Thumbs Down

by Charley Ace

Copyright© 2003 by Charley Ace

Sex Story: Hubby discovers wife's naughty pictures on the net. What should he do? What does he do?

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Cheating   Slut Wife   Cuckold   Humiliation   .

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What happened to me several years ago I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. It devastated me and changed my life to such a degree that I thought it was a bad dream. While I may have recovered, my life has changed dramatically.

My name is Rich and I was married to a beautiful lady by the name of Christine, Christy for short. We had two wonderful children and had been married for about 12 years when the events that I'm about to describe occurred.

I had always felt that ours was a special relationship. We both knew from the day we met, that we were meant for each other. We were high school sweethearts and continued to go steady all through college. We were both virgins when we married, because Christy wanted it that way. She thought it would be so very rare and romantic for both of us to lose our virginity on our wedding night, I reluctantly respected her wishes. We married shortly after we graduated from college, and Christy went on to law school while I began my career as a software engineer. We managed to have our two children within two years after Christy passed her bar exam, three years into our marriage.

In the beginning, I had considered our sex life to be very good. We were both inexperienced and had to learn about each other's bodies and needs without benefit of previous experience with others. While Christy usually tried to please and appease me, she was very conservative and generally unwilling to try new things. Even so, loving her as I did, I had enjoyed the sex very much.

After a few years, as in most marriages, our sex life became a bit boring for me, there was little or no variety and we fucked less frequently. Christy had become more interested in her career and less interested in sex. She had never initiated sex, and would often put me off with one excuse or another. I had become frustrated, but couldn't find the courage to discuss my feelings with her. I knew how uncomfortable she was discussing the 'taboo' subject of sex and I was afraid of upsetting her.

Essentially, our sex encounters had boiled down to a little foreplay, during which she wanked on my dick a few times, and me eating her pussy until she orgasmed. Being inexperienced and a bit of a wimp, I stopped after she pushed my head away. Occasionally, she let me fuck her after her orgasm, but I didn't last long enough to bring her to another orgasm. I really didn't try as I was too inexperienced to know that women were capable of having several orgasms in close succession. She never tried to return the favor by sucking me unless I practically forced her to do so. I did that only on those rare occasions when I was extremely frustrated. She never took my cum in her mouth as she was able to sense when I was about to spasm and pulled off before I did so. Usually I spewed all over my abdomen. She did get the tissue for me to clean myself afterwards.

Even though our sex life had become mundane and unimaginative, I hadn't ever considered looking elsewhere, as I loved Christy too much. I had been hoping that we could work things out such that we both would be sexually satisfied. I bought several books on technique and attempted to convince her to try various new things. Christy refused to try anything new, 'perverted' she called it.

For the first 8 or 10 years of marriage, our lives were reasonably normal. We both worked hard at our careers, but we also made the time to be home together in the evenings and weekends. The children were well adjusted and well behaved. The only thing lacking in our marriage, in my mind, was an exciting sex life, and I continued to strive for improvement by reading as much as I could on the subject and attempting to convince Christy, but without success.

I remember distinctly that it was a short time after our tenth anniversary celebration that Christy began spending more and more time at the office. It eventually got to the point where she would come home very late almost every night, and she spent the better part of many weekends there. Within a year after she began putting in the long hours, her career sky-rocketed, she was made a junior partner and her salary more than doubled.

It wasn't long after Christy's big promotion that our sex life also changed, somewhat abruptly. We still didn't fuck very often, but when we did, WOW! She became a sexual dynamo. We not only fucked in multiple positions; we licked and sucked with great abandon. I was afraid to question her about her change in attitude for fear that it would have a negative impact. What Christy lacked in frequency, she made up for in enthusiasm, intensity and variety. I assumed that her guilt feelings about putting in so many hours at the office led to the sudden changes in her attitude toward sex. She was, in her own way, trying to make it up to me.

How wrong I was!

I couldn't get angry about her work schedule because she had always been very apologetic. She felt bad about what her career was doing to us, and cried a great deal. She frequently asked me to be patient with her, telling me that things would calm down soon. I just hung in there and supported her as best I could.

I evolved into Mr. Mom. Even though I held a full time job, I was the one who took care of the kids, I fed them, clothed them, drove them to all of their activities, etc. Christy was almost totally uninvolved because of the amount of time she spent away from home.

