by maryjane

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, Consensual, Gay, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Gabe's partner doesn't care if Gabe cums or not. Gabe's mother gives him the idea of how to cure that problem.

I was sitting on the cold tiles of the bathroom floor, stark naked, my back against the equally cold porcelain of the tub. Greg was short enough, and I was tall enough, so that his cock lined up pretty nicely with my mouth. My hands massaged him along the backs of his marathon runner muscled legs, from the tops of his heels to the bottom of his ass. One hand continued upward to trace along the crack of his ass and to insinuate a finger between his cheeks into his puckered asshole. He liked that, as I moved my finger back and forth.

The other hand came around front to help me alternate his pleasure, sucking a little, then taking it out of my mouth and jerking it off a little. His knees pushed under my armpits to support his weight against the tub. I held his cock straight up as I gummed his balls and licked the underside of that huge dick. It really wasn't huge, but he liked when I called it that. Most guys have an ego thing about the size of their cocks. Both his hands held the back of my head as I serviced his balls, and when my mouth opened to receive his cock, he shoved it in hard and held my head as though he wanted me to deep throat him, something at total variance with what he usually liked. He backed off as I gagged.

"Good thing you did that; I was getting ready to bite it off."

"Sorry, Gabe baby."

He mussed the top of my blond head, naturally blond to match my blue eyes; a lot of guys think I'm pretty good looking, too. With him out of my mouth, I began to jerk him off, his monster's one eye just three inches away from my face, my other hand kneading his distended balls. As his breathing changed audibly, I stopped moving, letting him calm down. I put my mouth again on his meat, knowing he was unlikely to cum that way. Sucking the head, running my tongue around the rim behind it, licking all over it, I heard again the change in his breathing. Once more, I stopped, and when he was no longer about to cum, I resumed work with my hand, jerking it toward me face. For reasons known only to himself, he enjoyed having his cock in my warm, moist mouth, but refused to cum there, instead choosing to pour his hot white cream over my face and body, or in my ass, only rarely my mouth.

Maybe if I had a cunt he would like to cum there. Of course, if I had a cunt, Greg would be in some other guy's life. I'm pretty sure he's never cum inside a real cunt; possibly into a blow up doll, that's it. I've never cum into a cunt either. The trouble is, Greg very rarely does anything to help me cum; it's all self-help for me.

He was good to me though, I loved him, and it was time to let him get off. Moving my arm and hand as rapidly as my muscles would allow, my hand stimulating the head of his cock, getting him to that moment when a guy just loses all control of his senses.

"It's time, baby," he gasped, pushing my hand off his cock, only to replace it with his own. At the same time, he moved his knees back off the side of the tub and supported himself by leaning on one hand against the tub's far wall. He jerked his cock in my face, his cum spurting on my cheeks and nose, then aimed it down to drip the last of it onto my nipples. As usual, I licked the head of his cock dry. Also as usual, he scooped the tasty gooey cream off my face with his finger and fed it to my lips. I swallowed it all, rubbing a few drops on my nipples. Then I reached up, brought his head to mine and kissed him tenderly.

I turned around, knelt at the tub and ran the water for a bath. As I leaned in, my ass protruded toward Greg's face. He kissed both cheeks, ran a finger quickly along the crack of my ass, then slapped one cheek gently.

"Enjoy your bath, Gabe baby. I'm going to lie down and let my balls regenerate; then you bring that delightful ass to bed."

The water was deliciously warm; I luxuriated in the bubbles and closed my eyes, day dreaming about the cock soon to be buried in me. I reached for the radio, knowing as I did so that I shouldn't have, and found some mood music without electrocuting myself. The music and the warm water relaxed all my muscles. I was soon ready for some serious cock inside my ass. Rinsing off under the shower head, I dried my body and put on the lacy pink panties that Greg had bought for me, knowing as I did so that they would soon be on the floor.

Greg was on the bed, his cock fully engorged as I walked in to the bedroom. I lay down next to him, my head in the crook of his arm, my hand rubbing his abdomen just above his cock. We lay quietly; after a while, he bent to kiss me, our tongues battling for space in each others' mouths. I could barely hear him whisper.

"Turn over, Gabe."

On my stomach, I moved my knees underneath me, my ass rising in the air. Making a ceremonial attempt to remove my panties with his teeth, he broke down finally and rolled them off me with his gentle hands. Moving behind me, his cock pressed against my asshole. He reached for the KY and greased me up liberally, also making sure his dick was lubricated. I tightened my ass as he slid in the first finger, an instinctive reaction, since in fact I loved the feel of his cock in my ass. At those times, of course, I was glad that he was not truly huge, but only average cock sized.

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