What a Birthday!

by L.A. Wicker

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Cheating, Slut Wife, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: It was the morning of Johns 45th. Birthday. He and his wife Christie lye in bed hugging each other. "It's hard to believe I'm 45 today." John said to Christie. He was behind her, pushing against her rounded behind and his long cock was resting between her legs. She knew what he wanted.

It was the morning of Johns' 45th. Birthday. He and his wife Christie lye in bed hugging each other. "It's hard to believe I'm 45 today." John said to Christie. He was behind her, pushing against her rounded behind and his long cock was resting between her legs. She knew what he wanted.

"It seems like just yesterday you just turned 21." She said feeling his hardness trying to make its way inside her.

"It sure does." John replied as he began to move his cock back and forth against her cold sex. She lost interest in sex about 3 years ago, and it was driving John crazy. It took her an hour or more to orgasm and many times she never did. "I need you." John said as his hand reached to Christies' full breast.

She let out a groan. "John, you know it takes me so long. Can't you wait until tonight?" Maybe by then his urges would be gone; she hated sex and didn't know why. When they were first married, they did it like little rabbits. But now, John was lucky if he got her twice a month.

"Come on, damn it! I have needs that you're not helping me with and today's my birthday!" He said with a 'pissed off' tone in his voice. He loved being inside her wonderful body and wished she would return to her old self. She would 'jump' him anytime, anyplace.

Christie turned on her back and spread her legs. "Do what you want, but hurry, you'll be late for the office." She hated him on her; he was just so rough anymore, not taking the time to please her like she wanted. He would jump on her, ramming deep inside her, not caring if she was ready or not.

"Damn, Christie, what happened to you? I miss us making Love like we used too." He leaned to kiss her but didn't get a return kiss. He knew this would be so fun. Her lying with her legs spread no moving, no moans and no orgasm from her.

John moved on top of her, she could see that he was very hard, that only meant he would really hurt her. "Please, be easy." She begged him as he tore off her panties. She used to love it when he did that, now it only meant that she had to buy a new pair. She looked between her legs, seeing his hard shaft was about to be rammed in her body. She lye back on her pillow closing her eyes as tight as possible and her hands grabbing the headboard of the bed preparing for the pain.

John rammed in her as hard and as deep as his cock would go. "OH FUCK!" he moaned when his long shaft tore into her soft body. In the old days her legs would wrap around him and her fingernails dug holes in his strong back. Now she just lye there like a dead fish, not moving or anything. This morning he didn't care he needed to release bad.

The pain rushed from her growing to her brain, making a small cry of pain escape from her lips. He rammed into her body with long, full strokes not caring if he hurt her or not. He used her like a twenty-dollar whore, not his wife or the woman he loved.

"Please, move your ass or moan, something!" John yelled at her as she lye under him. "Come on, damn it!" he pulled her leg up in the air and reached down to slap her round ass.


"MOVE!" he screamed at her pumping in and out of her even faster.

Christie jumped with the slap on her ass; she began to grind her hips into his stiff cock. She even opened her eyes to look at her husband as he abused her sex. It sent a rush between her legs; his slap had turned her on for the first time in years.

"That's my girl, move that hot ass of yours." John smiled down to his wife. He looked into her eyes seeing that the lust was coming back into her. "Did my slap on that fine ass of yours turn you on?" he asked waiting for her reply. "Did it?" he asked again. He jerked her on her side, her sexy, full ass was in plain view and he loved it.

'SLAP!' he smacked her great ass again.

He pumped in and out of her as hard as he could. "Oh yes!" Christie moaned out with pleasure. "Slap me, again!" she begged pushing her burning hips into his hard shaft.


"Is that good? Does it make you hot?" he asked pushing in and out of her wet sex. It was the first time in three years she had been wet for him and he loved it. Her juices flowed from her body like a small, country stream after a hard rain.

"YES!" Christie screamed out with joy. She needed to cum on her man, and show him how sorry she was for all the cold nights she never pleased him. "SLAP ME! I'VE BEEN A BAD GIRL!"


"YES! OH JOHN! I'M CUMING! I'M CUMING!" she screamed as loud as she could when her body released around him. She shook with pleasure as her massive orgasm rushed through her body. It was better than any other time with him.

John felt her sex milking him for the first time in so long. Her tight muscles locked around his long, throbbing shaft. "Oh Christie!" he yelled out as he shot deep into her orgasming sex. He pumped her faster as his hands slapped her round ass, with each slap her wonderful muscles would squeeze him so hard, it hurt.

"Oh John!" Christie moaned as she fell flat on their bed and John fell with her. He lye on top her, still pumping in and out of her spasming body. "Yes! Do it!" she managed a little moan.