Christy worked closely with two senior partners, Ron and Jack. Ron was in his mid fifties and married with four children. He was short, dumpy and bald, but was a real dynamo and the motivating force behind the success of the firm. The other senior partner, Jack, was taller, had an athletic build and still had all of his hair. He was in his late forties and was married with two children. He was a fairly attractive man, but was obnoxious as hell. Christy had mentioned many times over the years, that he was extremely difficult to stomach. She liked and respected Ron, but she just barely tolerated Jack.

I had met and talked to these guys and their wives several times, at Christmas parties and other firm social functions. In looking back, I did remember one thing a bit unusual about the Christmas party the year that Christy had started working the long hours. Jack spent most of the evening dominating Christy's time, which I thought unusual considering how Christy had said she felt about him. He danced with her, very suggestively I might add, and kept her occupied a good deal of the time. I spent the better part of my time talking to his wife, Georgia. She was very attractive and an interesting conversationalist. We got along well, and I couldn't help but wonder how she put up with Jack. The few times that the four of us were together that night, jack made several off-color, suggestive comments. I didn't understand the significance, but Christy blushed each time. Georgia admonished him several times, but he ignored her. His behavior just reinforced my opinion of him as a first class asshole.

Ron, on the other hand, had a very forceful personality, but was a likable guy. I got the impression that, unlike Jack, he was a very family oriented person. He paid attention to his wife, Marge, at all of the functions that I had attended.

As I looked back, the signs of infidelity were all there, but I was so naive and in love with Christy that I hadn't ever considered it possible. She was my love, my soul mate and my best friend.

Even though our fuck sessions had become exciting, they were very infrequent. Therefore, I had to do something to trim my horns. I began to turn to the porn sites on the Internet. I'd pull up the dirty pictures and movie clips and Œslap the monkey' to get my relief. I didn't like it, but my only other choice was to find a lover outside of our marriage. However, there was no way that I was going to cheat on Christy, I loved her too much. She was an integral part of my life and had been since we were 16 years old. She was also the mother of my wonderful children. I continued to believe that our situation was temporary.

How right I was!

One typical evening, after the kids had gone to bed; I searched for some new porn pictures on the net. I found a free amateur site and clicked on a hard core title, about 20 thumbnails appeared. I could see that they were pictures of a threesome, two guys and a gal. The pictures were very explicit but I couldn't see much detail in the thumbs. One thing that did catch my eye, though, one of the guys was short, dumpy and bald, much like Ron, one of the senior partners at Christy's firm.

On one of the thumbs, he was facing the camera with his cock buried in the throat of the blond. She was on all fours and the other guy had his cock buried in her asshole, or pussy, I couldn't tell which. I clicked on the picture to get a better look. Sure enough, it really did look like Ron. As I studied the picture, my pulse rate increased dramatically. The blond bimbo in the picture could easily have been Christy! I couldn't see her face in that shot, but everything else looked like it could've been her. My pulse rate quickened as I began to think the worst. I looked again and thought to myself that the other guy even looked like Jack.

My heart was beating a mile a minute, as I continued to search through the thumbs. I found one that showed a close up of the blonde's face. I still couldn't tell for sure because she had a cock in her mouth, but it certainly looked like Christy. My heart was beating even faster and I trembled as I clicked several other thumbs that showed the guys faces, they definitely were Ron and Jack. The blonde had to be Christy, but I still wasn't positive. I finally found a thumb that showed a close up of her pussy. Christy has a small mole above and to the right of her pubic triangle, and there it was! 'My God! What do I do now?'

The realization that the woman that I loved and cherished was nothing but a slut hit me like a freight train. I was totally devastated! I was beside myself with sorrow mixed in with anger, jealousy, humiliation, hatred, etc. I couldn't think straight. 'Damn! How could she do that? I mean, God, what did I ever do to her? What do I do now? I knew it wasn't macho to cry, but I broke down and cried my eyes out for several minutes, thinking about Christy and what she had apparently become, and what it could possibly do to our marriage, our family. I just can't put into words how devastated I was, how hopeless and empty I felt, it was the most awful feeling in the world. I just wanted to crawl into a hole somewhere and disappear, hoping that when I returned I'd wake up and find that it was nothing more than a bad dream.

It took me a long, long time to calm down and think about what I was going to do about my discovery. The pictures certainly explained a lot about Christy's behavior over the past two years. They also explained her meteoric rise in the firm.

