged, as I felt my cock enter her beautiful young mouth. It felt almost as if my entire body was beginning to go limp.

Small electric jolts slammed through my body, as the smoothness of her mouth began to run up and down the length of my manhood.

"Oh, God. You're too beautiful. I love this." I said, fighting to control my own breath. As I looked down at her, I could see her eyes, soft and full of expression, staring back into mine.

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