UPS Always Comes 2 Times

by sexykitten

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Sex Story: Nice to have a UPS man around

I'm in the back yard kneeling in the flower bed picking out the weeds. I'm in shorts and a half shirt, I'm bent over and my breasts are peeking out from the bottom of my shirt as I'm not wearing a bra.

I hear footsteps coming from around the side of the house I tilt my head to the side and look to see who it is. My eyes follow up the legs to the cute ass in the brown shorts, my eyes stop on the crotch area for a second, and continue up to the chest the nicely built muscles visibly bulge under the brown shirt.

My eyes catch sight of the most soft brown eyes I've ever seen and dark hair that my first impulse is to run my finger through it.

I fight my urge and ask you if I can help you?

You reply well yes Mrs. I have a package for you and it's rather big where can I put it?

My eyes can't help but go back to your crotch and I hope that's what package you have for me. I stand up and take my gloves off and tell you to follow me. I walk to the front of the house where my package is.

I show you into the living room. It's so hot that I ask if you would like a cold drink. You say yes and we go to the kitchen. I hand you a glass of iced tea and grab one for myself. Taking a sip, a little spills down the front of my shirt. You grab the hand towel off the counter and start to dab my chest where it spilled I can feel your breath on me, my heart races as your hand touches me.

Our eyes meet and we move closer to each other we don't say a word we already know what's going to happen. You lift my face to yours and we kiss your lips feel so hot on mine our tongues franticly probe each others mouth. I put my arms over your shoulders and put my hands behind your head running my hands through your soft hair the scent of your cologne fills my nostrils as I breathe in through my nose. You let the towel drop to the floor the spill long forgotten about and put your hands on my waist and bring my body closer to yours and start to rub your body against mine. I let my hands slide down to the front of your shirt and while still kissing you I start to unbutton it. I start kissing my way down slowly down your neck to your chest taking your shirt off as I get it unbuttoned I take my time kissing it all over rubbing it as well. You gently urge me to go down further I unbutton and unzip your shorts and let them fall to the floor you step out of them. I move you back to the counter so you can lean against it and kiss my way down to your hardened cock I take it in my hands and lick it up and down I tease the tip with my tongue. I put it in my mouth and start to suck it slowly at first then faster and harder I take your balls in my hand and play with them.

You reach down and start to pinch my nipples through my shirt getting me more aroused and I start to suck faster I can feel your cock throbbing in my hand as I continue to suck. You push me head down on it as far as it can go I hear you moaning and you ask me not to stop. You say I'm cumming and almost as quickly as it started its over your cum fills my mouth and I swallow it loving the taste of it. I stand up and tell you well that takes care of you but erhm... what about me? Instead of answering you lead me to the living room and motion for me to sit on the couch and I sit with one leg on the couch and one foot on the floor. You sit between my legs and help me lift off my shirt you start kissing my breasts and licking them all over making sure you get every space on them I moan softly as it feels so good. You unbutton my shorts and I help you pull them off you start kissing my navel working your way down to me eagerly awaiting pussy. You take one of your hands and part my lips and blow hot air on it I tell you "oh that feels so good," I can feel your tongue playing with my clit and I start moving my ass under your tongue making you go faster. You put a finger in my wet pussy and move it in

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