Lost Sister

by L.A. Wicker

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: Brother and his sexy older sister have fun until someone comes into thier life.

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This story is old, I know there are mistakes in it.

Hi, my name is Jerry, I wanted to tell you a true story about me and my beautiful sister, Betty.

Betty, my sister, is twenty years old and in college. She loves teasing me about my age. I just turned eighteen.

My sister is a total babe at five foot and six inches tall. She's built like a gymnastics athlete, her body is one of the best I had ever seen.

Her breast are a firm 34c with the most perky nipples you'll ever see. They get very hard and grow almost two inches long when she gets cold or horny. Betty has to wear a thick bra or a heavy sweater when ever she goes outside.

The rest of her is my personal favorite, Betty's waist is a trim 22 inches and her tight little ass, a size 36. I love watching it, it's tight, compact and wiggles so good when she walks.

Betty, has very light brown hair that's cut real short. She parts it in the middle and always has a long strand hanging across her pretty blue eyes.

Growing up with my big sister, Betty, was like being at a 24 hour boxing match. We fought about anything and everything.

The thing that pissed her of the most was, when she would do her workouts. I would just about have my nose between her legs. Hell, she only wore a see through tank top and a small bikini bottom that she had cut the lining out of it.


With a little smile, I replied, " If I do... I'll be thinking of you."

"YOU SICK FUCK." Was all she said.

Another way I used to really piss her off, I would just walk into her room without knocking. Many times I would get a great shot of her sexy panty covered ass or a good look at her perky tits.

One night, I must say, I got the shock of my young life. I was up late, I had heard some noises coming from Betty's room. I had to go take a peak.

There she was, laying on the bed. Her legs spread wide, her panties pulled to one side. With her left hand rubbing her clit as her long thin fingers were deep inside her womanhood.

Betty's right hand was pulling and twisting her nipples like she was trying to pull them off.

Then I really got a shock, she started talking to herself, " Oh yes, do me, take me, Jerry, I'm yours."

My mouth flew open and I gasp for air, that's when Betty saw me standing there watching her. She gave me a sexy little smile and just kept working her tits and pussy.

I walked right up to her, taking in all of her sex show. Betty's eyes looked down and saw my hard cock, it was hanging out of my briefs.

"Damn, baby brother, my girl friends would love you" Betty said, reaching for my nine inch cock, " Do I really turn you on that much?"

She pulled me between her legs, one of her hands stroking my cock while her other hand fingered her very wet pussy. I moved my fingers down to her pussy and slid them inside her.

Betty squeezed my cock as hard as she could and said, " Pretend your doing me, fuck my hand like you would my pussy..."

Her hand moved all around my cock as I fucked it. Faster and faster we loved on each other. After a few minutes of me fucking her hand I leaned down and started sucking on her perky nipples.

"OH JERRY, SUCK THEM, SUCK THEM HARD..." Betty moaned very load.

Them she started to cum, her back arched up, her hips grinding into my fingers.

"FUCK ME YOU PRICK, FUCK ME DAMN YOU," Betty was screaming,



My fingers were moving in and out of her tight little pussy as fast as I could move. Then I pinched her clit between two of my fingers.

"OHHHHHHHHH JERRRRRRY, YES, YES, MAKE ME CUM... MORE..." Betty screamed as she came again.

She must have orgasmsed six times before she was finished. We layed on her bed, she had a little sexy smile on her face as her eyes explored my body.

As Betty moved her head toward my hard cock and she told me, " I think we should start doing this together instead of fighting..." and she sucked my cock into her mouth.

"Oh Betty I... I... love you..." I moaned.

Her mouth was on fire, she sucked me that night better than any woman could have. She made love to my cock with her mouth.

Her mouth locked on my cock, sucking it deep into her throat as her tongue lashed around my throbbing cock head. Harder Betty sucked, looking into my eyes seeing the pleasure she was giving me.

Her head moved up and down on my cock pole, her mouth sucking harder, moaning as she worked. Faster her head moved, sucking as hard as she could.

