by L.A. Wicker

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Desc: Sex Story: Man takes his sexy mother-in-law.

My name is Jack, I'm married, Not very happily. My wife Missy, is one of the women that think she has the only pussy on earth. I'm lucky if I get her once a month.

If I do get some, she lays on the bed, spreads her legs and tells me, "Would you please... hurry the fuck up."

Missy is a total babe. She stands five foot six inches tall. Long dark brown hair to the middle of her back. Big sexy brown eyes.

Firm perky breast, that can bust a 36d bra open. Her nipples are light pink and always hard.

Missy's best asset is her tight little ass. It's also a size 36. She wears short skirts and very tight jeans just to show it off.

Things really changed last month. Missy got a big promotion at work. That meant she would be out of town more than three weeks a month. No big deal, she was never home any how.

Also, Missy's Mom and Dad broke up after 25 years of being married. Her Mom, Rose, moved in with us, I didn't mind that at all. Rose, is one hot looking lady.

She's 45 years old, I think she weighs about 160 pounds. Brown hair to the middle of her back. Nice sexy brown eyes, that always turn me on.

Rose has a nice big full figure body. Big sexy 38 DD breast that she loves showing off by wearing see through blouses or little crop tops around the house.

Another thing she likes to do is, wear the tightest jeans she can find or a nice, short spandex miniskirt. Rose has a nice size 38 inch ass that is one of the best I've ever set my eyes on.

She has one of the kinds of bodies that were made to be loved on 24 hours a day. That's the reason her and her husband broke up. He couldn't get his cock up.

Rose was always hugging me or bending over in front of me giving me great shots of her ass. I never really gave it much thought, until my wife went out of town the first time.

It was a Sunday morning, Rose came out of her room only wearing a little night shirt and a pair of pink bikini panties. I got hard at first site of her.

She came and sat right on my lap, " What do you want to do today?" She ask, running her fingers through my chest hair.

My eyes went up and down her sexy body, as I told her, " I know what I'd like to do but," I patted her sweet ass, " we are family."

Rose got a red face and replied, " You bad boy..."

Things went on like that all the time. Rose was driving me crazy. She went so far as only wearing a small pair of sexy panties around the house. My poor 9 inch cock was hard day and night because of her.

One day I had went to the store for something, when I came back, Rose met me at the door. She had on a pair of white see-through panties, that was all. No bra, no shirt, nothing.


She started crying, " I'm just trying to make you happy." And she ran to her room for the rest of the night.

I hated hurting her feelings but, fuck she was killing me. I hadn't had any good pussy in years and she is my " mother-in-law".

Later that night I heard her crying in her room. I had to go fix things up. She was a great lady and I didn't want her mad at me.

I knocked on her door, " Rose can I come in?"

She said yes, I went and sat on her bed, "Rose, I love watching you when you dress like you do but," I paused, " I haven't had any good sex in two years. Missy isn't much in the sack."

Still crying Rose looked at me and said, " WHAT? She's always telling me how great you are in bed!"

I was in shock, " Your kidding? She hates sex. She just lays there, telling me to hurry up."

"I'm sorry," Rose started crying again, " If I would have known, I wouldn't tease you like I do." Then she really started crying.

I pulled her on my lap, hugging her tight, " It's ok. You didn't know." That's when I noticed she only had panties on.

As I held her in my arms I felt my cock begin to grown under Rose's sexy ass. I didn't want to move, it was great. Her warm body pressed into mine.

One of her big full breast laying on my bare chest the other somehow had ended up in my hand. She felt so good, all my life I had always made it with, thin, skinny ladies. I had never held a big pair of breast or a nice full ass before.

"Jack?" Rose was squirming, " Can I go... Pee and come back for more hugs?"

I laughed at her as she ran to the bathroom. Then went back to my room and lit a cigarette waiting for her to find me. When she returned, she shocked me again by sitting on my lap facing me.

"You know I haven't even had a good hug like this in years," Rose told me as her hands caressed my face, "If this bothers you to much, just tell me, ok?"

"I think it's great to but," I shifted my cock, " don't get mad at me if something gives you a good poke."

"And what mite that be? It's been so long for me." Rose giggled.

We just laughed and pulled closer together. My hands moved up and down her long smooth back, enjoying the feeling of a woman again.

