Swimming Baths

by GentleButFirm

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Don't ask me where this came from. I have no idea. No, I've never done this. No, I don't know anyone who has. Of course it could happen! :-)<br>Here's a quote: " Pressed up hard against the window, the woman slowly rubbed her hands across her nipples, now visibly pressing against the bikini top, wound her way down her stomach, and stroked the orange triangle between her legs."

The local swimming baths were nearly empty by the time Janice and Alan finished their late evening swim. This was their first venture to the pool since moving to the area a few weeks before.

Agreeing to meet near the changing rooms after they got dressed, they then proceeded to have a quiet look around the building. One of the attendants had told them that there was a viewing gallery under the pool, with thick glass windows allowing an underwater view of the pool.

Small signs led them down below the water level, and into a cramped basement room. To call this dim, chlorine smelling plumbing nightmare a gallery was a bit of a joke. Nonetheless, Janice wanted to see how clear the view into the pool was, and Alan just wandered around while she climbed up the steps to one of the viewing platforms, and put her head up close to the glass, peering around.

After a few minutes, Alan was bored, and ready to leave. Walking over to Janice, he tried to get her attention.

"Jan, come on honey. It's late. What if they lock us in her by mistake."

"Just gimme a minute. This is great. I can see right across to the other side of the pool. Not many people in here though."

"Yeah, yeah. Come on."

"Just a minute, I said. Ooh... hey Alan..."

"What now?"

"Hey, come up here. Quick. Look at that."

"Oh, can't we just go?"

"No, no. Come on. Hurry."

Trudging up the steel steps reluctantly, Alan caught a glimpse of something through the window. Moving up closer, and standing behind Janice, he could see it was the attractive lady he had noticed while they were in the pool.

She was about twenty five years old, well shaped, and wearing a skimpy burnt orange bikini. She was standing right up against the window, facing it, and perfectly framed. Alan could see from her knees to the top of her breasts. Nice breasts. And so was the rest of her.

"Okay, so she's a looker. So what?"

"No, you don't understand. She was... Look, see that?"

Suddenly Alan was paying attention. Pressed up hard against the window, the woman slowly rubbed her hands across her nipples, now visibly pressing against the bikini top, wound her way down her stomach, and stroked the orange triangle between her legs.

No doubt she thought this was a safe thing to be doing where she was. She couldn't be seen very well from inside the pool, and she must have either not known about the window, or reasonably assumed that no one would be in the gallery so late.

Both Janice and Alan were frozen in place, watching her antics. Returning her hands to her breasts, she reached under the skimpy bikini top, and massaged them vigorously, squeezing her nipples now and then, her body swaying in the water.

Suddenly her hands disappeared from under her top, as a swimmer passed relatively close to her. She stood still for a moment, as though considering her options, and then her right hand reappeared in front of her navel. Her fingers circled lightly on her tight stomach, bumping over the depression from time to time. Then her left hand slowly moved from the outside of her hip down between her legs again, sliding a single finger down the very centre of the orange covering, and then dragging the finger back up, pressing hard against the mound under the cloth.

"God Alan, she can't do that. Don't they have rules about that stuff?"

"No one can see her Janice. Well, that's what she thinks."

"You'd have to be awfully desperate though, wouldn't you?"

"Perhaps it's the danger that gets her going Jan."

"You think? In a public place like this? Maybe."

As they discussed the likely motivation, she continued rubbing the front of her bathing suit, an addictive rhythm. Alan could feel pressure building in his trousers, and Janice was glued to the spectacle.

Suddenly the woman stopped tickling her stomach with her right hand, and brought it down to meet the left, between her thighs. Gently lifting the orange cloth to the side with her left hand, she revealed a nest of tight brown hair, and as she spread her knees a little, they got a perfect view of her most private parts.

Her right hand slipped down through the curly nest, and her index finger disappeared inside. She moved about a little to get more comfortable, and slowly started to move her finger in and out, her hips moving a little in time to the thrusts.

Alan had never seen anyone but Janice masturbate before, and his penis was reacting as they watched. Snuggling up tight behind his wife, he started to squeeze her breasts gently through her top, and kissed her ears, alternating between them from time to time.

As though she suddenly realised what he was doing, Janice looked around the gallery, just to make sure there was no one else there, and then pressed her hips into Alan's groin, to indicate her approval. After a while, stroking her breasts, and kissing her ears and neck, he moved his hands down further, and slipped them in the top of her sweatpants, and continued on down. Encountering no resistance, Alan gently rubbed her as she pressed gently against his hand and then slowly inserted his finger inside her, replicating the moves they could see through the window. Janice started to move her hips as well, and it was as though they were involved in some bizarre threesome.

The orange-clad woman eventually removed her finger from where it had been pleasuring her, pulled the cloth away a little more, and started to stroke directly on her clitoris. She swayed in the water in time with her strokes, and spread her legs further to get access.

"Alan, please take that finger out of there. I want something else."

"What, here? You sure?"

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