Girl From Ipanema

by Shakes Peer2B

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Hermaphrodite, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: On vacation for the first time in Rio, Mark meets his own Girl From Ipanema. They hit it off, and Mark thinks he's in love, but this girl has a secret...

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This is a story about a sexual FANTASY written for consenting adults. If you're not both of those, don't read it. Characters in a FANTASY don't get sick or die unless I want them to. In real life, people who don't use condoms and other safe-sex techniques do get sick and die. You don't live in a FANTASY so be safe. The fictional characters in my stories are trained and experienced in acts of FANTASY - don't try to do what they do - someone could get hurt.

If you think you know somebody who resembles any of the characters here, congratulations, but you're wrong - any similarity between the characters in this story and any real person is purely coincidental, since all of these characters are figments of my dirty little imagination.

This is my story, not yours. Don't sell it or put it on a pay site. You can keep it and/or give it away with all of this information intact, but if you make money off of it, you're breaking the law and pissing me off.

My first time in Rio! I just HAD to check out the beaches at Ipanema. I strolled down Rua Vinícius de Morais, stopping to have drink at the bar where the street's namesake had written the lyrics to the song that had tugged at the heartstrings of every lovesick young man in my high school. I know there were other versions, but the only one I ever listened to was by Stan Getz and Astrid Gilberto. Who could resist that softly accented voice that sounded like it might belong to the very girl about whom the song was written?

I doubt if the Garota de Ipanema is much like the former Velloso bar where de Morais did his writing. Nonetheless, it was a thrill just to see such legendary places. I finished my drink (some fruity tasting something or other) staring around the bar like a tourist (Imagine that!). That drink was a bit stronger than its fruit punch flavor had led me to believe, and I felt a little light-headed as I exited the Garota.

Since it was the middle of the week and before the start of the season, after crossing the Av. Vieira Souto and politely fending off a few beach vendors, I had little trouble finding a spot near the water to spread my towel. I was applying the finishing touches to my sunblock, trying to use the back of my hand to reach those hard-to-get-at places on my back, when I saw her.

'Tall and tan and young and lovely... ' I sang under my breath as she strolled down the beach from the east. The one-piece suit was a little conservative for Rio, but still left little to the imagination.

Like the poor guy in the song, I was smitten. I smiled, hopefully, at her mirrored sunglasses. Unlike the girl in the song, however, she smiled back. She smiled back!

"You look like you could use some help there." Her exotically accented English wafted across the few feet of sand separating us.

Who was I to argue? "Uh, yeah! Thanks!"

'You're so smooth!' I chastised myself as I handed her the tube of waterproof sunblock.

"North American?" she asked, as her nimble fingers spread the lotion on the spots that I'd missed.

"Uh, yeah. How'd you know?" I was really being suave today!

She showed me the label on the sunblock I'd brought with me without speaking. Of course.

"Are you from around here?" I asked

"I've lived in Rio de Janeiro all my life," she replied, "but I went to school in the States - UCLA. Now I live here in Ipanema. I find people here to be, shall we say, a bit more open minded."

"What do you do here?"

"I have a specialty medical practice." She finished her ministrations and turned me around with gentle pressure of her deeply tanned hands on my shoulders.

"Oh? What specialty?" My curiosity was finally helping me forget my earlier clumsiness.

She smiled indulgently before replying, "I suspect you would be shocked if I told you."

My curiosity was really aroused now. "Ok. Then shock me!"

She gave a little shrug. "I help men, and sometimes women, change their sex."

"Really!" I was a little surprised, but I wouldn't say shocked. Trying to be nonchalant, I made a little joke. "So, do you practice on yourself?"

She didn't smile when she replied, "No, I have no need to change."

"Look, this is my first time in Rio." I changed the subject, "If you have some time, would you mind showing me some of the sights?"

She smiled, showing brilliant white teeth against the dark brown of her face. "You mean other than myself?"

