Afternoon with Friends

by nsd123456

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Water Sports, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: A story about a lot of first times. My girlfreinds and I get together and enjoy an afternoon of sex.

Hello my name is Julie and I have something I just have to get off my chest. My husband Nathan would love to hear this story, but I made a promise and I just can not tell him.

It was earlier this week when us girls got together for our weekly swim party. Well, most of the time there is not much swimming involved just sunbathing and girl talk.

Anyway Jami, Kara, Kathy and I were over at Jami's house sitting on the deck drinking margaritas while our husbands where at work. We were all just talking about our week and what we did last night when Kara said "Joe and I had sex last night but it wasn't all that great until he when to sleep."

Kathy asked what happened. Kara started off by making us swear not to tell our husbands or to get offended by what happened. We all agreed and told her to go on. So Kara started her story.

"Well we were lying in bed watching the boob tube literally. Joe put one of our porno videos in, and we were just touching each other while this hot looking blonde gave this Fabio looking guy a blowjob. Of course in true porno fashion her innocent school girl looking roommate walks through the unlocked door to find this degrading sight before her. It didn't take long until she was naked and getting her pussy licked by the guy, and licking her 'first' pussy.

"Well as all of this was going on Joe told me he had been fantasizing about what really happened at our little 'girls only' swim parties. He laid out this weird scenario of us all getting naked, skinny dipping and ending up in a lesbian pussy licking contest.

"I have to admit that watching those two women on screen really had my pussy dripping. So I started making up a story about what he thought went on here. It got him so worked up that he jumped my bones and came in about a minute.

"Well I was left hanging so to speak. As soon as he was done he rolled over turned off the T.V. and zonked out.

"I was pissed. I tried to go to sleep but I was just too turned on to go to sleep with out at least a little release. So I got up went into the living room and started the movie over. I was lying on the couch rubbing my pussy when the two girls started licking each other.

"I normally fast forward through this part and go straight to the fucking. But I found myself getting extremely interested in the action. Joe had peaked my curiosity. I started to make up another story only this time I made it more realistic. By the time I finished I had 3 orgasms and really needed more than my fingers to satisfy my need. The only problem was I did not want to go and get my dildo for fear of waking Joe up. Most of the time I do not mind him watching me masturbate but he made me mad and I was not going to reward him for leaving me high and wet.

"I started scanning the room for something the right size to fill my pussy. I saw a hairbrush on the counter but that was not big enough. I was stuck, until I remembered that I went shopping that day.

"I quickly got up and walked into the kitchen. There it was a bag full of cucumbers -- big ones, small ones and some in between. I grabbed the bag and hustled back to my spot on the couch just as Fabio stuck his big dick into the blonde.

"I quickly sorted through the bag and found one about 2 inched in diameter and a good 10 inches long. I decided to forget the foreplay and just stuffed about half of it in one motion. I immediately had a nice O and continued to work the make shift dildo in and out of my dripping pussy until I had just enough to hold onto sticking out.

"I was pounding away when I glanced at the screen and saw the blonde being told to prepare the brunette's ass for a good fucking. She was reluctant and mentioned something about never taking one up the ass before. Fabio was persistent that this was a good time to break her in then.

"I started thinking back to the many time Joe had asked to fuck my ass and I had refused. I love to have him lick and play with my asshole but the thought of him sticking that big dick of his up there scared me.

"I started out by licking the fingers on my left hand and moving them to my asshole. I already had some lubrication down there from the juices leaking out of my pussy. I just started rubbing around and tickling myself just like Joe does. It felt so good to have that big cucumber stuck in my pussy combined with the anal play. I finally stuck my finger up my butt and just about came right then.

"I started to really work that finger until I felt myself loosen up. As my body reacted I started to lose some of the wonderful feeling so I added another finger. I continued until I had three fingers working my ass and the big cucumber just sitting deep in my pussy, with my other hand working my clit. The brunette was really getting into her ass fucking by this point while that blonde ate her pussy from the underside. It looked so good.

"I started working the cucumber in and out of my pussy to really get it lubed up. When I was satisfied, I pulled it out of my pussy and moved it down that last inch to the entrance to my asshole. By this point I was so turned on that I probably could have taking a baseball bat and shoved it up ass. I worked it in and out until I had the best O of the night.

"When I finally came back down the credits where rolling on the screen. I pulled myself together and cleaned up the mess I had made. Then I went to the bathroom to take a piss. I don't know why but while I was sitting there on the pot one of the books I read the other day flashed through my mind about water sports. I moved my hand down between my legs and started rubbing my pussy through the urine. The warm liquid felt so good sliding over my hand that I stuck two fingers up my pussy and brought myself to another climax while I finished peeing. I rubbed the pee all over my pussy and ass and then brought my fingers to my mouth and licked them clean. The taste of my own cum and urine was unusual and satisfying. I cleaned my pussy and ass with a washcloth and went to bed. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow."

We were all in a state of shock when she finished.

I have had fantasies of doing some of the things she described, but I would have never had the guts to come out and say them to my husband let alone to the girls.

