by Lily May

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Rough, Swinging, Group Sex, Orgy, Squirting, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Sex Story: A story about a lucky young Australian couple about their travel and their buggeoning sex life.

Barry and Jill Thomas lived in a small town in Northern Tasmania having a population of around 5,000 and they had known each other since primary school, in fact both attending that and the area's High School together right through. Barry was a well built 180 centimetre tall tractor driver working for a ploughing contractor, and Jill was a curvy girl of average height and nice appearance, who, due to the size of her breasts had sometimes had her described as "dairy fed." She was pretty but not beautiful and worked at the local general store. They were long time friends but they did not become romantically involved until they were in their early twenties. They lived together for just over a year before marrying to appease their respective parents and decided that they would wait until they were out of their rented house and moved into a house of their own before having children. They started off with very little and both of them worked every hour they could to get a deposit together and after two years they had enough to put a good deposit on a small cottage in the town centre. For furniture they made do with second hand stuff and stuff that relatives had no further use for. They were comfortable but realised that they would not have any spare money for years to come, especially if a child came along. That is why she was on the pill.

For Jill's birthday, among other things Barry bought her a ticket in a Thursday night's Powerball lottery, for which that week the first prize had jackpotted to 9 million dollars. The town was abuzz the next day when the local lottery agent was notified that one of his customers shared in the jackpot with a mainlander, 4.5 million dollars each. When they arrived home from work they checked their numbers and found that they were the Tasmanian winners.

Then they did a silly thing, instead of keeping quiet they went down to the local pub and bought everyone beer for the rest of the night and of course everyone knew of their windfall.

The personal approaches, the begging letters and the phone calls started straight away and after a couple of weeks they could not hack the pressure put on them for money any more. They even bought a cell phone each with the numbers given only to immediate family so that they could pull the plug on their landline phone.

They had in the first week bought a very nice top of the range Holden car and they decided that they would leave the state until their heads had cleared and the vultures had calmed down. They decided to go to the Australian mainland for a break until they had sought and acted on some sound financial advice and then take a holiday. They had $100.000 put in a cheque account which paid for the car and would be a backstop until the money was properly invested and started a Visa card with another $20,000 which would be much more than enough to give them an extended stay on the Australian mainland. They travelled across Bass Strait, the 250 kilometre fairly rough stretch of water which separated Tasmania from mainland Australia, with the car, on one of the two new fast "Spirit of Tasmania" ferries which each made one crossing a day, crossing in mid Strait.

They arrived at Port Melbourne early in the morning and later settled into a motel around 15 kilometres from the city centre, then made an appointment to consult a financial advisor in the city who was recommended by their bank manager. The reason that they did not seek advice in Tasmania was because everyone and their dog would know their business before they had two sleeps. The motel was pretty flash and their suite was nice with a Jacuzzi. They had dinner there that night and next morning left the car parked at the motel and caught a tram into the city for their appointment. Harold, their adviser had done some homework for them already and he told them that he could arrange for their investments to be set in stone within two days.

They waited the two days and did some sightseeing and when everything was signed and sealed to their satisfaction they planned to drive north up the Hume Highway to Canberra, the nation's capital then across to the east coast town of Kiama and at their leisure follow the east coast to points north. They stopped in Canberra for a week, two days of which were spent looking through the Australian War Memorial with it's wonderful exhibits, and going on to Kiama on the east coast where they found a wonderful laid back town of about 14,000.

They had by now started to enjoy the good life and found that they could really get used to being waited on and not having to turn every coin over before spending it.

They decided to stay at Kiama for at least two weeks and that night at dinner at the motel they met and dined with a couple from Bundaberg, Queensland, Tom and Gerry. They hit it off and at kickout time the two couples went back to Barry and Jill's suite for nightcap after picking up two bottles of wine from the bottle shop. Up until now, Barry had been a minimal beer drinker and Jill had had the occasional glass of red wine, but both had been drinking a bit of wine from when they had dined on the ferry. They opened the bottles of red and they all helped drink them and after a short while Tom asked them if they had ever tried marijuana. They replied no and had never had any interest in mind altering substances. With their dinner drinks and the two bottles the four were very mellow and the dirty jokes started to circulate.

