Jackye's Story

by maryjane

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Coercion, Blackmail, Incest, Swinging, Group Sex, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: A continuation of "Abbe Grows Up", written by her cousin Jackye. Nice stroking fun until a couple of close calls convinces the family to start acting like grown-ups.

by rmnixon


It was pouring, as it had for days. The wipers were clickety-clacking at top speed. I peered through the car window, straining my eyes to find the ark and the line of animals walking up the boarding plank two by two. I wondered if this truly would last a full forty days and forty nights.

"I'll drop you off at the front door, Jackye. You go on up to her room. I'll be up as soon as I can find a place to park."

"Thanks, Uncle Max."

The two steps from the car to under the awning left me soaked. I slammed the door, leaving poor Uncle Max to fend for himself. The automatic doors swung open as I approached them, leading me right up to the Visitors Desk, where I took a room card and went up to see my Aunt Barbara. Barb.

"How are you, honey? Golly, you look drenched."

"It's pouring like a son of a bitch, but I'm fine, Aunt Barb. How are you feeling?"

"Much better, dear. I finally feel that I'd like to get out of this place alive. Is Max parking the car?"

"He'll be up as soon as he swims over from the parking lot."

"Jackye, I have to talk to you before Max comes upstairs. Do you remember when you and your cousin Abbe were into all that sex business and you tried to seduce your uncle Max?"

I turned bright crimson. I couldn't speak.

"Of course you do. Did you know that he told me all about it every time you tried?"

"No. All he ever did was telling me to put more clothes on. I was really pissed off because your daughter and I were into all the sex business, as you call it, and I couldn't get the sexiest guy around to make a move on me. I would have died if I knew that you knew."

"Well, the reason you didn't get to first base with that sexiest man around was because he's just a good man, and besides, we had a fantastic sex life. In fact, whenever you tried it, and he told me about it, that got us so hot that we went at it all night long. That uncle of yours is really hung. I would be sore as hell in the morning. That's what I wanted to talk to you about. The doctors say that I'll be fine in a few months, but this operation has done a number on my plumbing, and poor Max hasn't gotten his rocks off since before I checked into this place, and he's not going to get anything from me for a long time."

I kept blushing. "There are other ways, Aunt Barb."

"Blow job? Hand job? Jerking himself off? Paying a whore? Those might help some, but they don't compare with real fucking."

"I never heard you talk like that, Aunt Barb."

"That doesn't mean I don't know the words, or how to do them very well, if I must say so myself. I still think I can show you a few tricks with your pussy. Now, when he comes in, I want you to go downstairs and get yourself a cup of coffee while I speak to Max. Give us fifteen minutes; it may take some convincing, but I will let him know that it's ok for you to take care of him."

"I have to get permission."

"So call and get permission. We're not blind; we know your husband will let you do whatever you want to do, let you fuck whoever you want to."

"How about Abbe?"

That line stopped her cold. "Does she have to know?"

"In this case, yes."

Aunt Barb sighed. "If you must, you must. Now go."

As I waited for the elevator to take me downstairs, I could feel my pussy leaking, dampening my thighs. Actually, it wasn't leaking, it was pouring, just like outside in the parking lot. I imagined myself as a tourist attraction, Jackye Falls, straddling the border between two countries, where folks came from all over to watch the water gushing from the meeting place of two legs. I rarely wore underwear any more; in my mind I still enjoyed the idea of being a whore. Way back when, I would show Uncle Max a little skin, but that was just to see if I could turn him on. A test of my skill, if you will. Now that I was in law school and married, I knew I could still get most any cock I wanted. Now I wanted Uncle Max, not for the thrill of victory, but for the thrill of the cock attached to that beautiful, kind man, the man who agreed with Aunt Barb's decision to take me in after my father had raped me when I was about twelve or so; the man who must have known that Abbe and I shared a bed and rubbed our pussies together, or ate each other, almost every night, the man who would probably shit a brick if he knew that I was fucking his son, Abbe's kid brother Nicky. I wanted Uncle Max in every hole he could find, because he was such a wonderful person, because every man loves orgasms, and because I knew how to give him all the orgasms he could handle.

