I Believe You

by maryjane

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, Swinging, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Fourteen year old Jennie and her twin brother Johnny find their parents 'en flagrente'. They decide to teach the children what it's all about. The swinging neighbors soon get involved.

This really happened. Believe us.

Johnny's left hand flew up and down his cock, rubbing the head on each upstroke. At the same time, his right hand played with his balls. His eyes were focused on the porn DVD playing on the brand new wide flat screen set he had purchased with his last modeling paycheck, a purchase his parents could well afford on their own but who chose not to over-spoil their children. The movie showed the grotesquely big-titted blonde taking the black stud's eight inches straight up the glory hole, her head turned back to face the camera and to accept a mouthful of a white six inch fuck stick offered from that direction. Despite his sexual experience, his eyes bugged out as he watched the two men working in tandem, one plunging in while the other drew back, then vice versa, as they strove to meet the pornographic requirement of simultaneous ejaculations. Although repulsed by the pendulous breasts, Johnny's eyes kept coming back to them. Meanwhile, the blonde had one hand jerking the meat of another white guy, length unknown, bringing his contribution of cum into the equation, the three experienced porn stars knowing how to hold it back until all were ready to spurt onto her smooth skin together, the better to coax the viewer into cumming with them. The sound was turned low, enough to hear some muffled grunts but not enough to detract from the visual enjoyment.

Hot as hell, he had to take his hand off his balls to calm down, as he didn't want to cum just yet. He stopped completely to watch the pumping, shooting semen spend over her ass cheeks, her face and her tits, this last dripping onto and off her nipples, resembling milk. He wanted to lick the screen. The scene changed, this time to view another white guy from behind, shoving his cock into and then finally pumping his cum onto the clean shaven pussy of the most beautiful black woman he had ever seen. Actually, the most beautiful woman of any color he had ever seen, except possibly his mother and sister. Well, maybe Amy and her mother also. Sitting naked on his bed, he saw the contrast of white cum on pink and black cunt lips and he knew then that it was time. He felt the cum bubbling in his balls, ready to begin the long trip to daylight.

He exhaled in delighted relief as his own juice shot out his piss hole onto the inside of his thigh; two, three, four thick spurts, then a dribble. He reached under the dripping cum and scooped some of it into his hand, moving it to his mouth to savor the thick, creamy fluid he had just manufactured and distributed. The arousal the movie had caused in his body made the taste better than usual.

"Nice show, Johnny. Let me lick the rest of your cum off your leg for you; I love that creamy cum. I never saw you shoot out so much of that stuff before; it looked like a year's worth. Then why don't you lie back and let your big sister sit on your face?"

"Oh, hi, Jennie. Actually, I've been saving it up for almost a week. You've been away, the folks are in Hawaii swinging with Amy's parents, and Amy's pissed off at me again for fucking her mother so much. I was trying to build up a big load to welcome you home, but I just couldn't hold out any more. I was going crazy. How long have you been watching?"

"Maybe two minutes, just playing with my clit. I got hot watching you and the movie both. Now, how about eating your big sister?"

"Stop the bullshit, Jennie. You're only ten minutes older than me, we're both seventeen, you're no virgin, when are you gonna let me fuck you properly? Please, please."

"I'll tell you after you make me cum. Replay that last scene. Wow, that black one is gorgeous. I'd love to sixty nine with her. Wouldn't it be nice if we could both eat her together?"

"She's not as gorgeous as you are, sis. When I jerk off, I think about you, when I fuck Amy or her mother, I think about you. Even when I'm fucking Mom, you're the only one I'm thinking about."

Her eyes were shining as she bent down to kiss him, deeply, tongue to tongue, pulling down her bikini panties at the same time. "I believe you. I think maybe its time for your belated birthday present."

She knew he would never refuse a chance to get his mouth on her beautiful twat. And in a few minutes, he would get his cock in there also. It was a game they had played for a long time. They had been fucking regularly for several years, but she made him beg, not really too hard, as a playful punishment for having scared the shit out of her one day.

