I Believe You

by maryjane

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, Swinging, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Fourteen year old Jennie and her twin brother Johnny find their parents 'en flagrente'. They decide to teach the children what it's all about. The swinging neighbors soon get involved.

This really happened. Believe us.

Johnny's left hand flew up and down his cock, rubbing the head on each upstroke. At the same time, his right hand played with his balls. His eyes were focused on the porn DVD playing on the brand new wide flat screen set he had purchased with his last modeling paycheck, a purchase his parents could well afford on their own but who chose not to over-spoil their children. The movie showed the grotesquely big-titted blonde taking the black stud's eight inches straight up the glory hole, her head turned back to face the camera and to accept a mouthful of a white six inch fuck stick offered from that direction. Despite his sexual experience, his eyes bugged out as he watched the two men working in tandem, one plunging in while the other drew back, then vice versa, as they strove to meet the pornographic requirement of simultaneous ejaculations. Although repulsed by the pendulous breasts, Johnny's eyes kept coming back to them. Meanwhile, the blonde had one hand jerking the meat of another white guy, length unknown, bringing his contribution of cum into the equation, the three experienced porn stars knowing how to hold it back until all were ready to spurt onto her smooth skin together, the better to coax the viewer into cumming with them. The sound was turned low, enough to hear some muffled grunts but not enough to detract from the visual enjoyment.

Hot as hell, he had to take his hand off his balls to calm down, as he didn't want to cum just yet. He stopped completely to watch the pumping, shooting semen spend over her ass cheeks, her face and her tits, this last dripping onto and off her nipples, resembling milk. He wanted to lick the screen. The scene changed, this time to view another white guy from behind, shoving his cock into and then finally pumping his cum onto the clean shaven pussy of the most beautiful black woman he had ever seen. Actually, the most beautiful woman of any color he had ever seen, except possibly his mother and sister. Well, maybe Amy and her mother also. Sitting naked on his bed, he saw the contrast of white cum on pink and black cunt lips and he knew then that it was time. He felt the cum bubbling in his balls, ready to begin the long trip to daylight.

He exhaled in delighted relief as his own juice shot out his piss hole onto the inside of his thigh; two, three, four thick spurts, then a dribble. He reached under the dripping cum and scooped some of it into his hand, moving it to his mouth to savor the thick, creamy fluid he had just manufactured and distributed. The arousal the movie had caused in his body made the taste better than usual.

"Nice show, Johnny. Let me lick the rest of your cum off your leg for you; I love that creamy cum. I never saw you shoot out so much of that stuff before; it looked like a year's worth. Then why don't you lie back and let your big sister sit on your face?"

"Oh, hi, Jennie. Actually, I've been saving it up for almost a week. You've been away, the folks are in Hawaii swinging with Amy's parents, and Amy's pissed off at me again for fucking her mother so much. I was trying to build up a big load to welcome you home, but I just couldn't hold out any more. I was going crazy. How long have you been watching?"

"Maybe two minutes, just playing with my clit. I got hot watching you and the movie both. Now, how about eating your big sister?"

"Stop the bullshit, Jennie. You're only ten minutes older than me, we're both seventeen, you're no virgin, when are you gonna let me fuck you properly? Please, please."

"I'll tell you after you make me cum. Replay that last scene. Wow, that black one is gorgeous. I'd love to sixty nine with her. Wouldn't it be nice if we could both eat her together?"

"She's not as gorgeous as you are, sis. When I jerk off, I think about you, when I fuck Amy or her mother, I think about you. Even when I'm fucking Mom, you're the only one I'm thinking about."

Her eyes were shining as she bent down to kiss him, deeply, tongue to tongue, pulling down her bikini panties at the same time. "I believe you. I think maybe its time for your belated birthday present."

She knew he would never refuse a chance to get his mouth on her beautiful twat. And in a few minutes, he would get his cock in there also. It was a game they had played for a long time. They had been fucking regularly for several years, but she made him beg, not really too hard, as a playful punishment for having scared the shit out of her one day.