Like every other hospital, this one did not allow the use of cell phones inside its doors. I bundled up and went outside the emergency room door, where there was a little bit more shelter. This was, of course, after looking over all the available interns to see if any might interest me.

"Hi, Steve, honey, how are you?"

"Hello, Jackye, so good to hear your voice."

"How are the meetings going?"

"Great. It looks like we're going to make a ton of money on this deal. But I wish those damn exams hadn't kept you home."

"What's the matter? Isn't Abbe keeping your pipes clean?"

"I need you to fall asleep next to. Your cousin just left. Phil has her on a leash; she can only stay in my bed for an hour at a time, then she has to go back into their room. I really think that's her decision, not Phil's; he'd let her do anything, but she really is faithful in her crazy way."

"Poor baby. At least you have nice weather. Here we have a monsoon, and I'm outside, barely covered, because I can't use the cell phone inside the hospital. But listen, I have to ask you a favor. I need your permission."

"Of course you have it, honey. Make sure he uses a rubber. Who is it this time, one of the young doctors?"

"No rubber, lover. This one goes bareback. This one I'm emotional about."

He spoke warily. "You're kidding. Who?"

"My Uncle Max."

He laughed with relief. "The one you could never get when you were a kid? Why now?"

"My Aunt Barb is the one who asked me to do it. Since she's been in the hospital, Max hasn't been getting any, and she wants me to take care of him. He's up in her room now and she's telling him to let me get him over the hump, if you pardon the pun."

"Yes, take care of him well, Jackye. I know you will. Gotta run now; I love you."

"I love you, Steve."

That was the easy part. I still had one more call to make.

"Hi, Abbe, how are you? I hear you've been taking good care of my husband out there. He still thinks you're the second greatest piece of ass in the world."

"And my dear husband thinks the same about you, lover."

"Listen, Abbe, I need a favor. I need your permission."

"To fuck someone? You don't need my permission, ask your husband."

"I already did. I still need yours."


I didn't reply.

There was a long silence while Abbe thought it through. Finally she screamed. "I don't believe it. After all those tries and getting shot down, now it happens. Tell me about it. Did you come on to him again, or did he hit on you?"

"Neither one. Your mother insisted. She's talking to him right now to get him to agree."

"Well, go to it, honey. Give him the best you've got. Well, maybe not your very best. I don't want him to forget to go back into my mother's bed when she's feeling better. I saw his cock once; it's beautiful. No, I just saw it by accident; I never touched him. He would have killed me. I'd love to watch the two of you going at it. No, probably not. Let me know how his cum tastes. Let me know how many times Daddy can cum in one night. You're a wild woman, Jackye. Why don't you write a story about your life?"

"I thought you were going to write a follow-up on your own story." (Note-see "Abbe Grows Up", by maryjane.) That story ended when Steve and Phil gave us the engagement rings.

"No, you pick it up from there. You're in law school; they teach you to write. In medical school, all they teach us is how to take care of people's bodies, and you and I have gotten rich doing that oh so expertly for years."


As I said, I had been after Uncle Max for a long time. It all had started when my father caught me with my tongue buried inside my cousin Abbe's cunt. She used to sleep over quite a bit, and after I found some porno tapes in his tool box, we used to watch them and play with each other. The night he caught us was the first time I was eating her. He raped her, fucked her in the ass with a beer bottle, then raped me. We were both virgins before that night, although we had made each other cum lots of times.

The next day, we told the wife of one of our teachers, and to make a long story short, they arranged for me to live with Abbe and her parents and kid brother. They also arranged a hell of a lot of fucking for us, at our request, but you'll have to read Abbe's story for those details. Anyway, while we were living together at Abbe's house, I used to try every once in a while to turn on Uncle Max, by showing a little too much skin or maybe touching him somehow. He made it clear, politely but firmly, that he wasn't going to take me up on my implied offer. Shit, I'm already talking like a lawyer.

