Three Virgin Freshwomen

by Uncle Efto

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Group Sex, First, School, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: One very lucky guys gets to enjoy the first time for three young lovelies.

"Happiest Guy On Campus"

A "College Coulda-Been" Fantasy

This is one of a series of fantasies inspired by reminiscing about people and places I encountered at college and thinking about the "coulda-beens" -- sexual experiences that might have happened had I (or others) initiated them. The people and places that inspired these stories are real, however their names are altered and the pleasures I describe enjoying with them never happened.

Chapter 1: Proposition

"What!?" wasn't a terribly snappy response but the question had come out of left field, so "What!?" was the best I could manage on the spur of the moment.

"We want you to be our first," Julie said again, sitting down across from me in the dorm floor's kitchen, smiling her enigmatic smile.

Making a great leap of understanding (or was it outrageous, lustful hope?) I asked and at the same time answered the obvious question: "You want me to be your first: lover?" Boy, was I glad we were alone in the kitchen.

"You got it," she replied with a cheerful grin.

"OK, I'll bite: why me? And do you really mean 'we'?"

"Well, the three of us have become such good friends that we decided to do this together. And now seems as good a time as any because we don't want to go through four years of college as virgins," she said, managing to not quite answer what was, to me, the most important question.

So (being annoyingly persistent) I asked it again: "and me?"

"Oh, yeah. Sorry. We talked for a long while about how to go about it, you know, one guy or three, one night for each or all at one time, stuff like that." She was going on about this as though a trio of college freshwomen propositioning a guy (or guys, since that had apparently been at least an option under consideration) to take their cherries as a group was the most ordinary conversation topic in the world. "Anyway, we decided on the 'one guy, all at one time' approach, so then we had to agree on who the guy would be. And we agreed on you!"

Still not getting what I wanted to know, I tried a different tack. "Julie, you three are all very appealing. Now, I realize that I'm a fine male specimen, but I've no doubt there are plenty of guys who'd be happy to help you out, especially at this school where there are so many more men than women. And I've got a girlfriend right here on this floor! So why me?"

She grinned bigger. "Well, for one thing, since you're here a lot we've got some idea what you're like and you seem like a pretty decent guy. That's much better than picking out J. Random Nerd from among the guys we sorta know. Most of the other girls here on the floor seem to think you're OK, too. And. Well, you and your girlfriend seem to be on pretty shakey ground, from what we can see." Julie looked a little embarrassed making this last comment, which was maybe a bit presumptuous.

It was hard not to respond to the compliments. Also, Julie was right, my relationship with Janine, my curent girlfriend, was probably reaching its end. It just wasn't working out in a way that did much for me, and I was thinking seriously of calling it quits. Had been for a while. All in all, Julie's proposition sounded really good, and I couldn't turn down the opportunity to make love to these three young lovelies.

"OK, I'm interested. What's your plan -- when, where?"

"Well, we know Janine is going home for spring break next week. All three of us are staying here, and if you are too that'd give us plenty of opportunity. In fact, almost all of the girls on the floor are going to be gone, so it'll be real quiet here. As for where, we'd prefer right here in our room. We're comfortable there, and can't think of anywhere else on campus we could possibly go. And spending money on a hotel room, well... "

College student budgetary reality obviously ruled that out, for them AND me. "OK," I said, "Saturday about six?"

She nodded, and then another thought occured to me. "Julie, do you three get it on together?" She blushed and nodded shyly. "Think I'll get to watch some of that?"

She blushed harder and said "I doubt we'll be able to help ourselves!"

I answered with an enthusiastic smile and simply said "That should make Saturday even more fun."

"I can hardly wait" she replied, losing the blush and giving me a radiant, lecherous smile. Then she got up, came near, and proceeded to kiss me thoroughly and passionately. As I sat there in stunned surprise, she softly said "there'll be plenty more of that Saturday" and left the kitchen. After sitting for a few minutes convincing myself that I hadn't dreamed the whole conversation, I left, too, and headed for my next class.

Chapter 2: Anticipation

I found it pretty hard to focus on schoolwork all that week. Somehow my mind kept wandering back to images of the three (virgin) (Virgin!) girls in that corner dorm room and wild imaginings of what we'd do together. I also figured I had a few decisions to make, like whether I should bring anything. Julie had told me not to worry about birth control ("we've got that covered") so that at least wasn't a concern. I decided to bring a bottle of wine. I also decided that it would be a good idea to jerk off before going over there, so that whichever girl went first would get more than 30 seconds of fucking before I creamed in her cunt.

My nighttime fantasies all week centered on the three girls. Julie, who'd delivered their proposition, was about 5'3", with sandy blonde hair to just below her shoulders, green eyes, and a very interesting, usually somewhat enigmatic smile whenever she passed me in the dorm hallway. Her fairly modest tits were actually the largest of the three girls, but that suited me just fine, as I really like perky little tits.

Jane, the youngest seeming of the three, had very ordinary looks. It was hard not to think of her as "Plain Jane", especially given her quiet brown eyes and very straight, shoulder-length brown hair. Jane was very, very quiet, wore thick glasses, and had the thinnest figure of the girls. In fact, I found it very difficult to imagine her participating in this little project, and found myself wondering how much she had been talked into it by her roommates.

The third girl was Ling, of Japanese descent. She had a sort of medium figure, between that of Julie and Jane. She had classic Asian looks and coloring, and shoulder length jet-black hair. I've always had a thing for Japanese girls, and was especially looking forward to my coming experience with Ling.

Janine left for home Saturday morning, and I gave her a suitable send-off that hopefully didn't give away that I had stupendous plans for the time she'd be gone. In and around my studying that day I picked up a bottle of white zinfandel, something easy going. Julie had said six, so around mid-afternoon I showered. While in the shower I started fantasizing about Janine watching in dismay as I peeled Julie's clothes off, ate her pussy for a while, and then bent her over a chair and plunged my hard dick into Julie's steamy slit. While Janine and I had fooled around a lot, she was "saving herself for marriage," and didn't seem to much enjoy sex anyway (one of the many reasons I was thinking of calling it quits with her). The scene I was envisioning would have horrified her. That notion really turned me on, and I came hard as my mind conjured up the image and the sensations of fucking Julie in front of such an un-receptive audience.

I thought about dinner, called the girls' room and got Jane. When she realized who it was, she started sounding quite nervous, and I wondered again about her enthusiasm for tonight's plans. I asked about dinner. After she consulted Ling (Julie was out), we agreed that they'd order pizza and I'd bring drinks. I picked up a 2-liter bottle of soda in case they didn't go for the wine, and headed for their dorm.

Julie greeted me at their door, saying "great timing, the pizza just got here." I went in and got properly introduced to Ling and a clearly nervous Jane. I decided that being straightforward would be the best way to put her at ease, so I looked her in the eye and said "I'll tell you what -- you seem pretty uncertain about this whole thing. After dinner, if you don't want to go through with it, I'll leave. Julie and Ling and I can make some other arrangements -- with a whole week of spring break, that won't be hard. So, just let me know. OK?"

Jane chewed her lip a bit; Julie and Ling looked a bit concerned -- clearly they didn't want tonight's plans to get derailed. After a moment Jane nodded without saying anything, but she did look somewhat reassured that I didn't want her feeling pressured, and she seemed to relax a little bit.

I then took a closer look at the girls. All three were wearing pretty much identical robes that came down to around their knees. Ling had on some sort of lacey stockings that ended at her ankles. The other girls' legs were bare below their robes. "All wrapped up in identical packages?" I asked.

"Only on the OUTside," Julie replied. "You'll get to see the rest later. C'mon, let's eat."

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