Lustier Motel

by Shoebooty

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, Consensual, Slut Wife, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: The Lustier Motel is an adaptation of a story posted sometime ago on this site.{The Lust Motel}. I hope this is easier to read and it has given me the idea for a couple more chapters. I hope the readers enjoy.

The basis for this story is 'The Lust Motel; written by Southwind and posted on this site [Storiesonline]. I loved the premise of this story but; I believe that English is Southwind's second language and it is difficult to make English flow when another language is learned first. With apologies I call this: THE LUSTIER MOTEL

This is my first attempt at any kind of writing so here goes.


Chapter 1

Mark Thompson was worried about the road that he and his new wife were on. Suddenly the road was dark and immersed in a forest.

"We must have turned onto the wrong road, some miles ago. What I will do now?" He asked his gorgeous wife.

"It's turning dark and night is coming. Try to find some place to stay for the night. Tomorrow we can ask for the right directions," answered Sharon, to her husband.

"That is definitely not my concept of a wedding night!"Mark said. He had waited for this night for four years. Since the day he had met Sharon he immediately knew that he and Sharon would marry. He barely could wait and imagined the night that he could break her cherry and love her all thru the night and now when that night finally reached him, he took the wrong road. She had not allowed him to see her naked body taking care to preserve all the mystery for the wedding night.

"The wedding night requires only one husband, one wife, one bed and a lot of desire! And we have all of this!" Sharon added with a kiss on his neck and a squeeze on the bulge in his pants. This really turned the virgin girl on, because she is expecting her first chance to fuck a lot when night comes. She just cannot take care of her own juices. She has viewed cocks in pictures, but not a real one. She has always admired this piece of man and she cannot wait any longer to try him. In those pictures the women seem to have fun when the men fuck their pussies and even their assholes, and she knows that she will enjoy it a lot.

Then some miles along the way they find advertising for a local motel. They can reach the place, take a shower and love each other. Then the next day they can get directions to go on with their trip as planned.

The motel was an old European house circled and almost engulfed by the woods and looked scary. They probably would not be able to find a better place to stay. Mark parked the car and they entered the house. They immediately changed their opinion about the place. The entry room was delicately decorated and looked like a home. Mark pressed the small bell on the reception desk, and soon a oriental girl entered the room.

"Hello My name is June" She said. As soon as she heard from them that this was their wedding night, she suggested to them that they take the wedding suite with the compliments of the house. Moreover, she told them that it had been a long time in the motel since the last wedding couple. Because of this, they would receive special treatment on that special night without extra charges.

June guided the couple to the wedding suite and left.

Sharon immediately went to the large mirror on one wall, and began to strip off her clothes. Looking lustfully at her reflected body as she strips, Mark sits on the bed and watches the voluptuous body of his wife emerging from her clothes as he becomes aroused.

However, they cannot see that someone else is getting hot with the show. From the other side of the mirror (it is a double vision mirror) the owner of the motel, [Alfred] was self-delighting with the girl's strip. He looks into all the rooms of this house, because all of them have this kind of 2 way mirror. He can share with his guest the most intimate things that the couples do.

Then the show begins; Sharon opens her blouse, button after button. When she has released all of them, she lets her blouse fall to the floor. Then, she slides the bra straps down over her shoulders and opens the clasp of the bra and throws it to the excited husband.

In the observation room June the reception girl enters and takes Alfred's cock out. Stroking and sucking his erection, June begins to slowly slip her mouth up and down Alfreds cock. His chair is turned enough so that by looking to the side Alfred and June can watch the couple in the other room. June loves to suck cock and will cum when Alfred fills her mouth with his ball juice. She wants to come with Sharon and is trying to time Alfred's and her cum to match.