At about 1.00am the party broke up and the men shook hands, the women pecked at each others cheeks and then Barry kissed Gerry goodnight and Tom kissed Jill too. The kisses lasted a lot longer than if they had been sober and in fact it became an unspoken competition to see who could kiss the others spouse the longest, using plenty of tongue. Breasts were cupped also.

Tom broke away first and with a raspy voice said that they should go.

As soon as the door closed on them clothes were flying everywhere and Barry and Jill went through the usual foreplay routine before having sex their usual missionary style.

Barry's routine was a couple of minutes kissing, a couple of minutes of nipple tweaking and a couple of minutes digital penetration of Jill's cunt. It was enough to make her a little wet but it was not enough to set her up for anything special. As usual Barry lasted less than three minutes and Jill as usual did not climax, in fact she had never climaxed and she thought that the pleasant felling of having a cock going in and out of her cunt was what it was all about. She had often listened to her girlfriends talked about earth shattering orgasms and she reckoned it was all bullshit.

As usual Barry was asleep immediately after withdrawing and Jill started to wonder if there was more to sex than she had thought, as her cunt had become quite wet and tingly during the kissathon with Tom.

Barry woke up first in the morning and also wondered if he was missing something as he and his cock had been very excited during his kissathon with Tom's wife. He did not realise that it was his lack of arousing Jill, and, her in turn not knowing of the delights that sustained foreplay could bring on, was the reason for her laying there like a sack of shit during their sparrow like shags.

After a very nice few days at Kiama they moved northward to Sydney where they booked into a very flash hotel on Darling Harbour where they found that they were two of the very few people there without slinty eyes and jet black hair. They did the usual tourist things like the Harbour cruises, the Opera House, Centrepoint Tower on the first few days and even travelled west to Bathurst to drive around the world famous car racing circuit.

At dinner that night at a nearby restaurant they again sat near and met up with a young couple who were from Sydney and were celebrating the wife's 28th birthday. They were Allen and Marlene. They enjoyed a good night and Barry and Jill were invited to spend the next day, Saturday, with them at their home at Liverpool, about 30 kilometres from the city. This they accepted and arrived there around noon. After lunch they sat and had a drink and talked about their lives, without Barry mentioning their windfall and then they unanimously decided that they would go to a nearby Rugby Leagues Club for a crack at the pokies and dinner afterwards. They took a cab to the club and had a wow of a night and soon after returning to Allen and Marlene's they came to the conclusion that neither Barry or Jill were fit to drive back to the hotel so they were offered the guest room for the night. Little did they know that they were being set up.

Now that it was settled that they should stay, they settled back down with drinks and watched a porno movie that, which while not being hardcore, was very erotic and exciting to the four.

Marlene went to the kitchen to get some more drinks and nibbles and asked Barry to help her and while they were out of the room Allen moved to sit next to Jill on the two seater couch. He told her that they had occasionally swapped partners with friends and whilst being madly in love with each other, they felt that an occasional one off dalliance did nothing to hurt either of them and they felt it actually sparked up their marriage, and, seeing that Barry and Jill were only passing through they would like them to consider swapping either for a hour or so or for all night.

Jill thought long and hard and said it would be OK with her as long as it was OK with Barry and that they had sometimes jokingly wondered in the past what could be different with having sex with other people. Little did Jill know that Marlene was giving Barry the same spiel and after some thought Barry said that it was OK with her if it was OK with Jill. When they were all together again in the lounge room, Marlene who was definitely the dominant partner in their marriage asked if the swapping was to happen. The other three heads nodded and then it was suggested that seeing it was the Tasmanian couples first foray into swinging they would try it for around an hour and a half, that is from 10.30pm until around midnight then reassess the situation. Marlene realised from the outset that the Tasmanians were mere babes in the wood, very nice but very naïve babes in the wood and that she and Allen would have great fun in their education.

