Slave Battle

by Nina

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Lesbian, Fiction, Historical, DomSub, Rough, Humiliation, Harem, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: In an ancient village, the Queen holds an annual fight between the two most prized female slaves, the winner to be her special "alpha", personal slave. Since this is the most coveted position a lowly peasant can attain, the competition is fierce. The two girls who battle in this story are scantily clad, and they hold nothing back in their attempts to destroy one another. The winner, stimulated by the fight, wants to sexually humiliate the other to intimidate the rest of the slaves. After all, she we will be challenged again next year!

Namini was determined.

She had waited for this moment for nearly a year, and now reached the status most slaves covet: the chance to vie for "Queen's Slave." One girl, and only one, per year, would win the privilege of serving Queen Anira, the beauty who ruled the province. No more sleeping in cramped quarters with five other slave girls. No more tepid, tasteless meals. No whippings. The Queen's slave-girl lived in the Queen's quarters, sleeping at the foot of her bed. She ate well, could take regular baths, could wear more than the tiny loin flaps the other girls wore, and had the privilege of being Anira's personal attendant. All she had to do in return was to please the Queen any way the Queen wanted to be pleased. It was an easy trade.

To win such a privilege, though, she must win a fighting tournament and beat out the other three girls the Queen had chosen to battle for the spot. It was a celebrated ritual, a trial every girl who had just turned eighteen, as Namini and her opponent had, wished they could be chosen for. Now all the Queen's court and much of the Royal staff surrounded the ten foot square hard sand pit in the middle of the palace courtyard. The Queen lounged, eating grapes quietly and waiting for the match to start.

Namini's breasts jutted straight out from her perfect 5'10 inch body, nipples hard in excitement, and many stared and whispered as she stood there. She stretched and loosened up, her body bare except for the two white five-inch long rectangles of fabric hanging loosely from a waist string, over her pubic area, the other in back, dangling over the middle of her buttocks. Her long auburn hair danced gently in a light breeze, as she eyed her opponent.

Yulla, a dark haired beauty with deep blue eyes, stepped into the opposite corner, wearing the identical slave waist garment, uncovered her smallish breasts and stooped to take a drink that the match attendant offered. Her skin was fair and unblemished, and she had obviously behaved well enough to avoid the occasional whippings that were doled out. Of course, certain slaves as beautiful as her could trade their services to the guards for leniency as well.

Namini sneered at her. The winner had to successfully carry the other girls' waist garment to the Queen. To do that without being stopped, the other girl obviously had to be incapacitated. There were no rules, and Namini did not plan on showing any mercy.

Finally, the Queen grew impatient. She clapped her hands and called out, "Start the fight!"

Namini and Yulla circled each other in a slight crouch. Namini went immediately for the element of surprise, and swiftly reached out and clamped her hand onto one of Yulla's breast. The slighter girl yelped, and tried to wrench her opponents hand free, and Namini did let go, but pushed upward when she did, slamming her balled up hand into the bottom of Yulla's chin. The brunette stumbled backward, but quickly regained her footing, and, to Namini's surprise, came charging at her. When she closed, Yulla ducked down and tackled Namini around the waist, sending both women sprawling to the hard-packed, tan colored dirt.

Namini rolled and grabbed Yulla around the head, holding her against her tummy, while the suddenly-trapped brunette slave reached under Namini and wriggled one hand under her ass. Namini was trying to crush the other girls head in her armlock, and Yulla moaned with effort to get free as Namini swung one leg over Yulla's waist, scissoring her. Yulla flailed to get free, her face plastered against Namini's firm young tummy. Seeing no way to break free, Yulla maneuvered her hand into Namini's ass crack, and quickly, before the bigger, stronger girl could predict the next move, pushed her middle finger into Namini's anus. Namini threw her head back and let out a cry as Yulla worked the finger deep, twisting and ramming it in and out of the other girl's puckered hole until Namini loosened her grip.

Yulla pulled away, her finger popping out of the voluptuous slave girl, and scrambled to her feet. Namini's eyes were blazing with rage as she stalked Yulla. She feigned a punch to the stomach and got the reaction she wanted: Yulla dropped her hands low and Namini seized a fistful of dark, silky hair and yanked downward. Yulla cried out and strained, trying to pull away, but she was slowly being lowered, and Namini hastened the process by sending a vicious kick up between the other girl's legs when an opening appeared. Her foot struck Yulla's pussy with a thud, with such force that it pushed the thin fabric up into her lips just enough to make it stick there. Yulla shrieked and toppled over, clutching her wounded womanhood. Namini, her teeth clenched, shot her foot up again, this time catching the kneeling slave girl in the tit, sending her flying backward. Yulla sprawled onto her back, the flap coming out of her pussy in the and laying up on her belly, exposing her sex to all. She e started to turn over and try and stand up, but Namini was fueled with revenge for the finger-fucking she took in the ass, and she pounced on Yulla's frame, mashing her body down onto the fair-skinned girl. Yulla gasped as the air left her, and Namini pushed Yulla's legs apart with her own. With savage pumping thrusts of her hips, Namini humped Yulla's crotch, pounding her pussy into the brunette's, which was still aching from the kick. Yells of encouragement were coming from the crowd now, and many glanced over at Queen Anira and saw her squirm in her seat, a delighted smile on her face.

Yulla made desperate attempts to push Namini off, but Namini, too strong for her, gripped her weakened opponents wrists and held them down while she punished the girl with her relentless humping. As Yulla panted in pain, Namini clamped her mouth onto Yulla's lower lip, and took the lip in her teeth, stretching it out and threatening to tear it from her captive's mouth. Yulla screeched loudly as she watched the other woman devastate her, and fear coursed through her at the thought of her lip being bitten off.

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