Anyway, after speaking to Abbe and to my husband, with whom I have a deal that neither of us can fuck anyone else without permission from the other, I went back up to Aunt Barb's room. By the way, Abbe has the same deal with her husband. We met them together when we were young Lolitas turning tricks, and the understanding is that permission is freely given, but is still necessary. Damn, I love the feel of her husband's cock in my ass. He's one of the few who gets into me without a condom, and I love the splash of his cum inside my chute. Back to the story.

We sat making small talk until Visiting Hours were almost over. Uncle Max was very quiet. As he stood up to put on his coat, I saw the tenting in his pants; I realized that it might just be a fun evening. Aunt Barb saw it also. When we left, Barb kissed us both and said, knowingly, "You two had better be good to each other." Downstairs, it was still pouring. I told Max that I would go to the car with him, and we held hands as we ran through the raindrops. In the car, all he said was, "You know what she was talking about, don't you?", and all I said was "Yes." We stopped at a diner for a bite to eat, and each had a cup of hot coffee while we read the menus.

Uncle Max spoke first. "I don't know what to say."

"I do."

He looked up expectantly. "What?"

"I'm not really hungry. Pay for the coffee and take me back to Abbe's old room."

He paid for the coffee and led me back to the car through the rain, again holding hands. Once the engine was turning over and the defroster blasting, he turned and kissed me on the nose. I responded by putting a hand behind his neck and pulling his face to mine, kissing for real, but without any tongues, kissing the way an uncle and a niece are not supposed to kiss. I stroked his face as we kissed, then pulled my head back a few inches to stare into his eyes, meeting a stare coming back at me. The juice was pouring from Jackye Falls; I knew what I was thinking, but was still having trouble reading Uncle Max. The ride home was wordless. After he pulled the car into the garage, we hung our wet coats just inside the mud room and took off our wet shoes and socks. He led me upstairs, both of us barefoot. We stopped in front of the door to Abbe's room. I spoke first.

"Are you sure you want to do this, Uncle Max?"

"No, I'm not sure. I've never cheated on your Aunt Barb. Are you sure, Jackye?"

"Absolutely. You know I've been sure for years. And this is not cheating; this is her present to you for being such a good man."

He kissed me forcefully, this time with his tongue invading my mouth, his hands gripping my ass, then on my back. Suddenly he stopped kissing and ran his hand up and down the back of my sweater.

"No bra?"

"Do you think I need one?"

"Well, I saw your nipples poking out in the hospital, but I thought you had on one of those soft bras that let the nipples push out."

"Take my sweater off if you don't believe me."

He laughed and began to do that, as I unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off his shoulders, letting it drop to the floor. Old enough to be a grandfather, although he wasn't, he still had a firm body, at least on top. I really wasn't worried about his lower half, either. He bent to suck my nipples, now standing at attention like good little soldiers, highlighted on my health club topless well tanned tits, and I invited him over to the bed. Bare breasted, I pushed him down on his back and went to work, first on his belt, then on his top button and zipper. Reaching into his pants and through the fly on his under-shorts, I fished out that cock I had been after for so long, the one I sometimes pictured as I shoved my fingers into my cunt when I was much younger. He was also my sometimes fantasy when I ate his daughter, my all-time favorite lover. I kissed the bulbous head of his rock hard love machine, maybe seven inches, straight as an arrow, a soft sac underneath, and then pulled his pants and shorts off.

"Your turn." He sat up, gently pushed me onto my back, and unsnapped the top button of my jeans. Reaching in to rub my pussy through my panties, he stopped short when he felt my bare bald snatch.

"I knew you kids were a little wild, but don't you ever wear anything under your jeans and sweater?"

"Uncle Max, you don't really want to know how wild we really were. Let's just say my husband likes it when I have no underwear on me, your daughter and her husband both like it, and I hope you like it too." I chose not to tell him that his son helps me shave the stubble from my pussy every once in a while. With that, I pulled off my jeans and threw them on the floor.

"Fuck me, Uncle Max."

"Right now, I don't think you should be calling me Uncle. Anyway, first things first."