The couples paired off with Marlene taking Barry to the master bedroom and Allen taking Jill to the guest room. There was some reticence with the first timers at first but the evening's grog had fed their libidos and Jill soon stripped off in front of her partner as he was also stripping. Jill was a little surprised that Allen's cock was quite a bit shorter and thinner than Barry's. Barry's would only just neatly fit into a toilet roll core with a little over three inches sticking out the end. His was the only cock she had ever known. They had joked that if his cock ever got broken, they could use a toilet roll for a splint. Allen and Jill embraced and after some torrid kissing and breast massaging he laid her in the centre of the bed with her legs from the knees down over the foot of the bed. Jill was expecting to receive something like Barry's routine but when Allen parted her legs and started to lick her cunt, her first thoughts were of horror as she had neither ever given or received oral sex. He tongued her comprehensively. His tongue laved her cunt from taint to top and occasionally stopped along the way and buzzed and sucked her clit. She had masturbated many times over the years but although she found the sensation to be nice, she had never actually orgasmed. Then he climbed onto her and they fucked and she soon found out that she was a screamer when she had her first ever orgasm by any means.

On hearing her scream Barry came racing through the door thinking she had been hurt. She looked over at him and said, "fuck off Barry this is great." As he paused whilst backing out the door he saw Allen push her up the bed and mount her, entering her in one fell swoop and they started to fuck like rabbits with her by now making a mewling noise with an occasional small scream when she climaxed.

On their entering the master bedroom, Barry and Marlene had also embraced, then undressed each other and pushed him on his back on to the bed sideways across it, pushed his legs apart, bobbed her head down and swallowed the first five inches of his cock. This was entirely new to him and had previously thought that blowjobs were something that only hookers did. Goodness only knows where he got that idea from. She tormented him by alternately deep throating his nicely sized cock and then pulling back and licking the head with tiny feather like caresses and then moving away and then mouthing his balls doing all this over and over. After a while she took pity and did a Hoover on him and swallowed his cum. About a half hour later she again swallowed his cock, but only to bring his cock to action stations then straddled him and gave him the fucking of his life to date. She was also fairly vocal too.

Barry and Jill did not realise that they were taking part in plan A, plan B was to take place later.

The status to date was :-

Barry:Had received his first blowjob complete with swallowing.
Had his first ever fuck with his partner climaxing
Had his first ever extramarital fuck.
Jill:Received her first oral sex
Had her first ever extramarital fuck
Had her first ever orgasm.
Marlene:Had given Barry all of the above and there was still plan B to go.
Allen:Had given Jill all of the above and there was still plan B to go.

Plan B.

Shortly after midnight, because there had been no move on anyone's part to switch back, Marlene slid up the bed and straddled Barry's chest and pushed her cunt to his mouth introducing him to the delights of cunnilingus. He was a bit reluctant at first but two things changed his mind; that she had gobbled him off and she convinced him it was not the disgusting sensation he had previously thought it would be. She guided him with her hands on the side of his head and after some wonderful ministrations she came in a huge fashion and squirted what seemed to be a cupful into his mouth and face and over his chest. He found then that he did not mind eating cream pie, after all, apart from her juices, he was only getting his own back. As quick as a flash she slid down his torso, impaled herself and fucked him cowgirl style until he came and gave her a protein injection.

In the guest room Jill and Allen also reckoned that there would be no switching back so Allen started to give her little fairy touches on her previously known erotic zones as well as some zones she had never known about and this turned her into a dithering slobbering mess, convulsing like she never had before. He put her into the classic 69 position and they operated on each other's genitals until she also squirted over his face and moments later he came in her mouth because she couldn't move her head away quickly enough. She found the taste, although unasked for, to be quite pleasant. They slept the rest of the night away as did Marlene and Barry, with each guy holding each others wife's breast in his hand.

In the morning each couple had very nice sex again, Jill getting to try for the first time doggy style. While he was stroking into her, the nipples of her beautiful dangling breasts were being rubbed back and forth on the bedsheet causing a continuous low level orgasm, but when she felt his cock expand prior to cumming, the earth moved for her and she stiffened and slid her knees back so the she fell flat on the bed losing the cock that was by now spurting over her bum and lower back only missing out on the initial pulse. He massaged the cum onto her bum and back. Marlene was at the same time getting her favourite, woman superior, and after coming down from their raptures each couple took a shower together, making sure that each other were scrupulously clean, dressed and went down to the kitchen to have breakfast.

Plan B was completed now.

The status now was ;

Barry:Had had his first taste of cunt and had been squirted on
Had been fucked cowgirl style
Ate cream pie
And all of plan A.
Jill:Had sucked her first cock
Had swallowed cum for the first time
Had her first doggy fuck
Had her first cum bath.
She had squirted for the first time
And all of plan A.
Marlene:Had taught Barry all of plans A & B.
Allen:Had taught Jill all of plans A & B.

