Three Virgin Freshwomen

by Uncle Efto

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Group Sex, First, School, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: One very lucky guys gets to enjoy the first time for three young lovelies.

"Happiest Guy On Campus"

A "College Coulda-Been" Fantasy

This is one of a series of fantasies inspired by reminiscing about people and places I encountered at college and thinking about the "coulda-beens" -- sexual experiences that might have happened had I (or others) initiated them. The people and places that inspired these stories are real, however their names are altered and the pleasures I describe enjoying with them never happened.

Chapter 1: Proposition

"What!?" wasn't a terribly snappy response but the question had come out of left field, so "What!?" was the best I could manage on the spur of the moment.

"We want you to be our first," Julie said again, sitting down across from me in the dorm floor's kitchen, smiling her enigmatic smile.

Making a great leap of understanding (or was it outrageous, lustful hope?) I asked and at the same time answered the obvious question: "You want me to be your first: lover?" Boy, was I glad we were alone in the kitchen.

"You got it," she replied with a cheerful grin.

"OK, I'll bite: why me? And do you really mean 'we'?"

"Well, the three of us have become such good friends that we decided to do this together. And now seems as good a time as any because we don't want to go through four years of college as virgins," she said, managing to not quite answer what was, to me, the most important question.

So (being annoyingly persistent) I asked it again: "and me?"

"Oh, yeah. Sorry. We talked for a long while about how to go about it, you know, one guy or three, one night for each or all at one time, stuff like that." She was going on about this as though a trio of college freshwomen propositioning a guy (or guys, since that had apparently been at least an option under consideration) to take their cherries as a group was the most ordinary conversation topic in the world. "Anyway, we decided on the 'one guy, all at one time' approach, so then we had to agree on who the guy would be. And we agreed on you!"

Still not getting what I wanted to know, I tried a different tack. "Julie, you three are all very appealing. Now, I realize that I'm a fine male specimen, but I've no doubt there are plenty of guys who'd be happy to help you out, especially at this school where there are so many more men than women. And I've got a girlfriend right here on this floor! So why me?"

She grinned bigger. "Well, for one thing, since you're here a lot we've got some idea what you're like and you seem like a pretty decent guy. That's much better than picking out J. Random Nerd from among the guys we sorta know. Most of the other girls here on the floor seem to think you're OK, too. And. Well, you and your girlfriend seem to be on pretty shakey ground, from what we can see." Julie looked a little embarrassed making this last comment, which was maybe a bit presumptuous.

It was hard not to respond to the compliments. Also, Julie was right, my relationship with Janine, my curent girlfriend, was probably reaching its end. It just wasn't working out in a way that did much for me, and I was thinking seriously of calling it quits. Had been for a while. All in all, Julie's proposition sounded really good, and I couldn't turn down the opportunity to make love to these three young lovelies.

"OK, I'm interested. What's your plan -- when, where?"

"Well, we know Janine is going home for spring break next week. All three of us are staying here, and if you are too that'd give us plenty of opportunity. In fact, almost all of the girls on the floor are going to be gone, so it'll be real quiet here. As for where, we'd prefer right here in our room. We're comfortable there, and can't think of anywhere else on campus we could possibly go. And spending money on a hotel room, well... "

College student budgetary reality obviously ruled that out, for them AND me. "OK," I said, "Saturday about six?"

She nodded, and then another thought occured to me. "Julie, do you three get it on together?" She blushed and nodded shyly. "Think I'll get to watch some of that?"

She blushed harder and said "I doubt we'll be able to help ourselves!"

I answered with an enthusiastic smile and simply said "That should make Saturday even more fun."

"I can hardly wait" she replied, losing the blush and giving me a radiant, lecherous smile. Then she got up, came near, and proceeded to kiss me thoroughly and passionately. As I sat there in stunned surprise, she softly said "there'll be plenty more of that Saturday" and left the kitchen. After sitting for a few minutes convincing myself that I hadn't dreamed the whole conversation, I left, too, and headed for my next class.

