Mandy Does Football

by Heatheranne

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Magic, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, School, Transformation, .

Desc: Sex Story: An all American story of football and beer, of mysticism and sex, of heroes and heroines.

An all American story of football and beer, of mysticism and sex, of heroes and heroines.

Mandy rubbed her eyes and looked at her watch. It was seven o'clock in the evening. She turned her attention back to her history textbook and thumbed through a few pages. She figured that by eight she should be through with her reading and ready to join the party that was already in progress next door. The music and talk were already pretty loud over there. But it was Friday night in a college dormitory. What else could you expect?

Suddenly, the door to her room flew open and through a blare of noise and light her roommate, April, and April's boy friend, Tommy, stumbled into the room.

"Hey roomy," said April, slurring her words. "Are you still at the books?"

"Yep," answered Mandy. She noticed her friend's half-lidded eyes and the way she swayed as she stood. "Had a few beers, have we?"

"A couple," said April.

Behind her head, Tommy held up five fingers of one hand, and after a second thought he added one finger from the other hand.

Mandy laughed, "You sure it wasn't more like six beers?"

April saw where Mandy was looking and whirled around. She slapped at Tommy's hands and said, "Hey no fair, you've drunk more than I have anyway."

"Yeah, and I seem to remember paying for all of it too," said Tommy. His voice was none too clear either. He looked back to Mandy. "Don't you want to get some beers before they're all gone?" he asked, jerking his head in the direction of the party.

"Not yet," said Mandy firmly. "I'm going to finish this chapter tonight. And then after we win the conference championship tomorrow, I'm going to celebrate just as hard as everybody else. No doubt I'll need all day Sunday to recuperate."

Tommy nodded. "Sounds like a plan to me. In fact we're going to catch up on a little rest right now." He led April over to her bed and then flopped down on it, pulling a squealing April down with him.

Mandy just shook her head. This wasn't the first time they had fooled around while she was in the room, but they usually waited until they thought she was asleep. Tonight they were too drunk to care. She tried to ignore the giggles and whispers from the other side of the room, but then she started to hear the liquid sounds of two people trying to swallow one another's tongues. Mandy peeked over her shoulder. April and Tommy were laid out on the bed. She had her back turned to Mandy and her head rested on Tommy's arm. He was kissing April and rubbing her generous breasts. April may have been a bit overweight, but she was one of those lucky girls who carried around most of the extra pounds on her chest.

Tommy caught Mandy looking and curled the forefinger of his free hand in a come here gesture. Mandy stuck out her tongue at him and gave him the well known one finger salute. Tommy's eyes crinkled in laughter.

Mandy turned back to her text. She managed to read two more pages before she heard the metallic rasp of a zipper being pulled. Clothes rustled and then Mandy heard the swish, swish sound of skin on skin. Mandy couldn't help herself; she peeked over her shoulder once again. At this point, Tommy was on his back. April had his cock in hand and she was jerking him off. Mandy had to admit that Tommy had a nice cock. It was thick and straight and about seven inches long.

Mandy was titillated at the view of course but she also took a clinical view of April's technique. Her fingers only went about half way down Tommy's cock and then they came up to cover its head completely. Mandy had done a few guys on dates during her high school years. She'd always slid her fingers along the entire length of the guy's cock shaft, and she had pretty much avoided hitting the head. Had she been doing it wrong? Well, it couldn't have been very wrong, she answered herself. They had all cum. usually, about a minute after she had started. Of course they were high school guys. It didn't take much to make their horny little cocks spurt.

It was obvious that April was adept at masturbating her boyfriend. Tommy was certainly turned on. He rolled his hips and his breathing came in little gasps. Mandy forgot about her studies. She propped her head on her hand and prepared to see things to their conclusion when there was a knock at the door.

"Oh shit," muttered Tommy.

"Come in," sang out Mandy as innocently as she could muster.

There was the sound of April and Tommy scrambling to get their clothing back into place and then the door opened. Susan, a friend of Mandy's and April entered with a beer in her hand.

"Hey, what're you all doing?" Susan asked.

"Well some of us are trying to study," said Mandy.