Barry and Jill stayed until mid afternoon after having a snack back at the club and when they asked for details on swinging, Marlene told them that as with their meeting at the restaurant, eyeballing and starting a conversation can often lead to what they had experienced and also that most sex shops had a notice board with phone numbers and basic personal details displayed. Magazines advertisements also worked. She told them that if someone was bold enough to give a phone number be it landline or mobile the advertiser could be traced if things went amok, so they thought it quite safe to meet at a neutral venue for a preliminary meeting to ensure that they were not meeting with axe murderers or anyone else sinister. They had done this several times and about half of these meetings bore fruit. But the important thing was not to invite the people they met through notice boards or magazines to your home. Allen is a member of a Nationwide organization which raises money for charities and they found that they met some like minded people in their branch as well as at conventions.

Within their branch there was a group of eight or so couples who twice a year booked out a country B&B for the weekend where they swap, have orgies, gang bangs, threesomes, foursomes, play strip poker and goodness knows what else over two full days and nights. The use of Viagra is optional as is whether you dress or not.

Marlene and Allen bid them farewell and both couples exchanged phone numbers in case Marlene and Allen ever got to Tasmania or Barry and Jill ever got back to Sydney each knowing full well that would never meet again.

On the way back to their hotel they had a deep and meaningful discussion on their experience and they both could honestly say that they were not upset at their mate's enjoyment of the extramarital sex and agreed that they had learnt a lot which they believed could only enhance their marriage. They both definitely agreed that foreplay could be almost as good as actually fucking. And they both agreed that whilst not actively pursuing that lifestyle, if the occasion arose they would again probably take the opportunity to savour swinging perhaps a couple more times, but definitely not back home in Tasmania. They discovered that they received more enjoyment from their newly liberated lovemaking and they both loved giving and receiving oral sex. After a couple of days Jill hiccupped while fellating him accidentally swallowing her husband's semen and to her delight found again that the slightly salty nutty flavour was not unpleasant.

They stayed in Sydney a few more days and one evening did the walk along Sydney's gay area Oxford Street and went by cab on to Kings Cross, Sydney's notorious red-light/drug area. They sat in a bar with floor to ceiling windows looking out onto the street and saw the hookers and the druggies doing their thing. It fascinated them to see young girls who appeared to be in their early teens going off with men and returning to the same spot a half hour later then obviously buying drugs with their hard earned cash. Returning to the city they came across a club named the Rainbow Room and because they wanted to rest their feet for a while and also because they were again thirsty they paid, the first time ever for them, a cover charge and sat on stools at the bar. It hit them both at the same instant that things were a bit different, men were dancing with men and women were dancing with women and that is when the significance of the club's name hit them. They had one very expensive drink each and left, shaking their heads in amazement.

Next morning they set off for the 900 odd kilometre drive north to Surfers Paradise, planning to have a few stops on the way.

When they got to Newcastle, an industrial city about 100 kilometres north of Sydney, whilst doing some shopping Barry noticed an advertisement in a shop window for the national Dirt Track championships to be held just a few kilometres north at Raymond Terrace the following weekend, so because it was still only Tuesday they detoured and visited the home of some of Australia's premium wines, the Hunter Valley. They stayed at some excellent motels, without any action, and visited some wineries and although they were not serious wine drinkers, they enjoyed the excellent meals provided by some wineries and just loved to watch the Asian tourists pushing and shoving for the free wine tastings and nibbles, and saw that their children were worse. It was the first time they had seen the huge vase shaped stacks for the power stations fumes. In Tasmania 99.9% of the power is generated by hydro power stations and wind farms are being set up at this moment. That helps Tasmania's reputation of being clean and green.

On their return to Newcastle on Friday afternoon they settled in for at least a weeks stay. Barry had been interested in watching Dirt Track racing back home and was amazed when instead of seeing a lightly graded track in a paddock, the Barleigh Ranch track at Raymond Terrace, just out of Newcastle, was heavily oiled and the surface was like bitumen. He went to see practice on Saturday afternoon and the championships on Sunday and saw some brilliant racing especially the little low sidecar outfits while Jill went shopping to buy herself some clothes to suit her newly liberated being. The clothes she bought would have had her ostracized back home, with purchases of short short dresses and skirts, and blouses ranging from sheer to opaque and also panty and bra sets which would give the Pope a fat.