Still trembling, I spent the better part of the following two hours studying every picture in the set. I could tell that they weren't faked, the look of lust in Christy's eyes was real. She appeared to have really enjoyed being used by Ron and Jack. Eventually, as I began to think more rationally, I saved several of the more explicit and revealing pictures to the hard drive, copied them onto two separate floppies and hid the floppies in separate locations. I didn't know if I'd ever need them, but I wanted to be prepared, just in case.

My first inclination was to confront Christy and throw her out on her ass. However, I decided that I wouldn't do that just yet. I needed to have some time to think things out; I didn't want to do anything rash. My emotions eventually evolved into anger and hatred, the hurt, jealousy and humiliation faded into the background. The prevailing thought in my mind was revenge; I just had to get even with Christy, and her bosses. I wouldn't be able to maintain my self-respect if I didn't do something.

I didn't sleep much that night, and merely went through the paces at work the next day. The kids were out playing when I arrived home from work, so I pulled the pictures up and studied them further. I noticed that Christy had long hair in the pictures, therefore they had to have been at least six months old, as she had had her hair cut fairly short about that time.

I also wondered how the pictures got posted onto the net. None of the participants would have gained anything by the posting. In fact, they all stood to lose a great deal. Their careers, and the firm, would've suffered considerably had the pictures been seen by the wrong people. My guess was that the photographer, whomever he/she was, tried to make a few bucks without the knowledge of the participants.

Over the course of the next few days, I tried to formulate a plan. These guys had cuckolded me and I was hell-bent to find a way to get revenge, I was unable to think straight. I was being driven to distraction by anger and the need for revenge. Finally, I made a decision on what I could do, but I first decided to question Christy and give her a chance to tell me everything. I still had a slim hope that I could somehow get Christy to confess, beg for my forgiveness and possibly save our marriage.

The weekend came, and she stayed home Saturday morning. She told me that she had to work in the afternoon, but could spend some time at home in the morning. I sent the kids out to play and sat her down. She was a bit apprehensive as I usually tried to seduce her when we were home alone.

Not this day.

I decided that I would make a serious attempt to save our marriage. I knew of no other way to begin except to force Christy to spend more time at home. In addition, I needed to get her to cease her extra-curricular activities and tell me everything. I jumped right in, tactful, I'm not. "Honey, I can't take any more of your work schedule. You need to stop putting the firm ahead of the kids and I, something has to change."

"You know I've asked you to be patient with me, things will get better soon," she replied in a somewhat pleading tone.

"You've been telling me that for six months. I think 'things' are totally out of control now. I've been very patient with you these last couple of years, but I've run out of patience. You've been in control, but as of today, I'm taking charge of our marriage, as I should've from the beginning. I'm blaming myself for the situation that we're in, and now I'm going to do something to correct it."

Tears started forming in her eyes. "I don't understand, why won't you be a little more patient?"

"I told you, I've run out of patience. As of today, you will spend no more than eight hours a day, five days a week at the office. If your career suffers as a result, then so be it. Our marriage and family life have suffered for far too long."

She was shocked, and reacted predictably, "you can't tell me what to do!"

"I just did, and if you don't do as I ask, our marriage is in serious trouble."

Still stunned, it took her a long time to respond. She hadn't expected me to assert myself. "I-I just can't do that. I love you and the kids, but I just can't do that right now."

"It's up to you, but I consider this a very serious matter. Either you do as I ask, or I'll be filing for divorce. I realize that you're not accustomed to me being assertive. Well, you'd better get accustomed to it, or our life together is history."

The look on her face was total shock. She had never considered that I'd put my foot down as I just had. She began crying openly, "I can't believe that you mean what you're saying. Why, all of a sudden have you changed? What about the kids?"

"I don't think that they'll be crushed, they hardly ever see you anyway. They don't even know their mother anymore, and it won't take them long to get over it. As to why I've suddenly changed, let's just say that I've recently woken up to the fact that you've been using me, and I don't like it, not even a little bit."

She stopped crying, got an astonished look on her face and responded, "using you! How am I using you?"

"You're using me to raise the kids and run the household by myself while you're out having a good time under the pretense of working hard."

She was flabbergasted, a distinct red blush engulfing her face, "w-what? How can you say that?"

"Can you look me in the eye and tell me honestly that you've been doing nothing but working at your profession all those hours that you've been away from home?"

She lowered her head and began sobbing openly again. She wouldn't look me in the eye and didn't reply, I pressed on, "I have very strong reasons to believe that you've been doing something other than legal work during your late hours at the office, and I want you to tell me all about it."

