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Desc: Sex Story: Did you ever want to just get away from it all?<br>...She had intended to do this for a while to tease Keith, and then get him involved, but there was something about the erratic sunshine through the trees, the warm wood, and gentle breeze, the innocent naughtiness of masturbating outside, naked, that she couldn't resist, so she kept rubbing, groaning now and then as her fingers pumped between her wet thighs.

Pulling over to the grass on the side of the road, Keith jumped out and removed the two flags from the boot. Both were small pennants on metre long poles. One was pink, its partner a complementary pale blue.

Climbing over the farm fence into the paddock, he ran quickly over near the edge of the wood and pushed the flags firmly into the soft ground. Turning with a smile, he gave Peta a thumbs-up, and ran back to the car.

Climbing back in, he restarted the car, and pulled back out into the country road, and continued their journey past the small wood, and then pulled into a tree shrouded driveway which wound lazily to a small cottage, not far from the road, but not visible.

As the car pulled up to the house, they both jumped out, excited and pleased to be back. They removed the bags from the car, and Keith unlocked the door with the key he had picked up from the owner the night before.

As always, the cottage was immaculate, but neither of them took much notice. Instead, they threw the bags on the large old sofa, and looked at each other, grinned again, and started to remove their clothes silently, but quickly.

Despite the lack of talk, they were both taking a great deal of notice of each other. Even after three years, Peta was always impressed with Keith's physique. He wasn't especially fit or muscled, but there was a special glow in his skin she loved. He looked after himself fairly well, and he was both tall and broad shouldered. Mousy brown hair cut short but conservatively, topped his expressive gentle face. She loved him dearly. Keith was impressed with Peta too, and not without cause. Her short dark hair and dimples were more attractive every day, and when she started to take her clothes off, it was difficult to concentrate on the task at hand.

Running slightly behind, Peta was last to finish, wriggling out of her brief black panties, and standing proudly on the carpet, as Keith watched.

"Okay Pee, you ready?"

"Ready-er than you, Keith. I'm going to win today, you know that, don't you?"

"That will be a first."

"I've just been letting you win until now. But I've had enough. Prepare yourself."

"Talk is cheap, woman. Let's just see."

"Good enough."

They both walked to the cottage door, opened it, and looked cautiously about.

"Coast's clear Peta. Now?"


"Okay, go!"

Leaping from the wooden porch, they both tore across the lawn to the trees. There was no specific path from there, so they split up, and ran through different parts. Keith was the first to reach the wood, but he knew Peta could manoeuvre in here better than him, swerving to avoid the trees, but running as fast as she could.

As Keith looked to his left, and back slightly, he could see her swift body catching up, her breasts bouncing around, the dark thatch between her legs hiding and reappearing as her legs pumped furiously. She was definitely gaining on him, and he tried to move faster but still avoid the obstacles. The next time he looked, he could see a profile view, as her slim outline edged ahead. He couldn't run any faster, so he had to content himself with a view of her butt, as her image flashed on and off erratically from behind the trees.

Bursting from the wood first, Peta sighted the flags, and headed toward the pink one, thinking that if she could get the flag first, she might have a chance. As she looked back, Keith appeared suddenly, his shoulders pumping in time with his legs. His penis flying madly as he tried to catch up. Unfortunately for her, he could run much faster than she could in the open, and he caught up with her just before they reached the flags.

Grabbing the blue flag, he quickly turned and started to run back toward the house, poking his tongue at her as he passed. She wasn't far behind though, and she grabbed the flag and followed. Keith reached the trees again well before Peta, but slowed considerably as the space started to close in. Peta had a definite advantage in the wood. Pounding after him she started to catch up, but it didn't look like she was going to make up enough ground before they left the trees near the house.

Looking back at her again, he managed a small smile to himself. He was going to beat her again. Hah!

Suddenly he tripped on a hidden tree root, and stumbled into another tree, not falling, but slowing enough that Peta sneaked slightly ahead, and by the time he left the trees, she was half way back to the house.

Putting on a final burst of speed, he did his best to catch her, pounding across the grass at great speed, his breath like fire, leg muscle hard as stone, not willing to give in yet.

Peta saw him coming up behind her, and also made a final shot for victory. As her hand slapped the rail on the porch, his flying body was less than a metre behind her, and they both collapsed in a heap on the porch, breath coming in desperate gasps, hearts pounding, covered in sweat, Peta grinning with her whole body.

Once they regained a little of their ability to speak, Peta whispered to Keith: "Gotcha, you bastard. You're mine."

"That's not fair Pee. I tripped."

"I don't care if your leg fell off. Serves you right anyway. You shouldn't have been looking at my breasts."

"I was checking out the competition Miss. Now I'm looking at your breasts."

"Well, don't waste your time. I won."

"Alright then. I suppose it had to happen. You win. But only by a technicality."

"Many thanks. You know what this means, don't you?"

"Yeah, yeah. When?"



"You bet."



"On the porch?"


"Someone might see us"

"Bollox. Ain't no one here but two naked people."

"Well, alright. You're the boss." Actually, Keith was most impressed with the choice so far, but it wouldn't do to give in too easily.

"Damn right. And it feels good, let me tell you."

"So what are we going to do then?"

"We? Uh uh. I am going to use you for my own purposes. You get nothing."


"Yes, 'oh'. Jesus I'm horny. Lie down there on your back."

"On the wood?'

"Don't be a baby. It won't do you any harm. Well, not much."

"You sure this is soft enough for you?"

"I'm not going to touch it buddy, other than with my feet. That's what you are for."

So Keith lay down on the warm floorboards, and watched Peta hop up and look him over. Her body looked very nice in the afternoon sun, and he couldn't wait for her to get started.

As he watched, she looked around one more time, and then sat on the rail, her legs apart, giving him a candid view of her most private parts.

Closing her eyes, she reached down with her hands, and slowly rubbed her hot legs, her fingers moving sensuously across her skin, in the sun. As her hands passed between her thighs, she would give a quick delicate stroke where it most mattered, and continue up to her breasts, pinching and squeezing the nipples before returning the way she had come, once again pausing to rub lightly.

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