Boss Lady

by L.A. Wicker

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: "Fuck you man! She's not a cunt and I think she's a babe!" He took a deep breath, "The way her blouses hug her breasts. She always wears a matching bra under them, in the morning her nipple are always so hard they stick out a half inch or more."

"Damn, I hate that bitch!" Carl muttered as he walked from the building. Carl was a short, fat and rude person that nobody really liked, they just put up with him. "Friday night, five o'clock and she want every computer counted," he added looking to his friend Todd.

Todd just tilted his head, "Well, it's her company and she pays us pretty good," he said thinking that he didn't mind. He had more time to look at her wonderful, mature body.

"Oh fuck! That tight ass cunt is a millionaire and pays us crap. You just pull wood for her old dried up ass," Carl laughed looking back to Todd, "give me your lighter so I can light this up." He smiled pulling a joint from his shirt pocket.

Todd laughed at his stupid friend, "Can't you wait until we're out of the parking lot?" he gave Carl a dirty look, "what if someone sees you? I don't want to loose my job, I like it here."

"You fuckin' freak, you just like her old ass. You need to find a nice young girl your own age to sit on your cock," Carl said pointing to Todd. "Man that bitch is old as your mom." Carl added making a sour face. "It would make me sick going down on some old cunt like her."

Todd shoved Carl into a car; "Fuck you man! She's not a cunt and I think she's a babe!"

He took a deep breath, "The way her blouses hug her breasts. She always wears a matching bra under them, in the morning her nipple are always so hard they stick out a half inch or more." Todd smiled and went on, "The way her pretty, blonde hair lays just above them makes me crazy. Oh God and the skirts are out of this world. Her ass fills them better than any girl here does. And when she sits down, her long sexy leg comes out the side." Todd smiled feeling his cock coming to life.

"You little fuck! You're hard for an old lady!" Carl yelled to Todd, "Find your own way home, PUSSY!" he yelled again getting into his car and drove away.

Todd kicked his foot on the ground and started the two-mile walk home. He only hoped someone he knew would see him and give him a ride home.

Peggy Jones stepped from behind the company truck, not believing what she had just heard. Todd Pollen had defended her and knew so much about her. Not normal things, but tantalizing sexual things. Peggy had seen him looking at her a lot, but never thought he liked her so much. She thought of him looking at her hard nipples in the morning and smiled.

"Mr. Todd, I would have never guessed you knew so much about me," Peggy said and could feel wetness forming inside her body. The body that hadn't had a man inside, for over 15 long years.

'BOOM' a crash of thunder rang out in the air.

"Oh shit!" Peggy said running to her Phoenix Red Jaguar XKR. The rain began to pour down as she tried to get the car remote from her purse. "Come on! I'm getting drowned here!" she yelled out pulling it from deep within the purse. Once inside she looked over her soaked body. "Piss! This blouse better not get stained," she said looking to the white silk blouse that she had paid one hundred dollars for. "Mmmm, how nasty!" she purred seeing that it had turned transparent and her rounded breasts could be seen as plain as day. She gave her hard nipples a little pinch and started the car.

Todd walked through the pouring rain with no hope of getting a ride. He looked ahead to see a gas station and would wait out this summer storm there.

'HONK HONK' Todd turned to see a beautiful car beside him.

"Come on, I'll give you a ride!" the woman yelled from inside the car.

Todd ran the other side and jumped in as fast as he could, "Thank you!" he said looking to see Peggy Jones sitting behind the wheel with a big smile. "Hi, I never would have dreamed you'd stop to give somebody a ride."

She looked at him, "I saw you walking before it started raining." She lied; she had been looking for him as she drove down the street. "Why didn't your vulgar little friend give you a ride?" she asked knowing why.

"We got into a little fight," Todd replied, not wanting to tell her the real reason. How could he tell her they got into a fight over her?

She smiled at his answer, "Don't you have a car?" she asking looking to him and saw him looking at her breasts through the wet blouse.

"Um, no. I live at home with my mom and we can't afford one right now, but we're saving for one," Todd replied being a little embarrassed at telling her.