Sharon, at this time is caressing her medium, round and firm breasts, fingering her aureoles and finally squeezing her huge nipples to erection. Then she opens her skirt and lets it fall too. Soon Sharon is caressing her mound over her pants and feeling her wetness thru the fabric. Then she slides her fingers into the sides pulling the piece down to her thighs, passing over her knees and ankles and onto the floor. With this, she shamelessly masturbates her pussy looking directly into the mirror. Her heart begins to beat faster and she breathes more deeply as the arousal begins to grip her. She slides a finger into her cunt stroking her clit on the way past to deeper penitration. First one, two, and then three fingers are buried in Sharons cunt while her other hand teases her tits.

Sharons body begins to tense as her climax get closer. She switches hands and the fingers that moments before were buried in her pussy are now in her mouth being sucked clean. Sharon's body arches, her eyes are shut tight, and a long loud moan comes from her as she leans against the glass to keep from falling.

The man on the other side of the mirror comes in June's mouth as Sharon finishes her erotic show. June swallows frantically as Alfred comes spurt after spurt down her throat. The sperm does it's job and June comes with a shudder that gives Alfred even more stimulation.

June stands and moves up to Alfreds chair. Bending to place her lips over Alfreds she slips her tongue into his mouth pushing the unswallowed sperm into his mouth. Their tongues dual for several minutes untill all the cum juice is gone. Alfred picks up the internal phone and instructs his staff about the things to do with and for the young couple.

Meanwhile in the couple's room Mark stands up and starts to caress his wife, until she stops him, saying: "First we need a shower!" Mark is really hot with lust and wants to fuck now.

In spite of his complaints, she dresses in a robe and goes into the bathroom.

At this moment, Mark hears a knock on the door. When he opens the door, a man enters with Champagne saying that this is a gift from the motel manager Alfred.

Mark thanks him and the man tells Mark to follow him to thank his boss properly and that Alfred also has a big surprise for him. Mark follows him leaving his wife in the shower.

After Mark and the man leave the wedding room, two black studs [Sam and Joe] enter the room and quickly strip naked and stand with hard-ons directly in front of the bathroom door. And what cocks they have; at least ten inches long and two inches thru. Soon, Sharon comes out dressed only with a towel.

When she sees the two black men, she can not move. She cannot move her eyes from their huge cocks. Then Sam then says to her, " This is a special gift from the motel manager". Sharon is frozen by these huge cocks and does not notice when her towel opens and falls to the floor leaving the excited girl naked.

With this the two men walk to the amazed woman and start to fondle and lick her body. Joe squeezes her bottom and sucks on her right nipple; Sam falls down to his knees and starts to suck her pussy and lick her clit. She can not resist the caresses and starts moaning. Joe picks up her hand places it on his erection. After the surprise passes she starts to jerk the enormous manhood for a couple of minutes. Then he pulls her head down to suck his cock. She never has done that before, but the cock in front of her mouth seems to be delicious and she tries to put it in her mouth. Soon she has almost the entire cock in her mouth, and she is trying to put more of it in. Then she feels a new sensation in her pussy; her first orgasm.

Mark enters the manager's room, thanks Alfred for the chapaigne, shakes his hand, and walks to the door. Alfred invites him back for a drink and a special show.

Mark remembers his wife waiting in the bedroom, but cannot resist his curiosity. With this, he sits in a chair beside the manager and receives a glass of whisky, and starts to drink.

Alfred the manager said, "You and your wife are in my special room for all the time you want. Please, forgive my indiscreetness, and talk to me of some things about your wife.

Is she still a virgin? Have you seen her naked before? What would you think if she fucked another man before you do?

Mark answered: "She is still a virgin. If she was were not I would still love her in the same way". Tonight is the first time I have seen her naked.

Then his host opens the curtain revealing the two-way mirror and the scene that was taking place in the wedding room.

To Mark's astonishment, his new wife was on all fours over the bed, sucking one black cock to the balls at the same time as another black man was licking her pussy and ass. However, the most exciting thing is that his virgin wife is enjoying all of this, as she is a slut.

Mark slumps back into his chair. His pants are opened by June the reception girl. His now fully erect cock is stroked and sucked furiously by the animated girl. Mark gets so excited that he almost forgets to watch his wife being sexually assulted.

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