High School Lovers

by MistressT1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, .

Desc: Sex Story: Sometimes even the best of friends can want more from each other

God I hated this place.

There was nothing worse, in my mind, than being stuck in a hot school, listening to boring teachers spout on and on about shit that we would never use. The two months I would have to wait until graduation seemed like an eternity to me.

I was glad I had written my own excuse to get out of school early. How good it would feel to have him touching me again.

Pete was my best friend. Just good friends to everyone else. But to each other we were a true fucking pair. I could tell him anything, except my feelings. I couldn't handle being rejected by him. I needed him. He gave me feelings deep inside my soul. I loved everything about him. His blond hair and his thin, toned body. And his eyes, I could get lost in that never-ending sea of blue. How I love starring into his eyes.

I glanced at my watch, only 20 minutes to go before I would meet him. We had skipped school together before, but each time my stomach churned more and more. I could feel my pussy quivering deep within as the time ticked away. I knew he would want to fuck, I knew I to wanted to feel his cock buried to the hilt inside my moist pussy.

I stood up and glanced up at my teacher. She nodded and I gathered my things and walked to the door. My heart raced as I slowly made my way to my locker. I tucked my book inside and shut the door. I felt as if my heart was beating out of my chest as I walked up the back stairs and out the door. I breathed the fresh air. The freedom I had now was super. I was done with school for the day, yet the lessons only started.

I walked up the hill and glanced back at the school once more through the trees.

My heart sunk when I saw him waiting there for me. He smiled and took another drag from his cigarette. I could feel my senses quicken as he walked past me and toward our patch of woods. I watched his tight ass as he walked. My nipples poked their way outward from my bra. My pussy was on fire and I knew I needed his touches to quench me.

We walked back under the trees, to our spot. I didn't know if he had taken his girlfriend there or not but in my eyes it was ours, our little spot away from it all.

It was cleared enough to sit if you wanted but still hidden enough amongst the trees to give privacy if needed. And Pete and I always seemed to need it.

He pulled me close. Our faces nearing, our lips parting to accept the other's tongue. A deep tongue entwined kiss set my hormones on fire, and I could tell from the bulge in his pants that it had the same effect on him as well.

His hands worked their way into my shirt and beneath my bra. I knew my nipples were rock hard and sweaty tits only enhanced the feel of his strong hands. He squeezed my tits and tweaked my nipples with his thumb and forefinger. I gazed into his eyes, lost for a few moments. I held him tight, using his tall body to support my weakening legs. My whole body seemed to quiver. He kissed my lips hard, taking my breath with him as he did. Whether he realized it or not I was his.

I slowly ran my hand along his denim covered bulge and around to his grabbable ass, He gasped with pleasure. I fought with his belt. Sensing my frustration he offered a hand, releasing it quickly and with ease.

"I hate that belt" I said with a cocky tone

"That is why I wear it, to watch you fight with it." Pete said with a chuckle.

I undid his button and zipper to his jeans. His tiger stripped duds only turned me on more.

I slid his pants down and teased his hardness through his underwear. He sighed showing his enjoyment as he ran his fingers through my hair. I dropped to my knees releasing his hard cock from the prison which held it. His cock sprung back and slapped him in the belly. His head glistened with sweat and his balls stuck to his inner thighs a bit. He moved a little to release them from his sticky thighs. They swung freely, almost begging me to suck on them.

I eased my head forward taking him into my mouth. His salty flesh never tasted so good. He watched as my head bobbed, taking his cock in and out of my mouth. I cupped his balls into my hand, tenderly squeezing them as I did. He eased his head back showing his approval. I let my mouth glide along his hard cock. I could feel his balls tighten.

He stood me back up and kissed me. Playfully kissing my neck. I was so hot and horny. My wetness was oozing out of my hot slit. He eased his hands along the top of my pants and eased then down inch by inch. The crisp air made my pussy twitch even more. I needed him to fill my sexual desires, I needed him inside me.

He slid his finger down along my covered slit. I thought I would gush my juices right then. He guided my dampened panties down off my hips, letting them fall to knee level. His fingers were so talented, and he worked his way into my wet cunt. I moaned with pleasure. I loved the way his touches sent me soaring. I kissed his soft lips hard, ramming my tongue deep into his mouth. He took my lead and soon our tongues were locked in sexual bliss.

After breaking our kiss, I nibbled his neck. Teasing and kissing it over and over. I tried sucking his tender neck flesh but he stopped me almost as soon as I had started. I felt confused and hurt until he spoke

"It kinda tickles, I liked it but I can't go home with a hickey, my mom would freak out."

I understood what he ment, I knew deep down my mom would flip out too if I were to come home marked from passion.

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