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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, BDSM, DomSub, Spanking, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Sex Story: Lois has herself sent to her boyfriend wrapped up as his birthday present. She pops out of the box to find she's been delivered to the wrong address, much to the delight of 4 black men.

When you're divorced, 34 years old, and you have a gorgeous 25 year old blond hunk for a boyfriend, you do anything to hold on to him. So for Ray's birthday, I gave him something special. I sent myself to him as a birthday gift.

I work for a company that delivers singing greetings for birthdays and holidays. So, on Friday evening, I was sitting in the back of one of our delivery vans wearing only a red bow around my neck, a pair of shoes, and a raincoat.

The driver announced I'd be delivered next. I took off my coat and shoes, exposing my white flesh in the dimly lit van, and climbed into one of the company's large boxes, which I'd decorated like a present. I hunched down into a squatting position and pulled the lid down tight on the box.

I felt the van slow down, and just creep along. The driver was new to the company, and to Pittsburgh. I assumed he was making sure of the right address. After about five minutes, the van stopped and the motor shut down. I felt the box dragged onto the hydraulic lift, then I rode to the ground. I swayed back and forth, as the dolly slid underneath me. At last, I tilted backward and rode up to the front of my boyfriend's house.

The driver shouted he had a package for this address, then my boobs bounced wildly as the box jolted over the doorstep and settled down on the floor. I was soaked with sweat and couldn't wait to get out of this box.

I heard muffled voices then the door slammed which meant the driver was gone. Suddenly, I stood straight up, popping the lid off the box, and began to sing Happy Birthday to my boyfriend. I stopped cold at the end of the first line, as I looked into the grinning faces of 4 old, black men.

"I, I think I'm in the wrong place," I stammered.

"Not at all," said the man next to me, "my name's Marvin, and I'm 71 today. My friends and I was just celebrating my birthday."

He waved the can of beer in his hand at the three other men grinning and whistling at me. He leaned forward and read the tag on the bow around my neck, "Happy birthday, darling. I'm your present. I'm a hot and horny Lois Kubik doll. Squeeze me and tease me, then watch how much fun I can be. Love, Lois."

Marvin swigged his beer, then grinned at me and said, "Lois, your big titties and white pussy is the nicest gift I could get. Come on, boys, let's play with my Lois Kubik doll."

I was lifted out of the box and laid out on the floor, then all four studs undressed. Two of them attacked my 42 inch tits with their lips, tongues and teeth. They sucked and chewed my cherry red nipples, and crushed and squeezed my boobs with their hands, driving me crazy. I got hold of their peckers and pumped them while they ate my melons.

A third stud spread my thighs and prodded the lips of my love mound with his thick, dick. I felt his cum drops wet my cunt hair. My pussy was making it's own love juice, as these guys did their thing to me.

He grabbed my cunt lips, stretching my pussy wide open, then grinned down at my wet, pink playground. I felt his cock head slip inside and slide around the edge of my pussy. "Okay, Mama," he said, "now take me for a ride." Then he drove his black, hot rod deep into my horny cunt. I screamed with joy as inch after inch went into my pussy. Finally, I felt his body pressed tight between my legs.

"Yea, baby," I shouted, "fuck my love hole, ride me hard."

He drove me like a racecar, pounding his big, black cock into me and lifting my bare ass off the floor and slamming it back down with every thrust. I loved every minute of it. I never realized getting fucked could be this great. I didn't think there was anything more they could do to me to make it any better, but I was wrong.

A pair of hands grabbed my brown hair on either side of my head. Looking up I saw Marvin kneeling over me. He shifted his body, sliding forward so his bare ass was above my forehead and his cock and balls lay on my face. His black cock was about 8 inches long, and thick like a fat sausage. His dick and balls were covered with sweat, and I loved the salty flavor as I licked them clean.

He rolled his fat piece of meat back and forth across my face, driving me wild with desire. I tried sucking his black love wand into my mouth, but each time he'd slide it away, making me chase after it. I couldn't stand it any longer. "Please, Marvin, please let me suck it," I begged, "fuck my face, baby, please."

They were driving me wild. The two on my tits chewed, sucked and squeezed while I stroked their rods. The stud between my legs pounded his cock into my love hole like a jackhammer, filling my cavity. Now all I wanted was Marvin's hard, slab of black meat, shoved in my mouth and down my throat.

Marvin grinned as my naked body jumped and jerked uncontrollably beneath him. My right hand grew wet and sticky as one stud shot his load into it. He shoved his dick, and my hand, against my big tit, spreading cum all over it. I pumped his pecker, fucking my tit at the same time.

Marvin grinned down at me, as he rubbed his delicious cock across my cheeks and around my lips.

"You came here to sing happy birthday to me," he said, "but you didn't finish doing it. So, why don't you sing first, then you can blow on my black candle."

I felt the first burst of warm cum splatter the inside of my cunt walls. The horny stud between my legs hammered his black cock into my pussy, filling up my love hole with hot spunk. I groaned and thrashed then felt my left hand fill with sticky jism as I jerked off the other brotha. He pointed his hard, black prick straight at me and I yanked his sloppy, wet dick, spraying cum all over my face and chest. My body convulsed in an orgasmic frenzy. I didn't know if I could sing for Marvin.

"Ha-happy birthday, to you... happy birthday to you..." I sang, as waves of pleasure pounded through my body sending me into spasms. "Ha-happy birthday, dear Mar-Marvin, oh, oh yea, fuck me," I screamed, then I regained some control.

"Ha-happy birthday, dear Marvin, please won't you fuck me today."

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