With that, he stretched out next to me, his lips sucking my nipples, one at a time, and his fingers in my cunt, three at a time. He said something about my pussy being as wet as any pussy he had ever fingered, and I allowed as how that might be true at the moment. Again choosing not to say what popped into my head, I did not ask him to compare my juice with that of Aunt Barb, since that was the only pussy he'd had in many years. The next thing I knew, his face was between my legs, his lips sucking up the juice I put out. He gummed the inside of my thighs, licked down to my ass and back up again, then sucked my clit like a man who hadn't eaten pussy in years. His finger rubbed the pucker of my asshole, making me squirm, but didn't try to go in. I knew that I would have his cock there before Aunt Barb came home from the hospital. My eyes glazed, the room went dark inside my head, then brighter and brighter until it exploded. "AHHHEEEEEEEEEEE." I kept cumming and cumming and cumming, soaking his face and the bed with my juice.

He crawled up the bed to suspend himself over me. I reached under him to stroke his meat; I wanted so much to have my mouth around it, sucking, and to taste a balls-load of his cum flooding my mouth. Yet I knew somehow that a blow job would have to wait. Max needed old fashioned missionary sex. Man on top of woman, cock inside cunt, natural lubrication, the top of the cock rubbing against the clit. If I denied him that, or even delayed it, I could imagine that I would totally ruin the next few months. Max was horny, his cock filled with blood, yet he really didn't want to fuck me. He was pledged to Barb and though she had encouraged him to do this, his heart wasn't truly in it, and would not be in it until he was plunging inside me, his hips pushing his meat in as deeply as possible, the sensitive head hitting bottom. At that point, his brain would turn to mush and his misgivings would be gone. After that, he'd willingly take every hole I offered, as often as possible for the next few months. Meanwhile, I could sense his hesitation.

"It's all right, Max. Aunt Barb wants this; wants you to make love to me. And I want this; I've wanted you almost since the day I moved in. We need each other tonight, Max. Do to me what you like to do to Barb; tell me what you like her to do to you. She calls you "darling," right? Kiss me, darling. Make love to me, darling. Make me a whole woman, darling. Let me feel you inside me, Max darling. Tonight I am Barb, ready to give you all of myself. She is so lucky to have you, my darling."

I don't think IBM can make a computer that can count up to how many guys I've fucked in my life. Suffice it to say that I can make a statue get a hard-on, and while it did take a little longer than usual, Max finally moved forward. I spread my legs wide, took his dick and rubbed it along my sopping wet slit, then used it to fold back my pussy lips as I drew it into me. My legs went around him to draw him farther in to me; my arms pulled his face down to kiss him, for my tongue to polish his teeth. His cock stretched my vaginal walls, and I used my cunt muscles to squeeze it and hold it inside me. I savored the pressure of his cock in my love tunnel, the sensation about which I had fantasized for so many years. I knew that unless he had been getting himself off, I was in for a shower of at least three weeks of accumulated cum. My cousin, his daughter, may have been the medical student, but I was about to cure his case of DSB, deadly sperm buildup.

What with the long delay since his last orgasm and the confusing messages his brain was getting--she's hot, I'm horny, she's my niece, my wife says its ok, it's wrong, I want to, I don't want to, I can't help myself, I have to stop, she's got a great pussy, its all wrong, all those times she tried to turn me on, I was tempted, sorely tempted, but it would have been wrong--he must have cum in less than three minutes, but in those few minutes, I must have cum at least five times, for I was having the same mixed emotions that I just attributed to him. Add to that the fact that that I had been after this cock for so many years, and all I could focus on was the happy fact that there were no close neighbors to hear my yelling.

I grabbed his ass, holding him inside me as I felt his cock throbbing, his cum pouring into me, some leaking out of my pussy as he finished the last of his in and out stroking. I love Uncle Max, but still I was thinking that I must remember to taste his cum so that I could report to Abbe.

He pulled out of me slowly, sitting back on his heels, staring intently at me. I was thinking, well, we got that first obstacle over with, now I can act like the slut I still am. Now I will fuck him blind. Now I will keep his cock rock hard until Aunt Barb is ready for him again.

"Does Abbe know about this?"