They lye together until Christie heard the alarm clock beeping across the room. "Ohhhh, why couldn't it have waited just a little longer?" she leaned to John kissing him as deep as her tongue would go in his mouth. "You think we could play this again tonight?" she asked.

"YES! Anything you like!" he turned her face back to his mouth, kissing her. "Get on your knees. Hurry!" he said helping her up. He rammed his still hard cock back into her body. This time she welcomed him like the old days, her body began to milk him of his seeds. Her soft muscles pulled him deep into her burning body.


"Oh John, yes!" she screamed when his hand hit her tender bottom. It sent rushes through her. "DO IT, AGAIN!" she ordered him. She needed to orgasm again; it had been so long since the last time.


"OH YES!" Christie screamed as his big hand hit her. "OH GOD! YES!" She pushed back into his cock as it rammed into her tender love. Her brain rushed with blood, she began to see flashing lights and there was ringing in her ears. "I'm cuming, I'm cuming." She softly moaned as another wonderful orgasm took control of her body.

"That's my baby! Cum all over me." John said, caressing her very red behind. He could see his handprints on her creamy, white ass. Who would have known after all this time of no sex, all Christie needed to be turned on was a good spanking.

Christie fell on the bed; John too fell on her back; making sure his hard cock was deep inside her. "Do you want this again tonight?" he asked her as he began to kiss and bite the back of her soft neck.

She turned her sexy neck so John could please her neck better and she replied. "Oh yes! That was so hot!" she moaned at his nibbles on her neck and pushed her bottom to meet his soft pushes into her body. "My poor ass is on fire! That turned me on more than anything in my life!"

John turned to look at the clock on the dresser; it was time to get himself ready for work. "I need to get up or I'm going to be late." He continued to move in and out of Christies' wet body. "You keep this sexy thing..." he grabbed a handful of her red ass. "Nice and hot for me. I plan on 'fucking' your brains out, tonight!"

"Oh, yes! I sure will." She turned to John giving him a lustful smile. "Let's get up so I can make you a nice breakfast." She tried getting up but John held her down.

He gave her a soft kiss on her neck and said. "No! You stay in bed and rest, I'll pick something up on the way to the office." He slid in and out of her tight sex a few more times. "I hate to pull out of you."

"Mmmm, I know, it feels so good!" Christie moaned as he pushed in her body. "Go on, do it, I'm ready." She said biting her lower lip getting ready for him to pull his long shaft from her.

"OK." He said as he gently pulled from her tender sex. "Sleep good my love." He gave her a kiss and started to leave the room.

Christie leaned up. "I'm throwing you a nice private party at 7 tonight. Try to get home by then." He always worked so late; sometimes it made her wonder what he did at work. But now that he had turned her on, she hoped that he would start coming home sooner.

"I'll be home for sure." He blew her a kiss.


That morning John walked into his manufacturing business with a smile on his face. "Hi, everyone!" he said with a big smile on his face. Something he had not done in a very long, long time.

"Hi, Nina." John said as he walked up to the young and very sexy intern as she stood by the coffee maker. That day she had worn a white, silk blouse, covered with a black, ladies sport jacket and a short, black mini skirt that came to the tops of her black stockings. "How are you today?" he asked, giving her mini skirt a fast look over. "You look good enough to eat!" he whispered as he reached to pour a cup off coffee.

"Mmmm, I'm free for lunch, if you're interested." She smiled back at him with her full red lips. "Do you still need help with your computer?" she asked letting her big, brown eyes gaze down to the front of his pants. She needed him so badly today she hurt inside. She had been so horny all weekend with no one to please her. She could have pleased herself, but it didn't even come close to how John could make her feel.

He gave her a little pat on her tight, 18 year-old ass. "Sure! I have something great to tell you!" he made sure to leave his hand on her firm bottom and gave her a soft squeeze.

"Mmmm, I love your hands on me." She moaned leaning back into his tall body; it sent chills through every inch of her. All she could think of was him on top of her, using her hard and fast just like the numerous times they 'worked' late. Many times their sex games had gone into the early morning hours.

His hand went under her short skirt, between her long, lean legs to her wet panties. "Somebody needs to go change or take these nasty, wet things off." He laughed in her ear as his finger traced the delicate folds of her flesh. Her wetness had begun to run down her firm thighs to her stockings.

"I'll be right in your office as soon as I file some reports." She moaned as she pulled away from him. "I don't want the 'boss' to fire me." She said giving him a sexy wink.