Chapter 2: Anticipation

I found it pretty hard to focus on schoolwork all that week. Somehow my mind kept wandering back to images of the three (virgin) (Virgin!) girls in that corner dorm room and wild imaginings of what we'd do together. I also figured I had a few decisions to make, like whether I should bring anything. Julie had told me not to worry about birth control ("we've got that covered") so that at least wasn't a concern. I decided to bring a bottle of wine. I also decided that it would be a good idea to jerk off before going over there, so that whichever girl went first would get more than 30 seconds of fucking before I creamed in her cunt.

My nighttime fantasies all week centered on the three girls. Julie, who'd delivered their proposition, was about 5'3", with sandy blonde hair to just below her shoulders, green eyes, and a very interesting, usually somewhat enigmatic smile whenever she passed me in the dorm hallway. Her fairly modest tits were actually the largest of the three girls, but that suited me just fine, as I really like perky little tits.

Jane, the youngest seeming of the three, had very ordinary looks. It was hard not to think of her as "Plain Jane", especially given her quiet brown eyes and very straight, shoulder-length brown hair. Jane was very, very quiet, wore thick glasses, and had the thinnest figure of the girls. In fact, I found it very difficult to imagine her participating in this little project, and found myself wondering how much she had been talked into it by her roommates.

The third girl was Ling, of Japanese descent. She had a sort of medium figure, between that of Julie and Jane. She had classic Asian looks and coloring, and shoulder length jet-black hair. I've always had a thing for Japanese girls, and was especially looking forward to my coming experience with Ling.

Janine left for home Saturday morning, and I gave her a suitable send-off that hopefully didn't give away that I had stupendous plans for the time she'd be gone. In and around my studying that day I picked up a bottle of white zinfandel, something easy going. Julie had said six, so around mid-afternoon I showered. While in the shower I started fantasizing about Janine watching in dismay as I peeled Julie's clothes off, ate her pussy for a while, and then bent her over a chair and plunged my hard dick into Julie's steamy slit. While Janine and I had fooled around a lot, she was "saving herself for marriage," and didn't seem to much enjoy sex anyway (one of the many reasons I was thinking of calling it quits with her). The scene I was envisioning would have horrified her. That notion really turned me on, and I came hard as my mind conjured up the image and the sensations of fucking Julie in front of such an un-receptive audience.

I thought about dinner, called the girls' room and got Jane. When she realized who it was, she started sounding quite nervous, and I wondered again about her enthusiasm for tonight's plans. I asked about dinner. After she consulted Ling (Julie was out), we agreed that they'd order pizza and I'd bring drinks. I picked up a 2-liter bottle of soda in case they didn't go for the wine, and headed for their dorm.

Julie greeted me at their door, saying "great timing, the pizza just got here." I went in and got properly introduced to Ling and a clearly nervous Jane. I decided that being straightforward would be the best way to put her at ease, so I looked her in the eye and said "I'll tell you what -- you seem pretty uncertain about this whole thing. After dinner, if you don't want to go through with it, I'll leave. Julie and Ling and I can make some other arrangements -- with a whole week of spring break, that won't be hard. So, just let me know. OK?"

Jane chewed her lip a bit; Julie and Ling looked a bit concerned -- clearly they didn't want tonight's plans to get derailed. After a moment Jane nodded without saying anything, but she did look somewhat reassured that I didn't want her feeling pressured, and she seemed to relax a little bit.

I then took a closer look at the girls. All three were wearing pretty much identical robes that came down to around their knees. Ling had on some sort of lacey stockings that ended at her ankles. The other girls' legs were bare below their robes. "All wrapped up in identical packages?" I asked.

"Only on the OUTside," Julie replied. "You'll get to see the rest later. C'mon, let's eat."

We set to on the pizza and soda, chatting about school and life in general. The girls suggested we leave the wine for a little later, and I had no objection. White zinfandel's not much of a pizza wine, anyway. Dinner was fun and relaxed, and I found the three girls were lively and fun to be with. Ling proved to have a wicked sense of humor, and seemed to be working to see how much she could get Jane to blush at her double-entendres. Julie turned out to be quite a punster. Jane wasn't much of a direct contributor to the conversation, but laughed heartily at her friends' antics. All-in-all it was enough to distract us for a while from the somewhat unusual reason we were there together.

