Catfight Club

by Nina

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Coercion, Lesbian, DomSub, Rough, Humiliation, White Female, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Violent, .

Desc: Action/Adventure Sex Story: A young woman tries her hand at ring catfighting at an underground club. It's an ominous sign when her confident opponent climbs into the wring and clips a clothesline across her corner, with the panties of all her recent victories clipped to it! What happens to the new and inexperienced cutie when faced with this hot tough girl who is bent on getting another pair of panties for her clothesline?

Traci entered the ring cautiously, as the crowd murmured and made comments about her. She was trembling slightly and she was trying not to let it show. There were about 80 men and less than 15 women in the audience, and beer was being served. It was her first fight. As she climbed through the ropes, catcalls and whistles raining down on her, she remembered the manager's words when she signed the contract: "Just cause you're new, honey, don't expect any breaks. Matter of fact you'll go up against one of the toughest girls in the club to start off with. And remember, the winner gets three minutes with the loser to do whatever she wants. That's her prize. Still wanna do this?"

She had yes... yes to it all. She remembered, too, that the winner also gets the loser's panties. She looked down at her tiny pink panties, and her matching sleeveless top. Fight hard, she told herself, don't lose any of it.

Just then the crowd roared and several people in the audience stood up.

Her opponent, Denise, was entering the ring, with her bag, and she grinned at the crowd, who knew and obviously loved her. To Traci's amazement, Denise pulled a clothesline out the bag and hung it in her corner on the ropes. On the clotheline hung eleven pairs of panties. The crowd cheered, and Denise, a short haired blonde, stood with both hands in the air, her near-perfect, well-muscled body stretched and magnificent in her black string bikini.

The ref caught Traci staring at the panties hanging on the line. "Those are her victories, baby," the short, shapely Oriental girl said. "Unless you are real good, you'll probably be number twelve."

Traci swallowed and said nothing. They were both announced, and the bell rang.

Traci trotted to the center of the ring, and locked eyes with Denise, who quickly shot her arm out to grab her neck. Traci dodged this deftly, but even faster came Denise's other arm, jabbing her fist into Traci's stomach. The brunette grunted and doubled over, trying to catch her wind, and Denise rapidly hammered the smaller girl on her neck and back, her fist like a piston on her flesh. Traci struggled to stay standing, but the blows dazed her and sent her to her knees.

Denise had her by the hair, and as Traci was thinking of what to do next, she yanked the kneeling girl's head up and stung her face with a flurry of vicious slaps, snapping Traci's head back and forth. Traci's face hummed with pain, and tears now blurred her vision as she tried to strike out with a fist. She caught Denise's knee, but the blow had little consequence, and Denise lashed out with one foot, kicking the dark-haired beauty directly in her left breast, sending her sprawling on her back. Traci lay there, rolling slowly to her side, trying to recover the pain in her face and the ache in her tit, while her wind was still only at half strength from the shot to the belly. She knew she had to act quickly. Denise was so fast, and incredibly aggressive. She looked up at the gorgeous blonde, and felt a stab of fear and inferiority as Denise wasted no time in grabbing her ankle and twisting her leg.

"AHHHHHHHGGG!" Traci cried out as the pain shot through her knee and leg. She kicked out at the blonde, striking her thigh, and Denise grunted, but didn't let go. Denise grabbed Traci's other leg, pulling them apart. She looked down into Traci's eyes, a menacing smile on her lips, as she held her open like a wishbone. Then she stomped one foot down directly onto Traci's mound. Traci shrieked in pain, and she clutched her pussy in agony.

"Fucking amatuers..." she heard Denise mutter as the girls footsteps went around to her head.

The next thing she knew, Traci's crotch was directly above her, and her knees pinned her shoulders painfully to the canvas. Denise was facing Traci's feet, and the helpless girl next felt her top coming off. The crowd was jeering and banging beer cans on the tables as Traci's tits became exposed to everyone. Traci, her pussy still aching with pain and her shoulders being crushed by Denise's knees, struggled feebly, her legs twisting and kicking, but there was nowhere to go.

Just then, Denise grabbed both of her nipples and twisted them savagely, sending new bolts of agony through her.


"Shuttup, bitch!" Denise barked, and dropped her crotch down lower so her knees weighed more heavily on her. Traci moaned, and when she inhaled could smell the humid emanations of the other girl's sex just above her, and the sweet/sweaty muskiness of her ass, which hovered barely an inch from her nose, covered only by the thin strap of Denise's bikini bottom.

Denise pinched and twisted the nipples again, causing Traci to arch and writhe, her head coming up off the canvas and her face briefly pressed into the crevice of Denise's ass.

She panted in pain, and the humiliation began to unravel her completely, as the crowd got louder and was calling Denise's name. She heard shouts of "Kill her, Denise!" and "Suffocate the bitch!"

Denise was suddenly off her, but before Traci could even fathom what was happening, Denise yanked her to a kneeling position by her hair. Denise's foot then slammed into her back and sent her forward, on her tummy, and she landed on the canvas with a thud. Delirious with pain and fatigue, Traci struggled to her hands and knees, shaking her head to clear the paralysis and try to mount a comeback of some sort. It was to no avail, as the taller, more experienced and confident Denise hammered her with vicious kicks to her ass, her side and her thighs. Traci collapsed back down and tried to curl up. Denise stood over the hapless brunetted and stomped directly down onto her back and her head. Traci began to convulse in sobs of pain and defeat.

The ref pushed Denise away momentarily, looked down at Traci and said, "You give up?"

It was her first fight. Should she? Or should she give it one more try, with the referee giving her this break.

"I... I'..."

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