Late Summer Sun

by GentleButFirm

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: I wrote this in the depths of winter, so it's a light airy, warm funny summer story with no depth. Enjoy.

Late summer sun crept lazily through the canopy, spotting the lower greenery with patches of brightness, and relieving the coolness just enough for a casual walk.

Lee and Maria jumped out of their beat up car, linked hands with a quick kiss and two big smiles, and headed down the path, toward the coverage of the trees. There was no secret about their happiness. They'd finally managed to find someone they could trust their baby with for a few hours, and were alone for the first time in the six months since her birth.

They chatted happily as they strolled down the rough path, arms swinging in time with their buoyant mood, the issues of the day left behind with the rusty car. As they wandered further into the forest, they stopped talking without realising, enjoying the peace and quiet without needing to comment on it.

The burble of the slow-running creek became louder as the path meandered closer, and the water chuckled over the smooth stones, exerting little effort in the late day warmth.

After a while, the path curved away from the water again, and the overhanging trees became denser, and blocked out more of the light. The dim path was romantic rather than spooky, and the warmth permeated even this part of the walk, pushing the cool air out, and settling lazily around them.

The couple had been here before, and they both knew they were heading for a specific spot along the path, though they were in no rush to get there.

"Lee, was it this hot last time?"

"Don't think so hon. It's very still today, isn't it?"

"Yeah, it's like we shouldn't make any noise."

He grinned at her then, before answering. "Well, you made enough last time."

"Me? You can talk. At least I wasn't grunting."

"You were busy with moaning, Maria. You didn't have time to grunt!"

"How dare you?" She also was grinning.

"What gets to me is that we both knew we were going to come back here when we got out of the house."

"It was inevitable really, wasn't it?"

"Well, eventually. But now?"

"Now is good, hon."



They linked hands again, and walked on, following the path along its winding detours, Lee dipping his head when the lower branches threatened him with their drooping leaves. Eventually, the clearing came into sight, a large green area surrounded by thick trees, a circle of foot-friendly grass, glittering with the filtered sun.

Picking up the pace a little, Maria ran into the clearing, dancing around in random non-patterns, her feet digging into the soft grass before leaping into the air. Lee watched from the edge, smiling at her nowadays infrequent bursts of joy, and realised again why he loved her.

As Maria continued to fling herself about the clearing, she managed enough coordination to start removing her thin summer clothes, pulling her dress over her head and throwing it in the air, before flinging her shoes recklessly from her feet. Her bra was next, shaking her breasts at Lee as though he wasn't already paying attention. She actually had to stop dancing to pull her dark knickers off, but as she flung them away from herself with a laugh, she leapt into the air again, and then ran in a large circle around Lee, her pale body contrasting with both her hair and the glinting patches of sunlight, sparkling on her skin as she ran.

Lee looked around a little more cautiously, to make sure there wasn't anyone else around, and then bent to remove his own clothes. He couldn't stop watching Maria's gyrations. She was like a mixture of horny devil and innocent pixie, wise with age, young with excitement. He could never get enough of this.

Just as he was climbing out of his trousers though, Maria's innocent side took some time out. With another big grin back at him, she lay down quickly on the grass, her legs bent, and her ankles well apart. As he watched, she started to stroke herself, starting with her breasts, squeezing and sliding around and over her nipples, oblivious of the possibility of being seen, or perhaps a little more excited by it. Her hands slowly moved their way down further, detouring just like the path they had walked along, stopping for breaks at her still recovering belly, and delicately tickling the thin translucent skin at her waist.

Eventually, she looked up, and realised that Lee was standing there watching her antics, happy anticipation etched upon his face, his firm naked body just out of reach, his large cock pointing to the sky. Keeping her eyes on his face, she reached down further, between her hot legs, and dipped a finger deep inside herself, shuddering suddenly with the wash of feeling, and then slowly removed the finger, sliding it up and over her labia, slipping the fingertip closer to her clitoris, all the time intent on his stare, making sure he could see exactly what she was doing.

Dipping her finger back inside herself to collect some more moisture, she returned to her clitoris, and started to quickly stroke it, light wet caresses slowly progressing to a feverish strumming as her body joined in the excitement. Lee stood motionless before her, his cock pulsing with the quick beat of his heart, his attention riveted on the bohemian beneath him, not saying a word.

In an unusually short period of time, Maria's caresses became urgent, her body undulating on the grass, and the earlier mentioned moans escaping her careless mouth, tongue stroking her lips like a lover, tears in her eyes. As the pitch of the strokes reached crisis point, and her engorged clitoris could stand no more, she orgasmed, hard and loud, emphatic exclamations escaping from her mouth, her whole body constricting with the pleasure and agony, her legs closed tight on her now trapped hand, her shuddering contractions rippling across her skin.

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