Thumbs Down

by Charley Ace

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Desc: Sex Story: Hubby discovers wife's naughty pictures on the net. What should he do? What does he do?

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What happened to me several years ago I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. It devastated me and changed my life to such a degree that I thought it was a bad dream. While I may have recovered, my life has changed dramatically.

My name is Rich and I was married to a beautiful lady by the name of Christine, Christy for short. We had two wonderful children and had been married for about 12 years when the events that I'm about to describe occurred.

I had always felt that ours was a special relationship. We both knew from the day we met, that we were meant for each other. We were high school sweethearts and continued to go steady all through college. We were both virgins when we married, because Christy wanted it that way. She thought it would be so very rare and romantic for both of us to lose our virginity on our wedding night, I reluctantly respected her wishes. We married shortly after we graduated from college, and Christy went on to law school while I began my career as a software engineer. We managed to have our two children within two years after Christy passed her bar exam, three years into our marriage.

In the beginning, I had considered our sex life to be very good. We were both inexperienced and had to learn about each other's bodies and needs without benefit of previous experience with others. While Christy usually tried to please and appease me, she was very conservative and generally unwilling to try new things. Even so, loving her as I did, I had enjoyed the sex very much.

After a few years, as in most marriages, our sex life became a bit boring for me, there was little or no variety and we fucked less frequently. Christy had become more interested in her career and less interested in sex. She had never initiated sex, and would often put me off with one excuse or another. I had become frustrated, but couldn't find the courage to discuss my feelings with her. I knew how uncomfortable she was discussing the 'taboo' subject of sex and I was afraid of upsetting her.

Essentially, our sex encounters had boiled down to a little foreplay, during which she wanked on my dick a few times, and me eating her pussy until she orgasmed. Being inexperienced and a bit of a wimp, I stopped after she pushed my head away. Occasionally, she let me fuck her after her orgasm, but I didn't last long enough to bring her to another orgasm. I really didn't try as I was too inexperienced to know that women were capable of having several orgasms in close succession. She never tried to return the favor by sucking me unless I practically forced her to do so. I did that only on those rare occasions when I was extremely frustrated. She never took my cum in her mouth as she was able to sense when I was about to spasm and pulled off before I did so. Usually I spewed all over my abdomen. She did get the tissue for me to clean myself afterwards.

Even though our sex life had become mundane and unimaginative, I hadn't ever considered looking elsewhere, as I loved Christy too much. I had been hoping that we could work things out such that we both would be sexually satisfied. I bought several books on technique and attempted to convince her to try various new things. Christy refused to try anything new, 'perverted' she called it.

For the first 8 or 10 years of marriage, our lives were reasonably normal. We both worked hard at our careers, but we also made the time to be home together in the evenings and weekends. The children were well adjusted and well behaved. The only thing lacking in our marriage, in my mind, was an exciting sex life, and I continued to strive for improvement by reading as much as I could on the subject and attempting to convince Christy, but without success.

I remember distinctly that it was a short time after our tenth anniversary celebration that Christy began spending more and more time at the office. It eventually got to the point where she would come home very late almost every night, and she spent the better part of many weekends there. Within a year after she began putting in the long hours, her career sky-rocketed, she was made a junior partner and her salary more than doubled.

It wasn't long after Christy's big promotion that our sex life also changed, somewhat abruptly. We still didn't fuck very often, but when we did, WOW! She became a sexual dynamo. We not only fucked in multiple positions; we licked and sucked with great abandon. I was afraid to question her about her change in attitude for fear that it would have a negative impact. What Christy lacked in frequency, she made up for in enthusiasm, intensity and variety. I assumed that her guilt feelings about putting in so many hours at the office led to the sudden changes in her attitude toward sex. She was, in her own way, trying to make it up to me.

How wrong I was!

I couldn't get angry about her work schedule because she had always been very apologetic. She felt bad about what her career was doing to us, and cried a great deal. She frequently asked me to be patient with her, telling me that things would calm down soon. I just hung in there and supported her as best I could.

I evolved into Mr. Mom. Even though I held a full time job, I was the one who took care of the kids, I fed them, clothed them, drove them to all of their activities, etc. Christy was almost totally uninvolved because of the amount of time she spent away from home.

Christy worked closely with two senior partners, Ron and Jack. Ron was in his mid fifties and married with four children. He was short, dumpy and bald, but was a real dynamo and the motivating force behind the success of the firm. The other senior partner, Jack, was taller, had an athletic build and still had all of his hair. He was in his late forties and was married with two children. He was a fairly attractive man, but was obnoxious as hell. Christy had mentioned many times over the years, that he was extremely difficult to stomach. She liked and respected Ron, but she just barely tolerated Jack.

I had met and talked to these guys and their wives several times, at Christmas parties and other firm social functions. In looking back, I did remember one thing a bit unusual about the Christmas party the year that Christy had started working the long hours. Jack spent most of the evening dominating Christy's time, which I thought unusual considering how Christy had said she felt about him. He danced with her, very suggestively I might add, and kept her occupied a good deal of the time. I spent the better part of my time talking to his wife, Georgia. She was very attractive and an interesting conversationalist. We got along well, and I couldn't help but wonder how she put up with Jack. The few times that the four of us were together that night, jack made several off-color, suggestive comments. I didn't understand the significance, but Christy blushed each time. Georgia admonished him several times, but he ignored her. His behavior just reinforced my opinion of him as a first class asshole.

Ron, on the other hand, had a very forceful personality, but was a likable guy. I got the impression that, unlike Jack, he was a very family oriented person. He paid attention to his wife, Marge, at all of the functions that I had attended.

As I looked back, the signs of infidelity were all there, but I was so naive and in love with Christy that I hadn't ever considered it possible. She was my love, my soul mate and my best friend.

Even though our fuck sessions had become exciting, they were very infrequent. Therefore, I had to do something to trim my horns. I began to turn to the porn sites on the Internet. I'd pull up the dirty pictures and movie clips and Œslap the monkey' to get my relief. I didn't like it, but my only other choice was to find a lover outside of our marriage. However, there was no way that I was going to cheat on Christy, I loved her too much. She was an integral part of my life and had been since we were 16 years old. She was also the mother of my wonderful children. I continued to believe that our situation was temporary.

How right I was!

One typical evening, after the kids had gone to bed; I searched for some new porn pictures on the net. I found a free amateur site and clicked on a hard core title, about 20 thumbnails appeared. I could see that they were pictures of a threesome, two guys and a gal. The pictures were very explicit but I couldn't see much detail in the thumbs. One thing that did catch my eye, though, one of the guys was short, dumpy and bald, much like Ron, one of the senior partners at Christy's firm.

On one of the thumbs, he was facing the camera with his cock buried in the throat of the blond. She was on all fours and the other guy had his cock buried in her asshole, or pussy, I couldn't tell which. I clicked on the picture to get a better look. Sure enough, it really did look like Ron. As I studied the picture, my pulse rate increased dramatically. The blond bimbo in the picture could easily have been Christy! I couldn't see her face in that shot, but everything else looked like it could've been her. My pulse rate quickened as I began to think the worst. I looked again and thought to myself that the other guy even looked like Jack.

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