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Desc: Sex Story: She hated being alone when her husband went away for business! Her mind begins to wander, creating an erotic dream...or was it?

This was a dream I had some time ago, and thought I would relate it to you as best I can remember. It occurred during a time when I had been without a partner for quite some time, and can still create that instant flash of arousal when I recall the feelings generated. This was the one and only time I can remember being awakened by an orgasm. I have, of course, fleshed it out somewhat to make it readable, but the basic images were part of my dream and I've tried to relate it truthfully.

It was very late at night, and I'd been alone for 5 days. My husband was to join me here at the end of his business trip, but that wouldn't be until the middle of next week. I was lonely, and more than a little bit frustrated. Oh, I'd try the usual... long swims during the day, plenty of activity to keep my mind off sex, finally resorting to my old friend the vibrator. None of them provided more than momentary respite.

Finding it impossible to sleep, I decided to take a walk down the beach and perhaps take a dip in the ocean. The night air had a slight chill, but the sand was still warm on my feet and it felt good to be doing something. The breeze off the water, the sound of the waves, all had a relaxing effect. I could see the lights from houses far up the dunes, and wondered what the occupants were like, what they were doing. I could hear the sounds of a party much further down the beach, and continued walking in that direction. Sounded like a fairly wild night... it was just possible to glimpse a few indistinct figures on the sand quite a ways in the distance.

I guess if I'm going to take a swim, this is as good a place as any. Turning towards the ocean, I dropped my towel to the sand, and removed my shirt, shorts, and sandals. It felt good, standing here naked in the dark, feeling the soft wind caressing my body. I took three steps, and felt the water lapping at my toes, the froth from the waves tickling my feet. I walked slowly into the surf, feeling the retreating waves pulling at me, urging me in. I kicked off and swam lazily through the gentle swells, easily passing through the last of the waves until the ocean was calm and silent. I was distantly aware of the sounds of revelry floating over the water, just far enough away to seem like a dream.

As I lay there, now floating in the calm sea, I thought about my husband's return in a few days, turning ideas over in my mind. I wanted to surprise him with something special on his return, something he'd always wanted and hinted about, but I guess never quite had the nerve to turn into reality. Every man's fantasy... two women at the same time. I had just the woman in mind... we'd both seen her around town this summer, and I could tell from the look in his eyes and the way he acted near her that he was definitely interested. He casually mentioned her from time to time, and seemed to encourage our friendship as a way to provide me company during his long absences. I'd been somewhat resistant to his pushing us together, sensing somehow that her interest was more in me than in him; I'd never really considered the idea of being intimate with a woman. The longer I thought about it, the more perfect it seemed.

It was easier to rationalize becoming involved with this woman if I looked at it from the perspective of bringing my husband's greatest fantasy to life. There's no denying that the idea of having a woman caress me in ways only she could possibly know was intensely arousing. I'm sure if I approached Kim with the idea, she'd be a more than willing participant. Perhaps I should just let him walk in and find us together, pleasing each other. I wonder how he would react to that? Would he be angry? Would he be aroused? How long would it take him to strip off his clothes and join us?

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