Cold Stone

by Julie Hypnotic

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, NonConsensual, Rape, Drunk/Drugged, Magic, BiSexual, Fiction, Rough, Light Bond, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Size, Violent, Transformation, .

Desc: Sex Story: Seduction at the hands of priests and demons. A woman wakes to find herself bound to stone. She soon discovers that she will endure nearly anything to feel her lover's thrusts. One woman, four men, and one horned demon. Written at Lita's request.

Lita raised her head as consciousness returned. The full moon shone in her eyes and no sound aside from the occasional whisper of wind-blown leaves reached her ears.

Where am I? She wondered, not quite able to discern her surroundings. There was no hint of fear, no apprehension, just a dull ache in the small of her back and a persistent throb in her crotch. Her wits returned a little at a time, and she saw that she was in a clearing surrounded by large, graceful pines with the alluring scent of honeysuckle filling her senses. Naked and alone, she watched the trees sway above her, startled by the desire that coursed through her body. The branches tumbled overhead, as if beckoning to forces unknown to the girl. She trembled.

Underneath her, the cold stone slab she lay upon soon warmed from the heat of her body and she knew she hadn't been there very long. Her wrists and ankles were anchored somehow to this monument...


... and she found she could only move a few inches up or down. No side to side movement was allowed no matter how she tried. At last becoming alarmed, she sought to free herself from her bonds, tugging and twisting with all her might. For her trouble, she received sharp pain and blood flow as the ropes that secured her bit deeper into her skin.

Exhausted, she lay still. Distant voices began to filter through to her and she looked around, though there was nothing to see. Lita panicked, struggling harder as the voices neared, yet excited by this unknown approach. She wondered if she was dreaming. Sending her dark hair flying, she shook her head from side-to-side. Still, the voices, the chanting, and the dreamy quality persisted. Frustrated, she lay still and waited as her heart pounded hard inside her chest.

At last, the limbs parted and the source of the voices began to emerge. She counted five of them. All men, all bald, and all wearing dark robes. Her vaginal muscles began to contract around nothing more than insubstantial air as they approached, heads down, chanting softly. Lita calmed herself, floating on a wispy cloud of need. She relaxed her body as the feeling that this had happened before took over.

The leader of the robed men...


... approached, carrying a tray and not meeting her gaze. He spoke softly and though the words were unrecognizable, she felt the power they contained. He bent, set the tray down and looked her full in the face. She gasped. His eyes were dark, bent on some inner thought, some divine aspect of the scene that Lita could not grasp. He emanated warmth and brought a hand above her prone body. It held a flask.

The other priests gathered close, still whispering their soft words and not looking upon her. The front of their robes stood out straight and Lita realized they all sported massive erections. Helplessly, a groan escaped her lips.

The leader spoke, "I am Morgan. We are here to draw the Divine One, and you will help us. Know this..." and his eyes bored into her, "before this night is through, each of these priests will have used your body. You may not enjoy all of this attention, but you will be rewarded with a place by His side for eternity. A bride you will be, to further His line." Chanting again, he tilted the bottle and tiny drops of cold red wine splattered upon Lita's flesh.

The robes were removed and the priests approached. They touched her body, drawing circles in the wine, pulling it along her skin as if she were a canvas upon which they painted. She watched fearfully as their huge cocks bobbed up and down but she felt herself grow moist with lust. Their hypnotic chanting drove the seed of desire further through her soul, until she ached for some untold penetration.

Morgan emptied his flask onto her skin and each of the priests took a turn at a new flask, drinking deeply and uttering harsh cries as the laced spirits entered their bloodstreams.

Morgan took hold of Lita and dragged her up the length of cold stone until her head dangled from its end. He threw off his robe with a flourish and brandished, in one hand, his huge penis. His eyes were slits, impossible to read, and he forced her lips open with a hand on her chin. Lita gulped air and attempted to squirm away but he held her fast and brought the head of his cock near her mouth.

She fought. Disoriented and frightened, she struggled as the invading appendage sought its way through her lips. The scent of him was maddening; her body betrayed her as his penile orifice produced a single drop of clear, unbearably sweet fluid that coated her lips and whetted her appetite.