"And some of us are trying to get laid," said Tommy, jerking his zipper closed. April giggled insanely.

"Do that shit later," said Susan, not the least bit scandalized. "Josh is here and he brought Steve Walker with him. They've got this class in regional history together."

"Isn't Steve the kicker on the football team?" asked Tommy.

"Yeah, he's got a paper due Monday on the Fuquari Rock so he wants to go up there so he can take pictures and stuff." The Fuquari Rock was a boulder on the local Indian reservation. It was supposedly covered in runes that no one could interpret.

"Go then," said Tommy, waving at her.

"We need a vehicle. We thought that you could take us in your truck," said Susan.

"Oh no," said Mandy. "Tommy's too drunk to drive."

"That's right," slurred Tommy. "I've had too many drives to be drunking." He threw a leg over April and began to nuzzle her neck. April shrieked when he belched loudly in her ear.

"I can drive," said a voice from behind Susan. Josh, her boyfriend, plucked one of the cans of beer out of her hand and killed it two long gulps.

"I don't think so," said Susan, "you can barely keep a car on the road when you're dead sober."

"That's because I'm too busy looking at you, beautiful." Josh reached around his girlfriend and cupped her breasts in his hands.

Susan slapped playfully at his arms. "Steve can drive then, or Mandy," she said plaintively. "You two haven't been drinking. Come on you guys, it's a nice fall night; the moon is full. It'll be fun."

Eventually their little group got together and headed to Tommy's pickup truck. Tommy and April, Josh and Susan climbed into the bed with a cooler filled with beer. That left Mandy and Steve to get in the cab. Steve was driving.

It was the first time that Mandy had seen Steve up close. Usually he was just another player on the field, hidden in pads and a helmet. In regular clothing he certainly didn't look like a football player. He was trim but not heavily muscled and he wasn't any taller than she was. Of course at five foot ten inches she was tall for a girl. Steve had the high cheekbones and dark coloring of one of the Fuquari.

Once he got the truck moving Mandy asked, "So, I guess you're ready for the big game?"

"Yeah, I guess," said Steve matter-of-factly.

"You don't sound very enthused."

"Well, I do better if I just stay calm and go out there and do my thing. It's the other guys who need to get all hot and sweaty and ready to eat raw meat." He grinned at her.

The Fighting Fuquari football team of Western State University was playing for a conference championship on the following day. If they won, they would be eligible for a post season playoff birth. The team nickname came from a local American-Indian tribe. The tribe didn't mind that the school used their name; in fact the affluent tribe was an enthusiastic supporter of the university and its team. Most Fuquari children attended the college and quite a few of the boys played on the football team.

"How about you?" Steve asked. "Do you play any sports?"

"My parents were both big time jocks. I grew up doing all kinds of sports, including karate and judo. I was into gymnastics pretty heavy for a long time, but I sort of grew out of it," she said, referring to her size. "I'm pretty good at soccer, though. I'm going to tryout for the team next season." They talked sports for a while and then Mandy asked why exactly they were going to Fuquari Rock.

"I have to do a presentation about it for class. Do you know anything about it?"

Mandy shook her head, "Not much. It's a big rock that's got symbols carved into. Some of the Fuquari think it has a mystical meaning."

"That's what most people know. Do you want to hear more?

Mandy asked, "How long does it take us to get there?"

Steve laughed. "I'll tailor the story to fit." He settled back in his seat. "In the early eighteen-hundreds all this area was sparsely populated. The Fuquari occupied the Luftee river valley, where their reservation is now. They were mostly farmers and naturally they lived on the flattest and richest ground in the area.

"The European settlers wanted that land for themselves of course, so they convinced the government to send in troops to move the Indians west, like they had done to other tribes. A local militia detachment of thirty-six men was sent to warn the Fuquari that they would have to prepare themselves to leave. But when they got there, they couldn't find anyone. There were no Fuquari at their farms or in the central village. So the lieutenant in charge kept half his men in the village and split up the remainder into three patrols. The patrols went into the surrounding mountains to see if they could find any sign of the Fuquari. Two of the patrols returned with nothing to report, but there was no word from the third."

"Ohh... the plot thickens," said Mandy.