They were both said to be fantastically attractive, and they couldn't deny it, or at least they wouldn't. Had it not been for the obviously different genders, and different heights, one might have thought that they were maternal twins, rather than fraternal. He was handsome, she was beautiful, if thought of superficially. On a deeper level, she was handsome, he was beautiful. As with so many sets of twins, they could finish each other's sentences, could almost read the other's minds. They were King and Queen of the Homecoming Dance, the first time ever in the school's history that a pair of twins had those honors.

The reason they were so attractive was obviously because their parents were, and the children had been blessed with their genes. Their mother Jane had been a dancer in Las Vegas, their father Jim a football star whose torn ligaments led him to the television booth. A gorgeous girl in high school, willing to pull the train for the basketball team, as well as an excellent dancer, Jane had gone to Las Vegas after graduation, planning to be a dancer is some big hotel showroom. Getting nowhere in the audition game, despite all the fucking and sucking she did on the casting couch, she became, as they say, "a whore in search of a convention." She would dress up in her nicest clothes and walk around different upscale casinos on the weekend, idly watching blackjack or craps tables, sometimes baccarat, never looking at anyone or anyone's pile of chips, but knowing that sooner or later someone would start a conversation. If he looked ok, and if he didn't flinch when she told him how much she had lost, $500 that evening, the code words for quoting her price, she would soon be on her back, earning a night's pay, double for two guys, triple for her asshole, whatever she could get for an all-nighter. Once the guy had his hotel room door open, she would take out her cell phone and, pretending to call a pimp, would leave the hotel name and room number on her answering machine. No sense in letting him think he could get away with anything.

Casino hotel security people are not stupid, and after a while most of the casinos let her know that whores had to have a connection to work a hotel. One security chief did take a fancy to her sweet mouth, and in return for regularly filling it with his cum, she was able to support herself there. He also did some occasional pimping for her, and when she finally gave him her asshole, he referred her to the director of his hotel's musical show. The audition was in a small rehearsal room, attended by the director, the producer and the choreographer. She was a good dancer, she knew it and they knew it.

"Take off your top."

Her tits were firm and tempting. As she spun, topless, they moved slightly, not flopping or sagging. She couldn't hold a pencil there without it falling to the floor. She knew without looking that their cocks were hard.

"Nice. Now the bottoms."

"I thought this was a topless show, not bottomless."

None of the men replied, just staring at her as she stared back. It was no surprise to her that she would have to fuck her way into the job. What the hell, she had loved cock for years, and her cunt had been her main source of income since she had moved to Las Vegas. She shrugged and stripped, presenting her smoothly shaven money machine to three new customers, lips glistening with anticipation.

"Every week when the showroom is dark, we have a party for some high rollers. The girls alternate weeks. No strings attached; you go home with whoever you like, or not. They pay, the money's yours. You'd better make them use rubbers, but we go raw. The three of us and Betty, the assistant director, are the only ones who don't pay. Unless you meet the right guy and want to just give it away."

"Why Betty?"

"As soon as you go nose to pussy with each other, you'll know why. You'll be willing to pay her for it. Are you in?"

"I hope I don't have to say that to you guys when you're on top of me."

"We'll show you right now."

"Who's first? Dave, Paul, Carl?"

"Ever do three at once?"

"I'm ready to try. Shit, I've got two hands, I could do five."

The three of them were quickly naked, fully engorged cocks pointing in her direction. Carl's salami was short and fat; Jane figured that one would be best off in her mouth. Dave's fuck stick was long and thin, a perfect choice for her asshole. That left Paul; she directed him to lay flat on his back. As she crawled over him, her swollen pussy lips leaking, she jerked him off, his mushroomed head rubbing her slit. She opened her nether lips with one hand, sliding down to wrap his cock inside her, playfully squeezing his balls.

"Oh, baby, your cunt is so hot, so wet, you're liable to make me cum before these other two guys get inside you."

"Take it easy, Paul. I want you all to cum at the same time." With that, she reached for Dave's meat and led him around behind her. He slowly put one finger into her ass, worked it all the way in, then took it out to wet it inside her cunt, the back of his finger rubbing Paul's cock as he humped up into Jane. The finger again in her ass, soon joined by a second one, spread her muscles to a cock sized opening, which Dave promptly filled with his cock.