Remembering that I had just been thinking about acting like a slut, I put my middle finger into my cunt and scooped out some cum. After I licked the finger clean, I said, "I couldn't have done what we just did without permission from both Aunt Barb and from Abbe, besides my husband." Uncle Max may have heard my words, but his eyes were focused on my finger and the cum from my snatch and on my mouth. He didn't say a word after that. By the way, I never did tell Abbe how his cum tasted.

I bent down to take his cock into my mouth, to clean it off. It was still hard; I fondled his balls and they were soft. All his cum was gone for the time being, and it would be a while before he was ready again. But I had no classes next day, and all the time in the world to please Uncle Max.

"I'm going to make some dinner. You just lie there and let yourself get hard again." As I walked toward the door, I could feel his eyes on my naked ass, but I thought that I shouldn't sashay, just walk. "Do you like what you see, Max? That's for dessert." I am such a slut.

"Come back here a minute, Jackye." He sat me on the bed next to him, sat up himself and kissed me, soft lips touching, no pressure, eyes wide open. "This is what I was afraid of all those years; that I would really enjoy your body. You don't just fuck, do you? You make love. Barb must have known just how sweet you are, sexually. You give me pleasure, and I can't wait for Barb to be home in bed with me. Just keep my body in shape until she gets here."

"I fuck too much, Max. I only make love with the special ones."


I made an incredibly forgettable dinner. As we sipped our coffee, naked, I asked "Ready for dessert, Max?"

"What do we have in the pantry, honey?"

"I showed you before, Max. My ass is your dessert; I want you to fuck my ass."

"Barb and I have never done that, Jackye."

"Maybe that's where your daughter gets her aversion. But you were single once, weren't you? You must have done it with someone then, didn't you, Max?"


"OK, then, let's go upstairs and give each other a delicious dessert." I grabbed him by the cock and led him upstairs. He didn't resist too stubbornly. Back in Abbe's old room-whore that I was, I still couldn't bring myself to use Aunt Barb's bed-I pushed him down onto the bed. Again, he didn't resist too stubbornly. It's funny; no matter how faithful a guy is, once that tube steak fills up with blood, it's that old familiar line. 'When I'm not near the one I love, I love the one I'm near.'

Forgetting my plans, just remembering the taste of his cum, I set about giving Max the blow job of his life. He stopped me in just a few seconds. "I'm not as young as I used to be. If you keep that up, I'll be finished for the night, and I still want my dessert."

Oh ho, that didn't take a lot of convincing. I crawled onto the bed and presented my backside to him, ass in the air, ready for his pleasure. "Does Abbe still have KY in her night table, Max?"

"Yes, she does. I cried when I first saw it."

"Every guy has the same thoughts. He fucks anybody, but he still thinks that his daughter and his sister are virgins."

"Stop it; you'll make me cry again. I don't belong here, you know it, but my wife sent me here and I can't resist your body and your ass. No more talk about philosophy; let's fuck."

The KY tube was still good. It must have been a new one from one of her overnight visits when their home was being painted; no way would she take it up the ass from anyone or even fuck anyone but her own husband while she was in her parents' house. Max buttered himself up and started on me. He seemed to take more time than most guys in applying the grease there, but he hadn't had a back door job in a long time and maybe he was enjoying the anticipation. I surely was enjoying the feeling of his fingers trying to lubricate me all the way back up the chute to my stomach.

"Enough with the fingers, Max. Let me have that cock, nice and slow." As I felt the baton, no, more like a baseball bat mentally, slide in, a drop at a time, I had a mini orgasm. When he was finally all the way in, his balls slapping my cheeks, my muscles holding him tightly, his hands crept around me, kneading my bouncing breasts, pinching my nipples. Soon one of his hands left my chest and moved into my snatch, thumb first.

"Ooh, that's nice, Max. Can you find my g-spot?"

"If you have it where it belongs." He proceeded to find it where it belongs, and soon the thrusting of his cock and the actions of his hand had me right over the top, screaming and pouring my juice out, immediately followed by his grunt and a lovely splash of cum in my bowels, followed by another spurt or two.

As he pulled out of me and flopped onto his back, I felt his cum leaking from my ass, running down the back of my legs. For no reason, I began to cry.