As the food ran out, we opened the wine. We all started in on a glass, and gradually the chatter died away as our real plans for the evening became imminent. Again, I decided that being direct was most appropriate, so I looked Jane straight in the eye and asked "Should I leave?"

She returned my gaze while that lower lip got another chewing. After ten seconds or so, she smiled gently and quietly said "No, I want you to stay. I want to do this." Looking at Ling and Julie, she added "just the way we planned."

Julie and Ling lit up with big grins at this. I think they'd been a little stunned (and worried) earlier when I'd told Jane that I'd leave if she didn't want to go ahead. But I wanted this to be fun for all three of them, and didn't want Jane (or either of the other two, for that matter) to feel pressured.

Chapter 3: Girl The First

"So what's this plan?" I asked, taking another sip of wine.

"Well," Julie began "it's not really a plan..."

"More like an idea," added Jane.

"An approach," Ling chimed in.

"So what do you want me to do?" I asked.

"Follow instructions!" Ling said. I must have looked very puzzled.

Jane began to fill me in. "Each of us has figured what we want our first time to be like. So we'll each tell you what we want and that's what you do. None of us have told the other two our plans, so it'll be a surprise for them, too."

"So I'm going to help each of you lose your cherry in your own preferred way as we put on a little sex show for your two roommates," I summarized.

"You got it!" Jane said.

"So who's going to be first?" I wanted to know.

"We don't know yet," Julie informed me. "We decided it'd be more interesting if we decided that at the last minute by drawing straws. That's why Jane's so nervous, she doesn't really want to go first."

Julie handed me three wooden matches, one with no head. Getting the idea, I arranged then so that only the plain ends protruded from my hand and the three girls each chose one. Julie and Ling both looked at their own match sticks and then immediately turned to Jane who was staring at the headless match in her hand with a mixture of pleasure and dismay.

"Well," she said at last, "I guess I'm going first after all." She smiled at her two roommates. "We'll try and give you a good show. Why don't you two help Barry out of his clothes. All of them."

Jane stepped back and Julie and Ling moved in, kissing me, running their hands over my chest and through my hair as they efficiently peeled me out of my clothes. Jane watched with a smile and called out "Stop" just before they were about to pull down my undershorts. I guess she changed her mind about the "all of them" part. I'd been getting harder throughout this whole process and by now my shorts were doing a pretty feeble job of containing my major-league erection. "I think I want to do that part," Jane said. "Why don't you two get ready to watch?"

Julie sat on one of the beds and Ling settled crosswise on her lap. They immediately went into a clinch -- french kissing furiously -- and I thought I saw Julie's hand slipping into the top of Ling's robe when Jane stepped up to me, wrapped her arms tightly around me and took all of my attention by kissing me with startling passion. Though she was still in her robe I could feel the shape of her body as she pressed against me. She ended the kiss, dropped to her knees and slipped off my shorts with surprising ease given the stiff rod tenting them toward her. She took it gently in one hand and moved her head closer to my prick. I halfway thought she might kiss it or even suck it, but instead she rested it against her soft warm cheek, looked up at me with a mischievious smile and said "looks like you're all ready for me!"

I smiled back and asked if she was ready for me, too. "Almost," she answered. She began exploring the shape of my cock, using just the tip of her finger, running it slowly over all of the surfaces. I moaned and groaned in appreciation, especially when her fingertips ran over the sensitive head of my stiff member. Then she wrapped her hand around it and squeezed, gaining yet another groan. Wordlessly I coached her into pumping her hand a bit, and a big grin lit Jane's face at the reaction this produced.

Finally she decided that she'd explored enough for now. "Lie down on the bed; face up!" she instructed. As I did so, I checked out Julie and Ling. They were entertaining each other while they watched Jane and I edge toward her deflowering. Ling had a hand inside Julie's robe, playing with her tits. Julie had a hand between Ling's legs, clearly stimulating Ling's cunt. Ling was squirming from the happy sensations between her legs. Julie winked at me when she saw I was watching and said "I told you we wouldn't be able to help ourselves!" I grinned in response and, lying back, turned my attention back to Jane.