"Yeah," said Steve. "The lieutenant sent the fresh half of his little command to find the missing patrol, and when it was found every man in the patrol had been killed."

"By the Fuquari," finished Mandy.

"Of course the soldiers thought so. All the men had either had their necks broken, or their heads bashed in. But the odd thing was that there was no other sign of battle. No torn up ground, and none of the soldier's weapons were taken. It was like they never knew what hit them.

"The rescue patrol was pretty well spooked but they had to spend the night in the mountains, so the men paired off and took up defensive positions. It didn't do them much good. Even though the men fired at every little sound, by the end of the night all but two of the men were dead."

"And no dead Indians," said Mandy.

"That's right," agreed Steve. "When the rest of the militia heard what had happened, they torched the village and fled the area. No one seemed to mind when the Fuquari returned and reoccupied the valley. The federal government eventually made the valley and the surrounding mountains into a reservation."

Mandy said, "I seem to have missed how this relates to the Fuquari Rock."

"Oh, yeah. When anyone asked the Fuquari about the incident, they claimed that in times of crisis they could use the Rock to call forth a champion to take care of them."

"Sounds like this champion of theirs did his job," said Mandy.

"Yeah well, most historians think that the militia was a bunch of drunks who got their asses whipped by a group of peaceful farmers who were doing their best to run away when the militia caught up with them and started a fight. They also think that the Indians quietly buried their dead and then promoted the story about a vengeful champion in the hopes that they would be left alone. "

"And what do you think?" asked Mandy.

"I'm not sure, the Fuquari grow up hearing all sorts of mystical stuff. My grandmother is a full blooded Fuquari. She believes the stories that have been passed down from her great-great grandmother, who was alive at that time. Grams claims that when a champion is needed, he can be summoned on a night like tonight, when a full moon is rising. As for me, right now I'll settle for a good grade on a report that I'm throwing together at the last minute." Steve made a turn onto the road that lead to the Fuquari reservation. After a half mile, he turned again onto a well maintained gravel road.

"I guess football has been occupying most of your time," said Mandy.

"Yeah, the pressure has been nuts. I think every Fuquari in the area is going to be at the game. Even my grandmother told me not to bother to come home if I missed any kicks," he said with a laugh. "Even the practice squad guys were juiced up. A lineman named Roy almost took my head off during practice today. The coach threw him off the squad on the spot."

"The coach got rid of a player before a big game just because he was playing to hard?'

"Roy's an asshole anyway. He's big and fast, but I think he gets hopped up on steroids or something. Half the time he doesn't know where the play's going. All he wants to do is hurt people," said Steve

Mandy laughed. "That's a bad thing? After all, we are playing the Lancers," she said. The Fuquari's arch rival foes were the Mighty Lancers of the Higdon Military College. Their campus was only about seventy-five miles away.

"And here we are," said Steve as he pulled into a small parking lot. Everyone climbed out of the truck. The group from the back of the truck was carrying their beers. They crossed a neat lawn and came to a railing that surrounded the Fuquari Rock. The large boulder sat in a pit about eight feet below the level of the lawn. The pit was lined with native stone and a ramp provided access from ground level. Steve climbed over the railing and with a little grin he leapt to the bottom. Tom and Josh started to follow him, but Mandy grabbed their arms and pulled them back. They were clearly too drunk for stunts. "Oh no you don't," she said, "the ramps right around this way."

In a minute the group was standing on the rock. It was roughly oval shaped, about forty feet long and twenty feet across at its widest point. Someone had painted the carvings that were set into the rock so they were visible even in the faint evening light. There were stick figures of humans and a rough carving of the sun, or maybe it was the moon. But most of the rock was covered with some sort of text. "What does all this mean?" asked Susan.

"A lot of scholars have studied the rock, but no one really knows," answered Steve. "You guys hop off for a second, so I can take some pictures."

The group left the rock and flashes of light filled the pit as Steve took his pictures. Mandy strolled around the edge of the boulder. At one point the top of the rock was about six feet above the base of the pit. She was trailing her fingers along the smooth stone when she saw hand prints carved into the rock. They were about waist high and sat on a shelf cut into the stone. On impulse she slid her hands into the carvings.