Abbe's story ended when Steve and Phil give us identical engagement rings, just before we graduated from High School. In a very brief nutshell, it went like this: we were playing with each other's bodies, my father caught us and raped us both, we told a teacher about it and she and her teacher husband arranged for me to move in with Abbe and her family. We were hot little nymphos and the teachers arranged for us to fuck a bunch of their pedophile friends, we secretly videotaped them and blackmailed some of them, we were gang raped by some kids from school and then blackmailed them too. Phil and Steve fucked us by arrangement with those two teachers although they weren't really pedophiles; we later wound up engaged to them. That's where Abbe's story ended.

I married Steve during my first year in college; it was a joint wedding with Abbe and Phil. Both guys were stockbrokers, but they had made so much money that they just did "deals" from time to time. Abbe and I had made a ton of money renting out our pussies (and other parts) to the pedophiles, as well as blackmailing some of them afterwards, but we had nowhere near as much money as did Phil and Steve. After we were married, they gave us each a very tiny percentage of one of their deals, and that deal ballooned so much that we could have just "lunched" for the rest of our lives, but Abbe wanted to be a doctor and I wanted to be a lawyer. College was just to fill in the time until the post-graduate schools, and our efforts were directed solely to getting good enough grades to move on. The rest was fun.

Remember, the original basis of our relationships had been pure fucking, sex for money, before we fell in love with those guys, and vice versa. As a result, we were all pretty liberated, sexually. The pact we made was that any of us could fuck anyone we wanted, so long as we used rubbers and so long as the spouse gave permission. And we and they always gave permission, without hesitation. The guys knew we loved to fuck, and we knew they loved to fuck. Also, they did travel a lot, all around the country checking out various deals, so all of us needed other people to fill our needs for cock and cunt.

What was really strange, though, was that I and Abbe, with all that money at our disposal, still liked to act like grownup Lolitas, letting older men and women think they were taking advantage of us while at the same time charging top dollar. We had kept the apartment and upgraded the taping equipment; the state of the art stuff made for great masturbating and great blackmailing. Since we were in fact too old to appeal to the real pedophiles, our teacher-pimps, Richard and Audrey, rarely got us any Johns any more. We did owe them so much, however, including introducing us, that Abbe suggested we give them 'droit de seigneur' the night before the wedding. Phil and Steve agreed, on condition that they could watch. We had a ball; I'm still cumming. I almost was too tired to wake up for the wedding the next day.

Being married and still working girls, it made no sense for us to go to an out-of-town college. The city was big enough to have a number of decent choices, so we could go home every night, unless of course we were busy fucking someone. The first time was maybe two months after we were married. Steve was away helping his parents move to a new place, and he had given me the ok to pick up anyone I wanted. I went over to the Hilton and settled in the bar around dinner time.

"Mind if I join you? You look a little down in the dumps." I had seen him walk in. He was a real hunk, garbed in a custom-made suit that must have cost four or five thousand, and he wore it like the cost was unimportant. I wanted to fuck this guy badly, and if I could get him to the apartment and tape him, he might be a very good shakedown victim.

"Sure, have a seat. I'm just a bit tired. I just got back from the Indian Reservation; its hard work sitting at a table all day."

"How'd you do?"

"Terrible. I lost $2,500 and my husband's going to fucking kill me when he finds out tomorrow morning." Now, if this guy has half a brain, he already understands that I may or may not have a husband, that I surely didn't spend the day in any casino, but that if he has $2,500, he can put his latex-wrapped cock inside every hole he could find, all night long, into a not bad looking college girl whore, if I say so myself.

"Let's go upstairs."

"I don't do guy's hotel rooms. I've got a place right around the corner."

He looked at me warily. He obviously didn't want to go into a situation where he didn't know who might be behind Door #1.

"Look, I know what you're thinking. How about letting me see some ID so I can be sure you don't suck at the public tit, then you go upstairs, call your wife with some excuse, leave all your jewelry and extra cash up there, and I'll wait down here. The worst that can happen is that you get mugged for money you were going to pay out anyway, without getting your rocks off. Believe me, I want your money, but I'm also after your cock."

"What makes you think I have a wife?"

