Friendly Dinner and Dessert

by Viki_2001_02769

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Desc: Sex Story: Friends who work together, finally get together.

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I sat at my desk at home, and was having difficulty with getting this particular web page to set up right. It was for a very demanding and fussy customer. Suddenly remembering that you'd offered to help, should I ever have need of it, I pick up the phone and dial your number that I have taped to the front of my monitor. Soon I hear your husky, yet pleasantly deep voice on the other end.

"Hugh? Vicki here. I'm having a dickens of a time with this page for my new, but rather picky client. Could you possibly spare me some time and stop by and help me with this?"

Soft laughter filters down the phone wire and you tell me you can be there in about 25 minutes or so.

"Great! Thank you. By the way, have you had dinner yet?" I steal a quick look at the clock on my monitor and discover it's close to 5:30.

"No, I haven't. I was debating what to have, frankly." Your mind whirls with the possibility of what you'd like to have - but you're just not sure - yet.

"Well, I set a sauce to simmer since lunch, so I only have to set the pasta to water. Would you mind grabbing a bottle of Zinfandel on your way over?"

"No, not at all. I'll leave now. See you in a short bit then."

With that said, we ring off our connections and you dash to make a few quick changes to your "at home" attire. When you're by yourself, you don't like to wear much, if anything.

Humming quietly to myself, I get up to check on the sauce; add another glass to the one that is already in the freezer, and fill a pan with water for the pasta. I quickly set my small glass-topped bistro table that's in the alcove off my island kitchen, and then dash off to the other end of the house to change.

I take a quick three minute shower, and decide to put on my blue Basic Editions pants with the tie waist, and my Blue/White pinstripe Disney blouse w/Mickey on the pocket. I decide to go sans panties, "just in case". Pausing to put on a light swipe of mascara, and a spritz of my most favorite perfume, I slip into sandals, and am just entering the living room as I hear the doorbell.

"Coming Hugh," I call out; having stopped to put some Easy Listening CD's on the stereo. As I approach the door, I see you standing there holding the wine and a white box. Opening the screen wide, I take the box and step back as you enter. Once inside the door, you turn to face me and I give you a soft hug and kiss your cheek.

"Hi, Cutie," gently kissing and hugging me in return.

"What on earth have you gone and done? I thought you were only getting wine," laughing gently as I speak.

"I thought I'd get dessert too while I was out. Will you get the fridge door for me and then I'll open the wine."

"Okay," I say and smile. Opening the fridge door, as you slip the dessert onto the shelf, I feel you lightly press your body into mine.

"If you'll carefully open the freezer, you'll find two glasses tucked into the door getting chilled. Would you like some sliced cheese and crackers with the wine? If not, I'll put the pasta water on to boil."

Deciding against the tid bits, we opt for idle chat about our respective days. We found, that as co-workers in the same firm, that the ebb and flow of idle chat between us, tends to be very beneficial when we're having a problem with creating a page for a new site.

"I hope you're hungry, I've also got a loaf of French Bread warming in the oven; on a low temp."

I've tried to keep my eyes averted from the crotch of your slacks, but ever since you pressed up against me as you bent to put our dessert in the fridge, I've been finding it was getting to be an increasingly difficult task.

I was only half listening as I stood and wondered if you were having as difficult a time as I was. I was feeling just slightly damp and had hoped you hadn't noticed. I felt the best thing to do was to busy myself with the pasta and dinner.

Fifteen minutes later, we were seated at the bistro table, with more Zinfandel. From some where, I note, you'd managed to find a pair of taper candles and had placed them in the holders on the table, and had lit them.

"Ok," you say between bites, "explain to me what seems to be the problem you're having with this web page. What's giving you the most fits?"

You sit back to listen as I explain, in my not so techy way, wherein lies the crux of the problem.

As I start to explain, your eyes are drawn from contact with mine, and you find yourself watching my mouth. Your gaze never falters, and you are aware of a small tightening in your pants. You realize, at this signal, that your thoughts have turned to a sexual nature.

You find yourself wondering, moreso now, than at work, what it would be like to feel your cock sliding in and out from between my lips. Feeling another twinge from your "lap", you know you need to straighten yourself; but you daren't for it will only draw attention to your arousal.

"Hugh? Are you all right?" My voice drifts to you through a haze caused by the pounding blood in your hardening cock. All you can do is nod, for you don't trust yourself to speak calmly.

I get up and stand by your left side as I speak to you, my right hand resting lightly on your left shoulder. As you take a deep breath to speak, your nostrils are filled with the strong scent of musk. You now know for certain, that I'm aroused too. You shift in your chair, and keeping your napkin in your lap, you rise to your feet.

Holding my right hand in yours, you lift it, palm upward to your lips and place a kiss with in the center of my palm. A bolt of raw need sears me to the core as I feel the tip of your tongue brush against my palm in a licking motion.

You hold my fingers steady as that bolt shoots thru to my fingertips. You do it again, watching with pleasure as my eyelids drift closed and I try, albeit unsuccessfully, to draw my hand away.