Jane was standing at the foot of the bed. She'd taken off her robe and was wearing a set of short sleeve, short pant men's-style pajamas in a sort of tan color that pretty much matched her brown hair. The top was unbuttoned but hanging so as to mostly conceal her modest boobs. Her right hand was stuck down into her pajama bottoms and she was obviously rubbing her pussy, but her uncertainty seemed to have returned now that the moment had arrived. That lower lip was getting a strenuous workout as she thought about that irrevocable next step. My eyes scanned further down and took in a pleasant pair of legs that were only just beginning to take on real, adult curves.

"Go on, Jane!" said Ling, "climb aboard!" Jane chewed that lip even harder.

"Jane," I said quietly, "Only do this if you really want to. You've each got to make your own choice."

The fact that I wasn't going to push or hurry her seemed to help Jane make up her mind. She pulled her hand back from her crotch and slipped the pajama bottoms off. Her lightly-furred cunt came into view, the triangle of light-brown hair just above pussy lips that were slightly spread and shiny with her juices. I licked my lips in anticipation of getting some of my favorite snack food but that wasn't what Jane had in mind.

She crawled up the bed toward my cock, which was throbbing as it aimed toward the ceiling. Julie and Ling slowed their activities, watching intently, although Julie's hand continued to diddle Ling's clit and Ling was letting out a constant string of little gasps and moans, clearly very aroused. Jane moved up a little further and straddled my thighs. My raging hard-on twitched before her, ready for release. She grasped my cock, scooted forward a bit and nestled my stiff rod between her pussy lips, not yet inserting it. Jane and I both sighed at the soft, sensual touching of our most sensitive places. Next to us, Ling's cries of pleasure notched up in intensity, and Jane and I both glanced her way. Julie had on a wicked grin, thoroughly enjoying both the pleasure she was giving Ling and her anticipation of Jane's next move.

"I probably won't last long" I said when Jane turned back my way.

She nodded. "I understand. It's OK" she said, and smiled.

The sexual tension in the room had reached a fever pitch: Julie had Ling squirming and moaning in her lap, Jane had me steel stiff and ready for action, and Jane and Julie were ready for action as well.

Jane looked at me intently and we locked eyes as she lifted up, slid forward slightly and captured the tip of my prick between her slick, swollen pussy lips. I let out an "mmmm" noise at the exquisite sensation as her hot love tunnel began to spread open to allow me in. I glanced over to see Julie and Ling watching, rapt, as their roommate sank her weight down and took my cock up inside her. Ling's eyes were a little glazed from the combination of Julie's fingers between her legs and the show Jane and I were providing. As my eyes returned to Jane's face I saw she had closed hers, concentrating completely on the unfamiliar sensations in her crotch. Her mouth worked soundlessly as her hips swiveled just a little back and forth, slipping ever more of me inside her. It seemed to take forever and yet no time at all until I was buried completely in the wonderful caressing warmth of her body. I wanted that journey to continue forever.

As Jane pressed down, taking that last bit of my length into her, Ling started to quiver and then shake, gasping and making "Uh... uh... uh" noises. Jane and I looked over, watching Ling's orgasm and the major league grin on Julie's face as she got Ling off.

"Oh yeah, Oh god, uh, uh, OOOOOOhhhhh!!!" Ling's climax went on for over a minute and then she slumped limply against Julie, who withdrew her hand and sarted licking her fingers. She looked the like cat who'd eaten the canary, clearly pleased at the pleasure she'd brought Ling.

Jane was experimenting with squeezing my cock with her cunt muscles, making me moan, as Ling stirred. "That was incredible," she whispered. "Julie had me almost there, and then when Jane slid down on you, watching that pushed me over the edge." She turned her head to Julie and gave her a long, passionate kiss, meanwhile squeezing Julie's tit through her robe. "I'll have to pay you back for that one," she said.

Julie grinned more. "Ling's our orgasm queen," she told me. You mention sex and she's wet, you hug her and she's panting, and you rub her cunt and she cums!"