She thought about it for a moment, and decided not to answer my question. "I don't understand why you're tormenting me like this. What are you trying to say?"

The anger began to swell within me, as I responded in a loud voice, "you know damn well what I'm trying to say. Tell me everything now, and we have one slim chance of saving our marriage. It depends on how honest you can be with me. Tell me everything, or I'm really going to make life very miserable for you and the firm, Jack and Ron especially. If that sounds like a threat, it most definitely is!"

She looked up at me with pleading eyes. She seemed to suspect that I had somehow found out about her activities, but she still couldn't summon the courage to tell me about it. She held onto the slim hope that I was bluffing and decided that she would continue to deny her involvement in anything other than her work. "You're out of your mind, I have no idea what you're talking about."

I met those pleading eyes with a very stern, unyielding look of my own. "You can deny it all you want, but you had better give what I've just said some serious thought. If I don't get the full story, with all of the sordid details, by the end of the day tomorrow, I'm not only going to file for divorce; I'm going to extract my revenge. I won't be able to live with myself until I get even."

"You're crazy! There's nothing to get even for, I don't want to hear any more about this," she said haughtily. She then got up and started to leave.

"I'd like you to remember this conversation. One day soon, you're going to come to me and ask why I did what I did. My answer will be that you had it in your power to prevent it, but you made the wrong choice."

She looked at me with a strange, puzzling look, said nothing and walked off.

I was pretty sure that she wouldn't confess, but her attitude still surprised me somewhat. It made me take another look at the woman that I had loved since I was a young teenager. I realized then that she wasn't the same person, and I knew that I couldn't love the person that she had become, a wanton slut, a cheat and a liar.

There appeared to be almost no chance of getting the old Christy back. As angry and hurt as I had been upon discovering the pictures for the first time, I was very sad at that moment, knowing that things could never be the same between us. All of the good times that we had had in the early years flashed through my mind, and tears began to form in my eyes, I was so sad, so very sad. The empty feeling in the pit of my stomach was overwhelming. I had considered myself as much a macho man as the next guy, but the situation had overwhelmed me, and my emotions reflected it.

Christy went to the office that afternoon, against my wishes. I had hoped otherwise, but, deep down, I knew she would. She returned home very late and went straight to bed without saying a word. I went into the bedroom and told her that I was still waiting for her to tell me everything. She totally ignored me. Her silence upset me once again, as I turned and made my way to the spare room. I couldn't bring myself to sleep in the same bed with her anymore.

The next morning she didn't even question why I had slept in another bed. She silently got ready and left for the office. Her position was clear, she had no intention to confess and make an attempt to repair the damage that had been done. She left me with no choice; I needed to put my plan into action.

Part of my revenge plan had included obtaining the firm's client list. I decided to start with the most convenient item, Christy's attaché case. The next day, while she was in the shower, I rummaged through it, and found several documents with names, addresses and phone numbers of several large clients. 'This will do for starters, ' I thought.

I searched the web until I found the names and company email addresses of the owners or CEOs.

I had gathered all of the information that I needed, but before I took any action against the firm, I contacted a lawyer and filed for divorce. I didn't plan on using the pictures unless Christy decided to oppose the divorce or seek custody of the children.

My first thought was to send out some of the pictures immediately, and wait for the shit to fly, but I thought better of it. Jack and Ron had been fucking my wife for who knew how long, and I felt the need to bolster my ego. I had become acquainted with both of their wives at the firm's social functions, but had no idea if I would be able to score with either of them. I wanted to, just to get a small measure of revenge, besides I needed some pussy to trim my horns, too. They were both older, but very attractive women, and I decided to give it a try.

I called Georgia first, and she was extremely surprised to hear from me, but listened as I explained that I had a problem with Christy, and that I needed some feminine advice. I told her that I just didn't know to whom to turn. She was anxious to help, she agreed to meet me after work the next day at a bar outside of town.

We met, and I told her that I suspected that Christy was having an affair. I went on about how bad and humiliated I felt, the effect on our marriage, the kids, etc. It wasn't long before I had her feeling very sorry for me. She confided in me that she had suspected Jack of having an affair, also. We had something in common, and I built on that, and bought a few more drinks. I turned my attention to her and started to compliment her very heavily, she was hooked. I finally propositioned her and she readily accepted. She was ready for some revenge of her own and made it very easy for me. We headed for a small motel nearby.

