The General

by Girl Friday

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Oral Sex, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: Sam is a 30 year old college student dealing with trust issues and falling in love with her roommate. **Winner August 2003 Silver Clitoride Award (Tied with Reunion)

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"There she is! That's her, the General!"

"Who's the General?"

"There - the tall one, long brown hair, perfect breasts. Oh man what I wouldn't give..."

I smiled to myself when I heard this whispered exchange on my way out of the dining hall. Two guys, sophomores maybe, were following me with their eyes as I walked by them.

"Why is she called the General?"

I chuckled quietly and thought, if you only knew...

Chapter 1

It was a sunny Friday in late August as I pulled into a parking space and sat for a minute watching the confusion going on around me. It was move-in day for the upperclassmen at the large university where I had decided to finish my education. Everywhere I looked there were students, arms full, scurrying towards the dorms. I flicked a glance to my own pile of belongings waiting to be unloaded from the back of my Expedition and sighed; better get started. I grabbed a bag of clothes and my computer case and headed towards my dorm.

Robinson Hall was located near the edge of campus, far from the classrooms but nearest the bustling town that had sprung up around the college. It wasn't a long walk from the lot where I had parked my SUV and the day was so beautiful that I didn't mind carrying my load. I found the building I was looking for and thought: Well, this is it. For the next 9 months, this is home. It was a large brick building, six stories tall; pretty much standard college issue. Inside was a line of students all waiting to be checked in. I joined the line and looked at some of the people I was going to be living with and smiled. No really young kids horsing around, thank god. Robinson Hall was a co-ed dorm for people 24 years or older, mostly graduate students. Some, like me, were ANTS - Adult Non-Traditional Students; students that for various reasons were starting or finishing undergraduate degrees well past the age of most college students.

Me? I'm probably one of the oldest. 30 years old and moving into a dorm for the first time in my life. Am I crazy? More than likely, but I always wondered what it would be like to experience college as a resident and since the house I was building wouldn't be finished for several more weeks, living in the dorm was the logical choice.


Startled out of my reverie, I realized I was the one holding the line up. I shouldered my bag and stepped up to the table, where I locked gazes with the most beautiful pair of blue eyes I had ever seen. Not your standard blue, oh no. These were the color of my favorite pair of faded jeans, a blue so light that they were almost clear and made all the more startling by the rest of his face. Skin tanned a golden honey color from long hours in the sun; short black hair, slightly tousled; square jaw with just a hint of black stubble; and a generous mouth with lips that made me shiver to think of how they would feel on my skin. (Stop it, you're here to learn, not get laid)

"And your name is... ?" Oh god, his voice was the icing on the cake, tenor with a hint of baritone and smoother than a gentle breeze on a spring day.

"Samantha Wilson, call me Sam."

"Hi Sam, I'm Jake. Just bear with me a minute while I get your keys and packet."

He turned to a table behind him filled with boxes and sorted through one marked U-Z. He stood well over six feet tall and was built like a swimmer. His tee shirt stretched across broad, powerful shoulders that tapered to a trim waist. His long lean legs were encased in jeans that did nothing to hide the muscles of his thighs or his world-class butt. He pulled a large brown envelope out of the box he was sorting through and turned back to me.

"Let's see what you got. Okay, you're in suite 618, top floor. Turn left out of the elevator and go to the end of the hall. It'll be the last door on the right before the TV lounge. I met a couple of your roommates earlier; you'll like them. Here are your keys, your student ID, and orientation packet. It's got your schedule, campus map, events calendar, that type of stuff. Let me know if anything is missing or if you have any questions." He smiled as he said it, handed me the packet, and pointed me towards the elevators.

"Thanks." I headed to the elevators and managed to catch a ride on the next one going up. As I stepped off the elevator a couple of guys standing in a doorway let out with whistles and offered to show me to my room. I smiled and told them I thought I could find it on my own. I've never understood why men whistle at me. I'm okay in the looks department, but I'm no Pamela Anderson. I'm 5'10" with dark brown hair that's slightly curly and falls to just below my shoulder blades and hazel eyes under dark curving eyebrows. I'm fit and trim; okay, my breasts are nice and my legs are long, but I still don't understand why men whistle.