More! Her body begged. More!

Weakening from the power of her desire, she tried once more to force her head away, but Morgan muttered under his breath and gave a vicious thrust. She gagged and tried to twist clear, but he was strong and she was helpless. Smoothly, his cock split her lips, floated across her tongue, and probed the tenderest part of her throat, along the way exciting every nerve ending she possessed. The continued murmurs of the priests soothed her terror and hungrily, she gave in, accepting Morgan's cock.

The lesser priests' touches grew more frenzied. They pushed and prodded at Lita, drawing their hands up and down her limbs and breathing loudly. One of them encircled her tight nipples and began to pump. Up and down the fingers flew, causing her to cry out against the cock in her mouth, begging her captors for more. More hands, more touches, more everything, and soon as if in answer to her cries, a finger trailed its way up the hot skin of her thigh. She held her breath, suffering the unending barrage of ruthless thrusts as Morgan's slick member scraped the roof of her mouth. She desperately wanted that floating finger to press harder and enter her deepest cavity.

Morgan grew impatient with her confusion. He slipped free and tilted the flask above her face until cool red liquid filled Lita's mouth. She choked and tried to spew the offending fluid from her lips, but Morgan's hand covered her from nose to chin and she was forced to drink. After her struggles quieted and her mind grew foggy, he slid his cock back inside her mouth and gave a small groan of satisfaction.

Below her, the priests were growing frantic. She heard their muffled moans and felt their wandering hands. A hot blast of lust filled her body as the drug sped through her system, and she thrust her hips rapidly, seeking the ultimate culmination. Without her awareness, her lips became a circle and her throat a vacuum as she sought to empty Morgan of his most vital force. Sucking deeply, she allowed him to maneuver until the entirety of his cock was seated in her throat.

His face was a grimace of pleasure as he gave in to the base, human desires inside him. Roughly, he grasped her throat and pumped his hips. Lita moaned as his cock left her airway. She sucked in huge gulps of air and lifted her head in search of his meat. Morgan gave a grim smile and obliged her by slipping back inside.

Her body was truly on fire. She burned with need and whimpered between the energy charged thrusts that Morgan delivered. The priests became more familiar with her and she felt one of them take her hand and wrap it around his penis. She gripped and allowed him to control the pressure of her fingers as she succumbed to an orgy of lust and ran her fingers through his precum. Another priest began to slide his cock against the outside of her right thigh. She quivered in sensory overload.

A word from Morgan and all movement aside from his stopped. He bore down, leaning slightly forward while the other priests watched, and moved his cock swiftly in and out of her lips. Groaning in protest, and silently willing the others to touch her once more, Lita sucked hard, hoping that her earnest attention would be returned. She felt his hot skin rush across her tongue; she felt its texture and the insistent way it throbbed within her mouth. His release was nearing, she could tell, yet she wished to delay it and so allowed her teeth to touch down at the base of his shaft. Morgan gasped and tried to break free, but Lita held on as if her life depended on it.

Morgan's hands snaked down to her neck once more and his grip grew tight and hard. She could not breathe against his clutches, but the fire in her pussy was building to an undeniable plateau. She wanted to cum more than anything. Working her muscles as best she could, Lita clenched her thighs and rocked hard, knowing that climax for her was imminent if left to her own devices for just a moment longer.

But Morgan was insistent. He choked her harder and tightened his ass, loosening her hold and sending the head of his cock the last few measures into her throat. He slipped past her tonsils until his pubic hair pressed roughly into her chin, his heavy testicles charging her senses with their sharp, sexual aroma. Lita struggled as the world around her grew dark, yet her cunt knew victory for as the darkness crept closer, she exploded in pleasure, writhing helplessly upon the cold stone, her pussy clutching frantically at empty air. Morgan flexed his cock in her throat a few times then withdrew. Gradually, her breath returned and the world grew light once more.

"Watch, my brethren." Morgan's voice was husky with desire. "Watch closely, for the Master has gifted me with a volume unlike any of you have ever witnessed. I will drown this girl in my seed and you will all enjoy watching her drink from me."

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