One Night at a Haunted House

by Keanu Jestki

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including First, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young woman spends the night a haunted? house

This is my first full story with an attempt to write some mysterious erotics. Please write me any feedback possible, thank you.

As in almost any of old houses the door began to squeal as Harold and his assistant started to open it up. Although the house was old and unattained it was clean, no dust around what so ever... Perhaps the rumors are being spread through the people by Harold, so more people would rent the "haunted" house for the night. Yes, it is most likely that the house is being cleaned and maintained every now and then and all the stories are lies...

This house doesn't look as large as was described by different people, - Victoria stated her verdict.

Well, this isn't a castle, you know, - Harold started his advertising again, - it is just an ancient looking house, although it looks like it's been built in middle centuries, this house is actually quite new, built using the drafts of old archite...

Yes, yes, I know, I know all the basic information about this pit. We have already talked over the terms of rent, correct? You get 150$ for the night and another 850$ if I find anything worthy of interest.

Uh, yes, yes of course. I'll be off now then.

Harold hurried back to his car with his assistant running after him like a poult after a hen, or so it would seem with his tiny chicken like steps. The car drove away rapidly to the center of the town where the office was located.

Victoria put down her bag on the floor in the lobby and started to look over the house. The first room on the second floor was a master bedroom. Silk curtains were hanging from the windows; redwood furniture was making the room look habitable; the fireplace was placed opposite to the window; a nice pretty redwood desk was standing not far from the bed. Victoria thought he room to be the perfect place to rest a bit after a long journey. Nice place to regain physical strength and review the materials. She went back to the lobby to take her bag up. She surprised to find a red rose lying on the floor not far from her luggage. First she though it strange but then threw away all the thoughts swirling in her head. Probably the landlord, Harold, threw the rose while he was leaving and Victoria just haven't noticed that because of her weariness. She brought the bag up and pulled out her laptop on the pretty desk. Opened the file and read the documentation over again.

"Karoune Wish Estate was founded in 1927 by an unknown architect.

The house was owned by a middle aged woman, Elizabeth Wish and a younger man, who probably was her husband. Later the man left, as though, the woman stayed in the house alone. Later the woman passed away and was buried in the town cemetery. Some people claim they see a lone man visiting her grave at night from time to time. The house remained empty for 2 years after the death of the owner.

The house was then bought by a young couple in 1952 but they sold the house after living in there less than one month as the woman could not stand the morbid dreams she had every night.

The next owner of the house was a retired policeman; he lived in the house for approximately 3 years and then passed away as well.

Three women bought the house in 1971, lived there for 9 years and then moved out and moved all in different towns.

The house was then abandoned for 13 years until two middle-aged men took the house claiming to be the relatives of the first owner, presenting the will of Elizabeth Wish. They moved out 2 months after. They seemed about 15 years older than they were before they came to town. Gossip says these men were seen at the local pub everyday drinking and telling stories of constant wolf howling, screaming, bone breaking and tearing flesh sounds beside their house at night.

In 1999 Harold Grydie bought the house and made an attraction out of it, renting it to anyone who wishes to spend a night in a "haunted house"... "

Victoria rubbed her tired eyes. The trip from Canada to England was tiring indeed, the young journalist haven't slept for almost 30 hours. "And why? Just why does my boss always gives me these stupid assignments?". She opened up a new word file and typed: " The location of the so infamous Karoune Wish Estate is known to many, though few know the truth which lies behind the rumors of townsfolk. Here I am, inside the house on May 12th 2004, with the mission to uncover all secrets...".

The sun was turning red outside as it slowly changed its form from a circle to a melon. "A quick glance around the house is all that I can do tonight, the article will just have to wait till the morning", - Victoria decided.

The whole house was made of oak as Victoria noticed; all wood was in perfect condition as though skillful carpenters maintained the house. There were 7 rooms in the house, 3 of which were bedrooms of no small size. The bathing facilities were well made and very expensive looking. The kitchen was not up to modern standards as the furnace was lumber fed to be operated and most of the dishes were wooden... the setup certainly had its charm. "Well so much for me eating well this evening... fruit diet as often, I guess".

