Special Meeting

by Viki_2001_02769

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, .

Desc: Sex Story: An interesting note, left on Viki's windshield, is only the fore-runner to a very "special" meeting.<br>Note: This is the SECOND in a three-story series.

Hugh and Vick (Story #2)

It's the end of another frantic and hectic day, and I'm glad to be leaving the day behind me. Breathing a sigh of relief, I head out to my car, and home. As I draw near to the car I notice a note stuck under the wiper blade. My first thought is that it's just some advertisement from a local business, but as I get nearer, I see it's a sheet of notebook paper. Opening the car, I place my things inside, then reach over to retrieve the note. I open it, and all it says is...

"For the ultimate in pleasure, meet me at... ,

kisses and licks,


The address was a local, upper-class hotel chain and a room number. I smile and then giggle shyly to myself as I put the note down and start the car. Shaking my head, I can't believe I'm going to respond to the invitation. Pulling out of the parking lot, my mind begins to ponder the question, What would it be like? I wonder...

As I continue to think, my heart begins to beat faster, and I feel the excitement start to build in response to my thoughts. I feel my breasts begin to swell slightly, and the nipples start to tingle. I make the left turn out of the parking garage and begin driving to the hotel. I can't explain why, but my body feels as if it is being taken over by my needs.

At the end of the short drive, I pull into the parking lot and sit in the car for a few moments. The surge of excitement is growing and I take a quick look around to see if anyone is looking. Seeing no one, I gently cup my breast, squeezing it. I moan at the touch and how good it makes me feel as the nipple begins to harden with just this little bit of stimulation.

Feeling more confident now, I get out of my car and head for the lobby door. Exiting the revolving door, I walk into the lobby, past the main desk, over to the elevator bank beyond the foyer. My heart begins to race, and feeling slightly decadent, I feel a surge of secretions begin to form between my thighs. The elevator doors open, and a couple get off. I smile absently in their direction as I step in and press your floor number. On quiet wings, I'm whisked upward and almost too soon the doors open.

Stepping out, I glance at the plaques bearing the room numbers. Spying yours, I turn to my left and walk down the hall. My body moves without any hesitation. Soon your door is before me, and I knock softly. As I stand there, waiting for you to answer, I fix my hair and straighten my short skirt. Glancing quickly down at the front of my blouse, I see how just the wondering about your mouth has made my nipples protrude slightly.

Hearing music filtering through the door from the other side, I knock again only louder. Soon I see the handle move in a downward motion, and it opens slowly to admit me. As I step into the semi-dark, I turn to see you standing there, clad in a robe; and not much else, smiling. Looking past you, into the room, I notice all the lit candles. The soft music in the background is a little clearer and just slightly louder. I notice that you have wine on the table, and two glasses stand like sentinels, waiting to be filled.

"Come in my dear, I was beginning to grow a bit anxious," then you close the door, locking us in our cocoon.

"I'm sorry, Hugh. Home-bound traffic you know. Would you mind if I ease out of these heels? My feet feel as if they weigh a ton." Quickly I step out of them, and wiggle my toes into the carpet, feeling its softness against the soles of my feet.

Taking my hand, you first place a light kiss on the back and then you turn it over within your grasp, placing a kiss in the middle of the palm. A bolt of need rockets through me as I feel the tip of your tongue lick across my palm. With a wink and a soft smile, you lead me into the living room of your suite.

"Wine, my pet? It's your favorite Zinfandel."

As you bend to pour our wine, I notice that your robe has gapped open, revealing your cock to my hungry eyes. As you hand my glass to me, I ache to feel your semi-hardness within my hands. As if knowing my thoughts, you take a step closer to me.

"Reach in and touch me, pet. You know I love the feel of your hands on me." You give a low laugh as you slide your hand up across my torso and fondle a breast, feeling the nipple harden against your palm. You watch as my eyes drift closed against the yearning you have awakened from the softness of your caress. I slowly raise my hand, and brushing aside your robe, I reach into it and take your semi-soft cock within my hand. Your eyes drift closed as you feel my hand surround you, and we feel it start to stir to life just from my touch.

Taking the glass from my hand, you place our glasses on the table by our knees. You slowly reach out your hands and start unbuttoning my silk blouse. Pulling me into and against your naked chest, you reach around behind me and undo the bra that hides my orbs from your gaze.