John pulled her back into his arms. "Really? Do you think he'd fire a hot piece of ass like you?" John teased her. She pressed against his chest and his massive hard cock. "I'll keep you if he fires you."

"That would be nice. Can I be your 'sex' slave?" she asked. She knew deep down she really wanted him for her man. His wife didn't deserve him; he needed a woman that would please his every need.

He leaned to her, kissing her deep, then replied. "Heck yes! Can you suck cock?" he teased knowing she was very good at sucking him. That had been his favorite thing to have a girl do to him.

"Maybe, you could teach me." She smiled real big licking her full lips. "Let me get finished with my filing so I can 'cum' help you in your office." She gave him a kiss and off she went.

John sat at his big desk looking over a sales report from the previous month.

'Knock-knock, a soft little tapping on his office door.

He knew the sound of the knocking. "Cum in." he said getting hard knowing it was Nina.

She opened the door and gave him her usual sexy smile. "I hope you are in the mood for a good time. I'm on fire today." She said slowly walking towards him making sure that her luscious hips swayed back and forth. She loved teasing him, she knew she would get a good, hard fucking from him. She sat on his desk, making sure he had a good view up her short skirt. "What's your good news?" she asked with a smile.

"This morning, Christie made love with me and she liked it. Can you believe it?" he told her with excitement in his voice. He slid his hand up her skirt to her soft thigh, sending a rush of blood to her wet mound.

She tried to return his excitement, but in truth it broke her young heart, she had plans on taking him away from her. "I'm so happy for you." She said giving him a big, warm hug. She held back her tears and forced a smile for him.

John knew Nina was upset. "Hey, we can still have fun together. You know I love you to death." He told the sexy, young girl. "You are as close to me as, Christie. You've helped me through bad times and kept me from going crazy so many times I couldn't count them all."

"I know..." little tears ran down her face. "I was hoping you and I were going to get together." She was sobbing in his strong arms. He gently caressed her back as he held her tightly against him.

He started to kiss her long, slender neck; sending chills through ever inch of her. "You're bad!" she moaned as the wetness had begun to flow between her legs again. "You could get me excited if I were dead!" she said spreading her long legs and freeing the way for his big hands to touch her hot pussy.

"You sure stay wet. Is it all for me?" he teased her knowing damn well it was all for him. "Want to move to the sofa?" he had a full sized sofa bed in his office and it was used most every day by the two lovers. "I can check and see where all this wetness is coming from." His long finger went into her body making a soft moan escape her lips.

"Oh, yes!" she moved forward, wrapping her legs and arms around, John. He carried her to the sofa and lye down on top of her. "John, I'm so horny! Please, fuck me!" she begged him as she spread her legs.

He looked into her sweet, desperate eyes. "I'll do anything for my sexy girl!" he stood up pulling off his pants and reached to tear off her wet panties. "I'm going to fuck you until you bleed!" he moved back on her; placing his hard cock head to her dripping, wet pussy.

"DO IT HARD!" Nina moaned out. She bit her lower lip and wrapped her arms around Johns' neck. She knew he loved to ram into her young body as hard as he could. He loved feeling her muscles lock around his stiff, long cock.

"My pleasure, you sexy, little bitch!" he drew back his hips and drove his long cock into her deepest depths. "Oh mother fuck!" he yelled out when their hips met and her tight, young pussy began to suck his straining cock pole. "I love you!"

"I love you, too!" she moaned as she felt the first of many orgasms were about to consume her body. "JOHN! OH JOHN! FUCK ME! FUCK MY PUSSY!" Nina screamed as loud as she could. Her body exploded around his long, hard cock. "Yes, oh John!" she moaned as her body lost all control like it always did when he took her so hard.

He pushed in and out of her tender pussy as hard as he could. He had Christie that morning and he knew it would be hard cuming again so soon. "I love being in your hot, little pussy. It's always so nice and hot." He kissed her deep as his hard, thick cock used her tiny hole.

"And, I love you being in me!" Nina moaned as his hard cock moved deep in her body. He had been her first and only lover and she knew deep down she would never find another man as good as John. It killed her thinking he had made love to his wife. He had always came to her to get his pleasure, now the bitch loved him again.

John moved faster, it was time. "OH MOTHER FUCK!" he yelled out with joy. He began to fill her tiny sex with thousands of his seeds. "You sexy fucking bitch! I love you!" he moaned as his stiffness filled her full.

Nina held him as he shot the last of his seeds in her. Her soft, loving hands caressed his thick, black hair. "I hope we can still do this." She said as tears ran down her pretty, young face.

"I told you we will. Any time you want." He looked to her face and wiped away her tears. "Come on, I promise!" he started moving in her again, he knew she would cum lots more than this and he wanted to please his sexy lover all he could.