Thigh high stockings, crutchless panty hose, garter belts and higher heeled shoes than she had ever worn topped it all off. On Saturday also she went the whole hog at the hotel's Beauty Parlour, hair style and colour, facial, manicure, pedicure and as a gift for Barry, a Brazilian wax which hurt like hell.

That night she really dressed up for the occasion and wore a new little black cocktail frock with spaghetti straps and no bra, black mesh stockings held up by a garter belt and on her feet black 3 inch heeled toeless strappy shoes. When Barry went up to their room after having a couple of drinks in the bar while Jill prepared for the evening, he nearly spurted in his pants, she looked so lovely.

She drew a lot of attention at dinner, lapping it all up, and when they returned to their room later she did a slow sexual dance while stripping for him that would have got her a top job in any nightclub in the country.

When he saw the hairless cunt, he was overcome, well almost, and ripped his clothes off and he did not have to use his old routine on her as she was dripping fluid down the insides of her thighs. They sucked and fucked and for the first time they shagged dog fashion, something that Jill had tried with Allen but Barry had not as yet tried. For the first time ever they could feel his cock nudging her cervix and he definitely knew by her convulsing and vocalising that he was entering uncharted territory. When they awoke in the morning, after his greatly improved foreplay had Jill all fired up, he got her legs up over his shoulders for a new to them sexual position and after quite a long fuck, as he felt rumbling from his balls, he got a bit excited on an outstroke and pulled out of her cunt a fraction and when he realised and went to put it back in her cunt, he missed and drove the cockhead into her rectum, about an inch only thank goodness, and she let him know in no uncertain terms that it hurt. They then both knew for sure that anal was not for them

The next morning they set off north again and stayed for a week at Nambucca Heads, a beautiful seaside town where Barry had his first ever game of golf. He told Jill afterwards that he considered golf only a complicated way of walking, nothing else.

Next they stayed at Coff's harbour, which could either be called a large town or a small city where they were booked into a 4 star beach resort.

The second night they were there, at dinner Jill, again dressed to kill, noticed that they were getting quite a bit of attention from a nice looking couple across the restaurant from them, a distance of about 6 metres. Remembering Marlene's advice she alerted Barry and they played eye games with the other couple. After their meal, they got up to dance and although neither was a brilliant dancer, their going to many country dances back home allowed them not to be disgraced by the others on the floor. Barry pulled Jill to him so that she could feel his pecker and she started to rub her mound in little circles on it. His hands dropped to cup her lovely curvy bum and they were miles away when the couple they had been scoping danced over to them and asked to change partners. They changed and while Barry was giving his new dance partner Judy a bit of what he had been giving his wife, Jill was giving her new partner Gavin a bit of what she had been giving her husband. Gavin's pecker rose to the occasion and in seconds they were dry fucking whilst dancing, the same as the other two were. They stayed on the floor for the next dance which was a really sexy slow number then Jill nudged Gavin over to the others and said "let's get out of here", the four of them going up to Barry and Jill's suite, Barry with his arm around Marlene and Gavin holding Jill tight.

When they got there with their clothes already half taken off in the lift, there was no fucking about, only plain and fancy fucking, with both couples fucking at times simultaneously on the huge water bed. A while later, for the second round they reverted to husband and wife shagging and for the third round much later still, they swapped again. You name it, they did it, cunnilingus, fellatio, missionary, doggy and cowgirl, the only thing they did not do was anal, which it turned out later neither couple had tried and neither couple was interested in.

At 2.00am the guys cried enough and they were stunned when the two girls put on a short girl on girl display. Apparently neither had ever been with another woman before and so they were on a learning curve but seemed to quickly discover that a 69er was the way to make them both happy at the same time. Both the guys wished that they could do honours with Judy's skyward aimed cunt while she was busy on top of Jill, but the wheels had fallen off both their wagons big time. When the girls were satiated they tried by mouth to get each other's spouse's cock to an erection. This they did but after a long time fellating them could not get them to cum so they decided that this was only to be a rehearsal, that is, the players are there but no one comes. As Gavin and Judy were staying at the resort as well, they split up and Gavin took Jill back to his suite for the rest of the night with Judy staying with Barry. There was lot of cuddling until the two lots of lovers went to sleep and in the morning after each couple had fucked, Barry rang Gavin's room and they arranged for the girls to return to their respective husbands.