We were both horny as hell and attacked one another as soon as we stepped inside the motel room door. We hurriedly undressed, and began kissing and groping each another. I pushed her down on the bed, crawled up between her legs, shoved my hard cock into her very wet pussy and began fucking the hell out of her, and she loved it. She began screaming and convulsing in orgasmic pleasure almost immediately and continued as I fucked away, hard and fast. It took less than 5 minutes before I came, shooting my load deep into her cunt. We looked at each other and smiled warmly, an indication that we both enjoyed the fuck.

My limp cock slithered out of her pussy and I moved up to where I straddled her chest. I placed my cock at her lips and she hungrily slurped it clean with her mouth and tongue. Her cleaning action got me hard again, and I moved off her and turned her over. She got up on her knees, stuck her lovely ass up in the air and invited me to mount her again, which I did. It took about 10 minutes of vigorous fucking before I came the second time, as she had several more loud and spasmodic orgasms.

I pulled out, turned her back over onto her back and positioned my head between her legs, to lap up her pussy juices along with my leaking cum. The taste of the combined fluids was intoxicating, as I attacked her pussy and clit with my tongue and lips. She had another, even more violent, orgasm, before she pushed my head away from her sensitive clit.

We rested up for a few minutes, then she decided to return the oral favor, as she took my limp cock into her mouth and 'blew' it back to life. She licked and sucked on it with reckless abandon and I rewarded her with a small load of cum, which she readily swallowed.

Georgia was dynamite, we enjoyed each other to the max, and we agreed to meet again the following week. She was almost as good as Christy, the slut, had become.

At our next meeting, she confided in me that she wasn't sure if she loved Jack anymore. She told me that he had never been very attentive to her, or the kids, but he'd become much more distant in the last year or so. She had been thinking of divorcing him, as I had been of Christy. I told her that I'd bring her a nice 'surprise' gift the next time that we got together.

I printed out and took some of the more revealing pictures to our next meeting. After we fucked and sucked for an hour or so, I showed her the pictures, her gift. She was shocked, but somewhat relieved, she had the evidence she needed to obtain her divorce on her terms. I explained the rest of my plan to her, she had no objections; she wanted revenge as much as I did.

Georgia and Marge had become good friends over the years, therefore, I asked Georgia if she would tell Marge about our revenge plans and make an attempt to get her concurrence, and she readily agreed. She got back to me a week later, and told me that she had planted the seed and we needed to wait to see if it would grow. After another two-week wait, Georgia told me that she thought that Marge was ready for the pictures. I gave them to her and waited for the outcome.

Georgia got back to me the next day and told me that she had shown Marge the pictures and explained the plan to embarrass, and possibly destroy the firm. She said that Marge was devastated, but reluctantly agreed to our plan, however, she wanted no direct involvement.

While I was enjoying Georgia's favors, I was sleeping in the guest bedroom at home. Christy and I hadn't spoken to each other much since the day that I had issued my ultimatum. She hadn't even told me that the divorce papers had been served, I found that out from my attorney. It was he who informed me that she was planning to fight it. I couldn't understand why she would do that, but oh well!

I stayed home from work one day and caught her before she left for the office. "I understand that you've decided to fight the divorce. I just want you to know that you have no case and you'll find out why very soon. I'm putting phase two of my plan into action today."

"I still don't know what you're talking about. Phase two? What was phase one?"

I smirked and replied, "let's just say I've managed to re-vitalize my faltering ego. Since you've almost totally ignored me, I had to make some choices. Up until very recently, you've been having all of the fun and I've been seriously frustrated."

She continued to play the innocent wife, "just what kind of fun is it that I've been having, and just how have you been re-vitalizing your ego?"

I snapped at her angrily, "you know damn well what kind of fun that you've been having. My ego boosting methods are my business. Your unwillingness to tell me about your situation has driven a wedge between us, and it's now beyond repair. Just remember what I told you several weeks ago, about having had the opportunity to salvage our marriage and the firm. You chose to ignore me, now you pay the price."

She had a surprised and guilty look on her face, but didn't respond.

"I have to leave now." She pulled away and left in a huff.

"Have a nice fucking day," I said facetiously, as she walked out the door.

I went to the computer, and, using an anonymous email account that I had established, sent copies of the pictures to the CEOs of several of the firm's major clients. The message that accompanied the pictures was short and sweet. "Are these the people that you want as your legal representatives?"