I wonder how many thousands of people have done this, she thought. She was surprised to find that her fingers and the palms of her hands fit exactly into the carvings. "Hey guys, come look at this," she called out. She tried to lift her hands out of the carvings, but somehow they seemed stuck. The moisture on my hands and the close fit has made a seal, she thought.

She pulled up again, but it was as if her hands were glued tight to the rock. When she lifted her head to call for help, the light of the full moon struck her full in the face. Her cry to her friends came out as a long sigh as Mandy stared into the sky. But she wasn't actually aware of the moon at all; it was more like the milky moonlight was pouring into her wide eyes. She felt herself buzz with an electrical charge that started at her finger tips and instantly suffused her body.

She staggered and felt hands on her arms and back that kept her from falling. "Are you all right?" asked Steve.

"I feel..." Mandy shook her head and took a deep breath. "I feel great, actually," she said. "What happened?"

"We heard you yell," said Tommy. "When we got here, you were leaning against the rock, trembling. Then you pushed yourself back like you had been burned or shocked or something."

"Sure you're OK?" asked April as she rubbed her roommate's shoulder.

"Yeah, I was just looking at those handprints in the rock, when I blanked out. Maybe I dozed off - too much studying, I guess."

"Handprints?" asked Steve. "There aren't any handprints here."

"On this little shelf," said Mandy. She ran her fingers over the smooth stone. But it was all smooth stone, no handprints or any sort of indentation. Mandy shrugged. "Maybe I dreamed them up when I took my little nap. Anyway, I feel fine now." In fact, she had perked up considerably. She felt like having a few beers and partying. She looked over at Steve. He's pretty cute, she thought. He had the American Indian high cheek bones and chiseled good looks. And even though he's a kicker, she thought. I bet he has the hard body of an athlete. "You know, it's a beautiful fall evening. The air's warm and there's a full moon out. I think we ought to take advantage of it."

Mandy walked over to Steve and slid her arms over his shoulders. He was surprised, but when Mandy planted an eager kiss on his lips, he responded in kind. Part of Mandy's mind couldn't believe what she was doing. She hadn't thrown herself at a boy like this since she was twelve years old. She had been at a party where everyone had been playing a kissing game. She had been locked into a closet with Sammy Stinson for five minutes of private fun. She had practically slobbered all over that poor boy's face. She had been determined not to leave that closet without a thorough kiss.

But she had never felt like this. Like most girls, she wanted romance and intimacy from guys first, and then, once she was aroused, she could be as passionate about sex as any horny male, but this was different. She had gone from being a girl who was mildly interested in a bit of Indian lore to sex fiend in about five seconds. She wanted hot cock filling her pussy and she wanted it now.

"Let's fuck," she whispered hotly in Steve's ear.

One look in her eyes sent Steve to fumbling with the belt and zipper of his jeans. In a few seconds he was stroking his naked cock and eagerly awaiting Mandy.

Mandy didn't waste anytime. She had her slacks and panties off in seconds, and then she leaned against the Fuquari Rock and spread her legs wide. She looked over her shoulder and gave Steve an inviting smile. He responded eagerly. Without any thought to foreplay, he plugged his hard dick into Mandy's pussy and began to pound away.

"That's it baby," she encouraged Steve. "Pop it to me hard and fast." Steve's cock felt wonderful as it sawed in and out of her tight pussy, but she knew that he wouldn't last long at that pace and she was a long way from being satisfied. She looked to her left. April and Tommy had their mouths locked together and she was continuing the stroke job that she had started in their dorm room. "April, come here," she said sharply.

April left Tommy in mid-stroke. She walked over and rested a hand on Steve's shoulder as he furiously fucked Mandy's pussy. "What?" she asked.

"Don't let Tommy cum. I want him," said Mandy.

April looked at Steve and then back to Mandy. She looked as if she were about to rebuke her roommate, but then she just shrugged and said, "OK, whatever." She went back to Tommy and continued to make out with him, but she kept her hand off his hard-on. Mandy could hear giggling and soft moans coming from the far side of the rock. Apparently, Josh and Susan were having some fun too.

