First Times

by FozzieBare

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Desc: Sex Story: What would you do, if after a college party, you find yourself intertwined with a woman (who just happens to be your best friend), and you don't remember what had happened the night before? Especially if you were both virgins?

"Love is the answer, but while you are waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty good questions."

Woody Allen

The worst part about waking up after an all-night fraternity party isn't the hangover; it's fighting your memory tooth and nail to remember everything that you did. Or everything that you didn't do. And when you finally figure it out, a lot of the time you wish you hadn't remembered what you fought so hard to remember.

It's an added bonus to try to do it when you wake up in a dorm room that's not your own, with the sun casting its glare right on your face. Or with a radio next door blaring music loud enough to wake the dead, never mind the drums in your OWN head. Oh... and one other small detail. You're in bed, with your best friend.

The one person you're closest to in the whole school. The woman you tease, because she admitted to you that she was still a virgin, because she hadn't found the right person to lose it to. But that's ok, because she can tease you about the same thing. And from the way you two are wrapped up in each other, without clothing, makes it a good bet, if not a certainty, that the two of you remedied each other's condition the night previous, when at least one, if not both of you were too out of it to really stop it. Wrap your mind around that, and see how much coherent thought you're capable of Trust me, you spend some time just hoping that the world ends suddenly, because you're not sure on how to deal with the consequences.

I am NOT a morning person, I joke that my preferred alarm clock setting is to make sure that I get up at the crack of noon. But adrenalin does quite a lot to clear one's head. I very slowly, carefully slide myself from her grasp, drawing a sleepy moan of protest from her lips as she shifts, and I regret leaving her warmth, but decide to soldier on, anyway.

I had been in Kaitlin's room enough that I knew where most of the important stuff was. Fortunately, Kaitlin's roommate had decided to take off-campus housing, so Kaitlin had a double all to her self, and she loved the extra space. She installed one of those plug in coffee pots, saying that she could deal with many things in the morning, but never anything before she had at least one cup of coffee in her. Decaffeinated coffee was one of the most ridiculous inventions of her lifetime, only surpassed by "Instant" coffee. She even made weekly trips down to a nearby grocery store to select the proper types of coffee, and to make sure they were fresh ground. It was one of her little foibles, but right now, I was glad...

As I scrounged a couple mugs from her closet, and set the coffee to percolate, I sighed, and wished I could remember what led us to this situation, I wasn't totally clueless, I remembered the fraternity party. They were an off-campus fraternity, and had connections among the local police, so, basically, if the neighbors didn't complain, and no one drove afterwards, they had no problem with the fraternity having a discreet party every so often.

I don't drink, much, really. But in this case one drink became two... and two become three... and three became a Jagermeister shot... and then it became... "Well, I'm already half way there, why not have one more." And "I'm going to feel it tomorrow anyway, so I might as well do the crime if I'm going to do the time." The last thing I remember was having a "last shot" and seeing what was going on at the pool... After that, it was one big alcohol related blur, no matter how much I tried. That was a pretty good statement on how much alcohol I had consumed.

As the smell of the percolating coffee reached my nose, I realized that the hangover was still there, as the strong smell made me slightly queasy, so I headed into her bathroom and grabbed a couple aspirin from her medicine cabinet.

After I poured the coffee, I realized that it wouldn't be a GOOD thing if Kaitlin woke up, and the first thing she saw was my body au natural, so to speak, so I grabbed my underwear and my shorts from the pile of clothing on the floor. (The items were mixed equally, as if we had undressed at the same time. Another sign, and not a good one). I drank half of the first cup of coffee in one large gulp, letting the hot liquid gush down my throat. A few seconds later, when I recovered from my nerves, screaming at me, I groaned in pain... I forgot how hot the coffee would be, but after a few seconds of doing my best beached fish impersonation, sucking in cool air, the pain subsided, and I awaited the so-called best part of waking up to wake me up fully. The aspirin were duly consumed with another splash of hot coffee, and now, it was time to wait. Kind of like a condemned man on death row, only in this case, not knowing when and if the switch is going to be flipped.

