Quid Pro Quo

by Lily May

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Desc: Sex Story: A story how a greedy devious prick stuffed himself up in the eyes of his friends and wife.

According to Webster

Quid pro quo. [L] ; tit for tat; value received; one thing for another.

Chapter 1

Helen and Tony, and Sam and Mary were two on the surface happy couples in their mid twenties who lived next door to each other at Kingston a lovely relatively new City just south of Hobart, the capital of Tasmania in basically similar ranch style 4 bedroom homes on _ acre blocks.

Helen and Tony had a dear little daughter Amity who was nearly 4 years old, whereas Sam and Mary, after trying really hard since their marriage 5 years ago could not conceive.

They each submitted to testing and Mary was adjudged to be fertile, and unfortunately it was found that Sam's sperm had no tails, what few there were of them, thereby were not able to swim to the egg.

They were heart broken at this discovery and it was starting to change the status of their marriage and consequently rifts started to appear between them because they both desperately wanted children. Mary knew that Sam was having occasional sex with Celeste, a girl who worked at the same company as Sam. Celeste was married to Bruno, an ex patriot former rugby playing Kiwi who resembled a cross between Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Incredible Hulk without they green. If Bruno ever found out, limbs would be separated from bodies, both Celestes and Sams. Mary was not over perturbed because of 2 factors, (a) he was not harassing her as much for sex and (b) she felt that the end to their marriage was imminent.

Helen and Tony, at the same time were going through one of their very few down periods mainly through the extra work load placed on Tony due to having recently bought into a new business. Everything was going OK but there was tension there that would take some time to eradicate. Both loved each other dearly but the edge had gone off their marriage slightly. Although they were still enjoying the sex as often and as much as previously, Helen was not initiating sex as she had done although she never knocked Tony back.

They four were great fiends and mixed socially a lot, with the amount of intercouple flirting in direct proportion to their consumption of alcohol. None of the 4 had had at any time thought of the others spouse as a sexual partner and the flirting was just fun. Believe me, the flirting and innuendoes were quite torrid at times but that is as far as it went.

One Saturday the 2 men went down to the local bowls club at Kingston for a few beers preparatory to meeting at Helen and Tony's house for a barbecue.

Sam started to tell Tony that he was worried just where their marriage was going because Mary was becoming more and more despondent because she could not fall pregnant and she had related to him a dream she had had that she had had another man fuck her with success and, of course this man in the dream was Tony. If it had not been so serious they would have laughed it off but in fact this unburdening had exacerbated their despair.

The seed had been planted in Sam's mind and he weighed all the pros and cons on how to have Mary become with child.

He brought the matter up with Mary and flippantly suggested that as he and Tony were quite alike physically how would she like to bed Tony in an attempt to become pregnant. Of course at first she went ballistic and started talking divorce. They had already discovered that artificial insemination was fraught with risks such as the physical and mental state of a potential donor as well as being too expensive for them considering that some women had to go through the rigmarole several times each at over $2000.00 a pop. They knew that little Amity was a beautiful perfect little darling and could not see any aesthetic reasons why Tony could not sire a child for them.

She slept in the guest room that night but could not sleep and finally she herself weighed up the pros and cons and reluctantly arrived at the same conclusion as Sam had only half jokingly suggested.

Coolly and calmly at breakfast in the morning she raised the subject and they talked for a couple of hours on how it could be done and what could go wrong.

They agreed that Sam should sound Tony out with the emphasis on "helping them out" and also agreed that it would be better if Helen did not know what was being planned.

Sam saw Tony at lunch time on Monday and laid it on the line to him that they considered it would be an immense favour if he could "help them out". He suggested that if he was agreeable there was no need for Helen to know as it would be only sex involved and not love. Tony said he would consider it and rang Helen to come into the office to discuss something. They agreed that he should do this for Sam and Mary but there would have to be ground rules which they discussed and both approved. That night Mary and Sam went over to Helen and Tony's and asked them if they would like to go to a beach resort a couple of hours up the East Coast for the 3 weeks away March long weekend. Tony had rung Sam late afternoon after talking to Helen and told him he would try to get Mary pregnant but with conditions. That worked out as Mary's most fertile time of the month but they found no need to mention it. Feeling some remorse, Tony did tell Helen of the planned servicing of Mary and after some thought she agreed that it should happen although she still had some reservations. The fact that she and Mary were closer than most sisters and she knew of her despair made her decision relatively easy.

It suited Helen and Tony to have the weekend away because they were a bit jaded and felt that it would do them good, so a booking for 2 rooms next to each other was made pronto and they decided to go straight after work on Friday, have the 3 nights there and come home on Monday afternoon and pick up Amity from her Nanna's house at Richmond, a delightful little old town just north of Hobart. Nanna had said she was delighted to be able to look after her only grandchild for any time they needed a break.

Life went on as normal and they loaded up Tony's Holden with their luggage and were on the road in a matter of half an hour after getting home from work, Helen and Mary having packed during the afternoon and Helen had run Amity out to Richmond which enabled her to spend a little time with her mother.

They had decided that one car would suffice as it was only a couple of hours trip and the car was quite comfortable.

They arrived at dusk and after checking in, freshening up and depositing their cases they went to the dining room where they had prebooked for dinner. They had a lovely meal with clean and green Tasmania's wonderful sea foods and growth hormone free beef, pork and lamb being on the menu.

The 3 conspirators had worked out that the plan would more likely succeed if the women, especially Helen had a few wines on board, so that the potential for Helen being awakened by any noise when Tony left their room to visit Mary and return was negligible. The plan was for Sam to sit in the sunroom up the hallway whilst his wife was being porked. The transfer by Tony to Mary's room was to happen about an hour after they went to bed, which made it around midnight. Sam was to tap lightly on Tony's door if everything was going to plan and he would move out and Tony would move in for the time it took for the sperm reallocation to take place. Tony was to get Sam from the sunroom when finished and they would return to their wives in their own beds.

Unfortunately, during the evening Sam was a bit greedy and had unknown to the others laced one of Helen's drinks with a dose of Rhohypnol as well as giving Mary the same dose. Not enough to turn them into screaming nymphos but enough to make them a little more randy than usual and in Helen's case to make her not as alert as she usually was.

At around midnight Tony heard the gentle tap on the door and eased out of bed and met Sam in the passage and whilst Tony entered Sam and Mary's room as planned, Sam doubled back from the direction of the sunroom and let himself into Helen's room with Tony having left the door slightly ajar to cut out the click of the door lock.

Chapter 2

Tony eased into bed behind Mary and realised that she was actually asleep and as his cock was at full mast already in anticipation, he juiced her up by rubbing the head of his cock up and down her slit, touching her clit with each stroke. After a very short time she was lubed up enough and he entered her from behind. She was actually asleep but the brain and nerve endings in her pussy were not and she reacted well, with her pussy walls massaging his cock until she climaxed bringing her nearly awake just as he shot a bundle of swimmers into her. Nothing was said and then Tony lay there for about half an hour then went to get Sam for the change over.

When Helen woke in the morning she knew that she had been well fucked and said to Tony, "well big fella you must have found hidden reserves for me last night." Little did she know that it as not her husband who had shagged her. But Tony worked out who had in fact shagged her!

Tony decided to bite his tongue and see what tonight brought. They had a very good day with sunbaking and a catered barbecue on the beach.

They returned to the resort late afternoon and had a few drinks and a few games of eightball in the lounge with fellow guests before returning to their rooms for a nap and to shower and change for dinner and dancing that night.

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