You slowly nibble along each finger, just lightly sucking the ends into your mouth and swirling your tongue over them. There is no mistaking your non-verbal message, or the need in your eyes.

Bending slightly at the waist, you blow out the candles and while still holding my right hand in yours, you softly ask me to lead us in the direction of my bedroom. Willingly, I am happy to comply and we stop briefly by the stereo to turn it up, then you walk backwards with me, never breaking our gazes.

Once within my bedroom, you pull me hard against you, leaving me with no doubts about your arousal. You devour my lips, with deep kisses meant to steal my very breath. You let your tongue slip into my mouth, mating with mine, leaving me with no doubt in my mind that you're intent on giving me oral pleasure.

You slowly lift your lips from mine, still not breaking our gaze, and you let your hands work their way up my arms; stopping only to unbutton my blouse. You lean forward again to kiss me, again slipping your tongue within my mouth.

Running it along the roof of my mouth, you slide it back and forth, and in and out. You reach to unbutton my blouse cuffs and then you very slowly, and very deliberately, slide the blouse from my shoulders.

You turn, with my blouse in your hands and hang it on the Valet chair by the closet door. As you start to head back to me, you see the candles on my dresser and nightstand, and you cross the room to light them.

Soon, soft light, and the scent of warm cinnamon fills the room as you walk back to where I still stand. You stare into my eyes as your hands reach forward to gently caress and stroke my white globes, laid open to your gaze by the removal of my blouse.

Placing your hands gently on my shoulders, you urge me to walk backwards until the back of my knees bump against my bed. You bend and undo my sandals, then slowly, you reach for the tie at the front of my pants.

With a gentle tug, the tie un-ties, and you hook your fingers into the waistband and glide them down past my hips. I now stand naked before you. The scent of female musk is strong in the air. You let the pants fall into a pool of blue at my feet, then bend quickly to pick them up and lay them across the seat of the Valet chair.

Returning to where I stand, naked before you, you scoop me into your arms and placing one knee into the mattress, you lay me down in the middle of my king-size bed. As you make ready to lie next to me, I halt your undressing just by placing my hand flat against your chest.

"Wait, Hugh. I want to feel you as you lay next to me. I want to be able to reach out and close my hand around you as you get harder."

You kneel before me on the mattress, and I ponder, somewhat out loud, "Let's see now; *thoughtfully* where shall I start? How about right here? *reaching for your belt buckle and slowly unclasping it.* "And then, I think I'll do this, *slowly unzipping your slacks, and inching them down until they can fall clear of your hips.*

"Then," with a sly wink, "I think I'll do this," reaching for your bikini briefs, so they can follow in the wake of your pants. Now, I've left your cock and testicles exposed to my gaze. Not to mention exposed to my hands, and my questing fingers.

Thinking to myself as I gaze at your slowly erecting cock, I'd love to get my fingers, hands, mouth and tunnel on that! You find that you're staring at me as I slowly lick suddenly dry lips, leaving a slight trail of moisture on them.

You suddenly pull me to you again, this time, your tongue ravages my mouth, leaving my lips swollen and tender after your bruising kisses and small bites along the outlines. While our tongues are busily dancing and mating, your fingers rush up and thrust themselves into my waiting wetness that you knew you'd find.

You give a throaty laugh as I utter a strangled moan at the feel of your thick, long, thrusting fingers, knowing it won't be long before your now fully hard cock follows, or joins, them; creating a different type dance on my senses.

Slowly removing your fingers from their well, you put your hand around your now fully erect cock, and glide the head excruciatingly slowly up and down along my wet pussy lips; and then in a slow and teasing way, you put just the tip of your engorged cockhead between them.

You give another low, throaty chuckle when I gasp and make a quick involuntary movement which opens my legs just a bit more to you. You know, just by that slight movement, that I want more of you; so, you move closer and lean into, and against me. This move closer now allows you to slip your engorged cockhead inside those wet pussy lips - slowly and sinuously - an inch at a time. Soon, your cock is completely swallowed up inside those wet walls.

You pull me against you, hard and fast, in one swift movement, having wrapped one leg around your waist, and draped my other leg over your left shoulder.

In this position, you find that you can now drive your full nine inch length into me, over and over, repeatedly. You've wanted to put your cock into me like this for a long time now, and you love the feel of my pussy as it surrounds your hardness with liquid. You realize how much you love being inside me.

First you move quickly; then slowly. Then you thrust deeply on the instroke; and you almost completely withdraw on the outstroke; but you stop right at the base of the cockhead - and, while holding the shaft of your stiff cock, you move your hips back and forth just enough to slide only the cockhead in and out of me.

Then you quickly and deeply drive back into me burying yourself inside my pussy as far as you can. You repeat these movements for what seems to me, to be an endless period of sheer, utter, enjoyment.

You have been rewarded repeatedly as I cum, over and over; making your stiff cock glisten; and all that can be heard is our ragged breathing that is punctuated by the "squish" from my orgasms, and soft music in the background.

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