Who's Baby!

by katt

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Humiliation, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: A cuckold's fantasy of his wife, her lover and the inevitable

A Cuckolds fantasy

I am lying in bed in our spare room listening to my wife being fucked next door by her black lover. I hear her crying out proclaiming her love for him as he thrusts his massive cock into her stretched white cunt. Reaching those parts my little pecker could never hope to reach. She screams out in ecstasy as she hits another climax which is matched by her stud shooting his potent sperm into her. All goes quiet, I imagine them lying together cuddling to each other as he runs his big black hands over her very pregnant and stretched white belly. Pregnant with her lover's child!

How did this happen. Well let me take you back to last year. I work for a multi national engineering company. As part of staff development we are often exchanged with counterparts from other countries for short term contracts. The idea being to share knowledge and understanding how different parts of the organisation worked.

I was summoned to see my boss Pete one Monday morning to be told I had the opportunity to go over to Nigeria for 6 months. In return an engineer called Marcus would switch the other way. At 30 this was an excellent opportunity, not only did promotion usually result on return but it would also look good on my CV if I wanted to move on in the future. Without hesitation I agreed and was told Marcus would arrive the next week. I would then go to Nigeria 3 days later. The only hitch, to be cost effective, only the member of staff's travel costs was paid. Families were expected to stay at home. Also the exchange staff were expected to be accommodated in the respective staff's home. This was not going to be a problem for me as Marcus had a one bedroom flat close to our plant in Nigeria which would be ideal for me. I was not sure how my wife Sue would take to having a stranger living in our house with her for 6 months.

When I got home and told Sue, she was apprehensive particularly when I explained I would not be able to come home to England during my posting. However when I showed her a picture of Marcus that I had been lent by our personnel department she seemed to show more interest.

I did have a motive other than work for this exchange. My fantasy for many years had been that my cuckolds me by openly taking a dominant lover to exclusively satisfy her sexual needs. This may seem odd for a happily married man of 5 years but this was my kink. I had shared my fantasy with Sue and although it regularly featured in our love play we were both to timid to actually take it further. I guess we were both fairly submissive and unadventurous. It would take a third party to take us beyond the missionary position. Although Sue regularly admitted to liking the idea of taking a lover and teasing me by saying how she would like to experience a cock that could fill her properly rather than my 5 inch pencil.

Sue at 25 is 5 years younger than me, blond with an attractive figure. Her firm 36c breasts and lovely long legs are definite eye catchers. She is currently not working as she took time out to go back to college and complete a business degree. This finished last month and we agreed after all her hard work she should take a couple of months break before looking for a new job. We have no children as Sue wanted to wait a few more years so that she could establish her career.

The next few days were spent getting the spare room ready for Marcus. The day came to collect him from the airport. His photo did not lie; he stood 6 feet tall with a well developed muscular frame. Sue was in awe and her first words as he came through customs were "wow what a body". Marcus gripped my hand in a very firm handshake which made me wince. Turning to Sue he put his hands on her waist and kissed her on the lips. She seemed too mesmerised to move but I noticed she did not object and did I detect a little sigh from her. He went on to tell us how lucky he was to have a unique opportunity to spend time in England and looking at Sue, to have such an attractive woman to live with for 6 months. Sue blushed and despite my wish to see my fantasy come true I did have a twinge of doubt as to whether this was going to prove to be a good idea.

When we got home, Sue helped Marcus unpack. Sitting downstairs I could hear Sue giggling like a school girl on several occasions. As I sat in the lounge I thought how long before she ends up in bed with him. Strangely I did not feel jealous but my little stiffy was evidence that I was turned on.

Sue would not let me make love to her before I went away. Her excuse was Marcus would be able to hear us as he was sleeping in the bedroom next door. The night before I left Sue wanted to talk. Out of the blue she asked "Keith how would you feel if I slept with Marcus" grinning I replied you know it is my fantasy to think of you in the arms of another man, someone who satisfies you sexually, hesitantly I added, perhaps the man you would prefer to have satisfy you. But how do you know he will want you. Oh he does replied Sue he has already told me he will master me for the time you are away, that once I have experienced his big black cock I will never be satisfied with your little prick. She went on to say the next six months would be like living with her boyfriend. Could I cope with the idea of her living with Marcus on that basis? I reassured her that this was a once in a life time opportunity, lets live the experience. Marcus is obviously a confident and dominant person who had obviously told Sue he would broaden her experiences. Not only would my fantasy be fulfilled but also I could be returning to a more sexually awakened wife.

Sue came to the airport to see me off. We agreed to correspond by emails as, if things worked out with Marcus as Sue hoped she might not have time for to many phone calls! As I kissed her goodbye, her parting comment was "I'm sorry I did not let you fuck me this week but Marcus told me not to let you near my pussy. After all I must save myself for my boyfriend. As I walked through to departures I had to keep my holdall in front of me to hide my erection.

The following are a series of emails from my wife

Day 2

Well it happened last night; Marcus took me out for a meal. I wore my new halter neck dress, the one that shows my nipples through the material. I know I have refused to wear it in public with you but this was a special occasion. He was excellent company and perhaps I did have a little bit to much to drink. He was the perfect gentleman until we arrived home. As I went through the front door I stumbled on the mat and fell into his arms. The next thing I knew we were kissing passionately our tongues duelling with each other. His arms round me he undid my halter top which dropped exposing my unfettered breasts. He bent forward taking a nipple in his mouth. I shuddered with erotic pleasure as he bit and sucked my nipples switching from breast to breast until they stood out like bullets. He undid the zipper at the side of my dress which then dropped to my ankles. Still in our passionate embrace I stepped out of my dress letting his hands rove over my body and slip into my new skimpy white thong.

I know I would not wear anything so erotic for you, but you're my husband not my lover. I was just as eager as Marcus. I dropped to my knees undoing his pants and releasing the most wonderful cock you could imagine. I have not measured it but it must be at least 9 inches long and twice the width of your little penis. Lovingly I held his tool in my hands, it seemed so big. Leaning forward I gently licked and nibbled the end of his cock before sliding my mouth over his tool. I could only take part of him in my mouth but from his moans he was obviously pleased with my ministrations. I started to bob up and down his shaft alternating every few minutes with nibbling underneath his shaft and licking his magnificent balls. He put his hands round my head holding me in place as he shot his spunk into my mouth. It tasted salty but not unpleasant. Swallow bitch he said, what could I do but oblige. I know I never would suck your willy but the difference is Marcus has a mans tool and I just could not resist.

Laying me on the floor, without preamble Marcus pulled my thong to one side and thrust his massive weapon into my hot and willing cunt. I must have cum 3 times before he shot his second load of spunk into me. After we rested we adjourned to his bedroom. Keith he is such a stud. We fucked twice more and again the following morning. He has gone to work now... I can't wait to be filled again tonight.

Your loving wife - Sue

Day 12

Oh what a time it has been. Marcus is now away for 2 days. Every night has been bliss. Sex with Marcus is nothing like I have experienced before. This morning he fucked me again insisting I then put on a pair of panties to keep his cum in my cunt. I know it will leak out during the day and leave marks on the furniture but it is wonderful to feel part of Marcus in me even if he has gone for a few days. Last night he told me if I want to continue being fucked by him I must agree to a few conditions. Without him saying anything I told him I loved him and would do anything to stay with him. Darling please don't be angry but Marcus is so wonderful in bed. Sex with him has no comparison with our fumbling.

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