"Lucky guess. Show me there's no pictures in your wallet if I'm wrong."

He smiled, then showed me just his driver's license and business card; he lived 500 miles away and was District Sales Manager for a heavy equipment company. As I gave him back the license, I smiled and said "Is your equipment as big as the picture on your card?" Without waiting for a reply, I pushed him toward the elevator. "I'll wait right here." As the doors closed behind him, I took out a pen and paper and wrote his home address; all the other information was on his card.

When he returned, he said "That was my last card." Yeah, bullshit it was.

"Sorry, I threw it into that big garbage can over there." Yeah, bullshit I did.

I had enough information for now. If I could give him a really good fucking night, I might get details about the wife and kids, etc., but this was enough to start some good detective work. As we rode the elevator up to my apartment, he rubbed my ass, then slipped a hand under my skirt and started to rub my snatch. I left it there until we were inside the apartment door, which triggered the motion detector cameras. "Hold on a minute, Mike. Let's get the finances out of the way first." When he handed me the money, I counted it quickly, then slid it into a pre-addressed envelope, with plenty of postage, stepped outside the apartment and dropped the envelope down the mail chute.

I walked back into the apartment, began working on his zipper and said, "See, I have to worry about you more than you have to worry about me." Of course, that scene would be cut from the finished film if we ever decided to use it. I thought this guy was a live one.

I had his dick in a rubber and into my mouth before he could reply, and by then he had no interest in replying. I stopped sucking and led him by the hand into the larger bedroom, then pushed him without difficulty onto his back. He sat up to remove his shirt and undershirt, then fell back for me to finish taking off his pants and under-shorts. He had a six-pack for abs, powerful legs and a cock that he could have charged for. With him naked, I straddled his waist and removed my blouse and bikini bra, then raised up to remove my skirt. This left me with just a g-string, and I crawled on my knees to put my pussy directly over his face. He put his hands on my waist and bodily lifted me back to his waist. "I don't eat cunt when I pay."

"It tastes good, nice and sweet. Your tongue will love it."

"I said I'm not interested." His voice was gruff.

He rolled my bottom half way down, and I raised up to remove it the rest of the way, then sank directly onto his upward pointing work of art, my cunt walls grasping at the cock as it slid along until it hit bottom. I rode him like the Lone Ranger, humming the William Tell Overture as I bounced up and down. "Slow down, Tonto; we've got a lot of fucking to do tonight."

He lifted me off him and placed me on my back, leaning over me to slide his thumb way up my cunt and his middle finger into my asshole, his mouth sucking my tits... I had always enjoyed that combination, but didn't bother to tell him about it. The trick in the fuck business is to make the guy cum first, but that didn't work this time. I was there long before he even thought about cumming. "AHHHHEEEEEEEEE."

He rolled atop me, removed the thumb from my cunt only to replace it with his beautiful piece of meat; his finger remained in my ass. As he pumped away, I held his cock as it slid in and out of me, using the fingers to caress his balls while my other hand surrendered its middle finger to the clasping of his asshole. What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, or vice versa. It was the finger in the ass that got him off; that almost always does the trick. He bellowed in my ear as his sperm raced up from his balls through his cock, to shoot out into a high quality condom, guaranteed not to break (I hope.)

"Take off this rubber and suck me dry."

"Sorry, Mike; rules are rules, and you know it. How about I take it off you and flush it and put a new one on for you when you get it up again?"

"It's still up, baby. I use the little blue pill that made Pfizer stockholders rich."

"Well, well, well. Pick a hole, any hole."

"Turn over, face on the bed, ass in the air."

"Now, would you want to fuck my ass if you were raw, if you didn't have a rubber on? Wouldn't you hate it?"

He didn't answer; he just stuck two fingers in my ass to open it up for his cock. In reality, I didn't know if he was clean; his fingers could have been contaminated by something in his blood, but he looked safe, so I let it go. Stupid, but I've survived a lot of stupid moves. He replaced his fingers with his cock and plowed away, his hands around me squeezing my tits. Poor Mike didn't know that he could fuck my ass any time for free; I just love it. Abbe will only take it up there for money, or for her husband; I'll do it for my own pleasure, any time. So Mike just pumped and pumped, I pushed my ass back at him as he shoved it in, and after a while I felt his throbbing up the old chute. I checked again to make sure that the new condom was still intact, although I don't know what I would have done if it had broken.

