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Desc: Sex Story: Bella is not heterosexual, homosexual or Bi, she is Omnisexual; when the mood takes her, she'll fuck anything, anytime, anywhere.

It was a dark and wet night; sitting beside me was Bella my wife of two years now. Bella is not heterosexual, homosexual or Bi, she is Omnisexual; when the mood takes her, she'll fuck anything, anytime, anywhere. Tonight she was dressed reasonable tame, long flared skirt and T-shirt. We were just going out for a quiet meal and a drink for our wedding anniversary, we were not expecting any other fun. Bella is a walking wet dream, her figure in faultless and normally she'll dress to show it off. Even wearing tonight's staid outfit, it still couldn't be hidden completely; her large bust causing her top to bulge in a delightfully way. I rested my hand on her firm thigh and I give it a squeeze every now and again. At last we reached the restaurant, it was nice just to sit and talk over a meal like this, with no sexual tension.

I had first met Bella some five years ago while we were both at college, it was instant mutual attraction. We were both sexual innocents, but it was great fun learning. It became very quickly apparent that Bella sex drive was very high and her orgasms were very intense. So much so that I was struggling to keep up with her. I didn't want to loose her, so we came to an agreement. I would arrange all the sex partners she wanted if she didn't ever go behind my back. I swallowed my male pride in the greater good of keeping her happy. Wherever possible we kept our sessions secret, always going out of town to have her fun. At first we would try and contact men in bars and clubs, but soon we didn't have to anymore. Our few contacts suggested other contacts and so on until now we have hundreds of names and address we can ring up and arrange a meeting. I was always present just in case things got out of hand. Once or twice I've had to step in to protect her from getting hurt; men can get very aggressive when their lusts are high.

At last we got into bed and she came into my arms.

"Thank you for tonight, my love," she whispered.

"Thank you for being there," I replied.

My hands moved over her perfect body as we kissed.

"Mmm, that's nice love," she sighed, "hurry up and put it in me."

I rolled between her legs and was sucked into her sopping pussy.

"Ahh, yes, harder please," she said, her hips moving against me. I held onto my seed while her body crashed to her first orgasm.

"That ok love?" I asked as her body stilled

"Mmm," she sighed, "I ready for seconds now."

Slowly at first I thrust into her beautiful body, I had learned early that once was never enough for my beautiful wife. I held on and held on, until the dam broke again and at last I could let go and pump my seed into her.

"Oh my," she sighed, "that was perfect my love."

"Sure was," I agreed. I rested my head on her boobs and I slept.

For one perfect night she was mine and mine alone, but I knew it wouldn't last. She would start to get twitchy and she would want to have some extra fun. After all our years together I could read the signs, so by Thursday night I got our contact book out looking for some likely names.

"What do you want to do this weekend?" I asked.

"Could we go up to London for a change," she said, "what his name, you know, lives in Ealing."

"Ron," I said and quickly looked him up. Ron is well built guy, now divorced, Bella had a good time with him last time. I tried to remember what happened, but I couldn't, so I asked.

"What happened last time we went up there?" I asked.

"There was a party at Ron's place, he invited over a some of his mates too," she said with a wistful look on her face.

No I still couldn't remember, but it wasn't important, the important thing was that Bella enjoyed herself and now she wanted some more.

We drove up Friday night after ringing Ron, who promptly invited us to stay for the weekend; as soon I saw him, it all came flooding back. Again this time Ron had arranged a party at his flat and had invited a few friends over. Bella changed into her party dress, she acted like a school girl, all giggly. She didn't bother with under things, just wore a short little dress over her naked body. Ron opened a bottle of chilled white wine and poured Bella a big glass. Soon the doorbell started to ring and more and more people arrived. It was not only men but couples as well. Usually I didn't get laid when Bella entertains, but thing were looking up. Bella was dancing with a secession of guys until suddenly I looked for her and she had disappeared. I excused myself from my dance partner and went looking. I soon found her up in one of the bedrooms, her dress up around her neck with Ron pumping between her spread thighs. Once I knew she was safe, I could relax and went to reclaim my dance partner, a slim mid twenties girl called Mandy. I didn't speak to Bella again until well after midnight.

"How's it going love?" I asked, while we danced together.

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