Jackye's Story

by maryjane

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Coercion, Blackmail, Incest, Swinging, Group Sex, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: A continuation of "Abbe Grows Up", written by her cousin Jackye. Nice stroking fun until a couple of close calls convinces the family to start acting like grown-ups.

by rmnixon


It was pouring, as it had for days. The wipers were clickety-clacking at top speed. I peered through the car window, straining my eyes to find the ark and the line of animals walking up the boarding plank two by two. I wondered if this truly would last a full forty days and forty nights.

"I'll drop you off at the front door, Jackye. You go on up to her room. I'll be up as soon as I can find a place to park."

"Thanks, Uncle Max."

The two steps from the car to under the awning left me soaked. I slammed the door, leaving poor Uncle Max to fend for himself. The automatic doors swung open as I approached them, leading me right up to the Visitors Desk, where I took a room card and went up to see my Aunt Barbara. Barb.

"How are you, honey? Golly, you look drenched."

"It's pouring like a son of a bitch, but I'm fine, Aunt Barb. How are you feeling?"

"Much better, dear. I finally feel that I'd like to get out of this place alive. Is Max parking the car?"

"He'll be up as soon as he swims over from the parking lot."

"Jackye, I have to talk to you before Max comes upstairs. Do you remember when you and your cousin Abbe were into all that sex business and you tried to seduce your uncle Max?"

I turned bright crimson. I couldn't speak.

"Of course you do. Did you know that he told me all about it every time you tried?"

"No. All he ever did was telling me to put more clothes on. I was really pissed off because your daughter and I were into all the sex business, as you call it, and I couldn't get the sexiest guy around to make a move on me. I would have died if I knew that you knew."

"Well, the reason you didn't get to first base with that sexiest man around was because he's just a good man, and besides, we had a fantastic sex life. In fact, whenever you tried it, and he told me about it, that got us so hot that we went at it all night long. That uncle of yours is really hung. I would be sore as hell in the morning. That's what I wanted to talk to you about. The doctors say that I'll be fine in a few months, but this operation has done a number on my plumbing, and poor Max hasn't gotten his rocks off since before I checked into this place, and he's not going to get anything from me for a long time."

I kept blushing. "There are other ways, Aunt Barb."

"Blow job? Hand job? Jerking himself off? Paying a whore? Those might help some, but they don't compare with real fucking."

"I never heard you talk like that, Aunt Barb."

"That doesn't mean I don't know the words, or how to do them very well, if I must say so myself. I still think I can show you a few tricks with your pussy. Now, when he comes in, I want you to go downstairs and get yourself a cup of coffee while I speak to Max. Give us fifteen minutes; it may take some convincing, but I will let him know that it's ok for you to take care of him."

"I have to get permission."

"So call and get permission. We're not blind; we know your husband will let you do whatever you want to do, let you fuck whoever you want to."

"How about Abbe?"

That line stopped her cold. "Does she have to know?"

"In this case, yes."

Aunt Barb sighed. "If you must, you must. Now go."

As I waited for the elevator to take me downstairs, I could feel my pussy leaking, dampening my thighs. Actually, it wasn't leaking, it was pouring, just like outside in the parking lot. I imagined myself as a tourist attraction, Jackye Falls, straddling the border between two countries, where folks came from all over to watch the water gushing from the meeting place of two legs. I rarely wore underwear any more; in my mind I still enjoyed the idea of being a whore. Way back when, I would show Uncle Max a little skin, but that was just to see if I could turn him on. A test of my skill, if you will. Now that I was in law school and married, I knew I could still get most any cock I wanted. Now I wanted Uncle Max, not for the thrill of victory, but for the thrill of the cock attached to that beautiful, kind man, the man who agreed with Aunt Barb's decision to take me in after my father had raped me when I was about twelve or so; the man who must have known that Abbe and I shared a bed and rubbed our pussies together, or ate each other, almost every night, the man who would probably shit a brick if he knew that I was fucking his son, Abbe's kid brother Nicky. I wanted Uncle Max in every hole he could find, because he was such a wonderful person, because every man loves orgasms, and because I knew how to give him all the orgasms he could handle.