"Shit, I never had my cunt and asshole filled at the same time. It's fucking killing my back."

Carl needed no direction; there was only one available hole, because he wasn't interested in her hands, and he intended to fill that available hole with a load of his cum. As he shoved forward toward her throat, Jane's eyes went blurry, out of focus. She realized that some day she would have Carl's fat meat inside her cunt or, worse yet, her asshole, and she knew it would hurt like hell. She knew she was fucking three guys at the same time, but her back hurt and that was taking all the fun out of it. On every other backstroke from Carl, she would pull her mouth off his cock so that she could talk. Rather, she could at least gasp. "Call Betty."


"As soon as Carl is finished with my mouth, I want to eat some pussy."

Carl spoke, reaching for the intercom. "Oh, shit, yeah, I want to see that. Betty, get your snatch in her quickly. We have a present for you, a mouth that can eat as well as you can. It's eating me now, and you're next. Keep sucking, Jane, keep sucking; oh, shit, I'm there. NGGGHHH."

The intercom squawked. "Tell her not to swallow; I'll be right there."

Carl's cum gushed out of his balls into Jane's mouth. She had heard Betty's command and allowed the cum to puddle on her tongue and in her mouth. She couldn't talk without slurping all the creamy baby juice down her gullet, so she just massaged two sets of balls. Dave let go next, without a sound. She could feel his cock throbbing in her ass and his cum racing up her chute. As Dave pulled out, the last of his sperm, joined by the first shots leaking back through her asshole formed a river down her ass crack, running over Paul's cock and Jane's hand.

By then, Betty had reached the room and opened the door, still fully dressed in jeans and a white half-opened blouse. She knelt over Paul's face and bent forward toward Jane's mouth. "Hi, I'm Betty. I'd like to share Carl's fuck sauce with you if that's all right." Jane smiled, then leaned her mouth against Betty's, her tongue snaking into Betty's mouth with a full load of cum, her own cunt still humping Paul's cock. Turned on by the muscles of Jane's cunt and by the picture of two luscious women snowballing Carl's cum over his face, dripping some onto his chest, he exploded his own load into Jane. Waiting a few moments for Paul to stop shooting into her, Jane lifted off him, his cum pouring out of her back down the outside of his cock.

Betty stood up, pulling her jeans and g-string off in one movement. "What's your name, beautiful?"

"You Betty, me Jane."

Betty laughed. "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

"Did you come in here to talk or shall we eat each other?"

She laughed again. "Both. I want to eat you, I want to smell your cunt, to taste your juice and Paul's cum, I want you to eat me till I scream my head off."

So they did, while the three guys sat naked, watching and playing with themselves. Little did they know that they would become roommates and best friends, marry two men who were best friends, live one day in the same fancy community, and that their children would one day be fucking each other.

Jane lay on her back, knees drawn up and spread wide, the standard slut's pose. She didn't know if Betty would eat her first, or come around backwards for a delicious sixty-nine. She had eaten a lot of cunt, both back in school and whoring in Las Vegas, moving up from street walking to casino crawling to some out-calls. Most of the Vegas pussy she devoured consisted of putting on a show for one guy or two; a slight amount was going down on a female customer. Some of the pussy she ate was pure recreational; it belonged to other whores who had no customers at the moment. Sucking a clit was a lot easier on her jaw muscles than swallowing a fat cock, the taste of pussy juice a lot sweeter than a guy's sticky cum, although that tasted good too, a girl's pussy smelled better than a man's crotch, and girl's had softer bodies to caress. Also, girls were caring when other girls ate them, while guys just wanted to shoot a wad of cream down a girl's throat or over her face.

Betty had never been a professional whore, but she loved to fuck and knew how to entertain a guy royally. As a result, she straddled Jane's face to begin a sixty-nine; men loved for some reason to watch two women eating each other. She never could understand it, for the comparable sight, of two men eating each other, as Carl and Dave sometimes did when they had spare time in the office, bored her to tears. Men should eat pussy, not cock. She watched with her eyes open wide, as she was expected to do, but she didn't give a damn. As she settled her cunt onto Jane's mouth, the dancer pushed Betty's ass away from her an inch or two, so that her tongue could easily make the trip from clit to asshole and back. As her tongue curled and tried to force its way in the back door, Betty shivered, that unexpected nervous reaction that people attributed to "someone walking over my grave." The assistant director's response was to stop her licking up and down Jane's slit and instead letting her lips grab onto Jane's clit, sucking like a baby searching for milk.