Oh shit, baby," panted Steve. "It feels like your cunt is sucking me off." He shuddered between her thighs. Little grunts escaped his lips and Mandy knew that he had shot his wad deep in her pussy. He continued to stroke her, but Mandy said, "That's OK Steve, let Tommy take over."

Steve's drooping cock slid from her pussy as he stepped back. Almost immediately, Tommy was between her legs and plugging his hard member into her clasping cunt. "Yeah, hard and fast, Tommy," she urged him. He planted his hands on either side of her waist and rolled his hips in quick little fuck strokes.

"April," Mandy called out, and the girl trotted over obediently. "Go tell Josh that he's next."

"I'll tell him," April said with one of her girlish giggles.

"And then see what you can do about that," said Mandy as she nodded toward Steve. He was gazing forlornly at Mandy and stroking a limp dick that waved about in the air, refusing to harden.

"Right," said April as she trotted off.

Mandy settled back on the rock. Her own orgasm was beginning to build. She ground her pussy on Tommy's cock. She felt her first little wave of pleasure come and go. She loved it when sex was like this. Her body would tease her a few times and then bang, she would be cumming all over the place. Another wave of passion came over her, stronger than the first but hardly a full blown orgasm. She was building to another peak when Tommy gasped and came. "Damn," muttered Mandy. She sat up and pushed Tommy away. A long drip of cum and pussy juice fell off the end of his dick as he got out of the way.

Mandy was about to yell for April, when she appeared with Josh and Susan. Josh didn't seem to need any instruction or urging. He stepped up to Mandy and dropped his trousers. Josh was a nice guy, but he only had average looks and a beer belly to boot. But when he pulled down his boxers, Mandy saw at least one good reason Susan kept him around. He had a cock like a fat sausage. It must have been eight inches long and so broad that Josh's fingers barely fit around the thing.

"Yeah, that's what I'm talking about," said Mandy. She grabbed his cock like it might go somewhere without its owner and stuffed the slick head into her pussy. She felt her lips stretch to accommodate her new partner, and then he was fucking her hard and fast. Mandy felt the pressure of her orgasm begin to build once again. It came on slowly despite Josh's efforts to pound her body into the smooth stone on which she lay. But then she was over the edge. Wave after wave of hot pleasure ran through her pussy. It was the best orgasm of her life, and all she wanted was more and more.

When Mandy came back to her senses, she took a deep breath of the night air and looked around. Josh was collapsed on the rock beside her. He was out of breath and his cock had shrunk to nothing. April and Steve were a few feet away. She was on her knees with her lips wrapped around his revived penis. Mandy smiled at Steve and curled a finger in invitation. "Time for round two," she said with a smile.

Mandy put a final tug on her shoe laces and stood up from her perch on the Fuquari Rock. She felt fresh as a daisy, certainly not like three guys had been pounding her pussy for the last hour. Tommy and Josh had fucked her twice and Steve had managed a third time. She bounced over to the other five of their little party. April and Susan were whispering and giggling to one another, while the guys were quietly sipping on beers. They looked as if they had just finished a hard day's work. "Hey, let's get something to eat," said Mandy.

"Sounds good to me," said Tommy getting to his feet.

"Let's get some burgers," chipped in Steve.

Someone else started to say something, but Mandy put up her hand for silence. "Someone's coming," she said as she stared up and out of the pit.

"Not me," said Tommy, "at least not again tonight."

"No, really," said Mandy, dismissing the joke. Then everyone heard the sound of tires on gravel. Headlights swept the sky above their heads, and then they heard car doors opening and closing.

"Hey Walker, you in there?" slurred a voice from the lawn above the rock.

"Oh shit," moaned Steve. "It's Roy, the guy who clothes lined me in practice today. He said he was going to beat my ass because he got kicked off the team."

"I thought you said that getting kicked off the team was his own fault," said Mandy.

"It was, but that asshole has to take it out on somebody. Look, let's go up there. I'll suck it up and tell him how sorry I am. He'll think that he's embarrassed me in front of my friends, and then we'll go eat." Steve stood and took a couple of faltering steps.