"Well, maybe not quite that quick," Ling spoke up. "It helps to have somebody who rubs you where it feels best." She'd clearly recovered from her climax, and she and Julie were both staring, watching Jane and I more closely again.

Jane and I turned back to each other and smiled. She began to gently slide up and down on my throbbing prick, treating me to the exquisite sensations of her silky cunt slipping over my most sensitive places. Her eyes closed again as she savored the sensations of her first fuck. Each time she settled all the way down, she would wiggle her hips a little. Every time she did that I would moan and thrust upward, trying to get just a little more cock into her. As I'd thrust, she'd grunt a bit, and then as I relaxed she'd lift up, and we'd start the cycle over again. I reached up and pushed her pajama top off her shoulders, leaving her completely bare to my gaze. I admired her taut little tits with their large brown nipples, and then moved my hands to her chest, a fingertip on each nipple, tweaking them just a little bit in time with the rhythm of our fucking.

After a couple of minutes of this, I was getting close to a monster orgasm. Wanting to prolong her experience, I slid my hands down, grabbed her waist and encouraged her to slow her movements. She opened her eyes and smiled at me. "This feels incredible. Every time I take you all the way in I feel so full." Her eyes were a bit dreamy looking.

Julie and Ling, who'd been watching closely, now spoke up. "You guys looks so hot" "Yeah, I can't wait to get him into me!"

Jane looked at me again. "I want to feel you come. I want to feel you squirt," she said.

"Just a little more of what you are doing and you'll get exactly that," I told her.

Jane smiled as I moved my hands back to her tits, and we picked up the sink, wiggle, thrust, grunt rhythm again, with a little "Oh!" from Jane each time she started downward adding a little to the overall effect. This time our pace was just a little faster than before. Her grunts turned into quick little moans, and I added my own pleasure noises to hers, moaning as she slid down my stiff prick. Soon I was beyond stopping. I again grabbed her waist, pulled her down hard three times and then held her down tight to my crotch as I pushed up hard and flooded her tight cunt with my cream. I came hard, making lots of noise as I did. Jane's eyes closed as she focused on this new sensation. I glanced at the other two, and they were riveted to the sight, eyes wide. Ling's hand was still on Julie's tit, but I don't think either of them realized it was there.

Grdually, I relaxed my hold on Jane's waist and smiled up at her. She smiled back, saying "I never guessed how much I'd feel it when you came." She rubbed her clit, squirming on my still mostly hard cock, and whimpered a little bit. "I'm still so hot!"

"We can help with that!" cried Ling. She jumped up from Julie's lap, and Julie was quickly on her feet, too. They stepped to either side of the bed and gently lifted Jane off my cock and laid her back. Julie motioned me to move and as quickly as I got off the bed they were diving onto it between Jane's legs. Jane was soon moaning in ecstasy as Julie and Ling sampled the erotic cocktail of juices oozing from her overflowing cunt.

I leaned in closer to get a good look at the licking, nibbling, sucking and probing of the two girls' lips and tongues over Jane's most sensitive places. Ling was sucking on Jane's clit while Julie was trying to sink her tongue into Jane's syrupy hole, tasting the mingled flavors there. Jane's enjoyment of this onslaught of pleasuring was evident in her posture: closed eyes, hands clenched in the sheets, head thrashing from side to side, sguirming hips, and throaty moans of pleasure, which were growing louder by the moment. I was thrilled to see the extremes of her pleasure, and very aroused watching Julie and Ling at work between her legs. As I watched they traded places, Julie's tongue now lashing Jane's clit, Ling's tongue lapping up Jane's juices. I added to the stimulation, moving in and sucking hard on an erect brown nipple.

That little bit extra sent Jane over the top. She came with a loud cry, stomach tensing, head thrown back. Julie and Ling, clearly experienced at pleasuring their friend, drew out Jane's climax for over a minute, easing off when she begged for mercy. I watched, thrilled that Jane's first fuck had such a wonderful finish.

Chapter 4: Time Out

As Jane came down from her climax and the other two girls sat back, I said "I think I need a few minutes before I'll be of any use to you."