Next morning Barry and Jill reiterated their earlier covenant that their swapping was to be "an occasional one off dalliance" to the letter and they would not seek out any previous extramarital sexual partners under any circumstances. They pledged their love for each other and spoke on how they felt their swapping had definitely brought them closer together and had greatly enhanced their previously mundane love life.

They moved on then to Byron Bay and booked into a beautiful 2 storey hotel with their room overlooking the ocean. They had an afternoon nap and went down to dinner, had an exquisite meal and while they were dancing to a very slow song on the very dimly lit dance floor, she put his hand under her dress hem for him to find that she was not wearing any panties. He told her that they had to leave the place immediately or his cock would self destruct.

It was only around 9.00pm when they got in the door and he stripped her, she stripped him and he then bent her over to support herself with her arms on the bed then fucked the shit out her from the rear, him standing up. They rested and put on their night attire and before getting into bed later Jill went out onto their balcony to look at the beautiful scene with the moon shining on to the wave tops and making them sparkle, then Barry came up behind her and pressed his cock into her arse crack, reached around cupping and rubbing her beautiful breasts, and kissing her neck and ears. It got too much for them and he drew her back a little, had her bend at the waist and hang onto the railing and then lifted her shorty nightdress up and this time gently slipped his cock into her cunt, after having stepped out of his boxers. Because they were overlooking the ocean they both realised that no one could see them unless the watchers were in a boat, and they could see no boats. Climaxes came for both of them within seconds of each other and when he turned her around and kissed her he could feel tears of joy running down her face. They went in to bed and cuddled for a long time thinking of their love for each other before dropping off to sleep.

This was only a one day stay at Byron Bay before going on to Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast. As they had previously decided to stay at Surfers for at least two weeks and possibly a month they booked into a serviced apartment, not so much to save money but to be a bit more like home. Jill cooked a few evening meals and they had breakfast there but they had lunch wherever they happened to be. The Gold Coast is Australia's premier tourist site with theme parks and beautiful beaches and a canal system lined with houses starting off in price at around 4 million dollars. Most had motor yachts berthed at the bottom of their gardens in the canal.

They did all the tourist things and while on the beach one afternoon, with Jill just about falling out of her bikini top and the thin bikini bottom material showing her camel hoof unbeknown to her, they met a couple about their age who were on their honeymoon. The talk got a bit raunchy and they agreed to meet up at 9.00pm at a very popular nightspot for a meal, drinks and dancing.

As arranged they met at their previously booked table and between courses and after the meal they danced, changing partners every two or three songs. There was a bit of crutch manipulating but nothing serious. Jill had quickly sussed that the other couple were not candidates for swapping and they farewelled each other at the door late in the night and agreed that it had been very pleasant evening.

Barry and Jill however were stimulated by the pleasant company, the drinks and the crutch rubbing and had an exceptional night of sex until they dropped, and Barry's cock drooped, with exhaustion at about 3.00am, with them sleeping through until close to midday.

During their sightseeing they could not get over that instead of the thousands of Japanese tourists they had been told to expect, there were a huge number of Muslim tourists. Apparently when it gets too hot in their own countries they holiday in Australia to escape the heat. The theme parks even had space allocated for the Muslim's prayer times.

They stayed three weeks and moved north again the 70 or so kilometres to Brisbane, the states capital and again booked into a nice suburban motel for an estimated fortnight.

The next day the drove into the city and parked at an underground car park and while sitting there reading a map of the city, they noticed a very striking looking woman who looked to be in her early forties walking through the car park with an airlines carryon type bag slung over her shoulder. When she was about ten metres away from them a youth ran up and grabbed her bag, pushing her over and went to run between Barry's driver side door and a building support pillar. Barry lined him up and at precisely the right moment pushed open the car door causing the snatcher to ricochet into the pillar. Barry quickly subdued him while Jill went to help the lady up. After a quick check she found that her only injuries were skun knees and elbows. She asked if they had a cell phone to call her husband as hers was still in her car. Jill gave her Barry's phone and by the way the conversation went, the husband was only minutes away.