My pussy was dripping inside my suit and I am sure that anyone who looked could see how aroused I was. I was going to have to excuse myself to the bathroom to have a quick O. The other girls started asking questions, and as I stood up to go the bathroom I caught a quick glance at Kathy's crotch -- her pussy juice was showing through her swimsuit.

I diverted my eyes just as she caught me looking. She gave me a smile and I headed to the bathroom. Before I could even get to the bathroom I started rubbing my pussy through the material of my two piece suit. As soon as I closed to door I pulled my bottoms down and shoved three fingers into my dripping twat. I was so turned on that I came before I could make more than three strokes.

I sat down on the pot and continued to massage my lips and clit. I came again very quickly and was sitting there with three fingers stuck in myself thinking about Kara doing all of those things and wondering when the other girls would start masturbating; I was in the only bathroom that was working in the house so they would have to wait until I was done, and I had one other thing I wanted to try before I gave up the rights to the bathroom.

In the past I had never really considered water sports but I had a strong desire to give it a chance now. This was probably the only chance I had if I thought about it first I would probably back out and never try it.

So I let my bladder go with my fingers still working their magic on my super sensitive pussy. The sensation was unreal, dirty and sexy all at the same time. Feeling that warm liquid running over my hand while I was fingering my cunt, I had another O while I was peeing. I began to massage the remnants of the urine into my pussy and asshole, I, like Kara, loved to be played with back there but I had never let Nathan stick his dick in my ass.

I began to move my fingers to my mouth and had just tasted my own combination of fluid when Kathy came through the door. She already had the material of her suit moved to the side and was working two fingers into her pussy before she opened the door, and caught me licking my piss soaked hand.

She started laughing and said "You beat us to it. Mind if I join you?"

It was obvious that the liquor was having its effects on all of us, because instead of running away embarrassed I said sure and began to lick my fingers again.

Kathy stripped down and was naked in a flash. Never letting her hand leave her pussy for more than a few seconds, she climbed into the tub and lay down. Lifting her knees and spreading out, I could see every inch of her hairless pussy. It had been a long time since I had seen another girl naked other than myself, and that was my best friend back in high school, but that is another story.

She was telling me how hot she was because of Kara's story and that she and Josh had done everything Kara had talked about.

I was shocked, this is the woman that when we start taking about sex normally just sits back and listens. You would have thought that she was a strict missionary style girl. Here she was lying in the bathtub completely naked and rubbing her pussy with me sitting on the toilet refreshing my fingers with the remnants of was left on my pussy before licking my fingers again.

She came quickly, and the look on her face was amazing. I know why Nathan just looks at me when he makes me cum. I came again just from watching her rub her pussy.

Then she shocked me. She asked me if I would like to try it straight from the source. I knew what she was talking about and before I could talk myself out of it she stood up and I kneeled down in front of her with my mouth only inches from her wet gash. She grabbed my head and pulled my mouth to her pussy as soon as I stuck my tongue in between her lips she let her bladder go.

First I had trouble, and thought that I might drown, but I caught my breath quickly and just let her pee cascade over my open mouth and down my body. My swim top was absorbing a lot of it.

When she finished I cleaned her front to back with my tongue. Nathan loves to lick my asshole but I have never gotten the same pleasure from licking his, but Kathy's was different maybe it was the lack of hair back there.

After I finished cleaning her she told me to stand up so she could return the favor. I told her that I had emptied my bladder already and she told she would just be my toilet paper then. She licked and sucked all over my pussy and asshole until I had another O.

It was wonderful; we gathered our clothes and got dressed before heading back outside. As we rounded the corner we heard Jami moaning. We both looked at each other and said "This is going to be an interesting afternoon."

As Jami and Kara came into sight we saw Jami on her knees and Kara licking her asshole from the back, while Jami fingered her own pussy. It was a very sexy scene.

My pussy began to wet my bottoms again, and my top was still soaked in Kathy's urine.

Kathy spoke first "Started with out us did you girls. I thought we were friends and you would let us know if some pussy was going to be eaten."

With that Kathy stripped back down and slid underneath Jami. As she moved Jami's fingers and covered her pussy with her mouth Jami let out a loud moan.

Since we live in a small neighborhood and the deck is raised I suggested that we go into the house before we got caught. The other girls untangled themselves and I walked into the house and started scanning the room for objects we could use in our sex play.

It is amazing the things you look at everyday and never notice their potential use as a sex object. I saw a couple of tapered neck vases that looked just right for insertion, and various other cylindrical shaped objects that would be fun to stick in various holes.

As the girls made their way into the house I was moving some of the furniture around to make more room. Jami and Kathy were already naked and ready but Kara and I still had our suits on.

Kara walked over to me and began to kiss me as she untied my top. She stopped and sniffed the air, it was then that I realized that my top still reeked of Kathy's piss.

Kara smiled and began to suck on my nipples through the material extracting as much of the urine as she could.

Then she stood up and whispered in my ear "And who has been using you as a potty?"

I smiled and pointed at Kathy.

"So Jami you are the only one that has not tasted female rain? I think that we should fix that."

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