Special Breakfast Order

by Viki_2001_02769

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, .

Desc: Sex Story: A special request for breakfast, gives rise to a very HOT tip!<br>Note: This is the third story in the Hugh/Viki series.


It's late Fall; and you've arrived in Stowe, VT. You're staying at a nice upscale hotel, in a room rented by the Manager of the nearby airport. This, by the way, is my part-time job.

NOTE: Thank you, Sir L. Sagramore, for your invaluable assistance!

Now on to the story

"Good Morning, Mr. Symthe-Granger. This is Vicki from the Front Desk? You asked that an 07:40 wake-up call be given? We have a very nice, complimentary Continental Breakfast being offered, would you like one sent up? Good! What would you like?

"Hmmm," Vicki said somewhat thoughtfully, "I'm not sure we have that on the menu, but I'll do my best to find out; and if we do, I'll send it along to you. Ok? All right then, let me get that order of yours started." Smiling, I ring off the connection and dial the extention of Room Service.

After placing your order, I ready the desk for the next shift and prepare to leave for the day as I am the Night Shift Desk Manager. Five minutes later your tray arrives, and at the same time, so does my shift relief.

"Good morning Neil, and thank you for bringing this to the desk. I'll take it from here." I smile at the young man who brought the tray. After a friendly greeting, Neil inclines his head in my direction, turns quietly around and heads back to the Dining Room area and the kitchen beyond. I then turn back to finish up the desk and greet Kris, my shift relief.

"Good morning, Kris. You're looking sharp this morning," I say, smiling and straightening her tie.

"Good morning to you too, Vicki." Nodding in the direction of the tray, "Yours," she continues questioningly.

"Sort of," I reply, and smile at her quizzical expression. Having gained the other side of the front desk, I quickly take the tray, and with a small wave to Kris, I head for the elevator bank and press the UP button.

As the doors glide open quietly, I note that there are NO passengers, only a RS trolly that someone left, so I step inside and wait for the doors to close behind me.

Putting your tray down on the trolley, with slightly shaking hands, I press 8, and let my breath go on a quiet sigh. I realize I'm nervous; mainly because I've never done anything like this either for or with another hotel patron.

As the elevator glides upward, I quickly raise the skirt of my uniform and remove my black lace panties. Then, lifting the cover from one of the dishes, I place them on the empty plate beneath and replace the cover.

The elevator doors open soundlessly. I pick up your tray, and step out onto your floor. Feeling deliciously wanton and wicked, I turn to my left and head down the hall to Room 800 - last door on my right. Steadying the tray on one hand, I knock with the other.

"Room Service," I call out.

The door whisks open, and you stand aside to usher me in, slip the Do Not Disturb sign on the outside of the knob, quickly close it, and slip on the chain, as I place your tray on the table, which also serves as a desk.

"Good Morning again, Mr. Smythe-Granger. I trust you rested well." At your eager glance from me to the tray, I continue, saying, "If you'll look under the medium-size cover there, you'll see I was able to find that item you requested. It was not on the menu as I had suspected."

"Mmm, something smells devine. What's under all these covers, dear?"

You look at me in some surprize, and say, "You were able to find what I asked for?" A devilish glint appears in the corner of your eye as you lift the medium cover and give a whoop of jubilation.

I have busied myself with placing your breakfast onto the table by the window and sliding the heavy drapes open, leaving only the liners closed, as the room is filled with soft sunlight and a gentle breeze flutters the liners.

You have crossed the room and have come to stop and stand almost directly behind me. You take the last few steps and reach to pull me back against you, and press my back against your chest, quickly slipping your hands inside the blazer of my uniform.

"Mmmm, how can I ever thank you for the special item you found?" You ask me this as your hand finds my breast.

Cupping first one breast, then the other, your palm is branded by each of my erect and hardened nipples. You press your arousal deeper into me through the material of my skirt. One hand slides down to the hem of my skirt and you raise it slowly, as your fingers glide upward feeling the texture of my nylons under them. It's an erotic feeling; one you savor.

Your hand stops when it reaches the top of my thigh-high nylons; feeling the cool skin of my thigh. You then inch your fingers toward the "v" between my thighs and soon feel warmth and wetness. Pressing your fingers into my thigh, and with the slightest of pressure, you signal me to open them and allow you further access.

I oblige and do as you request. As you hear the rustle of the skirt lining against the top of my nylons, you continue your move inward, and are further rewarded as you feel a slight slickness to my thighs as you inch ever closer to your goal.