I received an angry phone call from Christy early that afternoon. "What the fuck did you do? You did something, you son-of-a-bitch."

"Why, darling, whatever do you mean?" I responded sarcastically, feigning knowledge of anything improper.

"You know very well what I mean. We've had three of our major clients cancel their accounts this morning. They wouldn't tell us why, but I just know that you had something to do with it."

"Why dearest, my beloved loyal and faithful wife, why would you think that?" I chuckled.

"You bastard! How could you do this to me?"

"The answer to that lies in what I reminded you of this morning, your unwillingness to respond to my requests for honesty. I gave you every chance to keep me from doing anything, but you refused. Now's the time for you, and the firm, to pay the piper." With that, I hung up on her.

The phone rang several times after that, but I let the calls go to the voice mail.

Christy showed up at the door in less than an hour, with Jack in tow. I don't know if she brought him along to punch my lights out, or what. I wasn't concerned since I was bigger and younger than he.

They burst through the front door and Jack immediately shouted, "what the fuck did you do? You bastard! Christy said that you were somehow involved in the cancellations that we've gotten today."

"Why Jack, I'm surprised at you, how could you possibly think that I could do anything like that?" I answered in my most taunting tone.

"I'll knock that silly smirk off your face," he said as he approached me and cocked his arm back as if to deliver a blow.

"Just try it Jack. You're the scum of the earth, and it would give me a great deal of pleasure to bust you up a little," I said as I glared at him menacingly, daring him to make a move.

He was undaunted, and took a swing, which I easily avoided. I caught his arm, twisted it around and pinned it against his back. I pushed him hard into the closed front door, stunning him. While he was still stunned, I turned him around and hit him in the solar plexus with a hard right hand. As he doubled up, I caught him with a knee directly in the nose, and blood splattered everywhere. Christy screamed for me to stop, but totally ignoring her, I lifted him up and hit him a few more times in the abdomen, but the major damage had been done.

Boy! Did that feel good!

The rage in me had subsided somewhat, as I grabbed him and slammed him back against the door, facing me. He was pretty much out of it, but hadn't lost consciousness. "That's for cuckolding me, you bastard! You deserve everything that you get, and believe me, there are more cancellations to come." I released my grip on him and he just slithered to the floor in a bloody heap.

Christy had stopped screaming, as she seemed to be in a state of shock, standing there with her mouth wide open, not wanting to believe what she had just witnessed and heard.

I turned to her, fire in my eyes. "I warned you, you had every chance to tell me all, but you refused. Don't come to me with questions as to why I've done what I've done. I'm getting my revenge because of your whorish, slutty behavior. You've ruined everything for me, for us, for the kids. Now I'm going to ruin everything for you and the firm. I hope all of that cock that you've been getting behind my back has made it all worth it for you."

Her face was ashen white, as she continued to stand there with her mouth agape. She apparently had just come to grips with the fact that I really did know what she had been up to.

I looked at Jack and saw that he was still bleeding. "You'd better get a towel and stop his bleeding, I really don't mind if the prick croaks, but I don't want it to be in my house."

She finally gathered herself together enough to run to the bathroom and retrieve a towel. She then applied it to his nose and the bleeding eventually slowed down.

While she was holding the towel to Jack's nose, she came out of her stupor and began to sob profusely.

I went back to the den and retrieved copies of the pictures, handed them to Christy and said, "I didn't participate in these escapades nor did I take the pictures. I merely downloaded them from the Internet and sent them to your clients. If anybody's to blame for your firm's demise, it's the three of you."

She looked at the pictures, then up at me. "Oh darling, I'm so very sorry," she wailed.

"Yeah, right, that's why you listened to me. I gave you a chance to tell me everything and possibly save our marriage, and you chose not to take it. Now you, and your firm, will suffer the consequences."

"I made a big mistake, I know that now. Please forgive me."

"I can't do that, you deceived me, big time. I loved and adored you from the day we met in school up until recently. Everything that we had together has been destroyed by your slutty behavior, your lies and deception. I not only don't love you anymore; I despise the person that you've become. I think you had better withdraw your opposition to the divorce, if you don't, your family is bound to find out. I suspect that you wouldn't want them to know what a slut you are. These pictures will be the gist of my case."

She continued to wail away, but received no sympathy from me. She eventually made her way to the bedroom, plopped face down on the bed and stayed there.

I unceremoniously lifted Jack up and shoved him out the front door. He was still holding the towel to his bleeding nose, but was able to drive off on his own.

