A Replacement Mistress Allison

by Darlene B. Sweet

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, FemaleDom, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Food, .

Desc: Sex Story: Allison leaves home and moves to New York to study and learn how to become a Domme. She meets Brett and selects him for her first RT slave but things have a way of taking a course of their own.

At the early age of seventeen, I made my decision to become a dominatrix. Of course, I didn't know the name for it back then; all I knew was that I'd never let anyone hurt me again. My heart had been broken for the last time, thanks to Joey Warrell.

I had a crush on Joey since I was a young child of nine years of age all through school. I worshipped him. It was so obvious, everyone at school knew it and so did Joey. He toyed with my emotions; controlled and teased me at his will. Joey pretended to like me when it suited his needs and he could benefit from it. He took all the power I eagerly handed him so willingly and used me for his personal gain in life.

Joey hurt me more times than I care to remember. I cried enough tears to fill a man-made lake; those adolescent years were some rough times. The attention he offered was just enough to keep me holding on, enough for me to remain liking and caring about him instead of wanting to leave and hating him for the hurt he caused me. What a naïve adolescent I was, so forgiving. Now I am older and wiser and oh, how much I despise Joey and men like him. However, perhaps I do owe him some thanks. Joey helped make me what I am today, 'POWERFUL'.

When you hear the word dominatrix, the first thing that comes to mind is black, thigh high-heeled boots, sexy corsets, net stocking and whips. As exciting as those items are, I've learnt it is much more than an image. It is a skill to be studied and mastered. Just like a game of chess, it takes years to master. You learn how to be a step ahead of your opponent. To know their next move before they make it, in order to out wit, conquer and win.

There's no better place to learn, then in New York. After my 19th birthday, I moved away from home to take my bite out of the big apple.

I took a sales job in a leading lingerie company. Oh, not a very prestige job, but it would do for now, until I was settled. I found an ad for a roommate in the local paper and moved in with Lisa two days later. We had separate bedrooms but shared the main living room, kitchen and bathroom. She seemed to be a nice girl, a little private, but then that is what I liked best. I enjoyed my privacy as well.

I spent most of my free time exploring the clubs and bars, observing and listening to the interaction between people. I did my best to blend into the background, trying to avoid being approached and picked up myself. It is important to keep an open mind and that only comes from being relationship free.

I also began to work on my lingerie wardrobe. My employee discount came in handy there. I often wondered what my boss thought about my personal life. I purchased only outfits of red and black. In my research, I discovered red and black were the most preferred; only a selected few cared for pink, white and purples, the more softened, romantic colors.

With my wardrobe complete, except for a few new stock items I just had to have, I turned my attention to toys and torture devices. I found such pleasure in dreaming up many new uses for regular modern items. I began my search in the many fine stores New York has to offer. It was on one of those shopping sprees that my thoughts escaped my lips in laughter.

"Can I help you find anything?" a voice behind me asked.

I turned around and noticed a handsome, male sales clerk standing beside me. He was in his early 30's, around 6' tall with blonde hair and blue eyes and the most questionable expression on his face. His eyes were bright and opened widely; I could see he was wondering what I found so amusing.

"Well Brett, " I grinned, circling his nametag with my long, dark red fingernail. "I was just imagining how much smoother this large butt plug would slide in, if it had been used as a gag first! Would you, in that situation, get it nice and wet before hand, if you knew where it was soon headed to?" I questioned watching his expression closely.

He didn't blush nor did his cheeks redden as I had hoped. Then again, he did work in an adult toy store. Yet, I felt I did embarrass him just a tad, which indeed was my intentions. He didn't answer my question, but instead retrieved a bottle of lubrication from a near by shelf.

"I recommend this brand myself, " he explained looking me in the eye then glanced away quickly, acting as if I didn't know the stuff existed.

"I still prefer my method, Brett!" I winked, set the plug down and walked out of the store.

The bulge I noticed growing in his pants told me all I needed to know. Brett would become my first experiment. My research was nearly finished. The next step was to apply the learnt tactics on a real person. He would make an interesting pupil, I thought, especially with him being older than me.

The timing couldn't have been planned better. Lisa informed me she was going out of town the end of the month and that gave me less than three weeks to make my plans. To do that, I had to see Brett again.

I made my next visit to Brett's place of employment but left the store disappointed because he was nowhere to be found. I hoped it was just his day off and he was still employed there.

The next morning, I waited as long as I could contain myself, not wanting to arrive at the store to early in the day. When I opened the door, I saw Brett standing behind the counter. He looked up when he heard the bell on the door ring from the movement of it opening. I was pleased that he recognized me, for he pulled his shoulders back and stood up taller, upon my entrance. He smiled broadly at me and spoke first.

"Well, it's you again. Hello! Are you becoming a regular customer?" Brett asked me smiling.