"Let's get some sleep, Mike, and I'll wake you up early with a fantastic blow job."

"No need to; I'm leaving now. How about next week, same time?"

"If you have the money, I have the time. But are you going to be back in town again next week?"

"I'm not going to be leaving. I'll be back every week. And by the way, I'll expect the $2,500 back next week. And next week I'm going in bareback." With that, he showed a badge and a police ID.

"You fuck. Let me see that ID, I want to make sure you really are a cop."

"Sure, take a look, kid. I don't care. Who do you think they're going to believe?"

I knew that they wouldn't believe me, and that the video tape wouldn't help, but I wanted to be sure I had the right name this time. I knew how to fuck him real good. "I'll be away next week. How about two weeks from now, please?"

He went through my purse, making notes from my driver's license. He also took the business card.

"I thought you said you threw this card away, bitch. I said I'll see you next week. Be downstairs."

Fuck You, Wise Guy!

The problem with using the tape was that it would put me out of business, maybe land me in jail, and fuck things up for Abbe, as well as possibly for Steve and Phil, who helped us put in the super new equipment. Sure, I could threaten Mike, show him the tape, but he would know that I could never bring it to the light of day. But I had one ace in the hole which Mike could never even guess about.

"Hello, Chief, how are you?"

"Hi, Jackye, what's up?"

"Steve is out of town and I'm horny."

"Well, so am I, but I'm a little short of cash this week."

"No you're not. You don't need it this week. I need a favor, which will help you get rid of a bad apple in your department; that'll be payment enough."

"What's it about, kid?"

"I'll tell you after you get your rocks off."

"Jackye, I was a guest at your wedding. I don't want to mess things up with Steve."

"Ben, just know that I don't fuck anyone that Steve doesn't give his ok to. And he cleared this last night." That was a lie, but the Chief was on the permanently approved list.

"A half hour."


What that fuck Mike didn't know was that the police chief had been one of the pedophiles who fucked Abbe and me when we were younger. We had him on some great tapes, including one of me sitting on his face while Abbe sat on his cock, all this before we had any tits. We had never tried to shake him down, figuring first that he could really hurt us somehow and second that he might be more valuable as a friend rather than as an enemy. That wasn't our idea; my older brother Bobby thought of it.

Ben was a crazy guy. He put his condom on while he was still in the elevator, and walked into the apartment with his pants open and his cock sticking out, leading the way. I was wearing just a g-string. He must have really been horny, because he stripped without much talk and knelt on the floor, pushing the front of the g-string to one side and sticking his tongue into my cunt.

"Fuck me, Ben. Don't worry about eating me. I'll cum when you cum."

"Thanks, honey. I need this bad." He pushed me to the bed and stuck it right in, pumping without any more foreplay, now that I had released him from that obligation. My pussy was drenched, his cock sliding back and forth, expanding the walls of my vagina. I was going to get there before he did. I grabbed the root of his cock and held it tightly, while the thumb of that hand was rubbing my clit at the same time. As my orgasm started down in my toes, I let go of his meat and reached under him to squeeze his balls. We came together, a cacophony of noises and laughter.

"Oh, baby, you and your cousin are just the greatest little cunts in the world."

"Thank you, dear. Now put your pants back on, tuck your great big cock inside, and I'll make some coffee and we can talk." I kissed him deeply; some customers you can trust.

"Chief, one of your undercover men is trying to shake me down. He picked me up last night, brought me here, gave me some money, I put it in the mail chute, and..."

"How much did he give you?"

"A hell of a lot more than we've been charging you. Much more than you would have in your budget for show money for a hooker."

"How much, I asked you?"


"Holy shit. Go on."

"Anyway, he said he'd be back every week to fuck me bareback, and he expected his money back next time. I tried to put him off for two weeks but he refused. I'm sure next time he's going to start hitting me up for cash as well as pussy."


"He called himself Mike Steele."

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