"What's wrong?" asked Josh.

Steve rubbed his leg. "I kind of jammed my knee when I jumped down here. It's starting to get stiff. Let's go." The group, except for Mandy, headed for the ramp that would take them out of the pit.

"Walker, you fucking coward, come out here and face me. There's no coach here to save your sorry ass." Roy was trash talking again. Plus, Mandy heard some masculine laughter, so she could tell that he wasn't alone.

She was getting pissed. Steve was a nice guy. He didn't deserve to have to take on two or three bullies on his own. Mandy looked up, she was standing next to the wall nearest the parking lot. If she could climb up then she could confront Roy and whoever else before her friends could get there. They had to walk the length of the pit and then take the ramp up top.

Mandy crouched, if she could jump high enough then maybe she could grab the concrete pad at the edge of the pit. The walls of the pit were made of rough stone; she should be able to find purchase for her feet. She leapt upward as intensely as she could manage. To her surprise, her outstretched hands flew right by the concrete pad. She was able to grab onto the lower rung of the iron railing that ran around the edge of the pit. From there it only took her a second to vault the railing and march across the lawn toward the three young men standing there. Mandy studied the men as she closed in on them. One of the guys stood slightly in front of the other two. He must have weighed close to three hundred pounds and stood over six feet tall.

He has a gut that bulges above the waistband of his jeans, but he also has biceps that look as if they might be bigger than my thighs, thought Mandy. The other two guys looked liked well muscled jocks. They just weren't bear-sized like their buddy.

"Where's Steve?" demanded the bear.

"You must be Roy," said Mandy as she stopped in front of the wall of flesh.

"And you must be one of those white college sluts who think it's cool to get nailed by an Indian," said Roy. Mandy could tell his voice from his earlier threats.

Mandy grinned at him. "As a matter of fact we did get it on, several times actually." She looked down at his crotch. "Tell me," she asked, "is it true that all those steroids shrivel up your balls and make you impotent? Is that why you're such a jerk?"

Roy's eyes flew wide open and for a second Mandy thought that he was going to take a swing at her. But he just slowly stretched out his arm and brushed her back as he stomped toward the rock. "Hold on to this bitch while I take care of Steve," he said to one of his buddies. "I'm going to break both his legs and then rape the shit out of her."

Mandy felt a hand close tightly on her arm and pull her back. OK, she thought, they've threatened me and laid hands on me; that's enough. She raised her left foot and brought it smashing down onto her captor's instep. He howled with pain, but he didn't let go of her arm. Mandy turned and rammed the heel of her hand into his nose. The guy went down trying to nurse his broken foot and nose at the same time.

Roy stopped in his tracks and spun to see what was happening. Mandy sprang forward a couple of steps and then lashed out with a kick that, she hoped, just might separate Roy's head from his shoulders. To her surprise, the only thing her foot hit was Roy's hand. He directed the force of her kick upwards until he was holding her foot well over her head and her legs were in a near one hundred eighty degree split.

Roy leered down at her. "Nice try bitch, now what are you going to do."

Mandy didn't bother to reply. She made a fist of her hand that was nearest the ground and then spinning her torso she slammed that fist as hard as she could muster into Roy's crotch. For a split second nothing happened. Mandy thought that maybe the guy really didn't have any balls. But then he released her foot and Mandy fell to the ground. She rolled and came up in a fighting stance, ready for whatever.

Roy was still standing there, staring at her with glazed eyes. Then he sort of moaned and went to his knees. His eyes slowly closed and then he toppled over sideways and lay there, clutching at his crotch.

Mandy looked over at the remaining guy in Roy's little band. He threw up his hands and said, "Hey, no problem here. I personally thought that talk about rape was way out of hand." He extended a hand to the guy with the broken nose. "I'll just help these guys back to the car."

Mandy turned and saw that her friends had made their way to the top the ramp. She jogged over to the group. They were all looking at her with various degrees of astonishment. "How the hell did you do that?" asked Steve.

Mandy hesitated. "I'm not sure," she said with a shrug. "I guess all that martial arts training I had when I was little came back to me." They watched as Roy waddled back to his car, his legs bowed wide apart. They waited until the bad guys were safely away and then made their own exit.