I must have blushed, and she took pity on me. "I don't mind. I like it when men find me attractive. That was one of the things I found so disconcerting about the States. All the pretty women dressed to kill, but they would get so upset if someone to whom they weren't attracted stared. It's not something you can turn on and off, for God's sake! If you're beautiful, all men, and some women, will look. It is the way things should be."

She seated herself gracefully on my towel and patted the space beside her. "Let us get to know each other a bit, then I will tell you my decision."

It wasn't exactly a command, but it brooked no argument. I sat.

The ocean breeze kept blowing her long, straight black hair into my face, and after a while, we both stopped trying to keep it under control. It smelled faintly of fruit and flowers and something darker, more feral. I found myself trying to hide the tent in my swimsuit.

She thrust a long, slender hand in my direction. "I am Silvia."

"Uh, Mark!" I stuck my own paw out, trying not to crush her more delicate one. I needn't have worried. She returned my handshake with a good, firm grip.

"Nice to meet you, Mark!"

"Same here! Uh, I mean, nice to meet YOU, Silvia."

She pulled at her hand and I reluctantly let it slip from my grasp.

"Mark? You know that a lot of gay people come to Rio?" Her gaze shifted to my face as I nodded, "So, how do you feel about that?"

I was a bit surprised by the question, but she had said she wanted to get to know me, maybe this was her way of testing me. "About gay people? Or about their presence here?"

"Both." strangely, she didn't smile.

"I'm not gay myself, so I can't pretend to understand people who are," I was digging deep to find my own truth about a question I'd never tried to answer for myself, "but I'm kind of a 'live and let live' sort of person. As far as I'm concerned, for anything not related to sex, a gay person is just a person. As for sex, well, I guess what consenting adults do is up to them, as long as they're not trying to force their preferences on someone else."

"As for their presence here in Rio?" I drew my brows together and shrugged, "So what?"

"Tell me, Mark," she prodded playfully, "would you ever have sex with another man?"

I REALLY had to think about that one. "I don't know, Silvia. I mean I've been adventurous enough in my sex life to know that anal penetration can be sexy as hell, but there are certain aspects of male-male sex that my social conditioning would make really hard to take."

"Such as?"

"Well, kissing, for instance." I was struggling, and at the same time wondering if all Brazilians talked this way with people they just met. "I mean, I don't know why, but I could imagine myself being fucked by a man, and even sucking his dick, without too much trouble, especially if there were a woman present, but for some reason I can't see myself kissing a guy the way I would a woman. Then there's all that stubble and body hair."

"What about letting a woman fuck you," she asked, "with a big dildo?"

"Hmmm. Now that thought turns me on big time!" It did, too. My cock was once again pitching a tent in my shorts.

Silvia laughed at the vehemence of my response. "But wouldn't a warm, flesh and blood cock feel better than a cold, plastic dildo?"

"Probably," I smiled at her amusement "and if it were on a woman - now that would be ideal! A woman who could give as good as she got? Yeah, I could go for that!"

I thought I was joking, but Silvia suddenly changed the subject, shifting uncomfortably on the towel. "How long are you in my beautiful city, Mark?"

"Well, my return flight is in a couple of days," I lied, just in case things didn't work out for us, "but for the right incentives I could probably reschedule."

"Where are you staying?"

I told her my hotel and she smiled. "Why don't I see you there tonight, and I will show you around Rio de Janeiro! We will visit some places where straight people go and some places where gay people go and see where we have more fun!"

I was still puzzled about the line of her questions, so I said, "I'd love to go out with you, but I'm curious about why you asked so many questions about my attitudes about gay people and gay sex."

She flashed those brilliant white teeth again and kissed me on the cheek. "Partly because it would help me decide where to take you tonight, and partly for reasons of my own. Later, I may be comfortable enough with you to share those reasons."

We had a wonderful time. Silvia seemed quite well known and well liked at all the places where we ate, drank and danced. Surprisingly, I didn't get more than a little tipsy because I seldom had time to finish a drink. Silvia was a whirlwind. She laughed, she joked, she danced with me and several other men and women. By the time we stumbled into the lobby of my hotel, laughing our heads off about something the bartender had said as we left the last place, I was sure I was in love.

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