Lucky Girl

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, .

Desc: Sex Story: I think I'm a lucky girl, but I'm not totally sure. My parents brought me up very strictly; I was not even allowed to watch any TV programmes that they didn't approve of. So my idea of what's normal is very sketchy.

I think I'm a lucky girl, but I'm not totally sure. My parents brought me up very strictly; I was not even allowed to watch any TV programmes that they didn't approve off. So my idea of what's normal is very sketchy. My Husband tells me I'm lucky to have him and of course he's right. He is tall, dark and handsome, with a very good and well paid job in the City. He always treats me nicely and cares for my every need. His hard cock makes me feel nice almost every time we fuck. But he is the only man I've ever known properly, I've known other men sexually of course, my husband sees to that, but they don't count, do they.

From the first, on our honeymoon, for I married a virgin, he told me how lucky I was, and how I must do everything he wanted. He would push his hard cock into me and bring me to the edge of an orgasm and make me say things like, 'I'll do anything for you, ' only after I had said this for him would fuck me harder to bring me off. Some times he would make me say other words like, 'I'll will strip off anytime for him, ' or I will spread my legs for him.' I don't know if this is normal or not, but I did say 'Obey' in the marriage service.

As soon as we came home from the honeymoon, he took over all aspects of my life, from having me stop working to the clothes I wore. My job now was to look after his house and his needs. The first thing he did was to go through all my things and throw out most of my clothes and underwear with comments of too long, or too boring. The up side of all this was that we went out and he bought me a lot of new stuff. My Parents would have a fit if they saw some of the items that he bought me, minute bra and knickers, low cut dress and very short skirts. We had the hardest time finding nice bras to fit my rather ample size, I'm only a 34 but with a D cup. I've always thought my bust was too big for my slight frame, but my husband thinks I'm perfectly built; my waist is 23 and hips are 34 inches. When we got home he would insist on a fashion show of all my new outfits; a couple of the new dress couldn't even be worn with one of my new small bras underneath for they were so low. When I modelled my new underwear it obviously got too much for him, for he picked me up and carried me upstairs and fucked me hard. He demanded I say the words he liked to hear, so as his hard cock pumped into me, I did.

A few weeks later we were invited to a party at one of my husband's client's house. I was told to have my hair done and when he came home he would organise my party outfit. For an hour he made me try on six or seven different dresses and blouse and skirt combinations until he decided on a low cut, short cocktail dress in dark blue. To go with this I wore a pair of bikini knickers and high heel court shoes. It was very large house with a swimming pool in the garden. There were about a hundred people there of whom I knew no one. I was introduced to our host who kissed me lightly and invited us to stay for a weekend sometime soon for a pool party. My husband was very pleased with me for the impression I had given to his very important customer. He told me over a large drink that our host contributed to about half of our income from commissions alone, so I must always be nice to him. I found out later what 'be nice to him' meant. We danced and I drank too much, mostly at my husband insistence, and later I found myself in the arms of our host. We dance slowly in the now darken room, I could feel his hands on me while he whispered nice things in my ear. He said I looked lovely and had a great figure, as he talked about each bit of my body he would squeeze it to emphasise his comments. My husband's words stop me making a fuss at his behaviour even when he pushed his hands inside my top and cupped my breasts. When I related this to my husband later in bed, he immediately moved on top of me and pushed my legs apart and pushed his hard cock into me. He wanted to know all about what he said and did to me and as I told him the crude words he had spoken and where he had touch me my husband thrusts got harder and harder. As he approached his own orgasm his words became cruder, saying that he would let his client fuck me when we were down there at his pool party; at the time I thought it was just talk.

At last the invitation arrived my husband took me out to buy me some new outfits for the weekend that included a new swimsuit. The one I had worn on my honeymoon was unsuitable he said. He made me try on several bikinis and in the end he bought me the smallest one he could find. My embarrassment was short lived however for of the six couples there my suit was not the smallest bar far, although their bust sizes were nowhere as generous as mine. Through out the day the wine flowed and I became a little tipsy, my husband kept reminding me to be nice to our host and not to upset him for he was just about to close a big deal with him. If it came off we would take a long holiday to celebrate. While I was looking for a refill our host called out my name and took my arm and steered me into his small study, as soon as the door closed behind me he put his arms around me and kissed me. He asked how I had been since his party and said I looked really sexy in my bikini. His hands gently roomed over my skin as he spoke and again he kissed me. He then said I had the most beautiful figure and one-day he would like me to model for him. I was very flattered at his attention and didn't object even when his hands became more urgent. He found the clip on my bikini top and undid it, soon his hands were squeezing my naked breasts, I told him he mustn't but he took no notice. I was very worried about what to do, my husband had said that I mustn't upset him, but I couldn't let him carry on like this. I must have been all that Champagne I had drunk for before I could stop him, his fingers were under my suit bottoms and he was rubbing my slit. My legs seemed to lose all their strength and I collapsed against him. His fingers now entered my pussy, pushing in and out of me. Please no I said, but again he took no notice, instead he pulled the strings at my side and my bikini bottoms fell at my feet. I was now naked in front of this man who was not my husband. I weakly tired to push him off me but all I achieved was to fall backwards over his desk. In a flash he was between my legs and pushing his hard cock into me. I lay there stunned as to this turn of events, his thrusts became harder and harder, his free hands squeezing and pulling at my breasts. His words were coarse, telling me what a big pair of tits I had and how tight my cunt was. Soon his rhythm changed and he came deep inside me. Afterwards he was very apologetic at his behaviour but he blamed me for being so sexy. He helped me dress and escorted me back outside again.

Later I saw him talking to my husband and I was afraid that he may tell him about what we had done. Well he must not have because my husband came over to me and said he had just signed the biggest contract with our host and how happy he was. That night my husband pumped his hard cock into me again and again, saying how much money he was going to make out of the deal and how pleased he was with me. Again I was afraid that he had found out, but he just said that our host had said how pretty I was and how he would love to photograph me; my husband said that he had agreed to this. As his cock thrust in and out of me he also said that when I pose for him I must do anything he told me to and to make him happy.

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