Nina just lye under John as he tried to make her cum again but she couldn't, all she thought about was how she could get John forever. Then, she knew what she had to do, and it would be tonight. She would have John all to herself.


On his way home, John stopped at the local Sex Shop to get a few things. A pair of handcuffs, and whip made of some soft kind of leather and a mask. He thought if Christie liked a good spanking, she would love the wonderful things.

"Hi, sexy." John said as he walked into the house. "Damn! You look great." He said looking at her sort blonde hair as it lye across her sheer blouse and the very short mini skirt that just did cover Christies' round full ass. He could just see her white panties and that they were very wet.

She moved into his big, strong arms. "I'm so glad you came home early. I've missed you all day." She said as she began to grind her sex into his big, stiff penis. "What's in the bag?" she asked reaching for it.

John jerked it away from her. "No, no. You have to wait until later. But, I'll tell you this, we are going to have fun with it." He teased her and ran his hand under her skirt. "I can feel you kept this hot for me." His hand began to caress her soft fold of wet flesh.

"I've been on fire all day. All I could think about was you spanking me more." She laughed pulling from him. Her body had even cum once while she was in the shower, but she was still so horny she could die.

John laughed at her as he watched her sexy ass walk into the kitchen. "So, I guess that means I get some hot pussy tonight?" he knew he would, he remembered how she looked in the old days when she was horny day and night. And, she had the same wonderful glow on her face.

"You'll have to wait until after dinner." She just smiled and worked around in the kitchen.

Later, John and Christies sat on the sofa, kissing each other like teens in heat. Both their hands roamed each other's body, until they were about to explode.

"We really need to go in our room. I need you inside me." Christie said as she looked into Johns' eyes. Her hand stroked his long manhood it was ready to be deep in her, filling her full of hot, thick cum.

John kissed her soft lips and replied. "I can't wait to show you what I bought today." He gave her another kiss then stood up pulling her into his arms. "Let's go fuck like animals!"

"Mmmm, yes!" she let out a deep, sexy moan. She was burning; her panties were beyond wet they, were drenched.

The couple walked to their room, not seeing the set of eyes that watched them from the dark kitchen. The eyes were filled with hate for, Christie.

Christie started to undress. "NO!" John yelled at her. He wanted to keep her in the sexy outfit she wore. "Let me do it. I want to play first." He pulled the bag from under the bed and pulled out the soft whip. "Look at this!" he waved it in front of Christies' excited eyes.

Her body began to shake with delight when she saw what he had bought. "That is going to make me cum like crazy!" her hand reached the feel the wonderful new toy. "What else do ya have in there?" she asked looking to his bag of toys.

"A few more things that I hope will drive you over the edge." He teased her reaching back into the bag. "Look at these!" he said showing her the handcuffs.

It sent chills through her when she saw them and knew he would tie her down with them and give her a good spanking. "Oh yes!" she moaned looking at him. "You could really spank a girl good if she was locked up with them."

"Like this!" he rushed to her clicking one cuff around her right wrist and pushed her to the bed locking the other through their bedpost and on her other wrist. "Think this will work OK?" he asked as he looked at her near bare ass peeking out from under the skirt. He picked up the soft whip and swung it to her ass.


"OH MY GOD, YES!" Christie screamed when it hit her tender ass. "I'll cum if you do that to much." She laughed looking back to John. It sent chills to every inch of her excited body.

"Oh really?" he asked as he swung the soft whip on her ass again.


"Yes! Oh John. Spank me!" she cried out with joy went the toy hit her again.

He loved this new power he had over his sexy wife. His cock was harder than it had been in years. Even harder than when he had been with sexy, Nina. "I'm going to fuck you like a dog!" he moaned moving to her ass. He pulled down his pants and pointed his cock to her drenched sex. "You ready?" he asked and rammed deep in her tender pussy.

"OH GOD! OH JOHN, YES!" she screamed as loud as a person could have. Her hips pushed into his stiff cock as he began to fuck her like a whore. "Fuck me! Use me like a whore!"

The set of eyes watched, filled with more hate than before. Her fist clenched in anger so tight her fingernails dug into the palms of her hands and her teeth ground together. She had to stop this, now. But, she knew she could never take John, he was to big, but she knew she could beat Christie. She was a spoiled housewife that sat around all day watching TV. She would have to wait until he left the room and then, get a jump on him.

"Fuck! I love your pussy." John moaned as he stood behind his wife, using her hard and fast as he could. She squeezed him as he went in and out of her wet hole. "Squeeze it, hard!" he begged his sexy wife.

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