The Gauntlet

by GentleButFirm

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Sex Story: Another freckled short, so to speak. It's all about the odds.

The gauntlet (well the bra really, I guess) was thrown down as Louise whipped the flimsy item from her firm pale chest, spun it indelicately above her intoxicated head, and, laughing at the rest of us, tossed it on top of the pile in the corner.

I sheepishly stared at the sight. I'd seen these breasts many times before, both in my dreams, and alone in my bed still awake, but the bouncing mounds, much whiter than the rest of her body, lightly freckled and welcoming, were decidedly better than even my most fevered imaginings.

"See," she boasted, "I'm not afraid. Look all you want. Chickens."

An initially silly game of spin-the-bottle had suddenly become a major event.

The four of us were sitting on the floor of Martin's new flat, having shifted him in that day, and had been relaxing over a bottle of tequila, arms and legs sore from the day of lifting and moving his impossibly heavy belongings.

Martin's partner Lee had dragged Louise along to help, and Martin had asked me to bring my trailer. I'd been happy to help, even happier once I found out Louise was there. We'd met a few times before, but she had been dating someone who had since left town. I didn't think I stood much chance, but it was a battle worth fighting.

The bottle of tequila had been emptied in very short order, and Martin had managed to find some bourbon in his belongings, and we were now making inroads on this as well.

The bottle game idea had been Lee's idea. She hadn't played for years, and was giggling before we even started. We brought in a sizable square board and placed it in the middle of the room, and sat around it, taking an edge of the square each, and Lee did the honours of an initial spin.

The game progressed fairly evenly through a number of layers of clothing, the idea being that whoever sat the closest to the direction the bottle finished up pointing would have to quickly swallow some more bourbon, and then remove an item of clothing.

The game became a little more interesting when Lee was presented with a choice between removing her white tee-shirt or her tight blue jeans. You need to picture this tall thin blonde, waving around under the influence, unbuttoning first the waistband and then the fly buttons of her jeans, trying just a little to hide her white panties from at least my view. Lee is very pretty. Unfortunately, that's her only redeeming feature as far as I can tell, and Martin is most welcome to her. Anyway, after the seductive trouser removal, she plopped back down on the carpet, and quickly forgot that her underwear was in view.

By this time, I was just wearing a pair of denim shorts and my boxers, and Martin was similarly attired, except I think he was wearing briefs. Louise was unfortunate enough to experience a string of direct hits with the clumsily spun bottle, and had lost her blouse, opening it shyly, button by button, and then her cargo pants, and had been sitting there in skimpy matching bra and panties, her hands crossed over her privates as best they could be, when the third of the whammies struck, and that was when she stood and removed the bra so spectacularly.

I have to admit to needing to be nudged by Lee to take my turn at spinning, as I had been admiring this vision in some sort of trance. Louise had bright red hair, and freckles seemingly everywhere, her fair skin in bold contrast to both the ginger mop, and the dark lingerie, and I had been making the most of it.

My spin caught Martin out. He had been sitting quietly, but was now required to remove his denim shorts. In the finish, he just undid the shorts without standing, presumably as his interest in the proceedings would have become a little too obvious had he stood up. Lee was trapped next, with her own spin, and removed her tee-shirt without fuss, leaving her in a pale blue bra, and the white panties.

Martin took the bottle and gave it a really serious spin, and it resisted friction for quite some time before settling down facing yours truly. I was in the same predicament as Martin. I wasn't prepared to have my interest so publicly noted, so I hunched down where I sat, slid the shorts down my legs, and sat there in my boxers, hoping the loose material might disguise my erection for a little longer. No such luck. Lee commented without delay.

"You got a gun in those boxers John? Oh no, I see what it is."

I'm sure my face turned bright red, but I said nothing. I didn't look back at Louise though. I didn't dare. Lee reached over and hugged Martin, and then made another comment. For this, I forgave all past transgressions.

"Martin honey, you needn't think you're getting away with it either. We can see you've got a boner too."

It was Mart's turn to change colour now, but at least he was brave enough to smile. Martin and I sat there with our hands over our thighs as Louise reached forward, her breasts thrust out in front, and grabbed the bottle.

"Listen guys," she whispered, the bottle suspended from her hand, ready to spin once more. "Now that we are this far, I don't want anyone chickening out. I'm willing to take what little I have left off, but you two have to promise as well. Deal?"

We both grunted, as the blonde giggled at our embarrassment. Lee was promising Martin something about making it up to him if he had to get naked, and I was suddenly jealous.

Louise spun the bottle in her slender hand, and dropped it to the board. We were all silent as it whipped around in quick circles, making a peculiar though familiar whirring noise. Around and around it went, the phallic mouth of the bottle pointing to each of us in rapid succession, and gradually slowing, finally turning gracefully around to stop. Pointing at me. Shit.

As Martin rocked back and forth with laughter, and the tipsy Lee giggled beside him, I looked across to see that Louise was sitting quietly, watching me avidly. Aware that there was no way out, I stood with as much dignity as I could muster, turned my butt to the group, wiggled the waistband of my boxers down off my rear, and amidst the clapping and laughter, removed them altogether, and turned around to face the music.

The embarrassment level had overcome the arousal level at least for the short term, and my penis was more or less hanging in front of me, surrounded by the normal mess of curly hair, out in public for the first time, shy and confused.

At least for a moment. As I sat down, I realised that I was in a great position. I had already undergone the full treatment, and now they could do nothing to me. Taking the bottle that was rightfully mine, I knelt and delivered a brisk spin, dropped the bottle to the board, and sat down with a smile on my face.

As it happened, luck smiled upon Martin, but not the way you might think. No, Lee was not required to remove the blue bra, or the white panties from her thin frame. What happened was that the bottle pointed directly at Martin. He stared at Lee in horror for a moment, and then did a most shameful thing. He stood with his hands across his obviously strained briefs, and ran for the bedroom.

So why was he lucky? Well, the giggling blonde followed, dropping her remaining clothing items as she went, finally disappearing through the bedroom doorway with her untanned bottom bouncing in time with her movements.

So, here I was, starkers, with a near-naked beautiful woman I had desired for a long time, and what did I do? No, I didn't leap on her. I offered to retrieve her clothes. He response was not what I expected.

"Hold on there buddy. The game's not over. I'm not having anyone call me a quitter."

And we sat there and spun the bottle about a dozen times, my eyes glued to her every time she knelt to spin, her breasts bouncing, and her panties stretched across her butt. Eventually the laws of probability took over, and the bottle came to a halt, pointing directly between Louise's legs, and she watched it for a moment, and then stood up.

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