She just smiled and drove down the street, feeling his young eyes looking over her wet body. She glanced at him and saw him looking over every inch of her. From her supple breasts down to her firm legs.

"Todd, do you think I'm a bitch?" she asked and seeing him put his hands over his cock. She laughed to herself thinking the poor boy had got a hard on looking at her.

Todd gave her a funny look, "Why do you ask?" he replied glancing back to her right breast.

"Just wondering what you guys say about me when I'm not around," she smiled at her young admirer.

He looked to her big, brown eyes, "Some of them say you have a cork up your ass and some say you're a bitch, but most like you. You pay us good; we get off all the holidays," he said hoping she wouldn't be upset.

Peggy laughed at Todd, "A cork up my ass?" she looked to him with a smile, "What do you think of me?" she just had to ask him. She was dying to hear such sweet things said to her face. She couldn't remember when the last time a good looking man had told her how pretty she was.

Todd's face turned red, "I like you." He smiled to her, thinking that he should have said what he really thought. How much he wanted to hold her, love her, and be inside her sexy body.

"Thank kind sir," Peggy replied feeling the warmth between her long legs. "How long have you been working for me? Three years now?" she asked thinking she had to do something nice for him after all of the wonderful things he had said about her.

"Yep, going on four at the end of the summer," he smiled looking down to see her long right leg and the top of her stocking.

Peggy moved her leg to free it from under the skirt; she was beginning to really get excited at Todd looking at her this way. She knew that tonight her toy would get a good work out. "Are you going to apply for the Tech job?" she asked Todd. "I think you should, I've seen you fix a computer faster than anyone in the building."

"I think Carl wants it," he replied glancing at her leg again.

"Fuck Carl, you're a hundred times better than he is and I like you not him," She froze at what she had said. Now her young admirer knew she also liked him.

"Thank you. That means a lot coming from someone as pr... nice as you," Todd stuttered out.

'Pretty?' Peggy thought to herself. He was crazy about her and deep down she loved having a 20-year-old guy horny for her 45-year- old self.

Peggy walked into her bedroom, kicking of her high heels and walked to the mirror. "Damn, that little guy made me horny as hell!" she said reaching under her breasts giving them a good firm squeeze. "Oh I need a good fuck," She added knowing darn well that she really needed someone to hold, kiss, and love her.

Peggy slowly reached to unbutton the blouse, letting it fall to the floor. Her hands gently caressed her flat stomach, working their way to the thin bra covering her aching breasts. She unclasps it letting it fall to the blouse on the floor.

Her fingers softly circled her hard nipples, sending waves of pleasure through her lonely body. "Todd my young friend, you have succeeded in making me very excited tonight. To bad you're not here to see me like this!" Peggy giggled and began to roll her hardened nipples between her fingers.

"Mmmm, I'm on fire!" she moaned out in the empty house, wishing she had a man to please all of her desires. "I guess it's 'toy' time," she said moving to her big lonely bed. She lie flat out on it, reaching under one of the pillows, she pulled out a ten-inch vibrator. "Good to see you friend. A very handsome young man has turned me on today so be ready for a long night," Peggy giggled turning it on.

She began by running it over her stomach in slow circles. Making sure she teased her belly button, she had always loved it to be teased. She slowly moved it towards her hard nipples, thinking of young Todd looking at them with lust in his eyes.

"I wish I had a sweet man to suck you," Peggy moaned looking at the vibrator as it moved around her hard nipples. "He could suck you in his mouth real hard and pull away, letting you 'pop' from his mouth."

Peggy closed her brown eyes, moving the toy lower, lower down her stomach to the lonely spot between her long, slender legs, "Oh my God!" she cried out when the vibrator ran over her panty covered clit, sending a rush over her body. "I hate this! I need a man to do this!" she sobbed as she moved the hard, cold vibrator into her warm body.

"Mmmm, yes!" Peggy moaned as the toy sank deep inside her wet, heated sex. "It's so good!" groaned giving the vibrator a long twist back and forth while pinching her left nipple. "Yes! Yes!" she cried knowing a well-needed orgasm was near.