After eating two-banana supper and taking a shower Victoria came to the room her laptop and luggage was. Strangely enough she found the laptop was closed and turned off and one of the angles of the velvet blanket was folded to make it easier to slip into bed. "Strange, am I that tired that I can't remember doing that? Uhhh, yes probably I am", - she then walked up to the window, closed it and the transparent silk curtains covering it. After the lady lied down on the fluffy mattress and covered herself with the blanket, the bed seemed heavenly comfortable and Victoria fell asleep almost momentarily.

... The smell of roses and poppies is clouding the mind. The whole body is hot and aroused and is quivering from every cold drop of liquid, making contact with it. Hypnotic music takes away last bits of energy from the limbs, giving a feeling of safety. The coloured mist makes it hard to see beyond the edges of the bed. There's an indescribable sweet taste on the tongue as something soft and moist massages the opened lips. Gentle touch crawls from the neck, lower to the chest, then to the belly, below the button, then shifts to the left and vanishes at the knee. Two more icy drops of water fall on the nipples. Sharp exhale. A warm breath blows below the right ear and transfers through the cheek to the lips... thunder... music and colours fade, the breath disappears... thunder... mist and music vanish... thunder, Victoria awakes, someone is knocking at the door.

Alright, alright, I'm coming! "Who the hell can it be?"

Victoria put on the bathrobe and hurried to the door. She looked through the eyehole and saw Harold. She opened the door:

What is the matter!? This must be very important to wake me up in the middle of the night!

Oh, yes, yes it is Miss Kay. Here I have your other bag you forgot in my car... - Harold smiled proudly.

Oh my god! Could you not bring it in the morning? Give it here!

Well, uhhm, I thought that it might be urgent for you to...

GET LOST!!! - Victoria banged the door close, hearing as Harold falls on the ground and mutters something to himself angrily, then sits claps the door of his car and drives away.

The young woman dropped the bag on the floor and went back upstairs to hr room. "Can one be as stupid as him, to storm in in the middle of the nigh...". Victoria stared at the open window in her room as she came there. "This can't be my imagination! I definitely remember closing it". She rushed towards the window and closed it. Only then she noticed that the smell of roses and poppies is present in the room, it did not fade as the rest of the dream. A whisper rustled behind Victoria. She snapped around only to see nothing. She made two careful steps forward, trembling with fear. The silk curtains rose up as by the wind which forced the woman to snap back. The window was closed, no wind ever came through. A quiet thud resounded as the door closed. The journalist turned toward it slowly. She gasped and quickly backed away to the window.

I am sorry I frightened you so, milady, I opened the window to take away the smell and just wait till you get back to sleep so I can continue your dream.

His voice was soft and firm at the same time, although charming it did not implant trust right away. There he stood, a young male about 20 years old. He was barefoot, wearing tight shiny leather trousers that were hanging on his hips and an unbuttoned black silk shirt with high collar, revealing his slim muscular body. There was a small platinum medallion in the shape of a bat holding a small amethyst hanging from his smooth neck. The black shoulder long hair gave out a shine in the moonlight. His eyes were giving out a soft green glow. The lips were almost unnaturally dark formed into a soft smile, though when he spoke Victoria noticed two sharp fangs in his mouth. Although creepy he was definitely gorgeous.

Who a-are you? - Victoria squeezed the words out of herself.

Why, I am the owner of this estate - Karoune Wish. I've been living here since it was built.

What are you a vampire to live that long and remain that young?

Yes. So, any more questions? Well I bet there are a lot actually, though I do not intend to give all the answers now to quench your thirst.


If I start answering them we'll be at it until morning and I imagine what you would look and feel like after sleeping for two hours in two days. I suggest you just go back to sleep.

And you would just wait till I fall asleep and then leave? - Victoria smiled laughingly

Karoune giggled:

Well not exactly. As I said I wish to continue your dream. - With these words he leaned his head down a bit and looked at Victoria from below the eyebrows, smiling hungrily.

This dream, the smell, the music the mist... it was all real wasn't it?

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