Her neck tiring of reaching up, Jane heaved her hips up at an angle, rolling Betty over onto her back, with Jane now on top. Tongues washed pink pussy lips, the only sounds in the room being the moans of two luscious pieces of ass and the panting of three guys jerking off. Jane's eyes were concentrating on the fuck tunnel beneath her, so she didn't see one of them move behind her until she felt his fingers, then his cock pushing into her ass. A quick glance told her it was Carl, and she tightened her muscles to stop the invasion by the fattest of the three cocks in the room. Her taste buds told her not to forget Betty's clit, and the fact that Carl had just gotten his rocks off in her mouth make his cock softer and smaller, so that it pushed its way into her without too much pain. Reaching underneath her and around Betty's face, her fingers caressed Carl's balls, welcoming him to her dark passage.

The two women had lost count of the number of mini-orgasms each had enjoyed from the other. Betty had her hand on Carl's cock as it competed with her mouth for Jane's attention, and as it started to swell, signaling that it was time for more sperm cells to follow the route, like lemmings, into obscurity, she raised her mouth off Jane's clit and slid her fingers into the wet cunt, searching for Jane's g-spot. As she hit it, Jane screamed an orgasm such as she had never had and began pumping an ejaculate out into Betty's mouth, which had returned to receive it and drink it down. Carl's cum went unnoticed as Jane collapsed her head between Betty's legs.

"What was that, Betty?"

"Did you like that, baby? Tonight I'll show you how to do it to yourself and especially to me. You guys don't need us after the show tonight, do you?" she asked rhetorically.

The sex between the children had all started when Jennie and Johnny Davis were about fourteen. The family was very laid back, doors open or walk in without knocking if a door was closed, that sort of thing. Walking around in underwear was routine and ignored. One night, a Thursday, after their parents went to bed, Jennie and her brother got into an argument about which one could watch TV on the big set in the family room and who had to settle for the one in the den. Of course, there was no possible way they could agree on the same program. In order to settle the issue, they raced upstairs, Jennie in the lead. As he followed her, Johnny noted, as he had so often recently, her tight little ass bouncing inside her jeans, the three inches of skin between the bottom of her tank top and her gapping waistband, and the pink panties sticking out the top. His cock swelled. So often had he imagined her naked body as he jerked himself off. He wondered if she thought of him when she played with herself. Trying to analyze it objectively in the few seconds it took for them to get upstairs, he thought that she might be horny for him. They walked into their parents' bedroom and found the lights on, their parents naked and in the middle of eating each other out. With two simultaneous "Oh shit, I'm sorry," they backed out of the room and ran downstairs, giggling as they went.

Ten minutes later, both parents were downstairs, their robes tightly around them. Mother spoke.

"In this day and age, I guess I don't have to ask if you know what you saw, do I?"

"We knew."

"Well, your father and I have talked about this moment for some time now; not necessarily you walking in on us, but having this conversation. You're both still virgins, aren't you, I hope?"

"I am."

"I am."

"You've both masturbated, haven't you?"

Two nodding heads.

"Good. We decided that when it was time, we wanted to be the ones to show you how to act, how to do it properly, so to speak. Do you understand?"

Neither child spoke. Of course they understood; they just didn't know what to say.

"Of course you understand. Now both of you shut off the TV and come up to our bedroom."

As Johnny and Jennie walked together upstairs, they saw in each other's eyes both trepidation and anticipation, with the plus far exceeding the minus. They held hands as they walked, two siblings sharing excitement and nervousness. Could it be true that their parents were going to put on a show for them? In fact, it was going to be like a trip to a whodunit Dinner Theater; the audience was going to participate.