Barry pressed the kid to the ground with a foot on his neck until the husband turned up and when Barry suggested that they ring the Police. Brian, the husband said he would handle it, then pulled the kids wallet from his back pocket, removed his drivers licence and put it his shirt pocket until he could find time to study it. Brian and Mary, the wife, then asked them to go with them to a coffee shop a couple of doors away so they could talk and properly thank them for their actions.

Brian told them that they had a little business within their company that generated a lot of cash, and at the time of the attack Mary was carrying a large amount of cash to their accountant upstairs who "handled" their money. He also said that if the kid had got away with the bag, there was some paperwork in it that if it fell into the wrong hands could have caused them considerable grief. He did not have to tell them it was not something he could report to the Police. After effusively thanking them, he invited them to come to their home late tomorrow afternoon for a barbecue and drinks and when they accepted, he asked where they were staying so that he could have a car pick them up at 4.30pm. He told Barry that he and Mary could not be home themselves until 5.00pm. After doing a bit of shopping and sightseeing they returned to the apartment where Jill cooked a nice meal.

At 4.30pm the next day the receptionist rang their room to advise that a car was there for them and three quarters of an hour later they found themselves at the front door of a huge house in a gated community and were greeted by Mary and Brian. They went inside and were amazed at the opulence of the house and they were taken into what appeared to be a family/entertaining room where they were introduced to a very handsome young man and beautiful young woman each about twenty years old. They were introduced as visitors from Sydney and their names were Jenny who was wearing a very tiny microskirt and a crop top with no bra and Tim who was wearing baggy wide legged boxer style shorts and a T shirt.

After some general chitchat Brian asked Barry to accompany him into his den/office and handed him a beer and asked him to be seated and then told him that he had a Ford dealership which was going well, but the cash money that was involved in yesterdays snatch was the cash proceeds from their little sideline. Payments by cheque or card from the "sideline" were banked but the cash component was literally "put in the back pocket". Barry did not feel it necessary to tell Brian the he and Jill could probably buy and sell him. He could not get over that Brian was so outgoing about his business

It did not take Barry long to work out by hints given that the sideline had to do with prostitution and Brian went on to say that they had five very well positioned high class brothels around the city. Quite a few of their girls were married and some even had kids. Some of the husbands knew how they were earning the extra money and some did not know about the extra money at all. The girls had to be drug free with the exception of occasional marijuana smoking and they were regularly checked for unwanted rashes and bugs by Brian's doctor. Brian told him that while Barry might look down on him for running his sideline, it had been a necessary service for millenniums and he was just providing a service. Barry thought about this comment and really had no argument with Brian's statement and anyway it was no concern of his.

Mary called Brian to tell him that they all must be hungry so he put on a chef's apron and hat and started cooking the marinated steak and chicken breasts. This was served with an array of salads and Idaho potatoes and was followed by dessert which really no one could fit in. When they sat down in the family room after dinner Jill saw that Jenny and Tim had sat themselves in armchairs directly opposite where she and Barry were sitting and she noticed that that Jenny had opened up her legs and lo and behold she could see her bald cunt as plain as day, a lot more visible than Sharon Stone's was in the movie. Then she looked over at Tim and she could see most of his flaccid cock up a leg of his boxers. When Tim realised that Jill had noticed, his cock grew until it resembled a pole tenting his shorts. She gave Barry the eye signals and he nearly shit himself, not by seeing Tim's cock, but by seeing Jenny's display.

After they had all settled down with a drink Brian asked them straight out if they had ever swung, and when they both nodded he said that it would be a great excuse for a celebratory play tonight and they would certainly enjoy a top night. Of course Jill and Barry were happy to join in and the six went into a completely mirrored, scented, dimly lit room containing two adjoined huge beds. Mary said that as the honoured guests they could choose their partners first.

Jill chose Brian and Barry chose young Jenny, Tim paired up with Mary and they all stripped to the sound of soft soothing music and one by one each couple found a spot on either of the beds. Brian proved to be a smooth operator and soon had Jill begging for his smaller than average sized cock, Barry was entranced with the youth and beauty of Jenny and Tim was immediately up Mary like a rat up a rope. Barry knew by watching them that that particular rat had been up that particular rope before.

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