Back on campus the group sat at a burger joint munching on their sandwiches. Mandy had practically inhaled her own meal and now she was stealing fries from everyone else. "I'm starved," she mumbled around a mouth full of golden fried potato."

"I guess beating the crap out of bullies gives you an appetite," giggled April.

Mandy could only make a face at her by way of reply. She continued to wolf down more food.

Steve reached into a rear pocket of his jeans and pulled out his wallet. He reached inside and pulled out four pieces of thick paper. "Our coach gave us tickets to the game for our families," he said. "My folks have a wedding to attend, so they can't make it. I haven't asked anyone else. They're great seats, if you guys want to use them. Sorry, I don't have five of them."

April plucked the tickets from Steve's fingers. "Josh and Susan have their own little group to sit with," she said. "But the rest of us would love some good seats."

Mandy felt someone pushing on her shoulder. "Get up Mandy," she heard April say. Mandy opened her eyes, and then immediately squeezed them shut again. There was bright sunshine filling the room.

"What time is it?" she mumbled.

"Almost eleven," said April. "You need to get moving if we're going to shower and eat before the game."

"OK," said Mandy. She threw her legs over the side of her bed and sat up. She took a deep breath as she stretched out her arms. After a solid ten hours of sleep she felt great. She followed April into the bathroom they shared with the girls from three other rooms. But this morning they had the showers to themselves. The other girls had already done their thing.

As Mandy brushed her teeth at one of the sinks, she watched in the mirror as April undressed for her shower. She was never one for modesty. April had a great little body. She was almost six inches shorter than Mandy, but she had full, perky boobs and a nicely shaped ass. Her thighs might be carrying some extra weight, but no one would call them stocky.

April put a hand to the back of her neck and rubbed at the muscles. "God, my neck hurts this morning," she complained. "I must have slept wrong on it or something."

In her mind's eye, Mandy saw April, her neck held at an awkward angle, as she sucked on Steve's cock the previous evening. I believe it was the 'or something' that hurt your neck, thought Mandy. All that sex last night had been great. She felt a warm surge in her pussy. I'm turning into some sort of slut, she thought as she ran her free hand down the front of her panties. In fact I could use some hot cock right now, she told herself. Instead of running out to find some strange guy who might be roaming the dormitory halls though, Mandy rinsed the toothpaste from her mouth and disrobed for her own shower. Relief for her itchy pussy was just a finger tip and a bit of soap away. She was about to step into one of the empty stalls when, on impulse, she pulled back the curtain to April's shower and stepped in.

April looked surprised, but not really upset when Mandy intruded on her shower. Mandy took a bottle of liquid soap off a shelf and said, "Here, let me see if I can help your neck."

She lathered up her hands. The soap had a sweet aroma of flowers and herbs. She began to massage the muscles in April's neck and upper back. "Oh, that's good," cooed April as she let her shoulders sag forward. Mandy's thumbs kneaded the knotted muscles in April's neck until they loosened and softened.

Mandy's fingers slipped down April's back and onto her ass. She softly squeezed April's firm bottom. April didn't say anything or pull away. In fact, she pushed her butt cheeks firmly into Mandy's grip.

Mandy poured the fragrant soap onto her hands once again. She massaged April's lower back and then wrapped her arms around the girl. She pulled April close until her breasts pillowed on Aprils back. She spread her legs and hunched her pussy on April's butt cheek.

Mandy's hands glided upward and covered April's breasts. She slid April's distended nipples between her fingers as she gently kneaded the girl's breasts.

Mandy could feel April's heart pounding and she could hear her ragged breathing. She ran her fingers across April's tummy and on downward until one of her fingers slipped into April's eager pussy. Mandy ground her clit on April's hip from behind and pounded the girl's pussy from the front. April's soapy body virtually vibrated with pleasure and both girls came with gasps and moans.

April leaned against the wall of the shower. She hugged her arms underneath her breasts as the warm water cascaded over her face. Her eyes were half closed and a soft smile was on her lips. She looked satiated and complete. But Mandy wasn't through with her. She squatted and placed April's leg over her shoulder and then lifted her face to the girl's full pussy lips. Mandy sucked her clit as she flicked her tongue over the taut nubbin.