"OK," Ling grinned. We all grabbed another glass of wine and settled onto the beds to chat. Jane snuggled up under my arm and I casually dropped that hand onto her tit, gently stroking, squeezinq, and tweaking as we talked. Jane's occasional squirms were a nice little reward. Her snuggling in I took as confirmation that she really had enjoyed her experience with my stiff pole filling her quim.

I began. "I'd like to know how you three ALL still have your cherries. It's obviously not from lack of interest in sex."

Jane laughed. "On my part, it WAS from lack of interest, at least until Ling and Julie showed me the error of my ways!"

I cocked an eyebrow and the other two laughed. "That's right," said Ling, "you should have seen her last fall: Little Miss Studious. No fun at all. Julie and I were ready to throttle her."

"I never dated in high school," Jane continued. "I was too busy making sure I'd get into my college of choice. When I got here, I just kept doing the same thing: studying. It was pretty much all I knew."

"So how'd you change from that to getting it on with your roommates?" I asked.

"I guess that's my fault," Julie jumped in. "Ling and I had lunch one Friday in November, and got to talking about how Jane needed to loosen up. I went to the movie that night, and it was some really racy R-rated thing so I was kinda horny when I got back to the room. There was Jane, studying away, and when I came in she grumbled a bit about a stiff neck. I just started rubbing it for her and I think my horny subconscious took over. Next thing I knew instead of rubbing her shoulders I was squeezing her boobs."

"She didn't stop you?"

"No," Jane jumped in. "I was tired, the neck rub had relaxed me, and it just felt good. Next thing I knew she was starting to peel my clothes off, and I just let her."

"Pretty soon I was kneeling on the floor in front of her, sucking on her nipples. Jane was moaning."

"And at that point I walked in!" added Ling.

"I didn't know what to do!" Jane said. "What Julie was doing felt soooo good. I thought that maybe I ought to stop her but I don't really think she'd have listened if I'd tried. They led me to the bed in kind of a daze. Then Ling peeled my jeans off and started rubbing my pussy, then she slid her fingers inside my underwear, and pretty soon I had my first orgasm. After that I was hooked!

"When I caught my breath and looked around, Julie and Ling were 69-ing on the other bed. We've been enjoying sex with each other over since."

I looked at Julie, encouraging her to continue with her story. She didn't hesitate, saying "I've been an ultra-horny little bitch for as long as I can remember, but I grew up in a really, really strict family. My parents would have had a fit if they ever caught me masturbating, or worse: fucking or, God Forbid, if I got pregnant. So I talked about sex a lot with my friends, and masturbated like a fiend all through high school, always being really careful about being overheard. I even gave one guy a blowjob once, but I sorta like that but he didn't do anything for me in return so I figured 'why bother.' Finally, in my Junior year of high school a girl I knew made a pass at me and I discovered that I really liked sex with another girl, too, so I did a lot of that. It was way easier to hide because my parents never suspected anything at all when I was with another girl. It never occurred to them that something might be going on.

"So when I got here I quickly discovered that Ling and I were a lot alike, and we'd do stuff when Jane wasn't around. Then I found Jane that day and, well, you heard that story."

"So, how about you, Ling?" I asked.

Ling put on a very pious expression, falling to her knees with her hands in a praying position, and the other two girls just about fell off the bed laughing.

"I'm sorta like Julie. My family was strict because we were very religious. At least the rest of them were -- it didn't 'take' very well with me! I went to a Catholic high school, and knew essentially nothing about sex except that you only did it for making babies. At least that's the Catholic party line about it, anyway. But I had one really daring friend my senior year who talked me into letting her lick my slit. Man, talk about a revelation! She triggered an amazing orgasm and I was instantly hooked. We'd play with each other whenever we could sneak an opportunity, which wasn't nearly often enough. So when I got here and found I had a roommate who was a willing partner I was thrilled! I think I pushed pretty hard with Jane that night because I wanted to be able to stop sneaking around. Life's been a lot simpler since our games started including all three of us."

"Well, I'm glad you picked me when you decided to expand your horizons," I said. "speaking of which, whose horizons are we expanding next!?"

Chapter 5: Girl The Second

Jane lay back on the bed, still lazing somewhat in the aftermath of her climax.