Like every other hospital, this one did not allow the use of cell phones inside its doors. I bundled up and went outside the emergency room door, where there was a little bit more shelter. This was, of course, after looking over all the available interns to see if any might interest me.

"Hi, Steve, honey, how are you?"

"Hello, Jackye, so good to hear your voice."

"How are the meetings going?"

"Great. It looks like we're going to make a ton of money on this deal. But I wish those damn exams hadn't kept you home."

"What's the matter? Isn't Abbe keeping your pipes clean?"

"I need you to fall asleep next to. Your cousin just left. Phil has her on a leash; she can only stay in my bed for an hour at a time, then she has to go back into their room. I really think that's her decision, not Phil's; he'd let her do anything, but she really is faithful in her crazy way."

"Poor baby. At least you have nice weather. Here we have a monsoon, and I'm outside, barely covered, because I can't use the cell phone inside the hospital. But listen, I have to ask you a favor. I need your permission."

"Of course you have it, honey. Make sure he uses a rubber. Who is it this time, one of the young doctors?"

"No rubber, lover. This one goes bareback. This one I'm emotional about."

He spoke warily. "You're kidding. Who?"

"My Uncle Max."

He laughed with relief. "The one you could never get when you were a kid? Why now?"

"My Aunt Barb is the one who asked me to do it. Since she's been in the hospital, Max hasn't been getting any, and she wants me to take care of him. He's up in her room now and she's telling him to let me get him over the hump, if you pardon the pun."

"Yes, take care of him well, Jackye. I know you will. Gotta run now; I love you."

"I love you, Steve."

That was the easy part. I still had one more call to make.

"Hi, Abbe, how are you? I hear you've been taking good care of my husband out there. He still thinks you're the second greatest piece of ass in the world."

"And my dear husband thinks the same about you, lover."

"Listen, Abbe, I need a favor. I need your permission."

"To fuck someone? You don't need my permission, ask your husband."

"I already did. I still need yours."


I didn't reply.

There was a long silence while Abbe thought it through. Finally she screamed. "I don't believe it. After all those tries and getting shot down, now it happens. Tell me about it. Did you come on to him again, or did he hit on you?"

"Neither one. Your mother insisted. She's talking to him right now to get him to agree."

"Well, go to it, honey. Give him the best you've got. Well, maybe not your very best. I don't want him to forget to go back into my mother's bed when she's feeling better. I saw his cock once; it's beautiful. No, I just saw it by accident; I never touched him. He would have killed me. I'd love to watch the two of you going at it. No, probably not. Let me know how his cum tastes. Let me know how many times Daddy can cum in one night. You're a wild woman, Jackye. Why don't you write a story about your life?"

"I thought you were going to write a follow-up on your own story." (Note-see "Abbe Grows Up", by maryjane.) That story ended when Steve and Phil gave us the engagement rings.

"No, you pick it up from there. You're in law school; they teach you to write. In medical school, all they teach us is how to take care of people's bodies, and you and I have gotten rich doing that oh so expertly for years."


As I said, I had been after Uncle Max for a long time. It all had started when my father caught me with my tongue buried inside my cousin Abbe's cunt. She used to sleep over quite a bit, and after I found some porno tapes in his tool box, we used to watch them and play with each other. The night he caught us was the first time I was eating her. He raped her, fucked her in the ass with a beer bottle, then raped me. We were both virgins before that night, although we had made each other cum lots of times.

The next day, we told the wife of one of our teachers, and to make a long story short, they arranged for me to live with Abbe and her parents and kid brother. They also arranged a hell of a lot of fucking for us, at our request, but you'll have to read Abbe's story for those details. Anyway, while we were living together at Abbe's house, I used to try every once in a while to turn on Uncle Max, by showing a little too much skin or maybe touching him somehow. He made it clear, politely but firmly, that he wasn't going to take me up on my implied offer. Shit, I'm already talking like a lawyer.

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