Mandy Does Football

by Heatheranne

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Magic, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, School, Transformation, .

Desc: Sex Story: An all American story of football and beer, of mysticism and sex, of heroes and heroines.

An all American story of football and beer, of mysticism and sex, of heroes and heroines.

Mandy rubbed her eyes and looked at her watch. It was seven o'clock in the evening. She turned her attention back to her history textbook and thumbed through a few pages. She figured that by eight she should be through with her reading and ready to join the party that was already in progress next door. The music and talk were already pretty loud over there. But it was Friday night in a college dormitory. What else could you expect?

Suddenly, the door to her room flew open and through a blare of noise and light her roommate, April, and April's boy friend, Tommy, stumbled into the room.

"Hey roomy," said April, slurring her words. "Are you still at the books?"

"Yep," answered Mandy. She noticed her friend's half-lidded eyes and the way she swayed as she stood. "Had a few beers, have we?"

"A couple," said April.

Behind her head, Tommy held up five fingers of one hand, and after a second thought he added one finger from the other hand.

Mandy laughed, "You sure it wasn't more like six beers?"

April saw where Mandy was looking and whirled around. She slapped at Tommy's hands and said, "Hey no fair, you've drunk more than I have anyway."

"Yeah, and I seem to remember paying for all of it too," said Tommy. His voice was none too clear either. He looked back to Mandy. "Don't you want to get some beers before they're all gone?" he asked, jerking his head in the direction of the party.

"Not yet," said Mandy firmly. "I'm going to finish this chapter tonight. And then after we win the conference championship tomorrow, I'm going to celebrate just as hard as everybody else. No doubt I'll need all day Sunday to recuperate."

Tommy nodded. "Sounds like a plan to me. In fact we're going to catch up on a little rest right now." He led April over to her bed and then flopped down on it, pulling a squealing April down with him.

Mandy just shook her head. This wasn't the first time they had fooled around while she was in the room, but they usually waited until they thought she was asleep. Tonight they were too drunk to care. She tried to ignore the giggles and whispers from the other side of the room, but then she started to hear the liquid sounds of two people trying to swallow one another's tongues. Mandy peeked over her shoulder. April and Tommy were laid out on the bed. She had her back turned to Mandy and her head rested on Tommy's arm. He was kissing April and rubbing her generous breasts. April may have been a bit overweight, but she was one of those lucky girls who carried around most of the extra pounds on her chest.

Tommy caught Mandy looking and curled the forefinger of his free hand in a come here gesture. Mandy stuck out her tongue at him and gave him the well known one finger salute. Tommy's eyes crinkled in laughter.

Mandy turned back to her text. She managed to read two more pages before she heard the metallic rasp of a zipper being pulled. Clothes rustled and then Mandy heard the swish, swish sound of skin on skin. Mandy couldn't help herself; she peeked over her shoulder once again. At this point, Tommy was on his back. April had his cock in hand and she was jerking him off. Mandy had to admit that Tommy had a nice cock. It was thick and straight and about seven inches long.

Mandy was titillated at the view of course but she also took a clinical view of April's technique. Her fingers only went about half way down Tommy's cock and then they came up to cover its head completely. Mandy had done a few guys on dates during her high school years. She'd always slid her fingers along the entire length of the guy's cock shaft, and she had pretty much avoided hitting the head. Had she been doing it wrong? Well, it couldn't have been very wrong, she answered herself. They had all cum. usually, about a minute after she had started. Of course they were high school guys. It didn't take much to make their horny little cocks spurt.

It was obvious that April was adept at masturbating her boyfriend. Tommy was certainly turned on. He rolled his hips and his breathing came in little gasps. Mandy forgot about her studies. She propped her head on her hand and prepared to see things to their conclusion when there was a knock at the door.

"Oh shit," muttered Tommy.

"Come in," sang out Mandy as innocently as she could muster.

There was the sound of April and Tommy scrambling to get their clothing back into place and then the door opened. Susan, a friend of Mandy's and April entered with a beer in her hand.

"Hey, what're you all doing?" Susan asked.

"Well some of us are trying to study," said Mandy.