Julie and Ling jumped up from their bed and stood before me, smiling expectantly. Ling found the matches again, and handed them to me saying "time to play 'choose the cherry' again." Julie giggled.

I took the matches, placed my hands behind my back and juggled them about for a moment. Then I drew my hands out, a match hidden in each. Julie gave Ling a 'go ahead' gesture. Jane sat up, watching intently now as Ling considered her choice.

Ling pondered for about 30 seconds before Julie started to fidget. Jane chuckled; Ling smiled quickly at Julie and then made her choice. Julie reached out, took the other match, looked at it and loudly exclaimed "Damn!"

Jane laughed and said "I think you'll live, Julie," and then looked at me and said "Julie was hoping to be first. She's been so horny since you said 'yes' that we're pretty sure she's been leaving wet spots on the seats in lecture halls!" Julie and Ling joined in the laughter, although Julie looked a trifle embarassed at Jane's revelation.

"Just make sure you leave some for me!" Julie said to Ling as she moved over by Jane. Jane leaned back against the wall, pulled Julie back against her, wrapped her arms around Julie and they got comfortable for watching.

Ling and I turned toward each other. She somehow had acquired a vamp-ish look in the moments I'd been watching the other two girls get cozy. I was suprised, but it was also an appealing contrast to Jane's uncertain and innocent manner. Ling reached for the rope tieing her robe, undid it and quickly shook the robe from her shoulders, dropping it to the floor.

Underneath was an amazing and truly sexy outfit. Ling wore a black lace body stocking that covered her from neck to wrists to ankles, totally form fitting, caressing and wrapping every curve like a second skin. The strategically placed openings exposing her breasts and crotch were proof that this outfit was intended specifically for the bedroom, rather than just as an exceptionally sexy outfit for lounging around and watching television.

Ling did a slow pirouette, giving me a long look at her from every angle. The crotch opening clearly reached far enough back to allow for butt fucking, if one was so inclined, and I briefly wondered if any of the three (Amazing! I was getting to fuck three virgin babes in one evening! I silently counted my blessings.) would have any interest in giving that particular pleasure a try. Maybe later.

I focused again on Ling. "You rike?" she grinned in a goofy fake oriental accent. Jane and Julie giggled at Ling's antics. I stared, my eyes trying to take in all of her at once. I nodded, momentarily speechless. "Well come take a closer look, then," she breathed, in a much more normal voice.

As I stepped closer, Ling pulled me into her arms and whispered "kiss me." Our mouths met in a passionate tangle of tongues, the kiss lingering on until we were both breathless. "You kiss great," she said, "so now kiss my nipples." She guided my head to first one lovely breast and then the other, moaning in pleasure as my mouth worked to thoroughly explore the contour of each hard brown nipple. I was amazed to feel her nipples hardening further as I gave them a soggy working over. Her moans got louder and then she wordlessly pushed my head down as she sat back on the bed and spread wide to offer me my favorite treat.

"Eat me," she commanded, in tones that indicated I'd better comply. Tough assignment: get my head between the legs of this luscious Asian beauty and pleasure her by slurping from her beautiful pussy. I eagerly got right to work.

What happened next, though, caught me completely off guard: I'd taken about four or five good slurps from Ling's dripping slit when she began to quiver and gasp; a few more slurps and Ling was cumming! I kept up my tongue action until it seemed she'd had all she could take, and then lifted my head for a good look. Ling lay limp, panting. Jane was on the adjacent bed, leaning against the wall, with Julie, the only one still in her robe, laying back against her, resting her head on Jane's lovely little tits. Jane's left hand was inside Julie's robe, fondling her boobs the way Ling had been earlier. Both of them had a cheesy grin, responding to my confused expression.

"Like we said, Ling's our orgasm queen," Jane said.

"Yeah," Julie added, "You say 'sex' and her nips pop out."

"You kiss her and her cunt starts dripping."

"You finger her or lick her and she goes off like a rocket!"

"And she takes hours to cool off!" Jane finished.

"Not hours!" Ling protested, still panting slightly. At the looks she got from the other two she conceded "OK, maybe an hour."