"Children, the most important thing about sex is giving pleasure to the other person. When you do, you'll get plenty of pleasure in return. If you don't try to get the other person to orgasm, what you probably call to cum, you'll have some quick gratification but no long term lasting pleasure and no real relationships. Do you believe me?"

"I believe you."

"OK, now your father and I will teach you some things. Jim, you undress Jennifer while I undress John. Its too bad we don't have our clothes on also, but when you two interrupted us, we decided to take care of this without waiting to make each other cum or get dressed."

"My pleasure, Jane. Now, you two kids pay attention. Jane, why don't you start on Johnny while Jennie and I watch?"

"Fine. John, lay down of our bed. Jennifer, notice that undressing him is much more that just taking his clothes off." With that, Jane bent over Johnny, now prone as directed, and softly kissed his lips, running her tongue along them until he responded by opening his mouth to receive it and to return the favor. As she did so, she pulled one end of the belt on her robe so that it fell open above Johnny. When his mother momentarily broke the kiss, Johnny looked up to see two luscious breasts suspended above him. He did not know what size they were, just that they were irresistible. After all, they were the tits he imagined up until then as he choked his chicken nightly. Those, and his sister's, of course. Without thinking, he lifted his head to again suck at a nipple he had not had for twelve or so years.

"These are beautiful, Mom."

"Hush, young man, and stop that. You can do it later; now we're just showing your sister something." Jane bent to again work her tongue into his mouth. Johnny's cock was already straining against the inside of his jeans. When his ears transmitted to his brain the news that he would in fact get to suck some more tit shortly, and his brain relayed that fact to his pecker, the increased pressure made his cock feel that it would tear open the seam of his jeans. Jane's hand stroking the cock from outside didn't make matters any better.

"Look at the way his cock is trying to push its way out of his pants, Jennifer. It's a nice feeling to know that you've caused it; that's part of the pleasure you get when you give pleasure. Its part of the pleasure I'm getting right now."

Johnny was barefoot. His mother opened his belt, undid his top button, then went North instead of South, pulling his polo shirt over his head and bending to suck his nipples. "Guys like this even though they have no tits. They like it just as much as you're going to like it when your father sucks your nipples, honey."

She raised her head to look at Jennie and Jim on the bench, to make sure that Jennie understood her comments. "Take you hand off your father's cock. I mean, its ok to play with him, but if you make him cum now, he'll have to wait a half hour or so before he can get it hard again,"

Jane went back to Johnny's pants, unzipping them and pulling them down over his feet, Johnny lifting his ass off the bed to help her. "Wow, look at that tent in his shorts, honey." She began to pull his shorts down, getting them over his pronging cock, and gasped audibly.

"Did this monster grow out of that little cock I used to wash? It's huge."

"Stop it, Mom. I've seen guys in the locker room; I know my cock is just average. Why are you giving us that bullshit?"

"Don't talk to me like that, young man." Jane turned again to Jennie. "He's right, Sweetie. I've seen enough cocks to know it, too. But your job is to excite him, and if telling a little fib will make him feel good, then tell it. Even if it's finished growing, which I'm not sure about, there's enough here to fuck a girl well."

"Just how many cocks have you seen, Mother?"

Jane looked at Jim for his reaction to the question. He didn't move a muscle, except that he could actually shrug with his eyes. She took that for assent and spoke to Jennie. "We'll talk about it later."

With that, Jane ran her tongue around the head of Johnny's cock, licked the tip and said, "OK, that's enough for now; Jim, it's your turn and Jennifer's to teach John how to undress a girl."

"Hey, Mom, you're not going to let me hang like that now; I've gotta cum, bad."

"Relax, John. The night is young. Well, maybe it is late, but that's no problem. You'll be happy before you go to sleep. You two will just have to skip school tomorrow if you sleep late in the morning. After all, this is education; its part of your Sex Ed class."

"I might start this standing up or sitting or lying down. Let's go sit on the bed, young lady." Jennie led Jim to the bed, still holding on to his cock, but not tightly. She let go as they sat down, and curled her body into his as he kissed her passionately, their tongues dueling, his arm around her shoulders and her hand holding his face to hers. Shortly, Jim began to fondle her tits through her top, never breaking the kiss. Pushing both of them over together, Jim continued the kiss as his hand reached under Jennie to unsnap her bra.