I actually had time to finish the first cup of coffee and pour myself a second, before I finally see Kaitlin stir. Apparently the smell of the coffee was too much for her desire to sleep (As I said, she's a coffee-aholic). As she slowly came to her senses, I heard her mutter. "Oh, my fucking head." to herself, eyes still wired shut against the encroaching sunlight. Deciding that if I was going to face the situation, I might as well face it as quickly as possible, I quietly said, "Hey, you should see the other guy."

Apparently, my sense of humor was not well received. "That's right... laugh it up Thompson..." she muttered... then it hit her. Like a ten-ton sledgehammer. "STEVE?!?!?!!" She shot upright, throwing the blanket forward as she moved. I took a second to appreciate her small, but well formed breasts pointing out at me. Hey, I might have been hung-over and shocked at what happened, but I was still male and heterosexual.

Kaitlin looked like she was going to continue looking about wildly, but the effects of the hangover had hit by then, and she slumped back in the bed with a groan. As her bare skin touched the sheet, she realized she was nude and shrieked again, pulling the blanket over her body. It was quite comical to watch. Somehow, though, I knew that if I was to laugh about it, that they would be picking parts of me off the ground for miles around. She normally had a great sense of humor, but it was quite evident that her sense of humor was non-existent today.

Before she could demand to know what I was doing there. I quickly handed her a cup of coffee and two more aspirin. "Let's kill the worst of the hangover, and then we'll discuss things." She glared at me, but accepted the coffee and the aspirin and just like me, drank half the mug in one gulp, and chased the aspirin, with what's left. She took a few deep breaths, did her best to compose herself, and then went back to glaring at me. Her green eyes were narrow, and she cast glances around the room in between glares, as if she expected to be on Candid Camera or something.

"So... what's this, some kind of prank? How'd you get in... ? Where's my clothes... and why do I feel sore..." she growled at me, before turning ash white as realization set in. She may have had a hangover... but she has no problem in putting 2+2+2 together and getting 6. The hand that wasn't holding the coffee mug disappeared under the spread, apparently checking to see if there was any dampness in the sheets. Her eyes were wide as she looked at me.

"Yeah. I think we..." my voice trailed off, as I sighed, and indicated the pile of discarded clothing. I mean, how the hell are you supposed to tell your best friend... "I think we got drunk and boinked each other". There's no book on how to work that into conversation, is there?

"So, what you're saying is... We got drunk, and decided to take each others cherries, and screw like bunnies, eh?" she exclaimed, disbelievingly. Well... Kaitlin was never one for book learning, anyway.

"Kaitlin... I..." I attempted to get out before she interrupted me.

"Steve... I'm sorry... I just need time to think. I didn't mean to... I didn't want to... I didn't expect to..." She tried to get out, her voice trailing off each time she tried to find a politic way to say she never expected to end up in bed with me.

"It's ok. I think I'm going to get my stuff, head home, and sleep off this hangover, ok?" I said quietly to her. I was a little upset (ok, more then a little upset) that this has apparently changed our relationship, and probably not for the better. I mean, the one thing we always agreed on, was that sex was never going to come between us... and it looks like we blew that up real good, and for something we don't even remember.

Apparently, she was feeling the exact same way I did. "Yeah. Do that. I'll catch up with you later." Kaitlin said, not looking at me, and just lay back, looking at the ceiling as I gathered the rest of my clothing, dressed, and headed towards her door.

The crisp October air helped ameliorate the worst effects of the hangover, as I walked back to my dorm. The leaves had just about finished falling off the trees (we joke that one of the reasons we appreciate the leaves changing color each fall so much is that it makes up for the amount of effort we put up with raking them and bagging them, and all that good stuff.

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