They were both said to be fantastically attractive, and they couldn't deny it, or at least they wouldn't. Had it not been for the obviously different genders, and different heights, one might have thought that they were maternal twins, rather than fraternal. He was handsome, she was beautiful, if thought of superficially. On a deeper level, she was handsome, he was beautiful. As with so many sets of twins, they could finish each other's sentences, could almost read the other's minds. They were King and Queen of the Homecoming Dance, the first time ever in the school's history that a pair of twins had those honors.

The reason they were so attractive was obviously because their parents were, and the children had been blessed with their genes. Their mother Jane had been a dancer in Las Vegas, their father Jim a football star whose torn ligaments led him to the television booth. A gorgeous girl in high school, willing to pull the train for the basketball team, as well as an excellent dancer, Jane had gone to Las Vegas after graduation, planning to be a dancer is some big hotel showroom. Getting nowhere in the audition game, despite all the fucking and sucking she did on the casting couch, she became, as they say, "a whore in search of a convention." She would dress up in her nicest clothes and walk around different upscale casinos on the weekend, idly watching blackjack or craps tables, sometimes baccarat, never looking at anyone or anyone's pile of chips, but knowing that sooner or later someone would start a conversation. If he looked ok, and if he didn't flinch when she told him how much she had lost, $500 that evening, the code words for quoting her price, she would soon be on her back, earning a night's pay, double for two guys, triple for her asshole, whatever she could get for an all-nighter. Once the guy had his hotel room door open, she would take out her cell phone and, pretending to call a pimp, would leave the hotel name and room number on her answering machine. No sense in letting him think he could get away with anything.

Casino hotel security people are not stupid, and after a while most of the casinos let her know that whores had to have a connection to work a hotel. One security chief did take a fancy to her sweet mouth, and in return for regularly filling it with his cum, she was able to support herself there. He also did some occasional pimping for her, and when she finally gave him her asshole, he referred her to the director of his hotel's musical show. The audition was in a small rehearsal room, attended by the director, the producer and the choreographer. She was a good dancer, she knew it and they knew it.

"Take off your top."

Her tits were firm and tempting. As she spun, topless, they moved slightly, not flopping or sagging. She couldn't hold a pencil there without it falling to the floor. She knew without looking that their cocks were hard.

"Nice. Now the bottoms."

"I thought this was a topless show, not bottomless."

None of the men replied, just staring at her as she stared back. It was no surprise to her that she would have to fuck her way into the job. What the hell, she had loved cock for years, and her cunt had been her main source of income since she had moved to Las Vegas. She shrugged and stripped, presenting her smoothly shaven money machine to three new customers, lips glistening with anticipation.

"Every week when the showroom is dark, we have a party for some high rollers. The girls alternate weeks. No strings attached; you go home with whoever you like, or not. They pay, the money's yours. You'd better make them use rubbers, but we go raw. The three of us and Betty, the assistant director, are the only ones who don't pay. Unless you meet the right guy and want to just give it away."

"Why Betty?"

"As soon as you go nose to pussy with each other, you'll know why. You'll be willing to pay her for it. Are you in?"

"I hope I don't have to say that to you guys when you're on top of me."

"We'll show you right now."

"Who's first? Dave, Paul, Carl?"

"Ever do three at once?"

"I'm ready to try. Shit, I've got two hands, I could do five."

The three of them were quickly naked, fully engorged cocks pointing in her direction. Carl's salami was short and fat; Jane figured that one would be best off in her mouth. Dave's fuck stick was long and thin, a perfect choice for her asshole. That left Paul; she directed him to lay flat on his back. As she crawled over him, her swollen pussy lips leaking, she jerked him off, his mushroomed head rubbing her slit. She opened her nether lips with one hand, sliding down to wrap his cock inside her, playfully squeezing his balls.

"Oh, baby, your cunt is so hot, so wet, you're liable to make me cum before these other two guys get inside you."

"Take it easy, Paul. I want you all to cum at the same time." With that, she reached for Dave's meat and led him around behind her. He slowly put one finger into her ass, worked it all the way in, then took it out to wet it inside her cunt, the back of his finger rubbing Paul's cock as he humped up into Jane. The finger again in her ass, soon joined by a second one, spread her muscles to a cock sized opening, which Dave promptly filled with his cock.

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