Somewhere in our light caressing each other, my cock popped out of my shorts. It was right between Rose's sexy thighs. It could feel the heat and wetness.

"Oh Jack, I should leave..." Rose was upset as she spoke.

"Not yet... please." I begged.

I wrapped my arms around her as tight as I could. Crushing her breast in my chest and driving her full hips into my hardened cock shaft.

Rose panted for air as she begged, " Oh Jack... Hold me tight... it's been so long..."

I continued to hold Rose and I started to caress her back again. Slowly moving my hands over her inflamed body I found her sexy round ass.

I was in heaven, I never held anything so soft and full in my life. My fingers explored every lovely inch of her bottom.

"Oh Jack... ," Rose was on fire, " Please... stop, before it's to late..."

"Relax, enjoy it..." I shifted my cock right between her legs, " oh yes, come on, enjoy it, Rose. We can have fun without doing it."

That's all it took, Rose started dry humping my cock, " O Jack... hold me, hold me," Rose moaned as her wet little love hole relieved it's self on my cock.

Rose came after about ten good humps on my cock. Her hips thrashing, her breast bouncing off my face as she exploded. After three years of no sex, she drowned me with her love juices.

"OH GOD... OH JACK YES... YES." Rose screamed with each orgasm.

When she had finished easy me. She looked up with a sexy, happy little smile and ask, " I didn't feel you cum."

I caressed her ass and replied, " I never, you were having so much fun."

"OOOOOOOO you poor baby," she moaned as she slid to my side. Taking my rock hard cock in her hands, " I'll fix it for you."

Her gentle hands started moving up the length of my pulsing love shaft. Stroking it in soft gentle caresses, she pulled it in between her lovely breast.

Her breast were on fire as she moved her body up and down. My cock cuddled by the most beautiful set of breast in the world.

Then she started talking sexy," Is Jack's handsome cock happy? Mmmmm I bet it is."

Rose continued her long strokes on my cock shaft. Getting me ready to blow a load of cum all over her breast.

She went on, " You've got the biggest cock I've ever had the honor of playing with."

"To bad I can't jump up on it..." she moaned, " and drive it deep inside me."

"Jack... ? Baby... I know we can't... ," she stopped, looking into my eyes, " fuck... but, can I suck you? PLEASE... ?"

She looked like a little girl begging for candy. Lust filled her enchanting face as she awaited my answer.

Here we are, a beautiful sexy woman begging to love me. My wife couldn't care less about sex. I haven't had a good fuck in so long I forgot the last time.

"GO... TAKE IT... IT'S YOURS." I said.

Rose jumped up, and moaned, " you won't be sorry..." As she swallowed my entire cock.

Her mouth was on fire as she moved up and down my thick shaft. She sucked and swallowed my cockhead without once gagging.

"Oh that's it... oh yes... Rose you are the best." I moaned.

She could swallow my cockhead, keeping it in her throat and was able to swallow, letting her throat muscles bring me closer to filling her with my juices.

"OH... ROSE... THAT'S FUCKING HOT. OH YES..." I was moaning.

I went on encouraging her, " COME ON BABY... MAKE THAT BIG COCK CUM IN YOUR SEXY MOUTH... ," I grabbed her nipples, playing with them as I talked, " Come on mother-in-law, suck your daughters husbands cock..."

"COME ON, SUCK YOUR DAUGHTERS HUSBAND," she went crazy as I talked, " suck your son-in-law..."

"Come on, your daughter never sucks it. Show her how Mommy does it." I moaned.

I was ready to blow, " ok, get ready for some cum... Your daughters husbands cum..."

I started cumming the force of a teen age virgin. I shot load after load down sweet Rose's throat. Filling her with more cum than she could swallow.

"OH YES... COME SUCK... SUCK YOUR SON-IN-LAWS CUM UP..." I moaned as I pumped my cock in and out of her mouth.

After we caught our breath we both said at the same time, " That was hot." And we hugged.

We went on like that night after night. Like to teen aged kids. Having as much fun as we could with out having sex.

It was late one night. Rose and I were having another of our play nights. She was between my legs looking up at me while my thick cock was being eaten by her hot mouth.

My hands gently caressing her hair, " That's it Mother-in-law, suck that cock for me." I whispered.

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