"Are you paying attention, John?" said Jane. "Do you see that he never stops kissing her? The pressure on her lips diverts her from thinking that all he wants to do is fuck her. And getting her bra unhooked with one hand is something you'll learn very quickly."

Jim put his two cents in. "They love a soft touch on their tits, but when you talk to them, call them breasts. And when you get under the bra, just feather the nipples, don't squeeze or pinch them."

At that point, Jim began to pull Jennie's sweater off over her head, then pulling the open bra off her arms. He bent to suckle on her nipples. "They love this, son. When we suck the tits, oops, breasts, we're like babies and they're like mothers, and it's very erotic for them."

As he sucked, Jim reached down to unsnap the top button of his daughter's jeans and lowered the zipper. His hand snaked in, rubbing the outside of the pink panties over her stomach. "Don't rush you hand onto her pussy; she knows where you're headed, but she wants to be as hot as possible before you make your next move."

"Daddy, will you please stop talking and keep rubbing me, please, please. And get your mouth back on my tits and keep sucking."

Jim took that as an invitation to insinuate his hand under the panties so as to make direct contact with her cunt hair and pussy lips; then he sat up and rolled the panties off her, slowly. Her snatch exposed, Jennie raised her knees and bent them outward, allowing Johnny, who had moved closer, a full view of the moist outer and inner pussy lips. Johnny's mouth watered and his cock strained; he had not had such a close-up of Jennie's cunt since they were in the womb together, and the lighting wasn't that good in there back then.

Jim was demonstrating as he spoke to Johnny. "You rub your finger along her slit until she's nice and wet. Then you slide one or two fingers into her like a cock, and use your thumb to massage her clit, like this. Now let me show you how to eat her. They all love this." He moved down the bed, reached up to comb Jennie's cunt hair with his fingers, and began to kiss the inside of her thighs, barely touching her skin, but enough for her to feel his lips. Finally, his tongue started to lick her pussy lips, darting inside her like a cock, and his mouth sucked her clit. Jennie sighed audibly.

"Alright, Jane, your turn with Johnny again."

"Daddy, Daddy, make me cum now; I can't wait."

"Relax, baby. Teachers have their lesson plan. Wait until class is over before you decide whether or not to complain. Johnny, this is the hard part. When a girl is ready to cum, sometimes she actually wants to, to get that wonderful feeling such as you get when you come. But sometimes she is willing for you to back off and prolong it, the search being as much fun as the discovery, so to speak. Your problem is balancing that timing, and its something you'll learn by experience."

"Well, Daddy," Jennie stroked her clit as she spoke, "if you're going to make us both wait, we want to hear about how many cocks Mommy has seen."

Jane blanched, then reddened. "Well, honey, there have been so many that I can't remember them all."

"You're kidding!"

"No, I'm not; believe me."

"OK, I'll believe you."

"The first one was your grandfather, with your grandmother helping, just like tonight. That same night there was you uncle Rob, who's just two years older than me. I was fourteen, just like you. Your grandfather took my cherry, and I gave Rob my first blowjob. Boy, did I love the gooey taste of his cum. Which reminds me; my parents allowed Rob and me to do whatever we wanted with each other but they asked us not to fuck each other until we were older, and we respected their wishes. Your father and I ask you the same thing; there's no logic to it, and we certainly won't be able to enforce it, but we'd appreciate it. Anyway, your grandfather that night taught me that fucking a cock was better than masturbating with fingers. High school and a little bit of college were a blast. Look at me; my body is just as good as yours, and you know that all the boys think you are a fantastic piece of ass. I had good grades without too much work, so I had lots of time to spend just like you just were, with my heels butted up against my ass cheeks and my knees spread wide. And I did get to look over those cocks before they went into my pussy or my mouth."

"And then you married Daddy and that was the end of your screwing around?"

Jane knew that her children would soon figure out that her dancing in Las Vegas included a lot of fucking, but no way was she going to tell them about paying her rent on her back with her knees spread apart, collecting in advance and trying to deliver orgasms as quickly at possible. "I wish you wouldn't call it that, but yes... and no."