"Betty... I'm cumming... youuuuu... Better stop..." I gasp.

She gave me her sexy smile and sucked me harder than before. Up and down my cock shaft, she was sucking me to my first orgasm with a woman, my sister.

"OH FUCK... BETTY... YES... YES... I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU..." I screamed as I shot my love into her mouth and down her throat.

She kept sucking me, getting all my love juices out of my now shrinking cock. Betty's arms held me as I shot my last time.

We held each other tight, it was like finding a new love that was always with us. Somewhere in there I fell asleep, only to be woke up by Betty the next morning.

I was dreaming I was getting a blow job, it was a great one too. Then I did wake up, it was Betty, going down on my cock, sucking it hard as her pretty eyes watched me wake up in shock.

"OH FUCK. I THOUGHT IT WAS ALL A DREAM..." as I pulled her body to me, hugging her tight.

"No, baby brother, it was very real... and... very... good." She giggled.


I started to get up, Betty pushed me back down on my bed. Her mouth swallowed my cock. Sucking it hard and fast. I caressed her hair as she ate me.

I came in about ten seconds, it was great. Betty jumped off my bed and ran to get dressed. That day she wore her skimpy work suit.

We went downstairs laughing about my cock always being hard. When our Mom heard us she asked, " What's with you two... no fighting, yelling... ?"

Betty just replied, " No, Mom today we start a new life... don't we baby brother... ? No more fighting." and she gave my cock a little squeeze.

From then on Betty and I had many hours and hours of fun together. I think I had the most fun, you see, Betty, could suck my cock 24 hours a day and still want more of it.

So many times we almost got caught by our Mom and Dad. We would be making out in one of our bedrooms and they would walk in on us.

The closest time was Betty was on top of me sucking my cock and I was eating her sweet pussy, when the door flew open. All I could think to do was roll over fast and I started to tickle her.

It was just about the end of summer, a hot steamy day. Mom and dad had went someplace. Betty and I were in her room making out like two animals in heat.

"Betty?" I said.

"Yeah baby, what ya want?" she replied.

"Can I make real love to you, please???" I begged.

With a look of pain on her face she said, " Baby, you know you can't go inside my... my... between my legs..."

"Come on, nobody would know..." I was still begging.

"We can't do that, I'm sorry..." Betty hugged me, then she said, " There is one thing we can do..."

My eyes got big and I ask, " What?? Is it..."

She cut in, " Yes, you can have my ass... I know you love watching it..."

"Oh Betty... I love you so much," I hugged her so tight, " When? Now? Later?"

She just laughed and said, " Tonight after Sandy's party, O.K.?" she gave me a happy look, " Why don't you come with me? We can have some real fun together..."

"Oh yes... I can't wait..." I said.

"I guess I better give you something to hold you over until then..." and Betty moved her mouth to my cock. Giving me another one of her great blow jobs.

The girl Sandy, that was having a party, hung out with a bunch of losers. Drug heads, drunks and just plain ass hole people. I still don't know why sis told her she would go.

Later that evening I was waiting for Betty to finish dressing for the party. When she had finally came out of her room, I was shocked and very excited to see how she was dressed.

Betty was wearing a white sheer blouse, with no bra. Her little nipples had already grown to their full size, almost two inches long.

She a very, very short black silk mini skirt that just did cover her tight sweet ass. Betty's legs were covered by matching black thigh high stockings.

The best of all, Betty had on a pair of black, six inch high heels. She must have been wearing them a long time because, her leg and fine ass muscles were already tightened up.

I looked at her like a wolf after a lamb and said, " My god Betty, you look fuckin' hot."

With a sexy smile, she replied, " Glad you like, baby brother..."

When we got to the party it was all I knew it would be, drugs, beer and any kind of pill you could think of. And half naked college girls dressed in less than Betty had on.

Betty introduced me as her new man to all her college friends. I thought it was kind of sweet her thinking of me that way.

"Want a beer, girl friend?" I ask Betty.

She just smiled and nodded. I found the beer and a plate full of rolled pot cigarettes. I picked up three of them and put them in my pocket.

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