Peggy thought of Todd. His long blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail, his glasses slid to the end of his slender nose. His firm cheekbones covered by a fine layer of hair. She thought of the very tight jeans that covered Todd's slim hips and that wonderfully large bulge between his legs.

"OH SHIT!" Peggy screamed when her hot sex could take no more. She exploded around the slim vibrator with a force that hadn't been felt in a very long time. Her new admirer had brought her great relief. "Oh Todd fuck me! Fuck my pussy hard!" Peggy screamed again thinking of the young man on top of her body, pounding his nice cock into and out of her lonely pussy as hard as he could thrust it in.

She pulled her long legs to her breasts and drove her toy in more, "Todd! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me, my handsome young man!" Peggy cried out with her hand pumping the vibrator in and out of her body as fast as she could go.

Todd stood at a workbench looking over a computer, "How'd ya get home Friday night?" Carl asked as he walked by Todd laughing. "Still got that old bitch in your mind or did that rain wash her dried up old cunt from your... ?"

"Fuck you, ass hole!" Todd snapped on his friend. "She is a babe and you know damn well you ever got the chance you'd fuck her, too!" Todd added pointing his finger in Carl's face. "So shut the fuck up!"

Carl was shocked at Todd; he had never seen him like this in their ten-year friendship. He walked away not saying another word to Todd.

"Good morning Miss Jones," Todd heard someone yell from the loading dock and he could hear the loud clicking of her high heels on the shop floor. He felt his heart beat increase with each of her long strides towards him.

He turned to see her wearing his favorite outfit. A blue business suit with a baby blue blouse. "Good morning, Todd. How are you this fine morning?" Peggy asked moving next to him and looked to see what he was working on. "I expect to see your application for the Tech job by lunch," she smiled and brushed a long strand of hair from his face.

"I'm fine, and how are you today?" Todd asked seeing that she looked very good on this Monday morning. She seemed much rested and there was a nice pink color on her face. "I'll have my application there waiting for you," Todd added smelling her sweet perfume going up his nose and straight down to his growing cock.

"Very good. Drop it by my office at..." Peggy looked to her watch and thought of a good time for lunch. "At noon," She smiled seeing Todd had his eyes glued to her hard 'morning' nipples. She had given them a good twisting before walking into the building. She had remembered that Todd loved seeing them in the morning.

Todd returned her smile, "Sure thing," he said looking into her very alluring eyes wondering what it would be like seeing them as he kissed her full red lips.

"Until noon," She said giving him a wink with her right eye. She turned and walked away knowing a pair of young eyes would be watching her. Therefore, she added a little more sway to her hips as she walked across the shop and into the office area.

"Oh God I want a piece of your ass so bad!" Todd said as he watched her firm ass and the great wiggle it had today. He went back to work on the computer, thinking of her touching him and that great ass of hers. Trying to imagine how good it would have looked in sexy pair of white panties with his face buried in it.

Later that afternoon, Todd looked at his watch, "I better go get an application or she might kick my ass," he laughed heading off to get one from the office.

He walked into the office seeing Miss Jones and some of the office girls laughing and giggling about something. Miss Jones had a reputation of being very unfriendly, so this was very strange for her. Todd enjoyed seeing her pretty face filled with a big, warm smile instead off her normal cool businesswoman look.

"Well, look who it is," Miss Jones said giving Todd one of her new warm smiles. "Ladies make sure my new Tech man gets help in filling out his application and when he's finished send him into my office," she added turning away and vanished into her office.

"Shit!" Sasha Barnes said with a shocked look on her face. "What's gotten into her today? She must have got laid over the weekend or something," she added pulling a paper from a file cabinet and put it in a computer printer.

Todd looked to Sasha, "Who knows, but it sure looks good on her," he said smiling with a mental picture of her great ass still in his mind.

"I'll fill in everything for you and then all you have to do is sign it," she said as she began to type on a keyboard.

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