by Reavan

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Fiction, .

Desc: Sex Story: Two female slaves provide visual stimulation for their master.

Leaning back in my comfortable pillows, I watched the two naked women lounging and chatting playfully. They were lying a mat in front of me half turned towards each other, their outer knees raised and an arm behind the others neck. Loni suddenly stole a playful kiss; Caly glanced at me and catching a nod hastily returned the smooch.

Spreading their soft fleshy thighs wide, revealing to me the smoothly shaven intersections where thighs converge. Their lower bodies undulated slowly yearning for contact; like waves breaking on a beach reaching desperately but then yielding to an inevitably law of gravity, that is: the whim of my will.

Caly palmed her own breast with a quick glance in my direction. I winked and she breathlessly fondled and presented the well-turned object to her companion's visual delight. Lori responded in kind, transfixed by the enticing nipple offered, then lubricating her sultry lips formed an inviting orifice befitting the mouth-watering raspberry. They glanced at me for an instant, whence I gave Lori an imperceptible smile. She sighed contentedly and fell back on the pillows while Caly's moistened lips honed in on and engulfed the tempting delicacy.

I watched as their bodies became increasingly animated with anticipation, each moving one thigh simulating a Monarch butterfly's wings when feeding on the nectar of a summer bloom. I snapped my fingers and the roles reversed; Caly now reposing and gasping as her nipple entered the eager lips of her fervent partner.

Another snap of my fingers and their lips locked in a passionate moaning encounter while hands switched to the others breasts. Their thighs now alternately closing firmly, squeezing and twisting expectantly, then opening wide, revealing the two ravenous unrequited predators camouflaged as female genitalia in hot pursuit of quarry to be devoured in the name of sexual gratification.

Caly's fingers left Lori's breast and furtively shifted towards her predatory orifice hoping to explore the immediate surrounding and then submerge one, in that juicy honeyed well of flaming rapture. A quick glance for permission and she achieved her goal. Loni's thighs pounced immediately, trapping the invading pleasure provider, then spreading wide anxiously soliciting further exploration.

They continued sharing oral juices as Loni's fingers now emulated her partners, moving deliberately off the heaving breast, sliding across the soft belly arriving at the predators lair, made readily accessible by Caly's anxiously spreading thighs and forward trusting pelvis.

Fingers now circled the mounds of rapture, caressing, probing, and groping; dispatching teasingly promising signals to the insatiated predators, impatiently lurking inside the mounds; eager to swallow and devour any delectable quarry venturing into that seething cauldron of lustful sexual desire.

I nodded after a minute to a fleeting glance and two fingers flew, touching down in the valleys where predator and pray tested their mettle. Instantly there were gasps of surrender as two pelvises launched forward, aiding and abetting the inevitable capture. The quarry roamed the inner ramparts irregular fleshy folds, probing for the final plunge. Touching the lone sentry guarding the long crevice raised alarm bells reverberating throughout the two bodies' nervous systems.

Slowly the inevitable surrender became a mutually agreed solution for the common good of pure pleasure. Each quarry willingly drifted towards the irresistible ravenous pits, yearning for gratification. The two bodies momentarily relaxed, both emitting a loud satisfied sigh as each prey offered itself to the predatory abyss, plunging by the constricting rims, then struggling, flailing and searching for ways to the appease the voracious predators appetites.

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