Once you've removed the strapless barrier, you move to stand behind me, kissing my neck and behind my ear. You pull me up against you, and you hear my breathing increase and you feel my heart pounding against your hand as you fondle my left breast and pull on its nipple, twirling it between your fingers.

You begin to kiss around my outer ear, pausing to lightly run the tip of your tongue along the ridge and then quickly dip it into my inner ear, knowing that makes me weak in the knees. You delight in the feel of my immediate response as you feel my body slide down along yours, and you hear the shaky breath I take.

You pull me against you closer still, grinding your now fully erect and engorged cock against and slightly into the soft cheeks of my ass. I reach behind me and place my hands on your hardness, pulling it closer to me. My head falls back against your chest as your kisses bathe my neck, and my moans encourage you, making your already rock-hard cock grow more and more swollen with its tightly contained excitement.

Your hands roam over my body and then move back to my breasts, halting only long enough to remove the piece of silk between us. Taking gentle hold of my upper arms, you turn me to face you. You love to see my facial expressions when you touch me. You reach for my breast and squeeze it gently as my moans become louder. With each touch you lay upon me, I feel a growing wettness between my thighs, making my clitoris grow. I moan against your mouth and you know that the first of a multiple reaction is building. Slowly you lower your mouth to the protruding bud within your grasp and you lightly nip at it.

The slight pain sends more sparks down through my body. I moan for more, as your hands work their magic. Slowly I feel your hands slide down my body to halt their journey between my thighs. You laugh softly, saying, "Not yet, pet; but soon." Then picking up our glasses in one hand, you extend the other to me.

Taking my hands in yours, you lead me from one softly lit room, to the next. Just inside the door of your bedroom, you place our glasses on the dresser, then reach and pull me against you. Framing my face with your hands, you lean into me and kiss me with such soft, deliberate sweetness, it manages to steal my breath. Then you lead me to stand before the dresser to face the mirrored images I see there.

You make me stand there and watch you as you slowly undo the zipper of my skirt and let it fall to my ankles, making a pool of black around my feet. I lift first one foot and then the other, and as you bend to pick it up, you place a kiss upon my right ass cheek. I now stand before you, clad only in my garter, stockings, and panties. Standing again behind me, you watch us as you bring your hands forward to cup my breasts.

The room is awash with soft light, and you catch a mild scent of musk in the air. I watch in dream-like fascination as your eyes travel to below my waist and in the mirror you see the wetness on the crotch of my silk panties, evidence of my arousal. Gently you pull me back from where I'm standing, until you feel the edge of the king-size bed behind your knees. You stop, and stepping from behind me, you drop to your knees before me.

I watch you as you bring your face nearer the wetness and then you inhale deeply. The scent of my musk fills your nostrils and your brain. You look up at me from your position, and with even much slower deliberateness than I had noticed earlier, I feel your hands as they skim up my stocking-clad legs. Placing your hands flat against my ass cheeks, you pull my womanhood hard against your hot and hungry mouth.

I quickly grasp your head to steady my suddenly rocking world as I feel you pull the cum-soaked area into your mouth and move your tongue over my engorged clit beneath. I gasp at the sensation. This is something we've only talked about your doing. I grip your head and hold it hard against my pussy as I feel your tongue starting to move beneath the silken piece of material, seeking entrace to my tunnel. I supress a slight shiver as I feel you blow gently on the wet spot, made bigger from your gentle loving touches.

"Mmm, pet; you smell devine. Remove this silken barrier for me. I want to make you feel even better." Your voice is more raspy than usual, due to your heightened state of arousal. You watch me as I bend slowly and remove the cum and saliva sodden garment. Now, I stand before you, clad only in my stockings and garterbelt.

"Lay down, pet, and spread yourself for me. I don't want you to fall when your legs give out from under you." You take my hand and aid me as I lay down in the center of your bed. Then removing your robe, you come and straddle my head, placing your engorged nine inch cock just above my mouth.

As I feel you spread my wett pussy lips, and lower your face so your tongue can dart in and out of me; and you can lick and suck me as well, I reach up and bring your hard cock into my mouth. My lips glide over, and slowly encase the big mushroom head. I hear your sharp intake of breath as I begin to flick my tongue back and forth along the ridge under the now overly sensitive head.

"MMMMmmmmm, Baby. You smell so good and I love what your doing with your tongue."

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