As I am leaning against your chest, my lower arms and hands are held between us. I feel the warmth of your body heat thru the material of your bikini briefs and draw a sharp intake of breath as you push your arousal harder against, and slightly into, my rear. I expel a quiet breath and a small groan, as I turn my wrists slightly, so I can hold your hardness within my grasp.

You moan softly against my ear, and I inhale a sharp, quick breath, as you quickly slip the middle finger of your right hand up my wet slit, teasing and taunting me, making me want more, then bringing your hand from under my skirt.

I watch, in fascination, as you bring that finger to rest just beneath your nose, and inhale deeply. Your eyelids close slowly as you savor the scent of my nectar.

You lean forward and pulling me hard against you, you thrust your tongue deep into my mouth. Your hands glide over my skirt, caressing my rear and pulling me up against you as you grind your arousal on my already tender clit.

You now use both hands as you caress the cheeks of my rear. Finding my skirt a hindrance, your hands move in a hurried fashion to the waistband, find the slipclasp, and undo it, and then the hidden zipper beneath it, then let it fall into a navy blue/black pool at my heeled pump feet.

My once cool-to-the-touch skin is warm where your arousal is pushed against it. Your hands find their way back to my rear, and you find the crack and slowly start to run your finger down it. You find the spot you were seeking, and after quickly running the tip of your finger into the wetness you find near there, you push the end into that tight spot.

You give a throaty chuckle as you hear my sharp intake of breath, and start to push your finger deeper. Slowly you enter me, millimeter by millimeter, riggling it sinuously as you push. I moan deeply and open my mouth as our tongues begin to dance and mate.

My hands are still holding your arousal, and I push the material of your briefs away in one quick motion; letting them fall to your ankles. You now stand there, naked before me.

I gently cup your hot balls, feeling your juices roil and boil, making your balls heavy and hard. I slip one hand around your hard cock, and the other holds your balls. As you start to finger my tight hole; I start to slide my hand up and down your shaft and lightly milkcaress your hard and heavy balls. You moan into my mouth as your knees buckle ever so slightly.

You nudge me backwards to the bed and turning slightly, you sit down pulling me with you until I'm sitting in your lap. In order to get us more into the center of your bed, you realize you're going to have to remove your finger.

Slowly and reluctantly you remove it and we move up the sheets toward the still rumpled pillows.

I have had to let go of your cock and balls so we can move; but once settled against the pillows, I reclaim what I was holding. With me lying next to you, facing you, you reclaim my rear. Like this, you find you can push your finger deeper into my tightness. But you need more wetness.

Quickly removing your finger from the tight well, you are about to roll me over onto my back, when the sight of my hands, working your privates, stops you. You love the feel of my touch. See how your cock responds to it? You watch, somewhat spellbound, as it jumps and quivers at each loving stroke.

You see the droplet of pre-cum forming at the top of the slit, and you hope I'll lean forward and take it with my tongue, or my finger. Your hands, resting on my knees, gently push my legs open farther, and, walking on your knees, you bring yourself closer to me.

Now that you are closer to me, you don't have long to wait for your answer. Holding your cock before me, my mouth opens and I slowly bring your nine inch cock closer towards it. As you watch your cock slowly slide between my lips, your right hand glides down the inside of my left thigh, and finds my wett well.

You push your finger deep inside and start to finger my pussy. You are soon rewarded as you hear and feel the juices suck against you, and then the familiar pull as my muscle grips on you at the welcomed intrusion. You lean into me, the movement pushing your cock deeper into my mouth and your finger deeper into its wet, velvet prison.

The scent of my sex is heavy in the air, pushing you to want more. You push another finger into me, and you smile when my legs open wider for you, and you hear the short, sharp, intake of breath. The squish of my juice, as it sucks at your fingers, is the only sound in the room.

You give a low, throaty chuckle when you feel a fresh, hot surge of liquid cover your thrusting fingers and seep outward, disappearing between the cheeks of my rear.

Inching closer to me, so as not to pull your cock from my mouth, your fingers seek to follow that stream into its dark delta.

You quickly dive your fingers into the warm pool, pushing them in deeply so as to be sure they are well coated. Then you make to follow the rivulets back down to the delta. Sliding your hand between my legs, and just a bit further back from my pussy, you find another smaller pool at the mouth of that tight hole.

"Baby," you call out low, "come bend over in front of me, would you?"

In order to do so, I let your hardness slowly slip from my mouth, giving the mushroom head one more loving flick-lick before I do.

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