The hall was littered with duffle bags, pillows, furniture, and people as everyone tried to move in at the same time. I carefully negotiated my way down to the end. There, just as Jake had said it would be, was suite 618. I opened the door and took a look at my new home. A decent sized living room, the far wall mostly windows. A couple of chairs and a couch, all of them well used, were scattered around the room. On either side were two doors that led into the small private bedrooms. They were all standing open so a quick glance into each told me three of the four bedrooms were already claimed. I was the last one here, but no one else seemed to be home. I wandered into the empty bedroom and surveyed my private room.

It was a cramped rectangle of space with a large closet on the short wall to my left. The twin bed was shoved along the wall directly opposite me, with a tall chest of drawers near the foot of the bed. To my right was a small table I think was supposed to be my desk (what a joke) with a set of long shelves mounted on the wall. No window. Well, that's what I get for being late. A door on the right end on the room led to the bathroom I would be sharing with the occupant of the other bedroom. A small room with a pedestal sink, large mirror, toilet, and a shower comfortable enough for one, but any sharing in there would take some creativity. Hmm. I hoped my roommate wasn't one of those girls who primps for hours or the situation could get ugly. The door on the other side of the bathroom opened into a bedroom identical to mine except that it had a window on the far wall. (Shit. A window would have been nice.) I turned back to my room and was startled to see someone standing in it.

"Hi, I'm Traci, one of your roommates. Pretty depressing isn't it?"

She was lovely. Chin length, blonde hair, cut in a bob; sea green eyes perfectly spaced in an oval face, with a beautiful smile. Traci appeared to be in her mid-twenties, around 5'6" with a slender figure. She grinned at me and I liked her instantly.

"Traci, I'm Sam. Nice to meet you and yes this is pretty depressing. I'm beginning to wonder what possessed me to live on campus." Her light musical laugh signaled her agreement. "Is that you over there?" I pointed to the room on the other side of my bathroom.

"Nope. I'm on the other side of the living room, in the room with a window. That's Jake's room."

"Excuse me? Jake from downstairs, Jake?"

"Yep. That's the one."

My head was spinning. There was no way I could share a bathroom with that gorgeous man and still make decent grades. No way. He could have at least warned me that he was one of my roommates. (The rat)

It must have showed on my face. She giggled and explained that Jake and our other roommate, Matt, had arrived shortly after she did. Matt decided he would rather share a bathroom with her, as opposed to Jake, and quickly claimed what was supposed to have been my room. Wonderful.

Traci asked if I needed any help bringing my stuff up. I assured her the help would be nice and together we headed back to my Expedition. We chatted companionably, getting to know one another. She was a 24 year old junior, pre-law, paying her own way through school. Financial aid and scholarships went towards a large chunk of her tuition, but she worked several jobs after high school to be able to make up the difference. Traci had started college late, hence her ANTS- status. It didn't take us long to get back to the parking lot and the rest of my stuff.

"Geez, Sam, there's not a lot here. Where's your fridge?"

"Not a lot here? Traci, it's going to take both of us to carry this junk back to the dorm!"

"Yeah, but it's only one trip. Most of us brought twice this amount."

Traci grabbed the laundry sack full of clothes and the shower pail of toiletries. I gathered up the heavy box that contained books, binders and miscellaneous school supplies. After locking up the SUV, we headed back to our room.

"So, what's the deal? How come you didn't bring anything to school?"

"I've never lived on campus before, Traci. I didn't know I needed a fridge. I've been going to school part-time for a few years now but I commuted from home. I moved out of my apartment yesterday and had the movers put most of my stuff in storage until the house I'm having built is done."

"You're building a house? Sam, that's really cool, but how can you afford it?"

I gritted my teeth. It was going to come out sooner or later, might as well be now. "I was in a bad car accident about ten years ago. I filed suit against the jerk that caused it and won. The settlement was enough that I can finish my degree and build a house." It was not the complete truth but it was all she needed to know. It was time for me to change the subject.

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