by LadyBM

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, BiSexual, Masturbation, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: A fantasy of making a move on my female friend with my man watching us.

We agreed to you coming over around 1230. Well John comes by around 11 wanting to take a nap. We lie down and fall asleep. When you show up you find us asleep on my bed. We move over on the bed and tell you to join us. You lay down next to me. Your back is to my chest and my back is to him. We all fall asleep. I have my arm around your waist and under your head. After a while, he gets up and starts to leave the room. I wake up and look at him. He tells me to go back to sleep and walks out. I start to fall back asleep. I move my one arm so that my hand rests on your hip. I stroke it softly in my sleep, kiss your neck lightly, and pull you closer to me slipping my hand down so that it lies on the bed snug to your side right under your breast. I fall back into a light sleep and wake back up when my hand moves and brushes your breast. I awake and kissed the back of your neck again lightly.

I move my hand away from your breasts and place it on your stomach. I slowly start to move my hand around lightly, caressing. I continue this for a few minutes, occasionally kissing the back of your neck. My hand moves up and nudges your breasts lightly. You move and I move my hand down to your hip and lightly caress it and your thigh. I know that you are awake now. I pause to see if you say anything. When you do not my hand slides back down and under your shirt to rest on your stomach. I just hold it there and kiss your ear softly. I begin to move my fingers on your stomach. You wiggle softly and I smile.

My hand begins to caress your skin lightly, from just under your breasts to the top of your pants. When you do not say anything to protest I grow bolder and move my hand up to touch your bra lightly while caressing your stomach softly and slowly, hopefully arousing you. You make a soft sound and move slightly. I take that as a sign that you finding pleasure from my touch. My hand moves up, cups one of your breasts, and just holds it in my palm. You move again and this time move to lie on your back. My hand slips to your stomach and I look at you. I ask softly if you wanted me to stop. You shake your head softly and I once again start to caress your stomach.

My hand moves back up to your breast and squeezes. I move to the other breast and do the same. I look at your face and you have your eyes closed. I smile and move my hand back down your stomach and lift your shirt up above your breasts baring your stomach and your bra to my eyes. I smile and rub my hand over your belly ring. My fingers caress the skin right under the edge of your pants. John comes back into the room and pauses. I look at him and he just grins and goes to sit in the chair in my room. He can see everything that I do to you. I pause and look at you. You do not say anything about him being there so I just continue.

My hand moves back up to your breast and moves the bra out of my way to bare one nipple. I caress it lightly with a finger watching it harden to my touch. You shiver and I move my hand to the other breast to tease that nipple also. I lean my head down to place a soft kiss on the nipple closes to me. You arch slightly. I softly suck and tease that nipple while my hand teases the other nipple, pulling lightly and pinching gently. I move my mouth to your other nipple and tease it softly with my tongue. I lift up and look at you, my hand rests on the front closer and undoes it. I slowly slide one side off one breast and palm it gently just holding it.

Then I softly nip it with my teeth. I brush the other side off your other breast and nip it gently. Then I run kisses up your chest to your neck where I place kisses and licks. You moan and arch your hips softly. I move one of my legs up and over you. I press down on your thighs and move my leg up so that it is pressing against you. I run kisses up your jaw to your ear and play with it softly with my tongue and teeth. My hand is caressing your breasts and nipples still. I move my mouth back down to your breasts.

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