"Your father and I swing a lot. We have many friends with whom we get together and swap mates for the evening, sometimes all night, even weekends when you were in camp. Sometimes we do threesomes or even foursomes, but the other one is always there, or has at least given permission. Fucking different people can be exciting, so long as you're not hurting the one you love. So that's how I know that your brother's cock is average size, but believe me, an average sized cock can still make you scream your head off."

"Who do you swing with?"

Jim broke in. "That's private, young lady. A gentleman does not kiss and tell. What it really means is that we don't want their children to know about us, so we can't tell our children about them. There's no need for you kids to know who they are."

Johnny asked, "Can we do a foursome with you guys?"

"Isn't that sort of what we're doing now? Now, if you two can keep your hands off yourselves and each other, your father and I will finish what you interrupted. We're obviously not going to be able to talk too much while we eat each other, but we want you both up close watching how we do it. Then you two can eat each other; we'll give you some ideas if you need them. After that, to bed; me with John and Daddy with Jennifer. I'm not sure yet if we want to use one bed or two."

Jim lay on the bed, flat except for his cock pointing up in the air to attract any passing female. Placing her knees on each side of his head, Jane, facing his feet, sank her pussy down onto his mouth. They rolled onto their sides, so that neither one had to worry about placing undue weight on the other's body. Jennie and Johnny held hands as they approached, Jennie to kneel beside her mother's mouth and Johnny near Jim's.

Jennie watched in awe as her mother held Jim's cock at the root while she placed the business end in her mouth, just the head, sucking and licking, then taking it all in as deeply as possible, then backing off to repeat the cycle. Her other hand meanwhile feathered her husband's balls, occasionally giving a quick squeeze, while her middle finger rubbed Jim's asshole and then slid in. From time to time, Jane removed the cock from her mouth and licked around the balls. The picture excited Jennie, but what really drove her wild was the musky scent wafting from the area of her father's balls. Her father evidently was able to walk down the street and chew gum at the same time, for while he was presumably eating Jane at the other end of the bed, he was not lying passively here; he was humping his cock into her face. Jennie stroked her mother's face lovingly. Soon Jim's humping turned to jack-hammering, Jane's cheeks indented with each suck, and Jennie heard the individual announcement that each guy makes when he begins to shoot his cum out his piss hole. In Jim's case, the sound was a barely audible "yes, baby, yes." Most of his sweet cream stayed in Jane's mouth, a little bit leaking from the corner.

"Let me taste it, Mom." Jennie began to lick the drippings from her mother's face. Jane opened her mouth and extended a tongue drenched in white fuck juice for Jennie to suck off.

At the same time, Johnny was watching how his father ate Jane. Jim had given him a short verbal tour before he began. "Its simple, son. Lick all around these lips, put your tongue or your fingers like a cock into her cunt, and make sure you suck her clit up here. The rest you'll teach yourself in time. There is nothing they like better than being eaten." Johnny saw that it was a bit more than that; his father first kissed and licked the inside of Jane's thighs without going near her cunt, and also reaching a hand back to caress her firm breasts. Shortly, Johnny heard his father whisper his cum words and saw him lift his head off Jane's pussy and close his eyes as his little sperm cells floated in the ropes of cum as he shot them into his wife's mouth, so soon to die without fulfilling their mission in the reproductive cycle.

"This is the hard part, Johnny, to keep eating them right after you cum, when your cock just wants to shrivel up. That's why you try to make them cum first if you can." Like a good lover, Jim returned his mouth to Jane's pussy, sucking her clit furiously until she let him know that she had cum, her signal a quiet sob.

Both parents rolled onto their backs, looking up and breathing rapidly, hands caressing each other's genitals, smiling like Cheshire cats.

"Do you think we taught them anything, dear?"

"Let's find out."

"Alright, kids, how about putting on a show for us like we've just done for you?"

"I don't think I want to do that, Dad."

Johnny's words shocked the other three, their eyes bugging out as one at his grim face. He held the expression for a long five seconds, then broke into a smile. "I think I'd rather just eat Jen by herself first; then if she wants to, she can take care of me."