The other two girls laughed at Ling's sheepish grin. Ling then looked at me and smiled. "You're a great pussy licker, ya know!? Now I want you to pop my cherry." With that she lay back and spread her legs, inviting me to plunge in. I moved up onto the bed and began rubbing my cock head back and forth on her soggy, glistening pussy lips.

After a minute of this, she began to squirm, trying to capture my stiff rod and get it inside her. As she flexed upward I would pull back just enough to keep her from succeeding. Soon she began to moan in frustration. I took that as my cue and pushed forward until I could feel her love tunnel squeezing my dick as it slowly spread open. Ling, unwilling to wait any longer, flexed her hips upward and pulled me in firmly with her legs until I was balls-deep in her juicy slit. As she experienced that fully-filled sensation for the first time she grunted loudly and I saw the hint of a few tears, but clearly her lust vastly outweighed her discomfort. I began pumping slowly in and out, but she again used her legs to pull some more and I was soon slamming into her on each stroke. She punctuated each thrust with a gasp, a grunt, a moan, or an "Oh Yeah!" Another minute and her cries turned to "yeah, Yeah, YEAH, YYYEEEAAAHHH!!!!" and she was cumming once again. I slowed my movements, buried deep and savoring the sensation of her hot cunt spasming around my stiff rod. As she came down a bit I started moving again. Ling was so worked up that she was soon cumming yet again! I was just stunned at her incredibly short fuse -- I've never encountered any other girl who came as easily and as often as Ling. As she started her third climax I went over the edge myself and began pumping my cream into her love tunnel, closing my eyes and savoring the sensation.

At this point my whole body was charged up with sexual energy, so when I pulled free from Ling's dripping pussy my cock was still firm. Julie had been waiting her turn (apparently with steadily increasing impatience since she propositioned me several days before) and she jumped up from Jane's embrace, eyes blazing with lust.

Chapter 6: Last But Not Least

Julie dropped her robe, revealing a bright red, semi-translucent baby doll nightgown. The lovely curves of her ass were wrapped in the smooth red fabric, while her tits lifted the top up, and her nipples were very much on display. She quickly insinuated herself into my arms and wrapped herself around me. My hands instinctively grabbed her ass, squeezing hard and pulling her tight against me. She nuzzled my face, inhaling the aroma of Ling's juices that lingered there, then announced "Now it's my turn," and kissed me fiercely, her toungue probing deep into my mouth.

The kiss I got from Julie after the proposition was passionate. This one bordered on desperate; after watching her two roommates lose their cherries, she was about as horny as a girl could get. She kissed me long and hard, her tongue seeking my tonsils (a fruitless search: they came out when I was six), breathing hard, her body hot and quivering with anticipation. I'm sure she could feel my cock stiffen as we clinched together.

Suddenly she broke the kiss and pulled away from my arms. She turned to the bed and quickly got on hands and knees, facing away from me. "Fuck me!" she growled over her shoulder. "I need that cock!"

"Sure you're ready?" I teased, running my fingernails lightly over her ass.

Squirming at my touch, she replied "I couldn't be any more ready!" She looked awesomely sexy in that pose, in her semi-see-through nighty. Julie was clearly very worked up, and wet enough to darken her panties so I could easily smell her arousal. It was an animal sexy that said 'fuck me hard, fuck me long, fuck me deep.' Whereas Jane would have preferred to be last, Julie had desperately wanted to be first. When things went the other way, she'd had to watch both her roommates and it was driving her crazy. It wasn't right to tease her any longer.

Seeing Julie like this, her blood so obviously boiling, had me fired up again. I was ready to give her exactly what she wanted. I stepped up behind her, pulled down her soggy baby doll bottoms, lined my cock up with her dripping cunt and plunged all the way in with one firm thrust.

"Aggghhh, YEEAAHH!!!" Julie shrieked, her initial brief shock at my forceful entry quickly replaced by pleasure as she finally got an answer for the ravening hunger between her legs. I held still for several moments, buried completely in her hot, juicy cunt, as she groaned in pleasure, finally realizing the filled-up feeling she'd been craving.

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