April pounded the wall of the shower stall with her fists. "Oh Mandy, shit girl, that feels so good," she moaned. She lost count of her orgasms as Mandy lapped the juices from her pussy and made her cum again and again.

The next thing April knew, she was lying on her bed. She felt something soft and light land on her nude body. When she opened her eyes, she saw a bra and panties lying on her stomach. Mandy was across the room, brushing her hair. "Let's go, let's go," she said. "I'm starved to death."

After gulping down their lunch, Mandy and April made it to the stadium just after the Fuquari had kicked off. Mandy followed Steve as he jogged off the field. He removed his helmet as he neared a table on the sidelines. There must have been fifty paper cups on the table, all filled with water or perhaps some sort of sports drink. Steve picked up one of the drinks and lifted it to his lips. As he drank, Mandy thought that their eyes met. She raised her hand in front of her chest and gave him a hesitant, little wave. After all, he might be looking at some other girl three rows behind her. But Steve gave her a wave back and a smile before he returned his attention to the game.

"Where have you guys been," asked Tommy. He had arranged to meet April and Mandy at the game. They had good seats. They were almost in the center of the field, about a dozen rows up in the stands.

April erupted with one of her patented giggles and said, "Its Mandy's fault. First she overslept and then she wouldn't get out of the shower."

In the first quarter of the game, both teams scored touchdowns. The Cadets scored again in the second quarter and held the lead at halftime. Mandy almost choked on the hotdog she was eating when a Fuquari player took the opening kickoff of the second half all the way to a touchdown, to tie the game.

After that, the game turned into a defensive struggle. Steve kicked a field goal and a few minutes later he kicked another one, barely. Although the kick wasn't very far, the ball fluttered through the air and just cleared the crossbar. Steve came limping off the field and disappeared under the stands into the dressing room.

In the fourth quarter, the Cadets kept the ball on offense for several minutes of playing time and scored another touchdown. Now they were ahead by one point and after the kickoff, they managed to tackle the Fuquari receiver inside his own five yard line. The Fuquari had only a few minutes of game time left to travel the length of the field and score a touchdown or field goal to win.

The crowd was yelling encouragement to the Fuquari offense as they took the field. Mandy was in mid cheer when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned to see the impassive countenance of an older Fuquari gentleman. He was wearing a shirt with the words 'Foot Ball Staff' embroidered above his heart. "Are you Mandy?" he asked above the roar of the crowd.


"Will you come with me? Steve needs to see you."

"Steve?" she said, a little confused. "Isn't he playing?"

"He's in the training room. His knee has really stiffened up on him."

Mandy felt confused. "What can I do about it?" she asked.

The old man hesitated, but then he said, "I'm not sure. He just wanted to see you." As Mandy stood, the man stuck out his hand, "My name's John. I'm the team's full time manager."

"Hi," said Mandy. John had a thick, meaty hand, but Mandy's more slender, longer fingers gave her a good grip. John's handshake was firm and then it became firmer. Mandy squeezed back with what she felt was the same pressure. His grip became even stronger and Mandy returned the favor. Just when she was going to ask him what the hell was going on, his fingers relaxed and they broke the handshake.

"Nice to meet you, Mandy," said John as he subconsciously rubbed his right hand with his left. "I'll take you to see Steve now." He turned and waited for Mandy to join him.

Mandy told April and Tommy where she was going and then she followed the older gentleman up the steps and into the rear area of the stands. They passed the nearly empty concession stands on the concourse and stopped at an unmarked door. John took a ring of keys from his pocket and opened the door. They went down several flights of stairs until Mandy reckoned that they were down at ground level. At the bottom of the stairs they went across a hallway and through another door.

It was obvious that they were in the locker room of the football team. John gestured to the other side of the large room where Steve was standing next to a pile of clothing that was lying on a bench. "There he is," said John. "I'll be over here if you need anything."

"Thanks, John," called out Steve. The old man nodded gravely and then turned and walked away.

"What's up?" asked Mandy as she neared Steve.

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