"Actually, if you recall, Brett, I didn't buy anything my last visit so technically that wouldn't qualify me as a customer yet. Besides, " I continued, "I already have a large butt plug at home. Today however, I'm here to see what time you will be available for dinner with me tonight? That is, if you're interested and not married? I didn't see a ring on your finger."

"No, I'm not married, " Brett answered. "Dinner sounds wonderful, " Brett replied surprised at the invitation.

"Good, the time then?" I demanded using a firm tone.

"Nine, yes, nine will be fine. We close at nine. I have to close the store tonight at nine, " Brett repeated nervously.

"All right then, I will be back at nine o'clock, Brett, " I said and turned to leave.

"But wait, what's your name? I don't even know your name!" Brett called out.

"You'll know what to call me soon enough, " I answered and walked out of the store, smiling.

I wore my shortest black, leather mini skirt, a tight fitting sweater with no bra and five inch black pumps. I arrived at exactly nine P.M. sharp. I instantly knew I picked the right outfit when I saw Brett turn around to greet me and dropped his jaw letting his mouth hang open wordlessly.

He looked rather stunning in his black suit as well but I didn't let on I was the slightest aware. He must have left work to get ready for our dinner. I admit that surprised me.

I had made reservations at a near by restaurant so we could walk and not be hassled by the traffic. I tried to hide my surprise again when Brett informed me, as he turned out the light and locked the door, that he was the owner of the store not an employee. A small curve in my plan but I continued as prepared.

Once seated at the restaurant, the waiter came to take our orders. I ordered for us both, not bothering to ask Brett what he wanted. He didn't seem surprised or voice any complaint. I'm not sure he was even uncomfortable with it. This pleased me greatly, for I had chosen correctly.

He asked me my name, at least three times during dinner. Each time he asked, I ignored him and returned another question his way. When he had answered all of my questions to my satisfactory and dinner was finished, I felt confident in taking the next step of my plan.

"You may address me as Mistress Allison, if you wish to see me again. It is your choice to make but you must decide tonight, Brett. You may leave the restaurant and never see me again or if you agree, you will belong to me. You will obey me completely when we're together, or be punished severely. What is your answer?" I demanded.

Without any hesitation he answered, "Yes, Mistress Allison, I agree."

I took out the contract I had already prepared. After reading it over twice, he picked up the pen and signed his name on the contract binding us together.

"We will not see each other again until the last Friday of the month. I will expect you at this address at 7 P.M. sharp. You will need to get coverage for your store; you will not be released until Sunday morning. You will be free to go when you wake up. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress Allison." Brett replied taking the paper with the address that I handed him.

"Now go, I am finished with you!" I ordered in a sharp tone.

Brett got up from the table and I watched him exit the restaurant.

I had been extremely busy the past few weeks getting ready for Friday night. I made a lot of changes to the apartment once Lisa had left. I tried to calm myself down. I was excited but knew I had better be prepared for my mistakes, with this being my first real time, I knew I was certain to make a few. I had to accept the fact it was part of the learning process and I through error I would gain my confidence.

The doorbell rang at exactly 7 P.M. I was actually hoping he would be late, so I could punish him immediately to in force obedience. I opened the door with a smile and invited Brett inside. I instructed him to have a seat on the couch so we could talk. I wanted to begin with the rules' first, to make sure he understood what was expected of him.

"Listen closely and if you have any questions feel free to stop me and ask them. Once I have finished, it will be assumed that we understand each other and any disobedience will not simply be forgiven. Punishment will be administered to help you to remember better in the future." I explained.

"First, you are to address me as Mistress Allison, as you already know. It is not for you to question any command. You are only to act upon them. You are to carry them out quickly and efficiently. Over time, you will learn my preferences and I expect you to remember them.

You will learn the proper way to bathe, massage, and dress me. To apply my makeup, polish my nails and the most important, my sexual desires. I will not repeat instructions to you, so you need to tune in to my requests and remember them. Your training will be continuous. I expect you to learn from every experience we have together. Do you have any questions?"

"No, Mistress Allison, " he said in a whisper.

I took a thick leather collar and fastened it around his neck. I did not lock it into place. I wanted him to surrender to me. To know that he could remove the collar, if he chose to, but it was his will to belong to me. It is something he agreed to give up.

I placed my black thigh-high heeled boot up onto the desk chair. "I want you to worship my boots with your tongue, Brett. Kiss them but do not leave any smudges. If you do, you will find yourself polishing every pair of boots and shoes I own, and I do have a closet full, I can assure you!" I tossed a leather pillow on the floor for Brett to kneel on.

"Yes, Mistress Allison. It would be my honor, " Brett replied as he lowered himself to do ask I ordered.

Brett did a good job on both of my boots and I enjoyed the way he squeezed my ankles and calves caringly as his lips worked steadily at the task. I bent down and rewarded him with a first longing kiss. I teased him with my body and watched his reaction closely.

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