"And some of us are trying to get laid," said Tommy, jerking his zipper closed. April giggled insanely.

"Do that shit later," said Susan, not the least bit scandalized. "Josh is here and he brought Steve Walker with him. They've got this class in regional history together."

"Isn't Steve the kicker on the football team?" asked Tommy.

"Yeah, he's got a paper due Monday on the Fuquari Rock so he wants to go up there so he can take pictures and stuff." The Fuquari Rock was a boulder on the local Indian reservation. It was supposedly covered in runes that no one could interpret.

"Go then," said Tommy, waving at her.

"We need a vehicle. We thought that you could take us in your truck," said Susan.

"Oh no," said Mandy. "Tommy's too drunk to drive."

"That's right," slurred Tommy. "I've had too many drives to be drunking." He threw a leg over April and began to nuzzle her neck. April shrieked when he belched loudly in her ear.

"I can drive," said a voice from behind Susan. Josh, her boyfriend, plucked one of the cans of beer out of her hand and killed it two long gulps.

"I don't think so," said Susan, "you can barely keep a car on the road when you're dead sober."

"That's because I'm too busy looking at you, beautiful." Josh reached around his girlfriend and cupped her breasts in his hands.

Susan slapped playfully at his arms. "Steve can drive then, or Mandy," she said plaintively. "You two haven't been drinking. Come on you guys, it's a nice fall night; the moon is full. It'll be fun."

Eventually their little group got together and headed to Tommy's pickup truck. Tommy and April, Josh and Susan climbed into the bed with a cooler filled with beer. That left Mandy and Steve to get in the cab. Steve was driving.

It was the first time that Mandy had seen Steve up close. Usually he was just another player on the field, hidden in pads and a helmet. In regular clothing he certainly didn't look like a football player. He was trim but not heavily muscled and he wasn't any taller than she was. Of course at five foot ten inches she was tall for a girl. Steve had the high cheekbones and dark coloring of one of the Fuquari.

Once he got the truck moving Mandy asked, "So, I guess you're ready for the big game?"

"Yeah, I guess," said Steve matter-of-factly.

"You don't sound very enthused."

"Well, I do better if I just stay calm and go out there and do my thing. It's the other guys who need to get all hot and sweaty and ready to eat raw meat." He grinned at her.

The Fighting Fuquari football team of Western State University was playing for a conference championship on the following day. If they won, they would be eligible for a post season playoff birth. The team nickname came from a local American-Indian tribe. The tribe didn't mind that the school used their name; in fact the affluent tribe was an enthusiastic supporter of the university and its team. Most Fuquari children attended the college and quite a few of the boys played on the football team.

"How about you?" Steve asked. "Do you play any sports?"

"My parents were both big time jocks. I grew up doing all kinds of sports, including karate and judo. I was into gymnastics pretty heavy for a long time, but I sort of grew out of it," she said, referring to her size. "I'm pretty good at soccer, though. I'm going to tryout for the team next season." They talked sports for a while and then Mandy asked why exactly they were going to Fuquari Rock.

"I have to do a presentation about it for class. Do you know anything about it?"

Mandy shook her head, "Not much. It's a big rock that's got symbols carved into. Some of the Fuquari think it has a mystical meaning."

"That's what most people know. Do you want to hear more?

Mandy asked, "How long does it take us to get there?"

Steve laughed. "I'll tailor the story to fit." He settled back in his seat. "In the early eighteen-hundreds all this area was sparsely populated. The Fuquari occupied the Luftee river valley, where their reservation is now. They were mostly farmers and naturally they lived on the flattest and richest ground in the area.

"The European settlers wanted that land for themselves of course, so they convinced the government to send in troops to move the Indians west, like they had done to other tribes. A local militia detachment of thirty-six men was sent to warn the Fuquari that they would have to prepare themselves to leave. But when they got there, they couldn't find anyone. There were no Fuquari at their farms or in the central village. So the lieutenant in charge kept half his men in the village and split up the remainder into three patrols. The patrols went into the surrounding mountains to see if they could find any sign of the Fuquari. Two of the patrols returned with nothing to report, but there was no word from the third."

"Ohh... the plot thickens," said Mandy.

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