"Oh, Jim, we have raised such a beautiful gentleman, a Gentle Man. John, I can't wait to have your cock pounding inside my wet cunt tonight."

At that, Johnny and Jennie looked up in surprise. "What, you didn't really think we were going to let you get any sleep tonight. Forget about school tomorrow. And besides, we told you that we preferred that you not fuck Jennifer yet, and you'll never go to sleep unless you fuck somebody, and here I am, all wet for you, and I'll stay wet while you and your sister have some fun. You'd better believe that."

"I believe you, Mom."

"But I think you'd better let Jennifer blow you first, so that your balls will have time to build up some more cum while you eat her. I don't want to have to work too hard to get you hard again."

"My pleasure, Mom. You can't imagine how often I've dreamed about getting Johnny's cock into my mouth."

"Yes, I can, dear; I surely can. Your father can verify that I've been waiting for it myself for a long time."

Johnny had never imagined that Heaven had beds, television sets and two such incredibly beautiful women. He lay back on the bed, legs splayed, cock at attention waiting for his sister's hands and mouth, his arms folded behind his head.

Jim spoke. "Son, you shouldn't have your hands behind your head like that. It's like you were treating Jen as a whore, with you having no interest in touching her while she blows you. If you involve yourself somehow, even though she's not going to cum yet, she'll get more pleasure out of getting you off."

"Thanks, Dad. Sorry, Sis."

"Mmmfff." Jennie already had a mouthful of cock, which did affect her ability to speak clearly. She was however able to suck like mad; she had in fact listened and learned but was ignoring all her mother had taught her about blowjobs and was just doing a straight Hoover on her brother. She knew enough to protect his meat from her teeth, and all she wanted was a deep drink of the white cream she had been craving. She grabbed his balls, a little too hard for his indirect pleasure, but just hard enough to squeeze the cum out through his slit. He exploded, his sperm splashing inside her mouth, being rolled around inside and then sliding down her gullet.

"I love you, Sis."

"You'd better," she responded, licking her lips dry. "And now my turn, if you don't mind."

"I don't mind at all." He rolled Jennie onto her back, lifted her legs straight up and knelt behind them. He began by sucking her toes, each one, as she moaned with delight.

"Where'd you learn that, son?"

"From one of the books behind your VCR, Dad. You guys do a lousy job of hiding stuff."

Johnny resumed work on his sister. He nibbled his way down the backs of her legs, alternating, until he reached her ass cheeks, spreading them with his thumbs and flicking his tongue at her asshole.

"And where'd you learn that, John? Certainly not from one of our books or tapes."

"No, Mom. That just came naturally. Don't you guys do this?"

Both parents just laughed. This kid was no dope. "Just don't try to fuck her asshole yet, son. She's not ready yet."

As Jennie wiggled her butt under his tongue, he spread her legs and moved his mouth to her nether lips, his tongue now plunging into her cunt.

"Johnny, honey, please put my legs down. You're killing my back."

"Sorry, Sis." Johnny straightened her out and resumed his work on her muff. The motions of her body, the scent wafting from her cunt, her moans, all conspired to drive Johnny crazy. His cock extended beyond any recollection. What did they want him to do? Don't fuck her cunt, don't fuck her ass, all they would let him do now is fuck her mouth, and he had just done that. His mouth worked on Jennie with a frenzy, until "Ahhhheeeeee."

"I love you, Johnny."

The twins lay idly next to each other, holding hands silently. Jane absent-mindedly stroked Jim's meat. As a mother, she knew her children fairly well. "John, don't be stressed because we asked you not to fuck Jennifer's ass tonight; she's just not ready. The next day or so should be ok, but only if she's agreeable. Now, if you want to have your cock in something tighter than a mouth, follow me into your room and I'll bow your legs for a week. Even my ass, if you have the strength. Jennifer, stay here with your father; he'll take care of your cherry tonight. I'll see you in the morning, Jim."

Johnny followed his mother to his room, his eyes seeing only her naked ass swaying as she walked. She normally walked like a lady; for this trip, she shook her ass like a whore. She turned to kiss him, and together they fell onto his bed. She stroked his cock as she rolled onto her back, spreading her legs wide to receive him.

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