Later that afternoon, I received a call from Ron. "Rich, why did you do this to me? I thought that we were friends."

"I think that you're confused, Ron. Friends don't do what you and Jack did to Christy and my family. Can you tell me why you destroyed everything for us, Ron?"

He didn't respond, paused, then hung up.

I slept well that night; feeling relieved that my revenge had been complete and effective. I got up on the sunny side of the bed the next morning and went off to work in a jovial mood.

I was still in a good mood when I got home that afternoon, and noticed that our bedroom door was still closed, I opened it and looked in. Christy was still there, lying face down on the bed, wearing the same clothes. My first thought was that she may have done something drastic, but upon closer inspection I could see that she was still breathing and awake.

"I think that you had better move out very soon. I've already told the kids that we're getting a divorce, they just shrugged their shoulders as if it was no surprise."

She turned to face me with a pleading look. "I know you hate me, and I don't blame you. I just want you to know that I've never stopped loving you. I still love you."

"I'm sorry, but I don't think so. You couldn't have loved me, hurt me and destroyed our marriage the way you did."

"I keep thinking of all of the great times that we've had together over the years. How can you forget?"

"I do remember the good times, but they were so long ago. My current memory is overloaded with those pictures. I don't know how you became a slut, but you've come a long way baby, in the wrong direction."

She sobbed some more. There was no doubt in my mind that she was sorry for what she had done, but it was too late at that point.

She stopped crying and asked, "will you at least listen to me if I tell you how it happened?"

"Sure, I'll listen."

It took her awhile to gather herself together, and start, "I turned into a slut because of frustration. Frustration caused by being passed over for promotions and raises due to the fact that I was a female. As you know, I worked very hard to establish myself, it was very important to me to be successful. After being passed over several times, I finally lost my cool and confronted Jack, the partner responsible for passing me over. He flat out told me that unless I gave him sexual favors, I had no chance to advance. I refused, and went to Ron and told him what Jack had said. He just looked away and told me that Jack was calling the shots."

"That's when I started spending all that time at the office, I really was working my ass off. I kept plugging away for another six months, or so. I did everything I could to be the best at what I did so as to force them to accept me and promote me on merit alone. It did me no good, I was still being passed over. Finally, just about a year and a half ago, I went to Jack and told him that I'd do whatever it took. He immediately made me give him a blow-job, right there in his office."

"That blow-job changed my life. He pushed me down on my knees in front of him and took out his cock, stuck it in my face and told me to open my mouth. I just looked at it and almost threw up over the thought that I was going to have to take it into my mouth. I was filled with disgust, but he pushed the head against my closed lips and told me, again, to open up. I finally did open my mouth and he shoved it in. He grabbed my hair and began fucking my face. It's a good thing that he doesn't have a big cock, otherwise he probably would've choked me. He was shoving it all the way in and pulling it back out again. My body began to react to this facial fucking, I began to get aroused! I had made up my mind to do what I had to do, but I hadn't expected to enjoy it. The more he rammed his cock in and out of my mouth, the more aroused I became. The more aroused I got, the more I began to like sucking his cock. It wasn't long before I took over the action, I loved the feel of his cock in my mouth, my throat. I began bobbing my head back and forth vigorously, to try and please him. My pussy was dripping with arousal. When he shot his load into my mouth, I swallowed every drop because I wanted to. I also came as the first spurt of his cum hit the back of my throat. I was hooked, I came merely by sucking a man's cock, a man I hated."

"I continued, voluntarily, to slowly suck his cock until it became hard again. I was so hot that I begged him to fuck me. He teased me and made me beg him over and over again. He finally bent me over his desk, ripped off my panties and fucked me hard and fast from behind, and I loved it. I must have cum 5 or 6 times."

"Unknown to me, he had a hidden video camera and recorded the entire episode. When we finished, he played back the tape. He said that if I ever stopped doing what he asked, he would show you the tape. He blackmailed me into becoming his sex slave, and he made me fuck and suck many other men, including Ron, and most of his friends outside of work. Ron, though, was a passive participant. Jack just wanted to get him involved so that he wouldn't cause any trouble. Ron and I didn't know that a photographer was taking our pictures during that infamous session. Jack had secretly arranged it all, because he wanted to have something on Ron as well as me. That session took place more than a year ago."

"I only wish you had come to me when Jack first made you service him. I would have understood. We could have worked things out."

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